FMCG Compendium


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FMCG Compendium
Procter & Gamble, Hindustan Unilever Limited,
ITC, Nestle,Reckitt Benckiser, GlaxoSmithkline – Consumer Healthcare, Cadbury’s, Pepsi , Coca Cola, Perfetti Van Melle, Asian Paints, Dabur, Britannia,
Marico, SAB Miller

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FMCG Compendium

  1. 1. FMCG Compendium 1 FMCG Compendium
  2. 2. Table of Contents 3Procter & Gamble 6Hindustan Unilever Limited 9ITC 11Nestle 13Reckitt Benckiser 15GlaxoSmithkline – Consumer Healthcare 17Cadbury’s 19Pepsi 20Coca Cola 22Perfetti Van Melle 23Asian Paints 25Dabur 28Britannia 32Colgate-Palmolive 35Marico 37SAB Miller 2 FMCG Compendium
  3. 3. Procter & GambleIntroductionLeading FMCG Company in the world, In India, it has a relatively small presence but thecompany is now focusing aggressively on the Indian markets. Procter & Gamble Indiatook the award for Top 25 Best Employers in India 2003 & 2004 and India’s mostadmired HR dept. in a survey conducted by Hewitt Associates.HistoryP&G USA had no presence in India, till it acquired Richardson Vicks Inc. USA in 1985.RVI Indian subsidiary Richardson Hindustan major business comprised of Vicks rangeof products. The parent, Procter & Gamble, USA has a strong interest in Indianoperations and holds 65% of the equity.1964 – Richardson Hindustan Limited formed ‐ Menthol & Vicks1967 – RHL introduces Clearasil1984 – Sets up Ayurvedic Research Lab1985 – Becomes affiliate of Proctor & Gamble, USA1989 – Launches Whisper1991 – Launches Ariel1992 – P&G Global has 65 % stake in P&G India1993 – Divest detergents business to P & G Home Products1995 ‐ Procter & Gamble Home Products enters the Hair‐care Category with thelaunch of Pantene Pro‐V.1997 ‐ Procter & Gamble Home Products launches Head & Shoulders shampoo.1999 ‐ Procter & Gamble India Limited changed the name of the Company to Procter& Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited.2005 ‐ Procter & Gamble buys Gillette for $ 57 billionTop Man: Mr. Shantanu Khosla (MD, P&G India)Mission/Vision/Values: We will provide branded products and services of superiorquality and value that improve the lives of the worlds consumers. As a result,consumers will reward us with leadership sales, profit, and value creation, allowing ourpeople, our shareholders, and the communities in which we live and work to prosper.Location: The company has four manufacturing facilities across the country at • Annaram in Andhra Pradesh • Mandideep in Madhya Pradesh • Kundaim in Goa • Honda in GoaDistribution Model: The Golden Eye model 3 FMCG Compendium
  4. 4. Product Portfolio:P&G has always believed in selling premium products.Health Care:Vicks VapoRub, Vicks Inhaler, Vicks Formula 44, Vicks Cough Drops, Vicks Action 500+Feminine Care:Whisper5 variantsHome Products:Detergents:Ariel:Ariel Front 0 MatAriel 2 Fragrances ( Spring Clean , Fresh Clean )Tide:Tide DetergentTide BarShampoos:Pantene Pro V,Latest offering :New Pantene Range with Amino Pro‐V Complex,New Pantene Shampoo with Goodness of Coconut OilHead and Shoulders,6 variants:Smooth and Silky, Refreshingly Menthol, Clean & Balanced, Silky Black, NaturallyClean, Nourishing Aloe VeraRejoice3 variants :RichSilky CleanCompleteDiapers:Pampers – Worlds Number 1 selling diaper brand.Gillette:Men CareShaving BrushShaving Blade : Wilkinson 4 FMCG Compendium
  5. 5. Shaving Razors : 7 o clock, Vector plus, Mach 3Shaving Cream : Shave Gel, FoamAfter Shave : Storm ForceOral Care :Toothbrush – Oral BElectronic:Duracell BatteryP&G‘s feminine hygiene business has picked up pace and continues to do well aidedby Whisper Ultra and new low priced variants like Whisper Maxi. The company’svalue market share in sanitary napkins has increased to 49%.A more mature category, the Vicks franchise has grown at only 3% yoy. However,market share of all the leading brands Vicks VapoRub (30%), Vicks Cough Drops(56%) and Vicks Action 500 (51%) is still very high. Vicks is the dominant leader inanti cold OTC segment.StrategyGlobal StrategyInorganic growth – Just bought Colgate’s detergent brands in S. E. Asia.Inorganic growth – Bought Gillette for $ 57 BillionIndian StrategyBuild market share by taking competitors head on (price wars) but now increasingprices to build margins since they took a hit in Q1 profits in 2005. Develop productssuited to Indian markets (e.g. Head & Shoulders for hair oil users).Competition• Vicks – Amrutanjan, Zandu (in rubs and balms)• Vicks – Halls (Warner Lambert) and Strepsils (Boots Piramal)• Shampoos – HLL (Sunsilk, Clinic)• Detergents – HLL (Surf Excel), Henkel, Nirma• Whisper – (Stayfree, Carefree) Johnson and Johnson is the major competitor;Kimberley Clarke in JV with HLL has also introduced a sanitary napkin(Kotex, Secure). 5 FMCG Compendium
  6. 6. Hindustan Unilever LimitedIntroductionA part of Unilever International and has • 15,000+ Employees • 1,200+ Managers • 2,000+ Suppliers and Associates; 4,000+ Redistribution Stockists • 40 company factories • 45 C&FA’s • 7,000 Stockists • Direct Coverage‐ 6.3 mn Retail OutletsHistoryIn the summer of 1888, visitors to the Kolkata harbour noticed crates full of Sunlightsoap bars, embossed with the words "Made in England by Lever Brothers". With this,began an era of branded Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Soon after that, followedLifebuoy in 1895 and other famous brands like Pears, Lux and Vim. Vanaspati waslaunched in 1918 and the famous Dalda brand came to the market in 1937. In 1931,Unilever set up its first Indian subsidiary, Hindustan Vanaspati ManufacturingCompany, followed by Lever Brothers India Limited (1933) and United Traders Limited(1935). These three companies merged to form HUL in November 1956; HUL offered10% of its equity to the Indian public, being the first among the foreign subsidiaries todo so. Unilever now holds 51.55% equity in the company.Hindustan Lever Limited (HUL) touches the lives of two out of three Indians with over20 distinct categories in Home & Personal Care Products and Foods & Beverages. Theyendow the company with a scale of combined volumes of about 4 million tonnes andsales of Rs.10, 000 crores. HUL is also one of the countrys largest exporters; it has beenrecognized as a Golden Super Star Trading House by the