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  • The presentation is really good one, I have a concern with Bangalore City Traffic... Fast track courts are the best way, but i have a concern with BTP. What if the offender RTO registration is different for what his present address is ( in case he has changed his house), how will the person get to know abt the offence he has made... In that case if its exceeds the days, how will BTP seize the vehicle.
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Bangalore city traffic

  1. 1. A citizen’s perspective for streamlining Bangalore’s traffic
  2. 2.  Technology being implemented Rapidly Police force listening to citizens Citizens becoming proactive
  3. 3.  The country is not all about 4 wheelers We have to deal with animals on the road The roads in the city are age old and were planned for a different era We deal with an emotional population and not a rational one People take to the streets for anything and everything
  4. 4.  Corruption Varying differences between the Haves and the Have nots Everyone is not literate Lack of accountability
  5. 5.  Identifying the culprits and fixing them one at a time is the logical way to do We cannot fix everything. Lack of funds and support would disable most of the initiatives Identify a 3-5 year plan and work towards the goal, with citizens knowing what is going to change each year
  6. 6. Lack of Badly designed Adequate flyovers , grade Parking separators Vehicle Density Poor Quality exceeding Road construction of design limits Roads Unreliable People not Public following rules Transport Lack of Metro & Coordination Flyovers between Civic construction AgenciesSmall Roads Traffic Same solution does not work Issues everywhere
  7. 7. Observation ChallengesMost of the Roads in Bangalore City are Widening all roads is out of the question.Small and old and border houses andestablishments •What can be done is people not encroach and allow enough space for vehicular traffic to navigate freely. We all park in front of our houses, but do it in a neat and regulated manner. Uniform park for more efficiency. •Move street vendors to side roads •Do not allow autos to park wherever they want
  8. 8. Observation Challenges•Any additional infrastructure Entrusted parties do not meet deadlinesdevelopment brings in issues. and get away scot free•Roads underneath metro constructions Road conditions for motorists are terribleare in a very pathetic state Pedestrians are forgotten in the zeal to•Alternate paths are just not viable development •People should not suffer so much for the sake of development. When entrusted parties fail to meet deadlines they must be penalized very heavily. •Government should assist in land reallocation. Pay 3-5% more than the market price, and meet the project deadlines, the government will still make a profit. •Pedestrian walkways must be provided near these constructions •Roads underneath the constructions should be tarred and fixed periodically
  9. 9. Observation Challenges• Rules are flouted We all have got used to a system where• People get away with Fines we can get away• People will not go pay at the court as it Violators are rude, use political clout andtakes time use very bad behavior Corruption has added to the woes •Rules are meant to be followed. After a repeat violation, the violator must be forced to go to a judge and explain the violation. Special traffic courts should be set up to fast track these cases. •Drunk drivers should be arrested on the spot. •Red light violators must pay hefty fines •Use of political clout must be avoided. Our leaders have to start this at their end and should not encourage any police officer to look the other way •Police officers must be paid better salaries and provided with better gear. This could lower corruption.
  10. 10. Observation ChallengesThere are at least 300 new vehicles People have the money to buy newentering the roads every day automobilesOld vehicles do not get phased out People need new automobiles for theirNew roads cannot be built comfort Government gets lot of revenue in road tax •As much as driving on the road with a vehicle as my choice is a right, One cannot drive if the vehicles are so many that the roads cannot handle. •Simple solution is to limit the vehicular use to 3 -4 days a week with a special sticker •e.g. an innova should not be seen on the roads on a Wednesday ,Similarly, all Maruti swifts should be rested on a Tuesday…
  11. 11. Observation ChallengesThere are more vehicles to park than Limited parking spaces create this issue.parking slots More purchasing power has led to peopleDouble parking, illegal parking, using more 4 wheelers which take moreencroachments occur continually space There are very few clean and neat parking structures in the city •Encourage the build of large parking lots and feeder buses must be provided from the parking lot to a range of areas. •New buildings should adhere to provide parking to all employees, tenants. •Existing buildings should be provided a timeframe to provide parking to tenants. •Encourage parking meters, and automated parking machines and get rid of middlemen
  12. 12. Observation ChallengesIf one were to see the Sadhashivnagar It is public money that is used, but ourmagicbox design, it would be enough said representatives are too busy to inspecthere… the qualityPoor design and poor and shoddy quality We work with a mode of fix the mess andof work has led to poor grade separators not find a holistic solution to the wholeand flyovers with gaping holes and problem, so bottlenecks just move fromillogical route planning leading to people point a to point b (e.g .. Mekhri circle)violating traffic rules •All new grade separators and flyovers must be designed with quality in mind. •Traffic police should give a certificate of operation and should renew it periodically. •Illogical designs like the one at Sadhashivnagar should be scrapped and reworked and the design engineers should be blacklisted
  13. 13. Poor Quality and Construction of Roads RoadsObservation ChallengesRoads are very poor in most parts of We cannot concrete all roadsBangalore with pot holes, gaping holes, There is no inspection during thebroken foot paths and also people construction of roadsthrowing trash, construction work on the Invariably civic agencies end up diggingroads. roads once they have been fixedMost roads are quality deficient •Create an internal nodal agency responsible for the upkeep of quality of roads. •The Agency should be a task force comprising of BTP, BWSSB,BESCOM, BMP •The sole purpose of this group should be to ensure coordination between civic agencies and ensure – awareness , completion of projects and quality control of the projects
  14. 14. Un reliable Public Transit RoadsObservation ChallengesAs in most parts of the country, Buses are a major consumer of the roadsBangalore’s traffic woes are and enhancing more routes will choke thecompounded due to a unreliable public roads.transit system. Rickshaw drivers are human too and noNo guarantees that you will get a point in blaming them for the chaos.rickshaw on a particular day or your bus Metro is deeply delayed due to whateverwill be on time. reasons they can claim Explore feeder routes of autos by creating point to point autos. Encourage auto sharing and auto pooling like car pooling. Bangalore’s peripheral railway route should be exploited with local trains and the point to point autos/bus stations should originate here. The goal is the public should have a reliable alternative transit model and at the same time should be able to save money.
  15. 15. Lack of Coordination between Civic AgenciesObservation ChallengesBMP maintains roads, while BWSSB, No central agency to monitor the upkeepBESCOM, Telephones and others can lay of roadspipes and cables at will. All activities are equally important •Create a central agency to monitor the work •Provide agencies a month in a year to do their work in a locality and finish it on time. • Ensure people are aware of road closures in advance and create awareness.
  16. 16. Same solution does not work everywhereObservation ChallengesThere is no single solution to fix all the Our mindset has to change only thenissues there will be an impact •Make it mandatory to teach children of learner’s license age in the school a significant number hours on driving safe. Without this certificate, RTO should refuse to give a Learners Permit. •Create special traffic courts to pay fines and do not collect on the spot fines. Inconvenience the offenders so they will get careful •For people who do not visit the courts and avoid, triple the fine and seize the vehicle for a period of 15- 3o days •Enhance fines 3-4 times, only if you feel the pinch you will not repeat it •Multiple offenders, cancel the license and they should take a test to get it again
  17. 17.  Fixing the traffic scenario in Bangalore is not just the work of government, Traffic police or the various agencies. It involves everyone of us. Things will not change overnight, however a few model areas can be chosen to enforce a few different laws and rules and successes could be translated to other areas. Driving in Bangalore should be a pleasure and other cities in India should follow our example Government, Traffic police and public should coordinate in this effort to make this successful. The role of the traffic police should be to monitor and maintain and it is everyone’s responsibility to assist them in this effort.