Cultural Integration


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Cultural Integration

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Cultural Integration

  1. 1. Vikram Dahiya S
  3. 3. AI COBB
  4. 4. Acquisition (2004)Technologies
  5. 5. Case DescriptionS Within one year of acquisition of AI COBB the combined product and services were proving to be a good fit for NGSS There’s a potential for more growth and success provided the various cross- cultural integration issues between the two companies be resolved.S Therefore the case presents a leadership challenge to the management of Digiwise technologies in integrating different organizational cultures utilizing mostly virtual communication strategies.
  6. 6. 5 W’s and 1 HS Who : Human resource management of Digiwise Technologies and the employees of Al Cobb.S What : Difference in the corporate culture of the two organizations leading to various communication issues between the employees.S Where : At Digiwise’s network group solutions business unit that is composed of members from 3 different countries having different historical values and different work culture.
  7. 7. Continued…S When : The issues began cropping up after DIGIWISE acquired AI COBB . Though some differences in the operating style of the two companies was expected, little attention was given to the major cultural differences.S Why : The management at DIGIWISE failed to understand the work culture of newly acquired company AI COBB. Neither were they able to communicate their work culture well.S How :Digiwise technologies didn’t spend enough time considering the cultural differences between the two companies. Their initial decisions portrayed their image as a pushy domineering bully of a company to AI COBB employees.
  8. 8. PAIBOC MODELS From Jessica meson’s (HR manager , DIGIWISE technologies) perspectiveS Purpose : To initiate a two way communication with ex AI COBB employees and settle down on a common set of values in a way that sites could retain their autonomy, style and uniqueness.S Audience: Employees NGS. S Ex AI COBB employees S Core DIGIWISE employees
  9. 9. Continued…S Information : send information about digiwise work culture & actionS Benefits :common set of values would help them to overcome the difficulties of not knowing each other personally
  10. 10. Continued…S Objections : difficulty in Change in the core values and acceptance of new values.S perception of DIGIWISE as a dominating company.S Context : In order to resolve the current cultural and communication issues between the employees and give them a feeling of organizational citizenship.
  11. 11. ISSUESS The upper management at DIGIWISE has not taken the cultural integration issue as a priority even after repetitive reminders from the HR.S Digiwise has not been able to make AI COBB employees feel a part of DIGIWISE .S Geographical isolation leading to long distance virtual interaction.S Work procedure : Decision making practicesS Communication style.S One way communication .
  12. 12. MIXING VALUES S Unique Site-based values : Seattle, san Francisco, Denver, Miami, Chicago, Birmingham, Osl o National values: United States, England, Norway Historical values: CompuOptionsNGS :A DIGIWISE Technology business Digiwiseunit. AI COBB
  13. 13. DILEMMAS What decision making styles should be adopted by DIGIWISE ?S If some style contradicts a DIGIWISE core values , such as participation ?S To what extent ex-AI COBB employees can participate in decision making ?
  14. 14. S Diversity training for managers  Pros : understanding of each others culture  Cons : adaptability issuesS Appreciating AI COBB employees for quality work  Pros: motivation factor , increases involvement  Cons: discontent among AI COBB employeesS Transfer of employees to different working sites.  Pros: Cultural Integration  Cons: Emotional mismatch , may be performing well in a specific team.
  15. 15. Continued …S Organizing team outing and Rejuvenating trips : increase interaction.  Pros: increased team work efficiency  Cons: expenses , objection to go with familyS Strict adherence to DIGIWISE values.  Pros: strict working culture, short  Cons: Discontent among AI COBB employeesS Video-conferencing instead of tele-conferencing  Pros: exchange of expressions, observing response  Cons: dissatisfaction regarding work environment
  16. 16. Continued …S EMPATHY : Imagine yourself in the cultural shoes of others.  Pros: give respect get respect  Cons: wrong perception, stereotypingS COLLECTIVISM: Harmony and loyalty , avoid confrontation.  Pros: joyous work environment  Cons: emotional involvement at professional workspaceS Effective two way communication  Pros: better understanding  Cons: clash of opinions
  17. 17. S Resist Stereotyping.S Tolerance of ambiguity.S Respect for differences.
  18. 18. THANK YOU . S