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Best Small Business Ideas and Opportunities for 2010


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List of the best small business and home based business opportunities and ideas for 2010 that you can consider if you’re thinking about starting your own business. For more ideas, visit B.E.T.A Daily at

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Best Small Business Ideas and Opportunities for 2010

  1. 1. Best Small Business Ideas for 2010
  2. 2. 8 Trends that Define Business in 2010 Lack of jobs Bootstrapping Work-life balance Aging baby boomers Technology + Knowledge = Innovative Products & Services Low start up and technology costs Focus on “Green” Growing Social Media Adoption
  3. 3. Everything Senior The aging baby boomers need help in several areas of their life and it is a big market to be tapped.  There are several small business opportunities in the senior market. Senior Training for making them suitable for jobs In-home care Medical care for elderly Food – In-home preparation or delivery Technical assistance
  4. 4. Everything Green “ Green” is the buzzword and lot of people and organizations want to make their homes and offices environment friendly. A market for small businesses with great potential. Teach people how to create green energy themselves Green construction Greening practices implementation consulting Home energy audits & consulting
  5. 5. Everything Discounted With less money in wallets, individuals and businesses are going frugal and looking for discounts on everything . Good time to start any of the below given businesses. Thrift Store Dollar Store Expense reduction consulting Discount travel services
  6. 6. Everything Healthy Focus on overall fitness, aging boomers and healthcare reforms have made health, fitness and nutrition related businesses very lucrative.  Herbal Products – Distribution & Sale Nutrition Consulting Pilates Studio Fitness Center for Pregnant Women Yoga Training Center
  7. 7. Everything Creative Creativity can turn trash into gold.  If you have a creative side, you can easily start a small business right from the comfort of your home and with easily and economically available items. Stock Photography Copywriting Service Personalized Children’s Book Writing Calligraphy Service
  8. 8. Everything Small Business Small businesses themselves need various services that opens up several opportunities for their counterparts.  Anyone offering quality services with lowest possible prices is guaranteed to be successful.  Some of the services that small businesses need are…. Thrift Store Social Media Marketing Incorporation Assistance Bookkeeping Service Tax Consulting Online Marketing
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