Jeram analyzer-v2


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key performance indicator assessment platform along with e-woker performance analyzer.

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Jeram analyzer-v2

  1. 1. Productivity Analyzer and Performance Indicator Platform Molla Technologies introduces JERAM ANALYZER
  2. 2. Today’s knowledge worker
  3. 3. Organization Assessment Need of Open Access Deployed assessment system
  4. 4. Time is Money(esp for owners) Employee’s Time Employer’s Money 100 employee sized company is losing minimum USD 500,000/- per annum in operational cost when their employees waste 30 minutes daily doing online surfing in office hours. – IDC June 2011.
  5. 5. Need for Performance And Productivity Assessment Why do we need assessment platform for today’s world? Restricted, Private and Confidential. Idea Stage Venture S/B 2012.
  6. 6. Key Performance Indicators •Quantitative & Qualitative •Leading & Lagging indicators •Input, Process & Output indicators •Practical indicators (existing processes) •Directional and Actionable indicators •Financial indicators
  7. 7. Productivity Assessment •Time spent and Tools Used •Productivity Pattern •Daily Elements (Idle, Distracting etc) •Financial Cost Analysis •Capture Achievements •Transparency •Action and Accountability
  8. 8. No Performance Review: No Gain Money Time Effort HR + Business Owner • Unhappy employees • Unhappy managers •HR loss and Revenue Loss Manager • Own work (projects and management) • No Formal guide for KPI review • Enable to monitor complete year • Generalization at review • Little / No time for people management Employee • Fair Performance evaluation • No KPI monitoring • No quarterly reviews • Happy Manager – biased review • freedom and flexibility
  9. 9. Solution, JERAM Analyzer Customizable Intelligent KPI as well as Productivity Analysis Platform Restricted, Private and Confidential. Idea Stage Venture S/B 2012.
  10. 10. JERAM Analyzer: Self Assessment Productivity Analysis Solution Platform as a On Premise Service with 1. Create and Manage KPI to suit your own business. 2. Identify, retain and appreciate company's talent. 3. Optimize application usage and licensing and reduce bottom line.
  11. 11. KPI Templates KPI Template and Users 1. Put predefined template of KPI to suit your team. 2. Invite and Associate users under KPI template. Any number of users can be added for multiple templates.
  12. 12. User KPI definition 1. User on daily, weekly or monthly basis uploads simple EXCEL for their KPI. 2. Instant analysis of KPI data is achieved. 3. User get to see the report immediately. Any number of uploads can be made User KPI Data Upload
  13. 13. Report Analysis 1. User gets their KPI reports on their dashboard. 2. Manager generates collated KPI reports based on search criteria. Any number of reports can be generated real time. KPI Reports
  14. 14. Productivity Analysis (through PC agent) 1. Analysis of Productive, Idle, Distracting Time based on Applications and Websites 2. Working pattern 2. Report available to both manager and user Productivity Analysis
  15. 15. Timeline, 1.5 months Time to roll out the system on premise Restricted, Private and Confidential. Idea Stage Venture S/B 2012.
  16. 16. Pricing, Model Service based pricing model Restricted, Private and Confidential. Idea Stage Venture S/B 2012.
  17. 17. Key Performance Indicators User License >> USD 19/- per month Prof. Service >> USD 9,999/- one time Project Management >> USD 7,999/- one time
  18. 18. Thank you