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Save the Tiger


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A small attempt to save the Tiger in Central India

Published in: Technology, Education
  • You had started to being about awareness long back eh!! What a conscientious step ..kudos..Am not as creative so I just shared this amazing Ppt by you at my blogspot..hope you don't mind!!
    Thanks a ton for helping me contribute to helping for TIGER conservation...:)
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Save the Tiger

  1. 1. Tigers are on the brink of extinction. If we do not act now they will be gone by 2020 . Help! Web - Email - [email_address]
  2. 2. Over the last 100 years 94% of the tiger population has disappeared and three sub-species have become extinct. Extrapolating the population trends, it can be guestimated that Tigers will be completely wiped out in the wild by 2020 , unless we do something to protect them and their habitat right now. Alert: Tigers have already disappeared completely from Sariska and their numbers have fallen drastically in the Ranthambhore reserves over the past two years. Tigers are on the brink of extinction! POACHING HABITAT LOSS
  3. 3. Why save the Tiger? Biodiversity: According to WWF, Tigers are amongst the ten most endangered species. Tigers sit at the apex of the food-chain and are an indicator of the stability of the ecosystem. Saving the Tiger will mean protecting the forests. The Satpuras are also home to other endangered species such as Barasinghas, Chinkaras, Pangolins, Otters, Wild Buffalos, Grey Hornbills & Forest Owlets. Climate Change: The Satpura forests act as lungs for central India by absorbing carbon dioxide and providing oxygen. The rivers originating in the Satpuras like Wardha, Tapi, Purna, Denwa, Tawa and Narmada sustain millions of Indians. Destruction of these forests will have a huge impact on our air, water & climate.
  4. 4. Help the Tiger – Get Directly Involved! The Satpura mountain range in Central India is probably the largest contiguous tiger habitat in the world and as such is crucial for the big cat’s continued survival into and beyond the 21st century. Please help to fund the Community Conservation Initiative by Satpuda Foundation, which will work towards reducing human-animal conflict in Tadoba & Andhari Tiger Reserves(TATR). There are 53 villages on the fringe of the reserve with 60% landless families & no means of livelihood. The project involves establishing a field station at Moharli in TATR and keeping field staff working on employment and other essential works to reduce the biotic pressure of communities on the forest & Tigers.
  5. 5. How 2 Help? Buy Tiger cartoons on my blog – Every single penny raised will go towards the project. All transaction are transparent & available on the blog. Email me on [email_address] or [email_address] Thank You