Government of India.In 2001, the company embarked on an ambitious programme, Shakti. Through Shakti,HUL is creating micro‐enterprise opportunities for rural women, thereby improvingtheir livelihood and the standard of living in rural communities. Shakti also includeshealth and hygiene education through the Shakti Vani Programme, and creating accessto relevant information through the iShakti community portal. The program now covers15 states in India and has over 31,000 women entrepreneurs in its fold, reaching out to100,000 villages and directly reaching to 150 million rural consumers. By the end of2010, Shakti aims to have 100,000 Shakti entrepreneurs covering 500,000 villages,touching the lives of over 600 million people.HULs brands ‐ like Lifebuoy, Lux, Surf Excel, Rin, Wheel, Fair & Lovely, Ponds, Sunsilk,Clinic, Pepsodent, Close‐up, Lakme, Brooke Bond, Kissan, Knorr‐Annapurna, KwalityWalls – are household names across the country and span many categories ‐ soaps,detergents, personal products, tea, coffee, branded staples, ice cream and culinaryproducts. They are manufactured in close to 80 factories. The operations involve over2,000 suppliers and associates. HULs distribution network, comprising about 7,000 6 FMCG Compendium
  7. 7. redistribution stockists, directly covers the entire urban population, and about 250million rural consumers.CEO & MD: Mr. Nitin ParanjpeChairman: Mr. Harish ManwaniMission/Vision/Values: Unilevers mission is to “Add Vitality to Life.” Unilever meetseveryday needs for nutrition, hygiene, and personal care with brands that help peoplefeel good, look good and get more out of life.Product PortfolioHome & Personal CarePersonal Wash: Lux, Breeze, Dove, Pears, Rexona, Lifebuoy, Liril, Hamam, BreezeLaundry Wash: Surf Excel, Rin, WheelSkin Care: Fair & Lovely, Pond’s, Vaseline, AvianceHair Care: Sunslik, ClinicOral Care: Pepsodent, Close‐UpDeodorants: Axe, RexonaCosmetics: LakmeAyurvedic Personal & Health Care: AyushFoodsTea: Brooke Bond , LiptonCoffee: Brooke Bond BruFoods: Kissan, Knorr, AnnapurnaIce‐Cream: Kwality Wall’sWater: PureitHindustan Unilever Network: Started in 2003, Hindustan Unilever Network (HUN) isHULs Direct Selling arm. It is a multi‐category direct selling business offering a widerange of high‐quality, high‐performance products for its consumers and also excitingbusiness and personal development opportunities for its consultants. It already hasabout 7 lakh consultants ‐ all independent entrepreneurs, trained and guided by HUNsexpert managers and trainers.CompetitionThe Indian FMCG markets have witnessed some of the classic struggles involving HUL.So far Levers have been able to stand their ground but times are changing. List of someof HUL’s competitors in each category:Soaps: Godrej soaps mainly, and other smaller players like Nivea, Garnier and amultitude of herbal soaps, Fiama Di Wils, Vivel Di Wills, Santoor(Wipro)Shampoo: P&G, Garnier, ITC (Fiama di Wills), Cavin Kare‐Chik and NyleDetergents: P&G, Henkel, NirmaTea: TataToothpaste: Colgate 7 FMCG Compendium
  8. 8. Apart from these major players in the market, there is a slew of regional players whoare hurting HUL in a big way.CSR Initiatives• Greening Barrens• Shakti• Lifebuoy Swasthya Chetana• Fair & Lovely Foundation• Happy Homes• Yashodadham 8 FMCG Compendium
  9. 9. ITCITC is one of Indias foremost private sector companies with a market capitalisation ofnearly US $ 18 billion and a turnover of over US $ 5.1 Billion. ITC is rated among theWorlds Best Big Companies, Asias Fab 50 and the Worlds Most Reputable Companiesby Forbes magazine, among Indias Most Respected Companies by BusinessWorld andamong Indias Most Valuable Companies by Business Today. ITC ranks among Indias`10 Most Valuable (Company) Brands, in a study conducted by Brand Finance andpublished by the Economic Times. ITC also ranks among Asias 50 best performingcompanies compiled by Business Week.ITC employs over 24,000 people at more than 60 locations across India. The Companycontinuously endeavors to enhance its wealth generating capabilities in a globalisingenvironment to consistently reward more than 3,78,000 shareholders, fulfill theaspirations of its stakeholders and meet societal expectations. This overarching visionof the company is expressively captured in its corporate positioning statement:"Enduring Value. For the nation. For the Shareholder."ITC has a diversified presence in Cigarettes, Hotels, Paperboards & Specialty Papers,Packaging, Agri‐Business, Packaged Foods & Confectionery, Information Technology,Branded Apparel, Greeting Cards, Safety Matches and other FMCG products. While ITC isan outstanding market leader in its traditional businesses of Cigarettes, Hotels,Paperboards, Packaging and Agri‐Exports, it is rapidly gaining market share even in itsnascent businesses of Packaged Foods & Confectionery, Branded Apparel and GreetingCards.HistoryStarted in August 24, 1910 under the name of Imperial Tobacco Company of IndiaLimited, the company was primarily into Cigarettes and Leaf Tobacco business. It gotits present name ITC Ltd in 2001. Today it is the largest FMCG Company in India bymarket capital with market capitalization more than US $ 15.00 billion and a turnover ofUS $ 4.75 billion.Top Man: Mr. Y C Deveshwar (Chairman)Mission/Vision/ValuesMission: To enhance the wealth generating capability of the enterprise in a globalizingenvironment, delivering superior and sustainable stakeholder value.Vision: Sustain ITCs position as one of Indias most valuable corporations throughworld class performance, creating growing value for Indian economy and theCompanys stakeholders. 9 FMCG Compendium
