Bread for your thought


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Innovative use of Bread

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Bread for your thought

  1. 1. Team VIKILINKSLooking at Bread in a new way
  2. 2. Starting from everyday activities Breadslices can be used in many ways:1) Soaking extra oil form your hair2) Drying your hair after wash 3) A large bread loaf can be used to absorb moisture from your body in case you don’t have a towel handy to you. 4) Bread piece is a good substitute to cotton wen it comes to remove your nail paint
  3. 3. Using Bread Slice for Shoe PolishingSame bread used on hair can be thenused for shining your shoes Can be easily used for lubricating shoes with oil or shoe polish
  4. 4. Wet Sponges are pervasivelyused in counting currencynotes.In same way waterdrenched bread can be usedfor the same purpose
  5. 5. Alternate uses of Bread in the Kitchen.1) Wet Bread can be used for fighting small fire that might occur accidently while cooking, it will prevent hand burn and spread of water if used otherwise to counter fire.2) Speaking of rice, if there is a little extra moisture in a pot of rice, remove it from the heat and place a piece of bread on top of the rice. Cover the pot. In a few minutes, the water should disappear.3) Wad a couple of white pieces of bread into a ball and use as a sink stopper if you are desperate.4) Attach a slice of bread using toothpicks to the side of a cut edge of cake. It will stop the cake from drying out.5) Picking up tiny slivers of glass if you dont have a broom and dustpan handy can be easily done using a slice of bread. Press the bread over the area where the glass is. Be careful as you pick up the bread and then toss it in the garbage can.
  6. 6. Other good uses1) In absence of cotton bread piece can be used to absorb moisture/blood from a minor cut while shaving.2) Sometimes it is not hygienic to put medicated cotton in mouth in case there is a small injury inside the mouth, there bread piece can be used as an alternate to cotton.3) Remove most dirty or greasy fingerprints from wallpapered walls by cutting off the crusts of a slice of white bread and rubbing the affected area.4) Hold a piece of bread in your mouth (between your teeth with the bread hanging out) as you chop onions. This will help absorb the odor and prevent tearing.