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2009 N Level Revision Structured Essay Question. Please View the SEQ Booklet 1 for self-Revision. This Booklet was created by http://social-studiesresource.blogspot.com/.

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S S Structured Essay Booklet

  1. 1. Theme: Understanding Governance Ch 2: Governance in SingaPore 2 Governance iI SingaPore. ' ) (a Do you agree that anticipating change and stay relevant is the most important guiding principle of governance for Singapore? Explain your answer. [ 12 marks ] l L1: Describes the general topic without focus being put on the issue in the question. [1-2m] of 2 mks'] [ '1m for 1 de.tail and a second mark for further details up to a maximum L.g. Governince refers to the way a government manages the resources of the country so as to carry out its functions. L2: Describes given OR / AND ldentifies / Describes Other Factor(s)' [3-4m] other factors up [ 3m for identifyhg one factor, and an additional mark for identifying to a maximum of 4mks l e.g. No, anticipating change and staying relevant is not the most important guiding principle of governance for Singapore. lnstead, it is '. I could choose from : ;Leadership is Xey', 'Reward for Work and Work for Reward' or 'A Stake for Everyone, OpportunitY for All' l L3: Explains the given factor [5'6m] [ 5m for an explanation of the given factor, and an additional mark for each supporting detail up to a maximum of 6mks. e.g. Anticipating change and Staying Relevant is an important guiding principle foi Singapore. The government needs to take risks and make decisions that are forward--looking in anticipation of future challenges. For example, in preparing.for Singapore's friture water needs, the government has taken steps to ensure that Sinlapore is self-sufficient in water supply. This has been done through producing 'NEfoatei and desalinated water. Another example would be how, through the decision to build tvvo lntegrated Resorts, the government has taken bold steps to help Singapore capture the growing tourist market in the face of rising competition- At the inOividual level, studenis can ltretch their potential by coming up with creative and innovative ideas. workers too could play their part by upgrading their knowledge and skills to stay employable and contribute to the nation. Thus by anticipating change and staying relevani, Singapore can look forward to the challenges of the future with confidence. OR Disagrees and explains other factor(s). [5m fir an explanation of one other factor, and an additional mark for supporting detail up to a maximum of 6mks.l e.g. Leadership is Key is a very important guiding principle of governance that Singapore praciices. Singapore takes care to Select leaders that have outstanding per;onal qualities such as honesty, moral courage and integrity, in addition to having talent. Potential leaders are specially selected and groomed. Singapore needs good leadership not only in government but also in every segment of t[e society. For example, the arts scene in Singapore made progress more vibrant arts scene. Thus, leadership is all important if singapore is to continue to prosper and face up to the challenges that misht come its *"u nYl::*::,:ll":::::l::
  2. 2. people and thus be able to carry the people with them when decisions (even tough and less popular ones) are made for the good of the country. I candidate couid offer an explanation of either of the other two guiding principles instead l e.g. 'Reward for Work and Work for Reward, is an important guiding principle of government. Underlying this principle is the belief in meritocracy. Meritocracy means a system that rewards hard work and talent. Meritocracy helps to give everybody in society an equal opportunity to achieve their best and be rewarded ior their performance, regardless of race, religion and socio-economic background. Thus, for example, hardworking students who excel in their studies and co-curricular activities receive rewards in the form of Edusave Scholarship and Merit Bursaries. All Singaporeans also received a share of the surplus from Singapore,s growth through the Progress Packager Thus, this principle encourages people to continue to wo-rk hard to help Singapore develop and stay ahead of the competition_ e.g. 