  10. 10. Product PortfolioITC has product presence in Cigarettes, Hotels, Paperboards & Specialty Papers,Packaging, Agri‐Business, Packaged Foods & Confectionery, Branded Apparel, GreetingCards and other FMCG products. Continue to focus on the core businesses of Cigarettes& Tobacco, Hotels, Packaging & Paperboard. In just the last 5 years, ITC has madecapital investments of over Rs. 7 billion in its cigarettes business.Major Businesses of ITC include ‐Cigarettes: India Kings, Gold Flake, Classic, Silk Cut, Navy Cut, Scissors, Capstan,Berkeley, Flake and BristolFood: Kitchens of India, Aashirwaad, Sunfeast, Mint‐O, Candyman, Bingo!Life style retailing: Wills Lifestyle, John Players, Miss PlayersGreetings/Gift/Stationary: Expressions greeting cards, Classmate (notebooks),PaperkraftSafety Matches: iKno, Mangal Deep, Aim, Aim Mega, Aim MetroAgarbatti : Mangaldeep, Expressions aromatic candlesHotels: ITC‐Welcomgroup, Maurya SheratonAgri Biz: e‐choupal, leaf tobacco. It is the largest buyer, processor and exporter ofcigarette tobaccos in India. ITC buys nearly 40 per cent of all cigarette type tobaccosgrown in India.Personal CareFragrance: Essenza Di WillsShampoos: Fiama Di Wills, Vivel Di Wills, SuperiaShower Gels: Fiama Di WillsSoaps: Fiama Di Wills, Vivel Di Wills, SuperiaPaperboards and Packaging 10 FMCG Compendium
  11. 11. NestléIntroductionNestlé is today the worlds biggest food and beverage company. It produces a widerange of products including beverages, prepared dishes and cooking aids, milk productsand nutrition, chocolate and confectionery. With an employee strength of over 3000,Gross Sales (including exports) for the full year 2006 was Rs 36,471.8 Million. Net Profitfor 2007 was Rs. 4,138.1 Million while Net Domestic Sales for 2007 was Rs. 33,174.1Million. The net domestic sales went up by 14.4%Nestle India is one of the leading companies in the FMCG space in India. The company isacknowledged amongst India’s ‘Most Respected Companies’ and amongst the ‘TopWealth Creators of India’.HistoryNestlé with headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland was founded in 1866 by Henri Nestlé.Nestlé India, a 61.85 per cent subsidiary of Nestle S.A. Switzerland, was incorporated asa limited company in 1959.Top Man: Mr. Peter Brabeck‐Letmathe (Chairman & CEO)Mission/Vision/Values: The Nestlé Company has aimed to build a business based onsound human values and principles. Our basic foundation is unchanged from the time ofthe origins of our Company, and reflects the basic ideas of fairness, honesty, and ageneral concern for people.Nestlé does not favor short‐term profit at the expense of successful long‐term businessdevelopment.• Nestlés business objective is to manufacture and market the CompanysMilk products and Nutrition NESTLÉ EVERYDAY Dairy Whitener NESTLÉ EVERYDAY Slim NESTLÉ EVERYDAY Ghee NESTLÉ Milk NESTLÉ Slim Milk NESTLÉ CEREVITA NESTLÉ Fresh n Natural Dahi NESTLÉ Fresh n Natural Slim Dahi NESTLÉ Jeera Raita NESTLÉ NESVITA NESTLÉ NESVITA Fruit Yoghurt NESTLÉ MILKMAID NESTLÉ MILKMAID Fruit yoghurt NESTLÉ MILKMAID FUNSHAKES NESTLÉ NIDO 11 FMCG Compendium
  12. 12. Beverages NESCAFÉ CLASSIC NESCAFÉ SUNRISE NESTLÉ MILO NESCAFÉ MildPrepared dishes and cooking aids MAGGI 2‐MINUTE Noodles MAGGI Vegetable Atta Noodles MAGGI Dal Atta Noodles MAGGI Rice Noodles Mania MAGGI Sauces MAGGI Pizza Mazza MAGGI Healthy Soups MAGGI Healthy Soup‐ Sanjeevni MAGGI MAGIC Cubes MAGGI Pichkoo MAGGI CUPPA MANIAChocolates and Confectionary NESTLÉ KIT KAT NESTLÉ KIT KAT CHUNKY NESTLÉ MUNCH NESTLÉ MUNCH POP CHOC NESTLÉ MILKYBAR NESTLÉ MILKYBAR CHOO NESTLÉ BAR‐ONE NESTLÉ Milk Chocolate POLO POLO XTRA STRONG NESTLÉ TANG EEZ NESTLÉ EclairsCompetitionFaces competition in several categories from HLL, GSK (Horlicks, Boost), Cadbury(Chocolates and Bournvita), and Amul. 12 FMCG Compendium
  13. 13. Reckitt BenckiserIntroductionReckitt Benckiser plc (LSE: RB) is a leading British‐based manufacturer of cleaningproducts. It is headquartered in the town of Slough to the west of London. It is aconstituent of the FTSE 100 Index.Reckitt Benckiser is the world No. 1 in household cleaning products (excluding laundry)and a leading player in health and personal care. R&B is a truly global company withoperations in 60 countries, sales in 180 • Number one in Household care barring laundry and detergents • Third fastest growing FMCG in India • Reckitt Benckiser plc has 51% stake in it. Rest of the share is not floated in the equity market • Annual revenues around 900 crores • Tagline – “Taking nothing for granted”; Like most FMCGs, it is very aggressive • Culture is very dynamic & openHeadquarters: Slough, England, UKHistoryThe Company was incorporated on 5th July, in Calcutta. The Company Manufactureultramarine blue food products, Antiseptics, polishes, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.The Company took over the manufacturing assets and manufacturing operations ofAtlantic (East) Ltd., a company in the Reckitt & Colman group incorporated in England,trading in India in 1934 and established new facilities for the manufacture of severalhousehold, pharmaceutical, food and toiletry products hitherto imported.Reckitt Benckiser acquired Boots Healthcare International (BHI) from Boots Group PLCfor a consideration of £1,926 million in cash. BHI added 3 Power Brands to ReckittBenckiser’s portfolio; Nurofen in analgesics; Strepsils in sore throat; and Clearasil inanti‐acne. All three brands are global leaders and have substantial further growthpotential.Mission/Vision/Values: Reckitt‐Benckiser is about passionately delivering bettersolutions in household cleaning and health & personal care to customers andconsumers, wherever they maybe for the ultimate purpose of creating shareholdervalue. This vision defines both our purpose and our values as a company.R&B Values • Achievement: Aim higher and then deliver. • Commitment: Passionate, personal determination to deliver. • Entrepreneurship: The dreamer explores the idea; the entrepreneur goes ahead and makes it happen. • Teamwork: Individuals play the game but teams win the championship. 13 FMCG Compendium
