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Presentation lodz


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Presentation lodz

  1. 1. 2ndGENERAL LYCEUMOF POLICNHI –THESSALONIKI - GREECE2nd MEETING OF LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMMECOMENIUSLodz (Poland) 27/2/2012 – 29/2/2012SUN:Skills You Need for successful teaching-learning process
  2. 2. Thessaloniki
  3. 3. Thessaloniki (400 37’ N, 220 59’ E), founded in 315 B. C., is thecapital of the homonymous prefecture. It expandsamphitheatrically in relation to the gulf of Thermaikos, lengthwiseits northeastern coast. The town is characterized by densestructure, high buildings, very narrow roads and essential lack ofunbuilt ground, green belts and parks.THESSALONIKI
  6. 6. Thessaloniki in the past
  7. 7. Thessaloniki today
  8. 8. Thessaloniki in the past
  9. 9. Thessaloniki today
  10. 10. Thessaloniki in the past!!!
  11. 11. Thessaloniki today
  12. 12. Our suburb - Polichni
  13. 13. Polichni
  14. 14. Polichni
  15. 15. The 2nd Senior High Schoolof Polichni is located in thearea of Polichni, Thessaloniki(west side of the city), neara former military campuscalled Karatasios and atabout 1 km away of the ringroad. It is a general Lyceumin which 380 students arestudying and there are threedirections . Theoretical,practical and technologicaldirection.2nd General Lyceum of PolichniThessaloniki - Greece
  16. 16. School’s web sitehttp://2lyk-polichn.thess.sch.grThe blog of our environmentalgroup is (infunction from 24 November 2008)In our school we are involved in many environmentalprograms and we edit a newspaper called "FAMEN“(= say, express, reveal).
  17. 17. Taking part in the InternationalExhibition of Cartoons
  18. 18. Our environmental teamWe are an environmental team and we dealwith different programmes, such as:1. Lifelong learning programme Comenius2. Young Masters Programme on sustainabledevelopment (University of Lund)3. International Student Carbon FootprintChallenge (ISCFC) (University ofGothenbourg & Stanford University)4. National environmental programmes
  19. 19. Planting in the garden …
  20. 20. Our garden finished
  21. 21. Cleaning…
  22. 22. … and arranging everything
  23. 23. Getting prepared to welcome otherstudents…
  24. 24. …and guide them in the garden
  25. 25. welcome of the primary school
  26. 26. Dividing students of the primaryschool into groups
  27. 27. A lesson on recycling- An interactiveworkshop
  28. 28. A lesson plan- presentation oncardboards…
  29. 29. … made by the students themselves
  30. 30. Saying “good-bye” to the littlestudents…
  31. 31. …singing a song inspired by ourstudents
  32. 32. “The Sun”…these were just some of ourteam’s activities…Thank you so much…