'A Stake for Everyone, Opportunities for All' is another important guiding principle of governance. This means allowing people more opportunities 1o ge't involved in the decision-making process. such participation wouid lead to peof,le feeling a deeper sense of belonging to the country. For example, the goveinment consulted the public on the issue of having casinos as part of the lR;. Thus, by allowing the people more opportunities to participate in important decision-making, i stronger bond is built between the people and the country. This will help to keepihe people actively involved with the government and supportive of the decisions made by the government. L4: Both elements of L3. [7-10m] [ 7m for an explanation of the given factor AND description of other factors. 8m for an explanation of the given factor AND an explanation of other factors up to a maximum of 10 mks.l L5: Weighs the relative importance of different factors covered in L4. This should be done using some clearly stated criteria e.g impact. [11-12m] (b ) "The Graduate Mothers Scheme was the most successful measure taken by the Singapore government to encourage population growth." Do you agree? Explain your answer. I i3 marks ] L1: Describes the general topic without focus being put on the issue in the question. [1-2m] e.g. The population of Singapore grew rapidly in the 1950s and 1960s and this posed problems for the country. L2:_ Either Agrees OR Disagrees and ldentifies other measure(s). [3-4m] [ 3m - 1 factor; 3mks - 2 factors ] e.g. Yes, it was the most successful but, at the same time, there were also other important measures taken such as the 'Three or More lf you Can Afford lt, policy / various pro-family measures / the policy of attracting foreign talent. L3: Agrees OR Disagrees and describes given / other measure(s). [4-5m] L4: Explains factor used for agreeing. [6-8m] [ 6m - Explains given factor or other factors for agreeing or disagreeing;
  3. 3. 1 additional mark for each detail up to a maximum of 8 mks l most successful measure Based e.o. Yes, the Graduate Mothers Scheme was the a direct impact of ;f r";;: tnut ii'" uo*ution level of the parents had 'i;;;li that parents who were university their children in schools rne reslaicn showed performed better in schools As a oraduates were more lif,"fy to nuu" "nildren who encourased to have i;:;ii:ffi ;;;"'Mi;Ji;; i"rt tn"t i"'ur" sraduateschance be the new generation -woutd should of more children so that tnere ne nign"t ;;ilf";;;;;s ,nor" '' in 1s84 the Graduate Mothers scheme was "ou"ui"J.-inus, graduates and to encourage them to have started to encourage tur,'uglt among more children. ... not agree with this being the most I Note: lt isanticipated that most candidates would people !r#*,[ ru;il in" met witn much unhappiness amons manv "" and it failed to get the ""nlte the people After just.one year' the scheme was of ",ppo't t'nu ianciioute will be.able to explain how this was iirai withdrawn. Thus, it is unrirerv the given measure should not a successful measure. tnu"i ir"i ngr"" u"o Explain be awarded more than 6mks l OR Disagrees and explains other factor(s)' You,Can Afford lt' policy' e.g.Disagrees: Explains the 'Three or More lf or More lf You Can Afford lt' policy No, the most successful t"Jt"" *ut in";tht"" the replacement level of 2 1 children To bring Singapore's pop'ruiLn git*tn nact to Der woman, instead of ois"ouiaging iarg" iutitl"t'. parents were encouraged to have policv due to ih*;;;;;;;;hildren if t'n"v".o"uro iffora financialwas a cautious children' the it Tltis of having economic considerations. T;;"F ;li";;ihe burden the use of Medisave to pay for oovernment introduced,;;;;"';;;;r "rio*ing an increase in il%iiJ;il;ffi;; in"liot il't'"" children As a res-ult there was1988 Thus this the number of