  14. 14. Product PortfolioSurface Care Disinfectants: Lysol, Dettol, Sagrotan, Pine‐O‐Cleen Lavatory: Harpic, Lysol All Purpose: Veja, St Marc Specialty: Easy‐Off, Mop & Glo, Brasso, Lime‐A‐Way, Destop, Cillit Polishes & Waxes, Poliflor, Old English, O’Cedar, Mr. SheenHome Care Air Care: Air Wick Pest Control: Mortein, Shieldtox, Target, Rodasol, Pif Paf, Tiga Roda Shoe Care: Nugget, Cherry Blossom Dishwashing: Calgonit, Finish, Electrasol, Jet Dry.Health and Personal Care Antiseptics: Dettol Depilatories: Veet Denture Care: Kukident, Steradent Analgesics cold/flu: Disprin, Lemsip, Bonjela, Nurofen Gastro‐Intestinals: Gaviscon, Senokot, Fybogel Skin Care: Clearasil Sore Throat Reliever: StrepsilsFabric and Healthcare Fabric Treatment: Vanish, Spray ’n Wash, Resolve, Napisan Garment Care: Woolite Water Softener: Calgon Fabric Softener: Quanto, Flor Laundry Detergent: DosiaDish Washing Electrasol and FinishFood French’s Mustard, French’s Potato Sticks, French’s Fried OnionsIndian OperationsReckitt Benckiser (India) Limited. The Companys principal activities are manufacturingand distributing a wide range of household and personal products. Products of theCompany include antiseptics, toilet care products, shoe care products, mosquitorepellants and personal health care products. The Company manufactures the Dettolbranded antiseptics, soaps, talc, medicated creams and medicated plasters, Disprinanalgesic tablets, Lizol floor cleaner, Mortein mosquito repellants and rat killer, Robinpower, Harpic lavatory care product, Cherry shoe polish and Collin glass cleaner. Healthand personal care products accounted for 58% of 2002 gross revenues; Householdproducts, 41% and Food products, 1%. Health and personal care products accounted for58% of 2002 gross revenues; Household products, 41% and Food products, 1% 14 FMCG Compendium
  15. 15. GlaxoSmithKline – Consumer HealthcareIntroductionGSKCH is one of the largest players in health food drinks in India.Top Man: Dr. H. B. Joshipura‐Managing DirectorVision: Our vision for the future is powered by our business drivers. It finds purposeand direction with our strategic intent. It is guided by our corporate culture that placespeople and capabilities as the pivot that changes and transforms situations.Mission: GSKs mission is to improve the quality of human life by enabling people todo more, feel better and live longer.Location:Manufacturing Sites: Nabha (Punjab), Rajamundry (Andhra Pradesh), Sonepat(Haryana)Product PortfolioNutritional• Horlicks (Most trusted drinks brand ET survey 2004) market share more than half ofhealth food drinks market. In India since 1930, revamped in2003. o Horlicks Ninja o Junior Horlicks o Mothers Horlicks o Horlicks Lite o Horlicks Biscuits. o Horlicks for Pregnant Women• Boost: Launched in 1975‐76, commands 13% market share countrywide amongsthealth food drinks.New Flavour : Boost Choco Blast• Maltova: This brand was acquired from Jagajit industries ltd in 2000. Relaunched in2004.• Viva: Another brand in white powder category acquired from Jagajit.VendingNutritional Food Services Division was established in 2003 to provide ready to drinkhealth drinks horlicks and boost outside home.OTC• Crocin, Crocin painrelief, Crocin Quick (India’s fastest paracetamol tablet.)• Eno/Eno tab: This brand is over 100 years old. India is second largestmarket after Brazil.• Iodex : Trusted brand in India since 1919. Iodex powercream was launchedin April 2004, fast relief for backache. 15 FMCG Compendium
  16. 16. CompetitionBournvita and Complan are competition to GSK drinks.Iodex faces competition from small players like Amrutanjan and other balms.Some other facts:• GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Q2,2007 Sales soar 17.9 %, Profits up by 36.9 %• GSKCH launched Horlicks Lite and Horlicks Lite Bite, products that have been speciallyformulated keeping in mind the dietary needs of health conscious adults. Horlicks Lite isavailable in two flavours ‐ Regular Malt and Coffee.• GSKCH rolled out Crocin in a 3‐D Hologram pack, making it the first and onlyanalgesic/antipyretic brand in India with a sophisticated 3‐D hologram.• Horlicks launched in a new toffee flavor. This is the sixth flavor in Horlicks portfolio. Theflavors already available are chocolate, vanilla, honey buzz, standard, and elaichi.• Boost launched “Boost cricket academy (BCA)” in collaboration with Hyderabad cricketassociation.• Horlicks Pranchanchol award is given to top three puja pandals in Kolkata. This is selectedby the kids of Kolkata. 16 FMCG Compendium
  17. 17. Cadbury’s (This entire date is till 2008, hence Kraft’s acquisition has not been considered)IntroductionCadbury’s is the largest confectionery and third largest soft drink manufacturer in theworld.HistoryEver since Cadbury’s was launched in India in 1947, Cadbury chocolates have ruled thehearts of Indians. Cadbury’s was started way back some 180 years ago in 1824 inEngland by John Cadbury. He believed that alcohol was one of the causes of deprivationand poverty amongst the working class, and by providing tea, coffee, cocoa andchocolate, he was relieving the misery. Today, Dairy Milk has gained its status as brandleader and maintained its position ever since.Top Man: Mr. Anand Kripalu (MD) Mr. C. Y. Pal (Chairman)Mission/Vision/Values:Life full of Cadbury and Cadbury full of life.Cadbury is an organization which impacts and interacts with the consumers.• Cadbury is present in most happy occasions in the life of our consumer.• Our brands excite our consumer.• Cadbury is an expression of a consumers life.• Cadbury as a company is vibrant.• Cadbury is a fun and energizing workplace.• Cadbury is robust and alive.Mergers and Acquisitions: Cadbury acquired Adams and with this acquired brandslike Clorets, Halls and some other confectionary items came into its portfolio.Product PortfolioChocolate‐Dairy Milk‐Roast Almond (Variant of Dairy milk)‐Crackle (Variant of Dairy milk)‐Fruit and Nut (Variant of Dairy milk)‐Perk‐5 Star‐Gems‐Eclairs‐Temptations‐Celebrations‐Lite (New Launch)Snacks-Bytes 17 FMCG Compendium
  18. 18. Gum‐BubblalooBeverages‐Bournvita‐Bournvita 5 star magicCandy‐HallsStrategyCreate robust and sustainable regional positions in core categories of confectionery andbeverages through organic growth, acquisition and disposal. Latest campaigns are the“rishte pakne dho” for rakhi, the Gorilla advertisement, “kuch meetha ho jaye” withAmitabh Bachchan and Perk’s “take life lightly”.CompetitionCadbury faces major competition in Chocolates from Nestle and Amul. Bournvita facestough competition from GSK drinks like Horlicks, Boost. The soft drinks Coke and Pepsiare the competitors. It also faces major competition from ITC in confectionery business.Some more facts:• John Bradley ‐ Cadburys Purple Reign: The Story behind Chocolates Best‐ Loved Brandlaunched in India• After the successful launch of "Bournvita Confidence Academy" last year, the innovativereality platform is back with an all new exciting 2008 series premiering on Pogo TV.• Cadbury India Ltd. today announced an extensive cocoa research project in partnershipwith the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University to help promote cocoa cultivation in the state• Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards 2008 for Bournvita Folk/Fusion campaign ‐ GOLDaward for the “Best Insights and Strategic Thinking” and SILVER award for the ‘MostEffective Use of Advertising’.• Cadbury India has been ranked as the 7th Great Place to Work and the No. 1 FMCGcompany in India in 2008, by the Great Place to Work Institute.• Cadbury won the Emmie Gold for the Best Media Innovation – TV, for brand Bournvita, forthe entry Physical symbol confidence.• Cadbury India has been ranked 5th in the FMCG sector, in a survey on India’s mostrespected companies by sector conducted by Business World magazine in 2007. 18 FMCG Compendium
