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Social Media Analytics - A single window view


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a single window view for all your social media data. Understand your audience and take a deeper look into what makes them tick. Also look at content effectiveness and compare performance across channels.

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Social Media Analytics - A single window view

  1. 1. This is what we at Syvylyze Analytics are working towards. We want to help you change the way you consume data. Uncover the hidden information in a continuously shifting business landscape. Let our team help you to use data to “ask the right questions” Data Centric Insights Fact Based Decisions
  2. 2. how we do it DATA VISUALIZATION BUSINESS ANALYTICS ENGINEERING AND DATA SERVICES Visualize your data effortlessly using our custom solutions. Analytics to answer your business questions and provide insights Data clean-up and janitorial services, fix data leakages, data transformation and Data Integration (ETL) Our service delivery formats facilitate flexibility in engagement models
  3. 3. Analyse potential audience to design effective content Track effectiveness of the content as it is deployed Track customer buying behaviour, long term analysis of marketing efforts Measure customer satisfaction metrics, use data to engage in a more effective manner.
  4. 4. Social Media Analytics Platform – Key Features A SINGLE PLATFORM to track all your social media channels.
  5. 5. The integrated view is a aggregate view of all your social media profiles put together; across channels and across markets/brands. Compare performance w.r.t. previous month. REACH  Combined fan base  Overall audience reached ENGAGEMENT  Overall audience engagements  Understand average engagements per post ACQUISITION  New fans acquisition  Content consumptions ADVOCACY  Audience advocacy in the form of content shares  User Posts
  6. 6. The channel view allows you to select a specific channel and understand your performance on that channel; whether a single profile or comparing performance across multiple profiles for that channel.  Track month-on-month volume of posting and audience posts by content type  Compare month-on-month new fans acquisition; movements above and below average  See spikes and dips in new fan acquisition; compare with campaign execution.  Get demographics of engaged audience (FB only)  Understand the depth of audience engagement; like VS share  Best time of day to post content on each channel, understand when your audience is most likely to engage with your content.  Track exceptional content with engagement bucketing  Understand audience sentiment with sentiment analysis.  Compare content effectiveness and performance for each content type or even specific recycled posts across your profiles, brands or markets.
  7. 7. The region/brand view allows you to select a specific region/brand and understand your overall social performance for that region/brand across channels;  Track your month-on-month new fans acquisition across each channel  Compare fan base size vs engagement levels to prioritise channels  See daily trends of posts vs engagements and consumptions to see which content did well; see your most successful campaigns at a glance  Compare depth of engagements across channels  Track average % of engaged fans  Track overall reach based on volume of posting and subsequent engagements  Compare which content type works best on each channel  Compare changes in patterns of when your audience engages with your content on each channel
  8. 8. The competition benchmarking view provides you with a snapshot comparison of your social performance vs your competitors on various channels  Compare size of fan base  Compare volume of posting, both brand posts and user posts  Compare engagement levels  Compare performance of content posted at different times of day  Compare content virality  Understand audience sentiment  Understand audience advocacy levels, identify influencers for your competitors and for yourself
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  10. 10. Gallery See what we do Our Syvylyans love to play… Click on the image below or drop by our gallery at to see and interact with some of our visual dashboards… Visual Gallery
  11. 11. To know more, visit us at D A T A V I S U A L I Z A T I O N | A N A L Y T I C S | E N G I N E E R I N G A N D D A T A Or contact us | +91 779898 6450