children n"t"'p"i *"t*t iiot f +A in 1986 to 1'96 in was a very successful measure measures that were taken' e.g. Disagrees: Explains the other pro'family thlt'*-"^l: N; ih;;;;i successful ;;;Jt; was the Minister proJamilv measures ol new slew of a package taken from 2004. ln tn"t ylui tn" Prime .introduced population figures' marriage and parenthood ;;;;';"; inut *"tu aimed boosting -at iil;;";;;J"s came about as a for both p'arents feedback The new result of public measures which meant that mothers too included equalized meoical"iunJts ir"o* in"ir ( and no1 iust fathers ). Another could make medical claims "rprov"rs*i'i"h u could claim $3 000 measure was the gr"nop"'inil";d;t-;;ii"i'bv them 10 take care of their child A "ou-pl" in income tax relief it, g'u;Jp*"ni was helping service. This is to allow for a better third measure is tne s_cav iloilie"r. t tn" bivii -is work-life balance. rinatty,'tnere the extended. maternity leave which was a'n these various measures, there is extension from g weeks to''il *""r". rhrough sufficient reason for tu.ti"j "o-'pfJ" to nuui t6t" children as the high cost of raising (concerns which the public children and the lack ot t'it"UrJ"nif otu'" ""ung"t"nts raised) were addressed' foreign talent' e.g.Disagrees: Explains the policy of attracting th6 most'successful one ln 1989 the No, I believe thar the toreig-niai"ni poficy is government started to it" in'ttigtation policy to attract foreign talent with the ikitt. tnut sinsapore t"q,;;i;;;i;;"ti. '"ru"* i'ir" n"n'o"t"ir]:"J:l:::"H:li:::
  4. 4. F ir an.attraclive education package for chirdren were offered to foreign tarent who were I willing to work in singapore. By making it easier for foreigners io work and lrve in singapore, the government hoped some of these individuals would develop a close atlachment to the nation and take up either permanent residence or citizensnip. Rs a result,of the inflow of foreigners, srngapore's .o"i"tv nu" r""ome more cosmoporitan thus testifying to the success of the foreign tirent scheme in increasinj fl . population. irre i L5: Both aspects of L4. [9-l 1ml [ 9m for an explanation of the given factor AND descriptibn of other factors; 10-1 1 m explains why Agrees and Disagrees.l t L6: Reaches a balanced covered in LS. [ 12-13m] conclusion based on an explanation of factors t Governa nce in Singapore I Howfardo-esthesu@ to prepare for her ageing population? exphin your aiswer. Writes about comm@ !l Singapore. Award 1m for each detail, to a maximum of 2m. I Eg. With fewer babies born each year, there would be fewer young.people in the population. The number of older people ]1oujd bg proportionately larger. This means the country would I be faced with an ageing population and the community would have to take care of the increasing number of senior citizens. Describes ttre given factor, OR identifies/describes other il factor(s). Award 3m for describing the given factor OR identifying/describing other factoi(s) I Award 4m for both Explains the given factor On otfrer tacto(s) I Explains the given ta*or ffi factor(s) Award 8m for answers which explain the given factor and identify/describe other facto(s) An explanation of the give'n factor but only identifies other factors. Both elements of L3 [s-11] Eg The community ptays an important role in enhancing the .. welLbeing of senior citizens. It can give social and emoiional support and provide healthcare and social services. An example has made laws and introduced