  19. 19. PepsiIntroductionPepsi Cola is subsidiary of Pepsico. PepsiCo was founded in 1965 through the merger ofPepsi‐Cola and Frito‐Lay. Tropicana was acquired in 1998. Pepsi came in India in 1989and has since then pumped in more than $700mn.Top Man: Mr. Rajeev Bakshi (Chairman, PepsiCo India)Product PortfolioPepsi Cola has brand presence of Pepsi, Mirinda, 7Up, Mountain Dew, in addition to lowcalorie options ‐ Diet Pepsi and 7Up Light, hydrating and nutritional beverages such asAquafina drinking water, isotonic sports drinks – Gatorade, and 100% natural fruitjuices and juice based drinks – Tropicana and Slice. It has local brands – Lehar EveressSoda, Dukes Lemonade and Mangola to complete its diverse spectrum of brands.PepsiCo’s snack food company, Frito‐Lay, is the leader in the branded potato chipmarket and was amongst the first companies to eliminate the use of trans fats and ‘msg’in its products. It manufactures Lay’s Potato Chips; Cheetos extruded snacks, UncleChipps and traditional namkeen snacks under the Kurkure and Lehar brands. QuakerOats, Lehar Lites, low fat and roasted snack options enhance the choices available tothe growing health and wellness needs of our consumers.Famous campaigns include the latest “Nothing official about it” and “Youngistaan”.CompetitionCoca‐Cola is the biggest competitor of Pepsi Co limited.Some other facts• PepsiCo today announced a pilot program in India which directly delivers against theUnited Nations’ Millennium Development Goal to eradicate extreme poverty and hungerby 2015.• PepsiCo India deepens its commitment of agro‐initiatives; provides weather insuranceto Punjab farmers• Tropicana wins the Gold Trusted Brand Award in the juice category• FritoLay India presents two new flavours ‘Balsamic Blast’ & ‘Spunky Pimento’• Tropicana Twister launches new flavour – Apple Rush Introduces new ReturnableGlass Bottle packaging at Rs 12/‐• Pepsi unleashes the "Youngistaan" spirit with its 360 degree campaign! 19 FMCG Compendium
  20. 20. CocaColaIntroductionCoca‐Cola, the corporate nourishing the global community with the worlds largestselling soft drink since 1886, returned to India in 1993 after a gap of 16 years givingnew thumbs up to the Indian Soft Drink Market. In the same year, the Company tookover ownership of the nations top soft‐drink brands and bottling network.Top Man: Mr. Atul Singh (CEO)Mission/Vision/Values: Every person who drinks a Coca‐Cola enjoys a moment ofrefreshment ‐ and shares in an experience that millions of others have savored. And allof those individual experiences combined have created worldwide phenomenon.Locations:Country Mktg office: IndiaEnkay Towers, GurgaonRegional Offices: DLF II, Gurgaon; Andheri east Mumbai; Hyderabad; CrescentTowers, KolkataBottling Plants: 48 across IndiaProduct PortfolioCoca‐Cola worldwide is into Energy Drink, Juices, Sport drink, Soft Drink, Tea Coffee andWater market. It offers 8 brands in India namely Coke , Fanta, Sprite, Thumbs Up, Limca,Maaza, Kinley, Georgia and its latest offering Minute Maid.After entering Indian market Coca Cola took over the ownership of Indias top softdrinkbrands, namely Thums Up, Gold Spot, Citra and Limca, and bottling networks of same.This helped it to open a larger front against the well settled Pepsi.Its famous campaigns include the latest little drops of joy(includes 5Pillars strategy ofpeople, portfolio, planet, partners & performance), Jo Chaho Ho Jaye, Life ho to Aisi andThanda Matlab Coca Cola, Jiyo sar Utha ke, All taste No gyan (sprite), “Where is thepulp”(Minute Maid)Major brand ambassadors of Coca Cola include movie stars such as MaheshBabu(Telugu actor), Vikram (tamil actor), Sourav Ganguly, southern celebrities likeVijay in the past. And today, its brand ambassadors are Aamir Khan, Aishwarya Rai,Hrithik Roshan, Vivek Oberoi and cricketer Virendra Sehwag.Some more facts:• Hindustan Coca‐Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd inaugurated a Water conservation project inGuntur in Andhra Pradesh in South India recently.• Coca‐Cola has laid claim to the best global brand for the eighth year in a row in thecoveted Interbrand Best Global Brands ranking.• 16 Coca‐Cola Football Champs From India To Attend An International FootballTraining Camp In Brazil• Indian olympians facilitated the launch of Limca Book of World Records• It wins the Golden Peacock Award for Water Management and conservation 20 FMCG Compendium
  21. 21. • Coca‐Cola renews its commitment to Water Stewardship in India. To replace allgroundwater it uses in its beverages and their production in India by 2009. 21 FMCG Compendium
  22. 22. Perfetti Van MelleIntroductionA subsidiary of the global conglomerate started India operations in 1994.• Leads the Indian Sugar confectionary market• greater than 15 brands• Center Fresh‐ First Brand Offering• Alpenleibe – single largest selling sugar confectionary brand.PVM looks for ‘D’ graders‐ People with the DRIVE to excel- People DARING enough to try new things at the risk of failure.PVM’s brandsMentosHappydentBig BabolChloromintCenter ShockCenter FruitCenter FreshAlpenliebeMarblesCofitosChoco+TellaChatar PatarTop Man:Mr. Sunil Suneja, CEO , IndiaMr Stefeno Pelle, Managing Director,IndiaMarket Analysis.The market is dominated by PVMI as market leader . Competing brands are CadburyIndia, Wrigleys, and Lotte Confectionery.Other significant players in the market are Hindustan Unilever Ltd9 (HUL), ITC Ltd10(ITC), Nestlé India Ltd, Candico, Godrej Beverages and Food Ltd. 22 FMCG Compendium
