A study on consumer behavior HCL towards the uses of its products


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A study on consumer behavior HCL towards the uses of its products

  1. 1. Presented by : VIKRAM KUMAR PGDM 2012-14 Roll No.-PG-12-70050
  2. 2. (Towards The uses of HCL products) Project Title Industry Guide Mr. Manish Raj Regional Sales Manager HCL Infosystems Ltd. Faculty Guide Prof. Menka Sharma Faculty ACCMAN Institute of Management
  3. 3. Founder of HCL 1976 SHIV NADAR
  4. 4. HCL HCL INFOSYSTEMS HCL TECHNOLOGIES • Total Revenue: $ 6.3 billion • Total Employees: 92000 As on 24th May,2013 A SANAPSHOT
  5. 5. HCL Infosystems Ltd. • Industry: IT Services (Computer Hardware) • Key people: Harse Chitale (CEO) Ajai Chowhry (Non-executive Chairman) Services: IT and outsourcing services Revenue: $2.76 billion Employees: 7,597
  6. 6. Product of HCL Infosystems Ltd. • ME Laptops • Desktop • Beanstalk • Tablets • Computer accessories
  7. 7. • To study the Customer Satisfaction level towards the usage of HCL Products. • To know the current market share of HCL in IT products. • To know the brand value of HCL. • To identify the financing method used for the purchase of HCL Products. • To analyze the reason which influence the purchase of HCL products. Objective of the study:
  8. 8. Limitations of the study • The area for the survey was limited around PATNA (Main area) only. • The time allotted for the project was from May 02 – Jul 02, 2013. • Some customers were unwilling to provide information. • This study covers the sample size of 150 Customers for the above period.
  9. 9. Scope of the study: • As the data was collected from Patna city, the result cannot correlate to the entire city. • This project is to improve their efficiency in the field of marketing . • This project is helpful to know the information about customer’s expectations and their needs among the products. • The study covers 150 customers in around Patna city. • This type of study could be useful in marketing field.
  10. 10. Research Methodology: • Research design : Descriptive research • Type of data : Primary data • Research tool : Questionnaire • Sample size : 150 computer users • Sample unit : Computer user
  11. 11. 17% 48% 35% Responds according to the Product Satisfaction of HCL products. Unsatisfied Very Satisfied Satisfied Data Analysis and Interpretation: Interpretation: Out of 150 respondents Unsatisfied 25 (17%) Very Satisfied 72 (48%) and Satisfied 53 (35%)
  12. 12. Responds according to the Service Experience of HCL products. 30% 41% 21% 8% Very Satisfactory About Average Some what satisfactory Unsatisfied Interpretation: Out of 150 respondents about average satisfied 62 (41%) very Satisfactory 45 (30%) Some what satisfactory 31 (21%) Unsatisfied 12 (8%)
  13. 13. 9% 23% 52% 3% 13% Much better Somewhat Equivalent Equivalent Some what worse Don't know or never used Responds according to the Demo of HCL products Compared to the competitors.
  14. 14. The following table shows no. of responds according to competitors. Out of 150 respondents Factors No of Respondents Percentage Much Better 13 9% Some what Equivalent 35 23% Equivalent 78 52% Somewhat worse 5 3% Don’t know or never used 19 13%
  15. 15. Responds according to the Purchase Experience of HCL products. 30% 47% 9% 14% Overall quality Value Purchase Experience Usages Experience
  16. 16. RESULTS AND FINDINGS • While purchasing the machine majority of consumers are influenced by the price and quality • Some consumers are giving more importance to the brand image. • Many consumers are only almost satisfied with product and services but not fully satisfied. The reason is customer expects good and more services. • After sales service of the product is poor. • The customers need to be trained to manage the minor repairs of the Machine. • Most of the consumers are unaware of the other products of HCL.
  17. 17. Recommendation • In order to maintain top positions in the market the company should design flexible schemes like exchange components. • The power consumption of the equipment should be reduced. • The after sales service should be improved.