  5. 5. ffine senior citizen.s. Tle fir:t i#nts cm6btain the iioirt's help to seek financial stlppoft from 1i;;;hitAre; who ;l; Apabte of s.uppPrtino t!1iem'-b!t-a!e-n-ol ;iffie Pubtic Housing scheme ffitn*" fist-time buyers of government flats to.obtain a parents hiutsing grant if they buy a flat in the area where their live soi that they can look after their elderly parents' Maintaining a heatthy tifestyte is also the responsibility .of the his diet inJiriiiil k preparing for their otd age. He sh7uld watch and be iJ exercise iequlirlv. He should also plan earlv At the same time, family suppott is also important to bring.about '. social stabitity and harmony. To strenqth.en famil v - Do-ngs' strenqthen tam ilies toqether to show thet a @nce of different factors 'm*rrir, Egj the support of the government is es,sential^ in ieparation for an Ageing population because without any "ii[iiii arnd policieslroi tlhe gove,nment, to introduce their tiws ana measures, Singaporians woutd not be physically' in @importantmeasure agree? t<eeping tramc smooth in Singapore" Do you Explain Writes about traffic flow in Singapore. Award 1 mark for 1 detail and an additional mark for further details. ig.- As Singapore's population continues to grow, there will be 2", in"r"r"6 in aem'ana for land to buitd roads. Singapore has e,xpirienceA rapid growth and therefore traffic volume in the city centre is especialty high especiatly during the peak hours' @es other factor(s), without -now exptaining it is an important measure in keeping traffic smooth in SingaPore. Award s mirlis for describing the given factor or identifying/describing other facto(s). Award 4 marks for both' Agrees OR Disagrees, suPPorted. -for n-irio s marks an explanation of how the given factor/ uii"inutiu" factor was an important measure in keeping traffic .r"otn in Singapore and an additional mark for any supporting detail to a maximum of 7 marks
  6. 6. id ir TLa AoBes I & Dist ta', l trl ffimru:" l ge+'rrT6- i::*"",u:rn,:"*ntmn* m' nelor ;;ffi ;io.i;.1iififfi ;ilfl **li*i) ] Fl o ,L A (JAr-a -d n e r, oa, o. n"r ao o. -n "L. d,o"eo ro, .9,,'.2 or d d,ha, - -arn"Cer,.ar-o.r.r,t,",".r.,O., ir a.Ed , diE tl In4iqo.,r rolid €, 6 tnF o,i - o. rdr. 1 d ...-,or- trr 'oo^F ioord -ao".". rl Disaqrees: a4.. Ij T -'d-Area Lrmshq p"." ,A lm': 1ei:ue 9 I I s.hemeo.F-p rdlr noa ,oo ^", s. unoF. .- -.,F"-, I L'll' " -o Fnan ocds ,slq"ro,p :d'"p",t"bou.dcd ai. I '-,, " ,1 ", "r""- <r",o".eo ", 'Fa.Fd.o .or Lrd.er.n. tl I ffi e r- r a rhF P6str o"+Ler:l+aq-.r"!;- ad /one o.- "i ;;als;. =-- ;idt,,.a i t ffi ffi - o"!ie r, e ats b" dr e.-.F ;;d;;: i;;; " i; fl I 4 ' haches a b:lcmd orctu<ion ,Ho a< ro €.pt,!nty tt 2. t: t3. I addrcc<ing 112. fa, . Award 12 narks for a weaktyerptain€d marks tor a wett-erptained asres<mcnr L I I {o) , T::. ':": ,o ooo 1o.poi61 pop-r.ron, c rant€r ramries Do youaqrcer E bF. ,rd p.o. o o, o, t l: :,tuios on erononns ldts.rtdnit,es ot torcisn tatenr whhout t'ocus. p.l:l.: I ^1r-rddd.., do,oorcr . L"-Fo o. rto b. m,.o,oo.e q.o,. -- .o popud.o. -oop," il aurr -"i. oF. in to3/ it rrEd o teFroi, (.roren pF, troa- r ,eoo or o"(o r.9.a d oe t nl6-. e nF^ Dot. . F.!o-r"oFd p"r" ormore.hidrcn i they..utd alord r ' t]
  7. 7. or att.acting L2 Describes lhe policv oi promotinq larger lamilies f or€rsn lale.is wilhour e^plairing its s!ccess in encorragrng popuhnon growlh ol sing.pote p- 5l .;o"oo,e aooo.'d "l" "d n q!1o1oor "odka 16'. - drr) ;--;:,;;,,'"; . "i a.oo,". a" .a " paru- od o' ."' ::"q";;; ;," .;o. dua o-., r trbldrns the imponance promoting lc'ger lamilre( lo encouraqe 1- oltre potrcv o' an'a'tins to'e's' i,l",.l"ii J,.ii-r. i.'st""*ori onpopuarionsrowthor sinsrpore 16' ;:;;;;;;;.-;i,iiv;;;aqins 3l Encouraqins large lamilies lamilles is one ol lncreasinq pop!lalion qrowlh lh.ough encoumginq larger aton lhe soLutions govetnment has used to boosl S'Pore s PoPU 1 oou, o .a' g r oapo ' -d a oor r dlFd d tid" o'r /on"a N lo ll.a rFola!61e l c'F oll '"*-- -;.1 "^" ',,""",.-.., .-r*" o oi o'adno ro' k1 F or413 o^'F -.1. ',i r.r." t "" ld en o ao' I hcv (oud n-'1 I 1 odl eo cdord "..,, ,.';;"ih:: ;"; ; ou * or n, ' op.v rd FnFoo 'v6to d oe or rrre 6d -ll. ,.'-. ."o;'".irr"*- v"o " e o to oe ^ r.;, ili ii,)," ,ii o;nou€i,".o"s . , dlod"'|o ;.1 children or mor€ "en h:vF hree"':;';;.";";.. s"o"p'' i,1'"-.,.1. i"rr'"i"r*"a o.D!ation ^'" ro'"a"n"o on"'oD'o "-"i"ii dn o 16 Ir2o1d{j1IrJ "-.,-^ '".i"rr" o"o' . i,.iir-,'.i-.t"q o or aer"L "d r.L " r.hildren aliendna approved j"d-"robF.tr"'enrres 'rId'a@ olo,.r oour.belt . ;i";^,,".. '; . il"ii.,"e e" ue u*o tor nospilaland delilery charses ior lhe 1st' ?nn:nd lr.l.h ldrcn. ' i,""."#".'' ^. i e*, e"n rhsr dem' o opo "trr' 'o Leave ior r'arents lo spend p.ii"y "- ov in" q&l z oavs or "a"-pt"J "! ln 1933. some 55 OOOO babies were born folowing lhe intr'dlclion of these B,ho q'qanqrs Trpo aon {orEoloi ol 6'o'VoElvo i-^"".I rr'";** ' on"o oaoe rdl "i i"i""" r.i"-"::::J ".paq-,. " o"d^, o heu6o veo,.r.4Lo ;-: riic".r " 't e- r'de o"oor"^oud'"" '.-';.;"; i'.'.1i.. r": """ "oir 'q " ' :,::;";;.. ;,i"-,' :"; . n i'P . .-ir.""' r'',' ;li*i"i ""'"'" 'r.'''r',",rlr"o'pL"o ' ^" ' " oood "r. ."
