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mp2 case Human Resource

  1. 1. HRM CASE STUDY IONS CONSULTNG: THE MP^2 TRAINING PROGRAM AmolWalunj (PGP02-125) Vipin Kumar (PGP02-124) VikramDahiya (PGP02-123)About Ions Consulting: Help clients improve project execution with regards to budget, schedule and efficiency Core Competence: IT project solutions Competitive Advantage: Large pool of experienced consultants System integration, network management, custom application development, e-commerce development 2003: Offices in three Canadian cities (Vancouver, Toronto and Winnipeg) with over 60 employees Laid off some employees to reduce costs during IT downturn 2006: 40 employees across the three cities As under-performing employees were laid off, some high-performing employees too started looking for jobs due to perceived job insecurity, top performers bolted for jobs with competitors The proportion of employees with more than 5 years of consulting experience fell sharply from 70% in 2001 to 40% in 2006 Client satisfaction resulted from the experienced consultants producing dynamic results However, as they started hiring low paid, less experienced consultants based on availability rather than consulting experience to fill the void, quality of work reducedProblems faced by the company: Reshape the company’s training practicesto assist the inexperienced newcomers as well as experienced professionals Facilitate teamwork, provide skills upgrade, improve quality of client service Increase job satisfaction and commitment Retain employees over the long term Combat low employee morale and rising turnover rates Regain the lost the edge on delivering quality solutions to customers Improve quality of consultantsSolution envisaged by Clark Loon: Paired experienced consultants with inexperienced associates to work on complex, expensive client projects Two-fold benefits: Inexperienced associates would obtain valuable training from experienced consultants in a structured, supported environment Experienced consultants would have more resources and assistance at their disposal to complete major projects The inexperienced associates will also receive a small-scale project Regular feedback and evaluations Based on contribution and complexity of work, participating newcomers would be awarded credits
  2. 2.  Target of 30 credits to become eligible for leading a project Expected average time to achieve target: 2-3 yearsReactions of the firm members to the proposal before and after the pilot launch: Employee Name Reaction to the MP^2 proposal Reaction after the Pilot LaunchGeneral Reaction Great resistance Mixed reviews Having more members improved the inefficiency and the speed of 80% employees would be tiedDale Ellis (SVP Operations) service; Missing out on new up, reducing client portfolio projects as too many employees per project The problem is not train; itsRay Rones (MD Client Services) hiring and retaining the right No change in client feedback people Already overworked; lack of time Tough to look over threeBob Dowry (Sr. Consultant) to teach the complicated stuff to members apart form own work; the juniors overworked and burnt out Extremely impressed with the No point if the newcomers leave newcomers, looking forward toJane Platt (Sr. Consultant) soon; but ready to help in some working with them again, would areas recommend the program to allLarry Lay (Sr. Consultant) It would slow things down Newcomers can’t do it What are the benefits? Capable Waste of time, mentor didn’t rd of managing big projects;Sue Kay (3 yr Assoc. Consultant) listen or talk, ‘incompetent’ unwilling to do ‘someone else’s mentor dirty work’ Challenging work; lots to learnJin Chang (Incoming Associate) 3 years is too long a time before leading an own projectIssues faced by Clark Loon: Is the proposed program working or failing? It’s potential to resolve turnover issues What revisions may be required, if any Ensure employee acceptance What benefits to focus on in order to convince employees? How to measure the success of the program? If employees rejected, the program would never work
  3. 3. Solution Analysis: I - The mentorship program is vital US for the survival of the firm, but - The pilot launch received mixed may be modified to increase its reviews, but for the program to be acceptance among the employees successful, it has to gain full - It could be tailored as per the acceptance of the employees ‘talent-on-demand’ framework as - Benefits for the participants and suggested by Peter Capelli in order the mentors need to be to streamline the process and keep highlighted it as lean as possible - Experienced consultants already - Instead of one long term target, a feeling overworked and few small annual target must be unrecognized and unrewarded set for the participants against which their performance should be - Would erode the bench strength monitored of the company; may cause them to miss out on new projects - Improve the recruitment process to include effective techniques like - Objective measurement of the BEI to ensure that the right people success of such a program would are hired for the job be slightly tricky WE THEY - In order to facilitate teamwork, - At marketRx (Cognizant EAP), a provide skills upgrade and improve similar program is run for the quality of client service, it is wherein they are trained and important that the firm adopt a mentored by more experienced mentorship program for its employees inexperienced newcomers - Additional material benefits as - The current MP^2 proposal may well as recognition for mentors be altered slightly to make it more acceptable among all employees - Annual target of training programs for all employees - Short term targets for the (instead of a single large target as participating newcomers can help proposed, which may be perceived the mentors monitor their as unachievable and may progress and also maintain their demotivate the participants) and motivation levels are a part of the annual appraisal - The mentors may be selected - Outstanding performers are duly from among the experienced recognized and rewarded consultants as per the characteristics of good mentors - A mentorship program at Infosys and role models as described by to help assimilate newcomers into Kimberly McDowall-Long (2004) the organization culture