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More Social Media Case Study

  1. 1. more. - Social Media Campaign Audit
  2. 2. IntroductionAccount Name: more. Supermarket + more. MegastoreAccount Active Since: 18th Feb 2011Campaign Duration: 1 Year, 9 MonthsCampaign Retainer: INR 40,000Period of Audit: 1st January- 30th September
  3. 3. Summary of Monthly Deliverables• 4500 Fans on Facebook fan page• 60 Updates• 20 reviews• Online Reputation Maintenance• Customer Relationship Maintenance• Applications Development (Value accrued monthly)• Every month, applications worth INR 3,500 can be developed. If in any month, apps are not developed, the value is accrued
  4. 4. Pillars of the campaign Engagement with Users Online Social Growth Reputation MediaMaintenance in Reach Campaign Customer Relationship Management
  5. 5. Growth in ReachThe first and foremost task on Social Media was to build a Reachfor the Fan Page. Without people to talk to, the purpose ofcommunication becomes invalid. Two things are inherentlyimportant for generating reach:• Increase the Fan Base• Increase the Reach that every update on Facebook gets
  6. 6. Increase in Fan BaseTrend of Increase in Fans Fans Added 9,000 8,000 7,871 7,000 6,000 5,602 5,000 4,409 4,460 4,000 3,000 3,373 Fans Added 2,000 1,941 2,152 1,440 1,000 -
  7. 7. Reach of Page PostsTrend of the Reach of Updates Total Reach 180,000 160,000 160,233 140,000 135,147 145,432 120,915 120,000 97,431 110,436 100,000 103,530 80,000 98,313 60,000 Total Reach 40,000 20,000 -
  8. 8. Pillars of the campaign Engagement with Users Online Social Growth Reputation MediaMaintenance in Reach Campaign Customer Relationship Management
  9. 9. Engagement with UsersSocial Media is a Two Communication medium. Not only does aBrand communicate with the users, even the users react back.Responses by users on Facebook is termed as Engagement.There are Four Major Types of Engagement:• Likes• Shares• Comments• Clicks on Posts• Logged In- Page Views
  10. 10. Engagement with UsersGrowth of Engagement over the last 6 months Engaged Users 14,000 12,348 11,279 12,000 11,157 10,000 8,000 7,522 7,223 6,000 6,568 Engaged Users 5,474 4,000 4,451 2,000 - January February March April May June July August
  11. 11. Logged in Page ViewsNumber of People who came to the page Logged in Page views 8,000 7,000 7,332 6,000 6,386 5,603 5,000 5,174 4,000 4,259 2,796 3,000 2,332 Logged in Page views 2,000 2,206 1,000 -
  12. 12. Major Applications/Contests for Fans
  13. 13. Know more. Get more. Contest
  14. 14. What was Know more. Get more. Contest?Need for the Contest:• The contest was developed to promote the Private Labels of More. And engage users in an activity which enhances Brand RecallChallenge:• To use Facebook to create mass awareness through engagement and social sharing about more.’s Private Label• To achieve ROI in terms of large number of contest entries and providing an end to end social sharing integration model
  15. 15. Know more. Get more. Contest- Concept• Users were asked to submit their name, email and contact number to engage in a quiz contest• 3 Questions related to the brand’s private labels had to be answered• The users were chosen on the basis of merit as well as a lucky draw• Tasks in the application were: – Answering from 3 MCQ’s – Write a one-liner about why they like to shop at more. – Inviting their Friends to the Application – Sharing participation via Facebook updates and Tweets
  16. 16. Mediums for PromotionS.R NO Medium Number 1 60 Status Updates 2 Fans Through Facebook Ads 6146 3 More’s Email Database 2000
  17. 17. Step 1: Sharing personal info
  18. 18. Step 2: Answering the Quiz
  19. 19. Step 3: One-liner Step 4: Click to invite friends
  20. 20. Step 6: Write anStep 5: Choose friends update to shareand send request contest with friends on Facebook
  21. 21. Munchy Moments Contest
  22. 22. What was Munchy Moments Contest?Need for the Contest:• The contest was developed to promote the Munchy Moments Festival. The festival had offers on Snacks and namkeens category of products• The core thought of Festival was sharing of namkeens and snacksChallenge:• To conceptualize a contest which reflects the Core thought of Munchy Moments Festival• To involve users on Facebook in an activity which is at once capitivating and a clear reflection of the festival
  23. 23. Munchy Moments Contest- Concept• Users were asked to perform simple Social tasks on Facebook to earn points• These points tallied to their final Score in the Application Leaderboard• The leaders on this leaderboard were selected as the winners• Tasks in the application were: a. Inviting their Friends on the Application b. Tagging Friends in pictures of Munchy Moments Festival
  24. 24. Mediums for PromotionS.R NO Medium Number 1 15 Status Updates 2 Fans Through Facebook Ads 4283
  25. 25. Key MetricsTotal Points Scored by Users: 1,57,92,395Total People Invited on the Application: 1,59,275 Total tagged friends: 14,99,602 Daily Active Users: 2,206 Lifetime Total Users: 401 Total winners 10
  26. 26. Summary of the Contest• With over 400 entries to the contest in a span of 30 days shows that this has been one of the biggest success stories for the page• A staggering 1 lakh and more people were invited to the application• Close to 15 lakh tags on pictures were made. This meant an equivalent number of impressions for the Application creatives• About 2000 people actively used the application daily in the span of 30 days• Created a lot of Buzz and Hype about the Munchy Moments Festival
  27. 27. Pillars of the campaign Engagement with Users Online Social Growth Reputation MediaMaintenance in Reach Campaign Customer Relationship Management
