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Nano technology


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Nano technology

  1. 1. NanotechnologyThe Revolution of Technology
  2. 2. Nanotechnology The Next Very Big (Small) Thing)
  3. 3. WHAT NANO Means• “The word itself is a combination of nano, from the Greek “nanos” (or Latin “nanus”),• Nano refers to the 10-9 power, or one billionth. In these terms it refers to a meter, or a nanometer, which is on the scale of atomic diameters
  4. 4. What IsNanotechnology
  5. 5. Who Cares AboutNanotechnology
  6. 6. Who Cares About Nanotechnology ?We All Should Care!– Because it can bring revolution in the current industrialization and manufacturing processes.
  7. 7. DR.RICHARD FEYNMANN• At first the term Nano technology was coined by the physist Richard Feynman in 1965.• "The whole idea behind this is I want people to understand a little bit more about nanotechnology," Orfescu said. "Im trying to make a parallel with the macro world --- the one we see with the naked eye."
  8. 8. NEED FOR NANO TECHNOLOGY?• Allows the placement of small structures placed with precision ,simplicity and low cost• Leads to economic growth• Enhances national security• Improves the quality of life• Leads to create jobs
  10. 10. Carbon Nanotubes:: Thisrotating picture is actually a model ofcarbon nanotube, the strongest andstiffest materials discovered till todate.
  11. 11. Medical Nanotechnology or Nano medicine
  12. 12. Advantages
  13. 13. AdvantagesMaterial With NT, we can create unique materials and products which are: – Stronger – Lighter – Cheaper – Durable – Precise
  14. 14. AdvantagesIndustrial – Computers can become a billion times faster and a million times smaller – Automatic Pollution Cleanup – Manufacturing at almost no cost
  15. 15. AdvantagesMedical – End of Illnesses (i.e. cancer, heart disease) – Universal Immunity (i.e. aids, flu) – Body Sculpting (i.e. change your appearance)
  16. 16. Disadvantages
  17. 17. Disadvantages– Loss of jobs (in manufacturing, farming, etc.)– Carbon Nanotubes could cause infection of lungs– It has very high initial investment costs along with high manufacturing costs– Atomic weapons could be more accessible and destructive
  18. 18. Future of Nanotechnology
  19. 19. Future Of NanotechnologyNational Science and Technology Council(USA) claims that:“Nanotechnology is an enabling technologythat will change the nature of almost everyhuman-made object in the next century.”
  20. 20. CONCLUSION• Nanotechnology helps to understand the world around us, and will provide inspiration and drive for many generations of scientists.• Thus the future generation is going to continue the fantastic voyage with Nano technology in advanced level making life easier.
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