  8. 8. . 41, o .o [ - .o, . .r o- to,ct d.o t".o nry'n[1F o naFa. . eiraro. rd r.. t, r .6.,1od..ed l dcr ,h. po Ihodtr.4o LL E pEins the ihponance cnolagng targq tdmilies to encoutage populcn.on gt.owth in.Singapa,e AND ptlf.nitv nqa.urcs eooal OR tne pohcy of ddta.nng brcig, rdtent< in suctesstutty encour.gnq populaton grcwih ot Singapare Pro.Family Measures l2004t ::._" wa u_€ i9!o':'" o'o',n, ne!. u+ {-- i roo" Fd o.,r " a. " o nFd-br o,n- tvi ,r-. "" r.Fn _oong i rS eo.e"mlat pce , n 200a uo, tsrLr "n xe a .F> tro. oLor rp.dod o--r.dL.-^ee on eq br-Fd - ddid be". i- ooth pd.qt, ro.to tra.a 4€d d r.r. to thFi I'd,q ^.p.6 f rhFi.h d.ar.s a€moir-. -p u oupr" " " ., . "" -",r, d .!r,. rd,Fn M",",. . rca.- ::- 1 9 1.*' fo.'1-r o.nq 0.6. ^", he.odo, o 'od ro.or the, r.15"i r€ balan.e t: q" ". noo !"o "ineo ", d,'hq ,..u.as rhe.o., '* "".' I o o.r or hdr o !hrd.6, iil'!' ll.!. '.p',/t I oF o ipr.c r i b" elo.r"q;d,o ".-.o- I :ij lil.l-"" o. a.o rh. -." o,odh r pop dlnn r--rp. F;.n- no.- wor{s Dbo...,pp .o t,6.ar, Inotcbox ,a.rdd.orjo oida^te I l:^:e n eF o. rncs" . enr.e. ro p.o. o.F r.,qe rdlre i F e nd- *'."*".",oooorsno,oo""oipid,Dr 1,.- rp_. I ".' 'l:.d " " ::':11 "' '"trd1u a"n'ed6Lore ,e o oapr o,4^- d -"-iFo ").1-, "re dE.oed o rh.i. d,.er. I 4n o GaFd io I d,. b&., eo .i d, u .Ant r.orc.Elani ,dr6 r. .o. bFto, oi I I l:1".r:, -:1":'^"r'-" ,Trnm-d rAs.e.poF, o "r" n.'o.-qr ra-1q ..."-. poot;,oi. bardo eDo- tor-,"nd- n". o o,, I sponsmen aretoretqne swho hare raten !p( zensh,o h e uFri.4in, ,o.-qna. rr1 "drs adood FoJi.J. oon6o, "1"", ," . ,h" a;/-,. i", I p.,ir n,o 1o^8o. , ". o o po a9 io . ro.. rF.- o,6 Fd to io Fiql
  9. 9. no'e5eroarooldi orFg_be r o5 ' lred a^d^t' ' o loboFf d";j:';:'ir:::i :ltl{:t Tir l" "3iJ ""r:J,:::i ";03:: ..!"ffifr i,ririi:i5'i*,$ii;l f ;:""#*fi b;;- 'ruo ' o' d'd,ne 'o"Q dre ts 'oonq'" pop rdrio' ":;;.;; ""'i..;i"i' * !* ""--, p'' '. i n on rec A d' noroFenLae-rha Fnsu es 01 -e'o^ 1o <o rha "';;;';";; ";"";'"" o q ,;- il. -* i,'-' "" F oo nodoor€ '" :;.:l-;:i!;Js;;:-a';;o ciob'dld (Gd e o od' d''j1 ^o a tdsoned conclusion (which is th' best L5 L1 + Adves at In"o,*cino to,"q' raca i Ine 06'r i" ;.;;.J;,^,i"a-i as 11n'oirre Irp"15'no or'' t'rri d ."1*- i." -*'n.+r Ano qF € oas +e nldsel or me o I o-e n pe6 m4 ^ :i;", ,;:;.i;";: ;." ' .i,l.*."J "i"*'.p"-'!rio' o ne o nra*iIan' rr'.a'oar-l ooe. no,'dv., li]}i."";"r; ;,heqoe'nre. lhe @untrv lo ofmoney io.iracr lor€qn ra enl wh,e rhe oor", ol p'orol'q iFr lmF n4 rl re ron o 14Fd)' lj"j. ororen ro b' e bcd 'I ;;.::i;';; ; "; ' ""' ,'- no^ev" '- ' raorrnoro-o re n orl'onor 'o o '..i,..1"0 " rxl* d'oe-d '""-'.;''j " r,r.. ", ;;;;i oe.,1 a pop € o€moar"on r'au"s 'are auon "s o'Fq -. do o' ,;.,i],]";, i;..i; :;;;, " "';;oppodunies " -,'. -0.'," e'i"ffi i,,'ii"1'"i dh{e ; *"'i.'." ;" ! {@-re" srcapoE o e nd" e-conomc tso ;";-,"' :;;; ;""i'; ' .rij,i .p.p"" o:o/ 1 ,oo" u.2n"dro rh"rLrrF "
  10. 10. ii it Themei UDde.standing Governance Ch 3 lManaqtng Heatthcare: C.se StudyotSinqapore il (a) To what oxtenr can the British wotfare system for health.are work for Singapore? Explain vour answer. t121 id Writ6s aboLlll"e hedtth.ara rysrem but tad'ng desL'rprrcn. 