  28. 28. Online Reputation Maintenance (ORM)Online Reputation Maintenance is upkeep of Brand’s reputationon Social Media Channels and Consumer Forums. This is done byposting positive service or product reviews on relevant listingson such platforms. When these many positive reviews are postedon such platforms it yields in two ways:• Better ratings and reviews by actual users• Better ranking and Hygiene of the brand in Search Results
  29. 29. Work done for ORM:
  30. 30. Work done for ORM:
  31. 31. Work done for ORM:
  32. 32. Pillars of the campaign Engagement with Users Online Social Growth Reputation MediaMaintenance in Reach Campaign Customer Relationship Management
  33. 33. Customer Relationship ManagementCustomer Relationship Management Entails the followingactivities:• Replying to Queries and Complains by users on the Fan Page• Managing Spam/ Irrelevant Attacks against the Brand• Bridging the Gap between Social Media Users and Brand teams
  34. 34. Customer Relationship Management Interactions on the Page35 303025 20 1920 1615 14 14 13 Interactions on the Page10 9 850 Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept
  35. 35. Customer Relationship ManagementFeedback by Users (About Services, Experiences, Suggestions)
  36. 36. Complains
  37. 37. Queries
  38. 38. The Way ForwardFocus has to be maintained on the following areas in the comingDays- INTRODUCE ENGAGE with Relevant the existing applications Fan Base and Content Social Media Campaign EARN INVOLVE LOYALTY of users in these users on activities Social Media BUILD RECALL through repeated activities
  39. 39. The Way ForwardThe Way Forward is to be divided in Five Steps:STEP 1- Engagement With UsersSTEP 2- Introduction of New Content and ApplicationsSTEP 3- Involving Users in these applicationsSTEP 4- Building Recall Amongst UsersSTEP 5- Earning Loyalty of a Subset of such users
  40. 40. STEP 1- Engagement With UsersAs can be seen from graphs in previous slides, the number ofpeople who engage with the brand has been on the riseconsistently. To support this trend, we will need to ensure:• Continual of Analysis of response received to different types of content• Introduction of fresh categories every quarter• Healthy Balance of Brand and Non Brand Related content
  41. 41. STEP 2- Introduction of New Content and ApplicationsNew Content and applications will be developed for two purposes-• Utility Applications and Hygiene ContentThese applications and content themes will be centered around the brandand act as medium to either communicate the Brands Message or to addressconcerns for users• Rich Content and Engagement Based AppsThese applications and interfaces will form part of larger, more intrinsiccommunication with users.
  42. 42. STEP 3- Involving Users in these applicationsTypes of Applications that can be developed to involve users-• Customer Complaint Redressal Module• Sweepstakes and Competitions• Thematic Contests based on Offers or FestivalsTypes of Content to be developed to involve users-• Internet Meme’s• Interactive puzzles and Games• Interlinking Offers with Household Maintenance Tips
  43. 43. Customer Complaint Redressal ModuleThe Need?• To aid the CRM measures• Mechanization of the process will ensure prompt replies• It will also ensure all complaints are being replied too• It will reduce the lead time in replying to users• It will enhance the look of the page by reducing the number of Negative posts• by other users
  44. 44. Wire Frame for the Application- Page 1 Welcome CreativeBranding Branding Space Space Customer Details Auto-Fill Form Enter Button
  45. 45. Wire Frame for the Application: Page 2 Complain / Query Form Store selector Megastore Supermarket Store nameBranding Area Branding Space City Space Clubmore ID E Mail ID Auto- Fill Mobile Number Auto- Fill Complain Submit
  46. 46. Flowchart of the App User Registers App forces users to provide important details Complain on the like contact information Application and venue of complain The complain is Users can repeat The Reply to these directly sent to the process after users is also sent to relevant Brand initial education their E Mail Id Head via E Mail
  47. 47. STEP 4- Building Recall Amongst UsersBuilding recall entails users to visit the Page, or seek content that comes onthe pageWe have already tasted success in building recall in the past with activitieslike:Hamesha Extra Personality Category of UpdatesKnow more. Get more. ContestMunchy Moments Contest
  48. 48. Building Recall Amongst UsersWe can introduce a new format in Content: Picture puzzles
  49. 49. STEP 5- Earning Loyalty of a Subset of usersHow Updates are seen by users? Updates are primarily seen only by Users of Facebook who like the Fan Page The Fans who see the update in their Newsfeed. This is called Reach People who are reached interact with the Update. This is called Engagement People who interact regularly are called Involved users People who come back repeatedly are termed as Brand Loyalists Brand loyalist < Total Reach < Fans
  50. 50. Earning Loyalty of a Subset of usersEarning Loyalty is the ultimate goal of the Social Media Campaign.Loyal users not only interact with the brand most often, they spread the wordabout the brand amongst their peer groupsEarning loyalty is first step of creating Virality. Every loyal user adds to theengagement, which helps the campaign attain ‘tipping point’‘Tipping Point’ is the point when information, from being shared organicallywithin a group, spreads beyond it (For Eg: Kolaveri Di)
  51. 51. Earning Loyalty of a Subset of usersWays to earn Loyalty-• Interactive and Engaging content (Of Viral Meme’s and Puzzles)• Quizzes and Sweepstakes (Know more. Get more. Contest)• Contests and competitions tied around Offers and Festivals (Munchy Moments Contest)• Healthy CRM initiatives• Daily Games and Puzzles through applications and Updates
  52. 52. Thank You! Umang 9820132127