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Salutation (Dear xx, or Hi xx – whatever you prefer)Try not to start with ‘How are you?’ unless you know the person; it’s ...
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Pitch template


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Pitch template

  1. 1. Salutation (Dear xx, or Hi xx – whatever you prefer)Try not to start with ‘How are you?’ unless you know the person; it’s a nicety that really doesn’tneed to be there and makes most journalists/bloggers cringe.Just use these first two paragraphs to tell whoever you’re sending the release to who you are, whatyou have to say, and why their readers might care. For instance, your name, the name of yourbusiness and what it does – and that you’ve noticed that they regularly cover the type of productyou sell.If your product is difficult to understand or is very technical, add three key points: Maybe why the product is unique Something about the heritage of the product And maybe why you’re sending the release now instead of any other timeSay that’s there’s the full release below, but end on a call to action. That’s probably either going tobe offering a trial, or meeting for a coffee to discuss more.ThanksSign off with your name----------------------------(You can put this line here if you like, but you don’t need to) ------------------------- Headline goes here, NO NEED FOR ALL CAPITALSLondon (or wherever you’re from), date: These first two paragraphs should include the who, what,where and when.Second paragraph goes here…Then use the next four to five paragraphs to flesh this out and introduce the why. Include a quote inthe third paragraph, but only if that person is available for interview.This whole ‘release’ section; from below the header to where it says ‘ENDS’ – should be less than250 words. No need to drag it out. Keep it short and to the point.If you’re struggling to cut down text, save your document and revisit it the next day. Try reading itout loud, and if you’re still stuck, give it to a friend or colleague to review.ENDSAbout:This bit (called your boilerplate) allows you to say a little bit more about your business. It should beconcise (about two paragraphs), but always sign off with full contact details.Website URL – Twitter feed – Blog if relevantName of key contact, phone number