12 ir poT6&rrIrFraresJqra, o di96 -nr1.,.e1. I r paY lf o_lre ied ol : _!e 'netr |eatrn o "' o"doT o| orr,qdpoeto o enho oLdnoldhoro o tt L2 Describes the g.vrn factor OR idpnrit'esdescrjb.s oth fadoGl Award 3 m#ks for describing lh€ g ven factor OR idertfying/descrtbinO oth€rfaclorc Award 4 marks fo. both Jr fl E g I can work for Sifgapor€ provded €veryone does nol teave at lhe planning lo lhe govemment aid are responsibte to ook afler then il heallhcare needs and w€tfare without r€tyng overly on gov€rnmeri ' d el o l Tdrl .ra,c,orp.i ^o eao p- daq bv the cove nrFn' a o,:b ror. q tn s why the peope need to opt earty for [4edslri€td or Etdershi€td nslrafce offered by lhe governmenl as an alernalive to Medsave in ndr fl L3 i Explains the siven ractor, oRotherracro(s) Awat.l t hdks fot ah exptanatian, antl atlditinat naks tat anr suppadng delail, Dp to a haxmLn ot 6 natus tn Yes I can work lor Sngapore provided ising he.[h costs are manaAed fl carefu y How€ver for Snqaporc, heltthcare costs had inceased sleeply lfd this was atso whai Brta n had orpeaenced in the 1gBOs The resull s lhere islust nol enough docloF nurses and t c ities in hospita s for surserles lor al. Besides lopping up lhe CpF ot senor citz€ns the F Aovernmenl woLd need lo make avaitzbe more,C'cass wards for lhose who cold not afford basic heath€re This means patie.ls in C cass wards in aovernmenr hosp la s pav ontv 20% of the tora cost as tl 300" uot/"d o_ord b".. hF"rh."re trt I ont6er, pa+n tor ecmoe ^ho B rdrd- charqe 30% on indvtduas with lhe remaining 2oolo being subsd:ed by .n ls Expla'ns tho siven ractor and htionaliseswhy or wirt;ot tn AwaftJ 6 natks fat explainng ane eason to suppa L3, and l t! Eg Govemmenl subsidies alone w lnot be enouqh lo ensure lhe Brt sh wellarc syslenr ol heatthca€ wit wo.k fo. Sincapore This is because tf tr Ljo . 6r db 1!dF o,.j.t .roF.Ftoned-o.ld,q- a ^oudh..Frooapa.dbu06. oFn,u.aqLd , -or'h d.-
  11. 11. ,.n cni.". P "q" aj-; o-'po nqfr- ooo'ono d l o''o "" " ""-- o d 'rn" a "d wh! in llrc 1930s hlve to .onre lmm laxp.y€rs money This exD ns Brl.n lid€r Prme Mnsler. Maroarel Thalcher had 1o back ol 'ul o'o'io'po' -F n-F I obtF' i mFeliio the d-o'nard Tor heaLlhcare senLces as heaLlh incr'ased "sls ;, ;. o , jo"" -;-:,,.,." o o d n'l N.rofar nsd;ance l.x of 3% 10 lhe Brl sh governmenl which ,t" lon B" 'or d o p"t, q oor' 'n ''dro o ", '. '-".'"'";- and erpandlna lhe NHS, I dd nol solle the problenr of h€alh.ar. eolh el.menls or r: Da nat a||att 1a nark unless rcasons ln f.vout ot .gatnsl lhc well"e s! sl--n at hc althc.rc is cxPlained rs "r,s werors tr*tar,va imponancp or lhe rwo hpdlihcJP "(rcm. one-rhal te>l< on lhe prirciple of r.countab litv cnd lhF oirre, n* aep".o' o|n'rers'd sov'rrmenr 'p€adinq on hearlhcare laelrare model). Eq SlnqapoG cou d Leam flon lha exp€reice of Brla. s NHs (Nal ona H; h aetuicer b! manacinrr resolrc€s optma v. ror exaope, re . .-."i' e "n."0 .o 'o Nrl pl"n n -000 11 1"d" d i-nnP n...o.n i€.oo" k ho hea rircare s nlapor€ .ould eatn iiom lh s and contnue I' mon l" lhe ' h*lrrcare n;d5 so thal I would nol spend unnecessarLv on adnr nislr:l'or and n€ge.l the provision of polessionaL me'i ':l serv c€s The .rra enoe lor boih the wellate mode and Srig.pore's lrealthcare ssl€m is h;w io manaqe ihe steep dse ln he.lthcarc costs ard vel nr..,.e ol"tl LeJ dF o rt DFoplE. r - ngdpo - oo.e n FnL ooh !r . V ,M r " v6o 1'o VaoI'a o.-p o " 'o o.d o lo rn d b" io" q oo ohF"r'" " we f:re modelror lhose who llris respecl the qov-.rnmenl coud adopl a ne€C lob€ hep€a by qovernmenl subsides The aovernmenl woud llso need lo.lLdyirre ne;Js orrhe ndde ncom€ and devise a ratrsvs(em or ," or;o or6ddl ard eo. p ," o no r.nEorldF 4l o .fL!.lL e s..! "q"do01'd d be beller mel
  12. 12. lf, il 2(bl Her€ are three ways healh.are of an agerng il governnenrsupport. tll Which of these is a bener wav or elderly? Exptain your answer I13hl Lilwrires abdi fiE aseins poputarion wiiholr rocus onrhe qqesrion T r-r-- E9. Sirgaplres poputato is egeing raFidtv leeqe,+l D."-jb". " Ojq yelrs elese !viot5- r.a;E b,ri;i;ffiffi;; r*fr The lirsl i1'l t :::::,:{^, t* _" na* "ia q ii,i"'ii i"n I s T puE D. I s,ooo,,. . e hedr!F eFo. o, d. dqer fs" , MFd."a 4-(anra'F,ordartFuda-op-op s ulmr ll 5qru,i I opd'o thFrn-o(a dr Io.prr,r...,o .o e.o o,o p'ooie . on h-.","" ::i.