  23. 23. Asian PaintsIntroduction• Asian Paints is Indias largest paint company and the third largest paint company inAsia today, with a turnover of INR 44.04 billion (around USD 1.1 billion)• Asian Paints operates in 20 countries and has 28 paint manufacturing facilities in theworld servicing consumers in over 65 countries.• Forbes magazine, USA ranked Asian Paints among the ‘Best under a Billion companiesin the World for 2003’HistoryAsian Paints (India) Ltd (APIL), promoted in 1942, was converted into a pvt. in 1945, and then into a public ltd. company in 1973.Top Man: Mr. Ashwin Choksi (Chairman)Mission/Vision/Values: Asian Paints aims to become one of the top five Decorativecoatings companies world‐wide by leveraging its expertise in the higher growthemerging markets. Simultaneously, the company intends to build long term value inthe Industrial coatings business through alliances with established global partners.LocationGrowth drivers:• Bangladesh, Egypt, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the UAE.Market leaders:• Barbados, Fiji, Jamaica, Nepal, Samoa Islands, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago,Vanuatu, Bahrain and Solomon IslandsNiche market includes:• Australia, Mauritius, Oman, China, Myanmar and Singapore.Product PortfolioIndustrial• Protective Coatings: Tank Lining Rust Tolerant Coating• Powder Coatings: Asian Paints acquired the Hardcastle Castle and Waud PowderCoating operations in November 2001 into Asian Paints Industrial Coatings Limited(APICL) in December 2001.• Road Markings: Thermoplastic Water Based• Floor Coatings Primers Coating Floorings PthalicAutomobile • Aspa 23 FMCG Compendium
  24. 24. • Apca • Autobasic • Bilux • DeltronDecorative • Royale • Apcolite • Tractor • Utsav • ApexStrategy• Asian Paints wants to be one of the top five decorative paint companies worldwide by2007, according to a report by Morgan Stanley. The company initially used the greenfieldroute but later shifted to acquisitions.• STRENGTHS: Strong brands; Wide range of offerings across all product categories;Most extensive distribution network in the paints industry• Asian PPG has recently been formed as a 50:50 joint venture between Asian Paints(India) Limited and PPG Industries Inc. of USACompetition • Goodlass Nerolac Paints Ltd. • ICI India Ltd. • Du‐Pont(Automobile Paints) 24 FMCG Compendium
  25. 25. DaburIntroduction• 4th Largest FMCG in India with interests in Health Care, Personal Care and FoodProducts• Dabur has a turnover of Rs.2396 crore.• Famous for Indian Ayurvedic and Herbal ProductsHistoryIn 1884, Dr. S K Burman establishes the launch of Dabur in a small Calcutta Pharmacy.In 1896, Dr S K Burman sets up the first manufacturing plant for mass production offormulations. In early 1900s, it forays into Ayurvedic medicines. In 1936 it becomesfully fledged Dabur India Pvt Limited. In 1986, Dabur becomes a Public LimitedCompany. In 1992 Dabur enters with a Joint Venture with Agrolimen of Spain formanufacture of Confectionary items in India. In 1995, Dabur enters in Joint Venturewith Osem of Israel for food and Bongrain of France for Cheese and other dairyproducts.Vision: Dedicated to the health and well being of every household.Product PortfolioHealth Care ProductsHealth SupplementsDabur ChyawanprashDabur ChyawanshaktiGlucose DBaby CareDabur Lal tailDabur Janma GhuntiDigestivesHajmolaHajmola CandyPudin HaraLiquid and PearlsPudin Hara GDabur HingoliNatural CuresBhringraj Ayurvedic TailSuper Thanda TailBadam TailActive Blood PurifierShilajit GoldNature Care 25 FMCG Compendium
  26. 26. Sat IsabgolShilajitShankha PushpiSarbyna StrongHair Care-OilAmla Hair OilAmla Lite Hair OilVatika Hair OilAnmol Sarson AmlaHair Care ShampooVatika Henna Conditioning ShampooVatika Anti‐Dandruff ShampooVatika Root Strengthening ShampooSkin CareGulabariVatika Fairness Face PackVatika Saffron Glow Soap with SandalOral CareDabur Red ToothpasteBabool ToothpasteMeswak ToothpastePromise ToothpasteDabur Lal Dant ManjanDabur Binaca ToothbrushFood- Real Fruit Juices- Real Activ- Coolers- Dabur Honey- Hommade- Lemoneez- CapsicoHome Care- Odomos- Odopic- Odonil- SanifreshAyurvedic SpecialitiesDabur has more than 350 Shastriya (Classical) Ayurvedic prepar‐ations which form animportant part of Ayurvedic practitioners daily practice.Gaur Gum 26 FMCG Compendium
  27. 27. Dabur Davisco into making products out of Gaur Gum. It is used in Food applicationsand industrial applications.StrategyDabur India Limited has a presence in over 50 countries and the company is expandingglobally more emphasizing on the Ayurvedic range of products that it has in its offering.In the Indian markets the company is planning to expand by the way of M&A (e.g.Balsara India Acquisition). Also the group has launched several successful ventures infood business the way of JV’s with foreign multinationals.CompetitionIn health care products the company faces challenges from local players and players likeEmami (Sona Chandi Chyawanprash). In personal care products the company is facingcompetition from FMCG majors like HLL, P&G, Marico. In Foods again the company facescompetition from Majors like ITC, HLL and some local dominant players as well. 27 FMCG Compendium
  28. 28. Britannia1892* The Genesis ‐ Britannia established with an investment of Rs. 295 in Kolkata1910* Advent of electricity sees operations mechanised1921* Imported machinery introduced; Britannia becomes the first company East of the Suezto use gas ovens1939 ‐ 44* Sales rise exponentially to Rs.16,27,202 in 1939* During 1944 sales ramp up by more than eight times to reach Rs.1.36 crore1975* Britannia Biscuit Company takes over biscuit distribution from Parrys1978* Public issue ‐ Indian shareholding crosses 60%1979* Re‐christened Britannia Industries Ltd. (BIL)1983* Sales cross Rs.100 crore1989* The Executive Office relocated to Bangalore1992* BIL celebrates its Platinum Jubilee1993* Wadia Group acquires stake in ABIL, UK and becomes an equal partner with GroupeDanone in BIL1994* Volumes cross 1,00,000 tons of biscuits1997* Re‐birth ‐ new corporate identity Eat Healthy, Think Better leads to new mission:Make every third Indian a Britannia consumer* BIL enters the dairy products market1999* "Britannia Khao World Cup Jao" ‐ a major success! Profit up by 37% 28 FMCG Compendium
