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Modern students questionary results


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Modern students questionary results

  1. 1. school is the right placefor himschool is old fashionedfor him, there arentmany new technologiesat disposalschool is boring becausehe can use newtechnologies betterthan his teachersschool is the worstplace on earth forhim, the world is farfrom there.
  2. 2. ends with a university degreefinishes with compulsoryeducation and has a lot ofextra-school composed of a national schoolcurriculum and schoolexperiences abroadinvolves job opportunities, evenif not related to hisstudies, while studying
  3. 3. modern Europeanlanguages(English, Spanish)modern extra-European languages(Arabic, Chinese).classical academiclanguages(Greek, Latin).electronictranslationprograms! He doesntneed to study alanguage
  4. 4. traditional oneson line version ofcourse booksboth traditional andelectronic onesaudio versions oftext books.
  5. 5. learn to use all new technologies at their best have a good general education, suitable for… find a good, specialized job. learn to learn, because he willbe requested to do so all his life 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%
  6. 6. the subjects he has tostudythe kind of books he hasto study onthe teachers and theteaching strategiesthe planning of his testsand final exams
  7. 7. 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0%is confidential, they get in touch on social networks too is immediate, since homework andthe same as it was in the past is information are on the web is distant, they belong to very different worlds
  8. 8. his mobile-phoneconnection onan available wi-ficonnectiona tablet (personal orfrom the school)his traditional booksonly
  9. 9. assimilative, heabsorbs has much ashe can from histeachersconstructive, hesuggests topics andideas to work oncooperative, he workswith his teacher andclassmates doingresearches and testsactive, he learns whathe does and practisesduring his lessons andat laboratories
  10. 10. curiosity, he is intouchwith new things andmeets new people onthe netfastness, he looks forand finds informationin a short time withnew technologiesindecision, he cantchoose among themany possibilities andinformationanger, he feels liketrapped in the schoolthat is old and farfrom his world