--j_ orqanrze we I d proq€mmes e! rs ano l:t"1." -" t h€se " lor the e dery Erplcin one,ccto, !l:^:-:-::::. srppantng detat to a ma rnun ,- D. dnd ao,tr.an", a., . ]a i ot 7 n-trts I I I r , e ExpDnrron and etabordtion on how the p/jnLipre o, indivjoual ; r accolntabitity is beihg apptied I ::"^!-1?::! . b t . d an,r ']qb, 6.aan-o a.th an-.nG n-,^ .... ." ; ta p".", . ... D e- E .""", p.. anpd. a.t1 a.- ",; ","ii'." "..;' ;":;; a. *ri.". ,iap* il-. 11 -.';'"-*, ".t- ."t1 I I o Go.- re "a o-a aaono r- "ld-,v Bl !F M.dso,c^h..,s";a".,."a,."r 1,.. . V6o, hcd r rh a o oa/ e. :::;- il"-t or .o r v"o,.".- o.o.e.,h"o,oo,,rio,r* n.L,dnre an or .uo>d,ed o,' cn",g"," o.rr" v-o, "fio.o o"rp." '.d d V6o!1aa.. .!nadoo.- d ,o M"d.,;.o *,,,n ..t Lo b. " "n rdnno' paL/ 9o.-r rant o hFrp L o,e 4ho ror rF r medtrat eroFnscs 4!!41rm I'naina ..hemes o heD oa! r.r medlcal etDenses of the erdery ,F 5n!apor€ 2q" q911911,4q""c ]
  13. 13. E !. bloi vi€w. tth nk lhe prnc ple of individuataccountab try must st i mv dool, i adpor.!.Fn' o.gh1or bs,o-. d.p t",.ooFr o^r 'raooor- d.daop - "a! " "i"b"'o "o o-1ro o d oao.oo:;. d. ,-r- lopor-.do.ordF. -p .hFrF. 1 d. -.- n-,o,ndro,o/a€sb.str linancllprotection io those who oeed on! term €re Moreover, needy .nd d sabled eldery Sinqaporeans who are not €liCibte for Etdershietd t d, dop r la n d cr L -p uloe tr F Inp.i. D-ao.a o o r'.r ^). sunle o rhF loe r DAD-. -r ", To, - -, dlor otr,€ '. ' n., leqd ro !,!, F dFoc d4n!- or x c ao.Fr, ar , Bnc' F r'. n .-,,o,o o'aDo.d '-6 b- ldo '-o d, orr Fr..-!o ", a 'o od. ' lhe cosrwll have lo'o bohe by the taxpayer lnthefna anaNsls, be srnqaporecan earn lrom the British wellarc mode bul itclnnot fouow Ihis mod€ because h€allhcare costswil continueto risea.d th€ ndividua wou d have Io paf ahead byleppina on lrre I MedNave accounl aid olher ava lable schefies on lhe olherhand, the conrmunty 4o. dl.,r o,eao- | lo^n.. '-rc,. --,r,o.d Lo.aie .o rhF hd.,4q-rd 1q 6 'o bed _ - ru o".1ot l c Gn;. rc hFdr aF coslsuprapidy This isbe@lse t,ledisave [,4edished!nd t,l€difLnd or llre'3Ms cannotcontrolhealhcosl nf alionanduntesslhegovernment tLF.d- -pb o,,hFDooi^no d.F ',.uoF-o Ff1.o rllco . otu a.hS. .o . d.d.o.o,Fqon-oi.d .are ofp ead lor pub ic charily. ^, (a) To what extenr is the p.onorion ol a h€alrhy lifestyle amonq the citizens ihe main Iactor rmprovinq th€ standard of heatthcare services in Singapore? Erpta 'n your an5wer. n 1121 L1 writes about promoii;s or healthy lifestyte w itho ut focirs Award 1 mark for €ach deta up 0 mr, nrum ot 2 ma s D€scribes given taclor, OR/ identifjes/ desibsiherfactm Alv.rd 3 nra s lor descrbinq qtren factor OR deit ,i€s/d€s.ribes .rr'€rr.... !trdrd l mr t tordong boh
  14. 14. il r Healrrr edrcarDn &d1rcfro|onoaalearhy ffsry a I I :i:.:i:J :u};tkft T"JilJil, :)"1;[:'Hj:it r'rrhero^n il i ra" "]:ffii;'.l11",i".!:i:''o5bc E{plain the gjven frcroroR oth; iAwrd 4 m fo .n h-€a rh 14-61 r F,nra,,a1ion slppon nq deral T I I t .;'-,-'-- -" f i ; :1r::""1x1 i;::j "" :r" : ;';:.:: ,:r ;;:: 'u,russoe,:nigil*n''ffi iitl#i$i{r"+t+rr".#ljd ;itfltr*iilf i,;,.5*il+*ru;lfi:f '";-;::"-l ;::;f iii :j:I ;,::""* " ;::l::: ";:" ;iJ";;"',:1";::';1"."" -o';.;;'.,n" " . !:ll:J"'j:".4"J,;::.;;";;. ,; ;": :"" ". .,"", .".,".,., "." 17l n,fi:.-- '' ts rot
  15. 15. 15, plus €rplains the relarive inporllnceof ditferern tad-o,s. Toodan a,h,o.ah ci. po.c/. jnqaLvecr. rF"r. lotr o be € pocrcL or ,*, "*i n"".rn .: e."ror" n+ D.oEy nF or '6- paa n'ooL..o d.e. rhFr .!re or hear. Th> iF]F.e., e b-rdFl or pavno o, --" . G.e o., o. th" I dro. o. the 9o1eT e-l lo s!trd lh. .drF nonF/ 01 r-F'der,,orrF., ronunare or.n olhs deve opmenl (b) H.re are rhre w.ys r" which to improve rhe NHs to meet the n€eds ofthe psople in Brirain: inc@asing efiiciency managrng governmert spendinq provjdin9 quatity seruic€s Which of these is a h6sr wav of meting the ne€ds ol the psopt€ Erplarn youraneer. ' B lain? in Ir3l writes abour improvi;-lt;iHs 11.21 a@d 1 maRforeach dela tuo to D.scribes racto(s) bur with;ai Award 3 marks ior one tactor and 4 frarlrs lor more rhan one t3-41 t clor eo Ma lh..he. n rae NHs - o," "- "n..f,olq.p,,vrrz" olot She ked ro.utbacl on heat0iare soend no The NHs ne-o. to rode,n /" n orte, ro oro",ro- q. a r" ""r c" Awdd. trdns o a c)p'a..