  29. 29. 2000* Forbes Global Ranking ‐ Britannia among Top 300 small companies2001* BIL ranked one of Indias biggest brands* No.1 food brand of the country* Britannia Lagaan Match: Indias most successful promotional activity of the year* Maska Chaska: Indias most successful FMCG launch2002* BIL launches joint venture with Fonterra, the worlds second largest dairy company* Britannia New Zealand Foods Pvt. Ltd. is born* Rated as One amongst the Top 200 Small Companies of the World by Forbes Global* Economic Times ranks BIL Indias 2nd Most Trusted Brand* Pure Magic ‐Winner of the Worldstar, Asiastar and Indiastar award for packaging2003* Treat Duet‐ most successful launch of the year* Britannia Khao World Cup Jao rocks the consumer lives yet again2004* Britannia accorded the status of being a Superbrand* Volumes cross 3,00,000 tons of biscuits* Good Day adds a new variant ‐ Choconut ‐ in its range2005* Re‐birth of Tiger ‐ Swasth Khao, Tiger Ban Jao becomes the popular chant!* Britannia launched Greetings range of premium assorted gift packs* The new plant in Uttaranchal, commissioned ahead of schedule.* The launch of yet another exciting snacking option ‐ Britannia 50‐50 Pepper Chakkar2007* Britannia industries formed a joint venture with the Khimji Ramdas Group andacquired a 70 percent beneficial state in the Dubai‐based Strategic Foods InternationalCo. LLC and 65.4% in the Oman‐based Al Sallan Food Industries Co. SAOG.2008• Britannia launched Iron fortified Tiger Banana biscuits, Good Day Classic Cookies,Low Fat Dahi and renovated MarieGold.Mr Nusli N Wadia ‐ ChairmanMs. Vinita Bali ‐ Managing DirectorMottoEat Healthy, Think Better 29 FMCG Compendium
  30. 30. Product PortfolioBiscuitsTigerChota TigerTiger chai biskootTiger rosemilk creamTiger brit energy popsTiger chocolate creamTiger orange creamTiger coconut energyTiger elaichi creamTiger kesar creamTiger banana50‐5050‐50 Maska ChaskaPepper ChakkarGood Day CashewGood Day ButterGood Day ChoconutGood Day Butter ScotchGood Day Honey & RaisinGood Day Chocolate ChipLittle Hearts ClassicVita Marie GoldMarie GoldMilk BikisMilk Bikis CreamNice TimeNutriChoice 5 GrainNutriChoice DigestiveNutriChoice Cream CrackerNutriChoice Thin ArrowrootNutriChoice SugarOut ChocolateNutriChoice SugarOut LitetimeNutriChoice SugarOut Orange creamTimepass Classic saltedTimepass NimkeeTreat Choco GeloTreat delicious Dates 30 FMCG Compendium
  31. 31. Treat Apple punchTreat Tangy Flavoured OrangeTreat Strawberry Flavoured surpriseBourbon TreatTreat Elaichi FonTreat Jim JamTreat Mango MischiefTreat Masti OrangeTreat Pineapple PrankGreeting range of assorted gift packsDairy ProductsAsli Pepper cheese slicesCheese CubesCheese spreadz masala herbsCheese spreadz Mexican MirchiCheese spreadz Minty CorianderCheese spreadz Peppy CilantroCheese spreadz Sour Cream n OnionBritannia Cheese TinLow‐fat Cheesy SpreadzLow‐fat Cheesy SlicesCheeza Pizza CheeseNatural Cheese BlockProcessed Cheese BlockBreads and CakesSuji ToastYummy ChocoYummy PineappleVanilla Cup CakeOrange Cup CakePremium bake breadsFinancial:Britannias gross sales turnover increased to Rs 18,179 mn in 2005‐06 from Rs 16,154mn in the previous year, registering a growth of 13%.Competitors:ITC, Parle, Local players like Surya Foods (Priya Gold) 31 FMCG Compendium
  32. 32. ColgatePalmoliveIntroduction• Colgate was rated as the #1 brand by the A&M‐ MODE Annual Survey for India’s TopBrands for eight out of nine years during the period 1992 to 2001.• Colgate has been ranked as India’s Most Trusted Brand across all categories for twoconsecutive years in 2003 and 2004 by Brand Equity’s Most Trusted Brand Survey.HistoryColgate Palmolive India Ltd is a 51% subsidiary of Colgate Palmolive Company, USA.Top Man: Mr. Roger Calmeyer (Managing Director)Mission/Vision/Values: Three core corporate values: Caring, Global Teamwork andContinuous Improvement.As a leading consumer products company we are also deeply committed to advancingtechnology which can address changing consumer needs throughout the world. In fact,our goal is to use our technology to create products that will continue to improve thequality of life for our consumers wherever they live.Mergers and Acquisitions: ColPal (US): In June 2004, the Company completed itsacquisition of GABA Holding AG (GABA), a privately owned European oral care companyheadquartered in Switzerland.Colgate Palmolive India has acquired 75 % equity shareholding in three firms -Advanced Oral Care Products, Goa, Professional Oral Care Products, Goa and SS OralHygiene Products, Hyderabad. All the three firms are engaged in the manufacture oftoothpaste.Product PortfolioOral Care Toothpastes ‐ Colgate Dental Cream ‐ Colgate Max Fresh ‐ Colgate Herbal ‐ Colgate Cibaca Family Protection ‐ Colgate Advance Whitening ‐ Colgate Active Salt ‐ Colgate Total 12 ‐ Colgate Kids Tooth Paste ‐ Colgate Fresh Energy Gel Tooth Brushes ‐ Colgate Navigator Plus ‐ Colgate 360 ‐ Colgate Sensitive ‐ Colgate Extra‐Clean 32 FMCG Compendium
  33. 33. ‐ Colgate Cibaca Top ‐ Colgate Motion ‐ Colgate Massager ‐ Colgate Junior Flexible ‐ Colgate Super Child Flexible ‐ Colgate Super Flexible ‐ Colgate ZigZag Junior ‐ Colgate ZigZag ‐ Colgate ZigZag Plus Toothpowder ‐ Colgate Toothpowder Whitening Product ‐ Colgate Advance Whitening Kids Product ‐ Colgate Kids ToothPaste ‐ Colgate Super Junior Flexible ‐ Colgate Super Child Flexible ‐ Colgate ZigZag JuniorPersonal Care Body Wash ‐ Palmolive Naturals Moisturizing Body Wash ‐ Milk & Honey and Milk & Almond ‐ Palmolive Aroma Shower Gel ‐ Relax ‐ Palmolive Aroma Shower Gel ‐ Vitality ‐ Palmolive Thermal Spa ‐ Firming & Massage Liquid Hand Wash ‐ Palmolive Aroma Liquid Hand Wash‐Relax ‐ Palmolive Naturals Liquid Hand Wash‐Family Health ‐ Palmolive Naturals Liquid Hand Wash‐Milk and Olive Shave preps ‐ Palmolive Shave Cream Skin Care ‐ Palmolive Charmis Cream Hair Care ‐ Halo ShampooHousehold Care Axion Dish Washing PasteFrom the Dentist Gingivits Treatment 33 FMCG Compendium
