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Presentation questionnaire


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Presentation questionnaire

  2. 2. The modern student thinks that is old fashioned school is boringschool is the right place school is the worst place
  3. 3. The modern students career ... ends with an university degree. finishes with compulsory education and has a lot of extra-school experiences. is composed of a national school curriculum and school experiences abroad. involves job opportunities, even if not related to his studies, while studying.
  4. 4. The modern students languages are... 48 modern European languages modern extra- European languages classical academic languages 2 electronic translation 0 0 programs!
  5. 5. The modern students books are ...traditional traditional and onlineonline audio
  6. 6. The modern students aim is to 28 0 12 10 learn to find a good have a good learn to use learn job general new education technologies
  7. 7. The modern student should have the choice about... planning of tests and exams subjectscourse books teachers and strategies
  8. 8. The relationship between the student and his teachers... is confidential, they get in touch on social networks 27 too. is immediate, since homework and information 16 are on the web. is the same as it was in the 7 past. 0 is distant, they belong to very different worlds.
  9. 9. The modern student should always have ... Free wifi
  10. 10. The attitude of the modern student is... assimilative, he absorbs as much as he can from his teachers. constructive, he suggests topics and ideas to work on. 27 cooperative, he works with his teacher and classmates 9 7 7 doing researches and tests. active, he learns what he does and practises during his lessons and at laboratories.
  11. 11. The main feature of the modern students is ... You need to know that is“Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia”? So much Wait for some seconds... information! I can’t manage it! Oh... I feeltrapped in schoolwith these digital I’m open to new immigrants! information and people on internet!