  34. 34. ‐ PerioGard ‐ Total Plax Sensitivity Treatment ‐ Gel Kam ‐ Sensitive Tooth whitening ‐ Platinum Professional Tooth Whitening system Fluoride Therapy ‐ Phos‐Flur anti‐cavity flouride rinse Mouth Ulcer Treatment - Oragard‐B Specialty CleaningStrategyCreate oral awareness among children.Several cost‐saving initiatives were taken particularly in the area of supply chain.Purchasing is one of the key areas it has achieved considerable savings. These savingshave come, for example, from key supplier partnerships and also by participating inreverse eauctions online with approved suppliers and by finding new lower cost sources.CompetitionHLL, Dabur, other small players (Anchor) 34 FMCG Compendium
  35. 35. MaricoHistory1857 – A young man Kanji Moorarji sets up a modest trade in spices1948 – Birth of Bombay Oil Industries (Copra trading, crushing & refining of veg oils)1983 – Divisionalisation (consumer products division, fatty acids and chemicalsdivision, spice extracts division)1990 – Restructuring – several companies (consumer products division become Marico)1996 – Marico makes its maiden public issue1999 – Bought Oil of Malabar (more popular in southern India)1999 – Bought Mediker from P&G Early 2000 – Started first Kaya Skin Clinic in Mumbai2000 – Sil brand acquired from Kanmoor Foods2003 – Bought Sundari2004‐05 – Turnover around 230 million USDTop Man: Mr. Harsh Mariwala (Chairman & Managing Director)Mission/Vision/Values:MARICOS BUSINESS DIRECTION ‐ 2010: We commit ourselves to improving the qualityof peoples lives in several parts of the world, through branded Fast Moving ConsumerProducts and Services in Personal and Health Care.• We shall offer brands that enhance the appeal and nourishment of hair and skinthrough distinctive products and services based on the goodness of coconut, othernatural substances and the underlying science of hair care and skin care.• We shall make available brands that contribute to healthy living, through, bothproducts drawn from agriculture offered in natural or processed forms, and services.• We shall develop, in parts of the world beyond the Indian Sub‐Continent, a franchisefor our branded products and services.• We shall aim to be a leader in each of our businesses through heightened sensitivity toconsumer needs, setting up of new standards in the delivery and quality of products andservices and processes of continuous learning and improvement.• We shall share our prosperity amongst members, shareholders and associates, whocontribute in improving our Equity and Market Value. We shall acquire the stature of afriendly corporate citizen, contributing to the betterment of neighbourhoodcommunities, where we are significantly present.Location:• Maricos own manufacturing facilities are located at Goa, Kanjikode, Jalgaon, Saswad,Pondicherry, Dehradun and Daman Supported by subcontracting units.• In Bangladesh, Marico operates through Marico Bangladesh Limited, a wholly ownedsubsidiary Manufacturing facility at Mouchak, near Gazipur.• Geographical Reach : UAE, KSA, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen, Lebanon, Sudan, Iran, Israel Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, India USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia 35 FMCG Compendium
  36. 36. Product PortfolioParachute coconut hair and after shower gel – Advansed and StarzSaffola refined edible oil and salt;Sweekar refined sunflower oil;Hair & Care oil and conditioner (Silk n Shine);Shanti badam amla hair oil;Mediker anti lice treatment and oil;Oil of Malabar hair oil;Sil jams, sauces, beans, soup, mayonnaise, vinegar;Revive instant starch powder;Kaya Skin Clinics;Sundari luxury ayurvedic skin products;Manjal turmeric soap.Market share ‐ Marico has a dominating 55% market share in the pure coconut oilcategory. Hair & Care has a 21% market share in the non sticky segment. Shanti Amla(2005), in the amla category, garnered an 8% market share within a year of launch andhas become an Rs200mn brand.Total Sales in 07‐08 – 1907 CrTotal Profit in 07‐08 – 169 CrStrategy• They say their competitive advantage lies in: Branding, Distribution, Cost Managementand Innovation.• Strategy in the hair oil segment is to increase consumption by conversion of usersfrom loose oil to branded oils.• The edible oil business remains cyclical in nature despite being brand driven.• International Strategy: Started with offering products to Indians settled abroad. Nowtargeting products at local population (mainly skincare).• India strategy – Moving into soaps and launching multi‐attribute brands• Global strategy – Inorganic growth and exploration of S. E. Asian marketsCompetitionCompetitors – Dabur (Vatika, Amla) Oils, Dabur Capsico sauce, Dabur ayurvedic; EmamiNavratna hair oil; HUL Ayush (ayurvedic), HUL Kissan sauce 36 FMCG Compendium
  37. 37. SAB MillerIntroductionSouth African Breweries plc (SAB) is one of the world’s largest brewers with presencein over 60 countries across five continents. Outside the USA, it is also one of the largestbottlers of Coca‐Cola products in the world. SAB set up its Indian subsidiary, SAB MillerIndia Ltd in October, 2000. It is India’s second largest brewer.Top Man: Mr. Jean‐Marc Delphon de Vaux (Managing Director, India)Mission/Vision/Values: Our success will depend on knowing how to run a beer businessbetter than our competitors and extracting maximum value from the assets now inplace.Product Portfolio:‐ Fosters‐ Peroni‐ Royal Challenge‐ Haywards 2000‐ Haywards 5000‐ Haywards 10000‐ Haywards Black‐ Castle Lager‐ Knock OutStrategy:SAB Miller India’s growth strategy is built around the acquisition of production capacityin key markets, upgrading and modernizing breweries and the introduction ofinternationally proven brands, as well as developing local brands, for consumers inIndia.Market share:SABMiller and United Breweries together own nearly 90 per cent of the share of thebeer market in India. SABMiller’s market share is 35 per cent in the Indian beer market,which is about the same as last year’s.During the last fiscal, it invested about Rs 281 crore in upgrading existing plant andmachinery and developing capacity.It has also set up new can lines in its Mysore Breweries as well as Rochees Breweries.The beer manufacturing giant has so far invested about $650 million in India and plansto add 9 million cases each year, according to its plans, through a mix of organic growthand addition of newer capacities.News:Launches Peroni, a premium beer in India. Feb, 2008Acquires 100% stake in Fosters India for $120 Million. August, 2006Competitors:Kingfisher, Sandpiper, Beck’s, Zingaro, Kalyani Black Lab 37 FMCG Compendium