-o, I'7I ldoi o,a. 1d4s ror a1, supporl nq de ail, to a maxrmum.rT "no < hi VF rhllh€r ldde NJS nor" Ftrie-r throush p.ivarz on or tr neans r.,fiaa 9o."i, nenr ,onr.o or nos,or€t $1ic$ ho,pr"s -ao to oe ef(e.r ,o Tzte h?dre gow orca aerh€v re. pNe tE. One ebTde ot *. for NHs .osorrar lo n"re .se o. p..vdie l::_11?llg- trond. oa'ados_lo seli-e^ .-(. a, aLtl .,-d1,19 an. ,oLd a,tow .osort-s ro corent,"re o. beh€r neocr rFry(er End r.eli.g .e r-"os or .e pFop,e o, B-ira,n lhDush betler medicat €€ tr.ptus exprains orrrei raiiirrl- [3-111 A@rd 3 marks rorL3 otus € se.-;d f:..r explained. with one enra mark for add tional supponinq iniomat on Award 10 marks for L3 PUs n{o other tactoc exDlatnld. wilh.np
  16. 16. I I .-.oo1.ibr6,o. ,.a ... 'd,d.d o o. .oe B r.a., 0..06,ot.rt onr , I I governmenl spendi.g would resur n not havn.t free and qua y 'h u o" li to,, Bd.a- o.o oi ed.F;Fr.(.rl I spending and improve the NHS He coud do so people pay more towards lhe Naionat .s he made rhe t Tony Ebn fer rhat the NHS needs lo nrodern 2e in order to Drovrd-a outrri -. eOToiaa^d h-lo ,,rpr !r oi on ! a.;r - p" I wd rhF Ntls bto' ./000 I " tFo I . ".o " ro. . dnq- bd Fd oa r4-oo. I po d. r. ioi- qo..nT- ' I 10- NPSoarFn 'ol- '. , d In4 Reaches a balanced conctusion based on the relative 112- 131 I siqnif icance ot the faciors P o lh .. .6!ri ..h F4.-..oF. 6| d.o. r o. rh-,o..op,o.drq oo..oh,.-oo.-.-,-., d... dr,. L n co e.lino moretaxes as there are es; young people to suppon I an ag€mq populalion Privatsation and €ncouraginq roi hci or. ..diih d.. a-ad --.Feope lo pay d.- ibo o e: measur€s hrve been adopl.d , " u. I
  17. 17. Theme cohnEt.nd Hmmony,nIvutri.EthnrcsocErres rh 4 s'r Lanka and Norrh€rn kerrnd 3 Canflict and Harntohv in Mufti-Ethnic societie< , *l^._,.:!l:: ,ljl ,.1" i.ha/d.onry.porcy w.s rhp nolr rtoporranr , , reasor whyco-itict broe out in SriL"ntta? Erptarn your.nswer.l12l ll Dpwr,b.s lhe gcr{at bprc withour locu. bernq put on rne irsue in the quesnon.I1 2ml '-o d ''4 ' 1 ' F,- ' "; "^: " ;"^" ^1. '|or rh4 d. I. d.o - s "-"@mm:r.. oo- oFno n !rroth..o I r Li_l::..jpj: sl:T_91l_f g rdennncs, Desnibes orhF' rador r. , o ue rv-9o a r to a.dJ dooro d 1d. .o,,o- r,./n.o.-). r3.4nl ,d oj,.p Fo o. oi'ha ''6o'b%,o16 5, h"'.O.t. po,,I ^d, rd rar o..i,polrl.Fd r"i-",rrn.rro.s. or . 1 drLoo. .d,-d.reo ,h,r^d. - -. . ,,, po; . -d ol 13. Erpta'ns the qrven factorl4-6mt r41 ..o -,"". irr. i- suppon/nq dera lup i. a mJ rmLo otbmlc 4m lor an exp anation otone other fa. or, and an ad.|lona/ma rorsuppon n9 d€ a/ up loa max 6um ot 6mks.l aa ves, rhe sihha,a onty oo i.. or t, FrFBlrsn ::-:l:''"^:l!:--11 o . F r.qi' o,.o."r"q; !o.F, i.. , e "b" ^"r" " " "oa,.", o, e I 'j'i," "unod Lanquaq€ A t { 1956 ) bv whrch Sinh, pdi>E! nk :r" "d I hF ou -r-td -",, " ""","; ;:"" 1 ",;:::,:"",,:;".".1[; " 51 ,do bFd ^ *, .*n" '-"1 "^.,it-l-11: ron@ do-no,oedo 6 o,he.4.o,.bIJ ns,.oa A o " ", y.d!r q uen onstr .qdrfs th€ olicrar L:n.,,:.r a. rn6 d1,. e6d6d -f d!-eq 640 oioa.o,q.no :;";:;'"'e' ,--' E'plai^5 orher fa.tori,). t46mt Na, the'Srnhata onty Dotic!;ar n.|h" most imporl:nt reason. rather jl w,s the question of citizenship riqhts tharw:s the mosi import6.r reason.
  18. 18. $ tl il ,*",;:;.15:jitT:,,{.";j,":i1; "i.l;li"i ::;1 il ;l'l: : *Lt 1tt #:* ; *;u.T, +-. T ;; tl *t*t r-i** i, i ql[* :ii1l, ;"*# I gqli'rt:n I #.+fn;:; t*:;i, fi#*#ir*;a*ry *n[+*r-*r*rffi l-4: aoth etehents ofL3 t7-1n_r .:". s ;1 i;:il* i np'""J1 ^^%":::,1 :;""": ?,r.: ;:" . "" " 5::,ti""i5:lf "::til,::;?:*ilT,"::.[Tif * j?.in jf lii,.,14 .0,n," '', "l*ff;'"::i:4.,;1;q3; 'jJ:"".;?llfi r;J:il:ffi ,if,, ii;*i,"ii ;..1ti:1^*",,,"'l; ';?: t#il',fi .,i,+i.T"ii: ""i,T,Jit;,ii;?l '-'r':':"' i9i::".:l:':":Tsano,den,ineqrac,o,s r,.4mi
  19. 19. I eg. Yes the conllicr has had serous conseqlences for the country The consequeic€s are of Ihre€ lypes politcal economicaid soca. Ot these the mosl serioLs s lh€ e..non cconsequencas e c Th€ conlict n sri Lanka has h:d maiy consequences such as the econoric po itca and s.. alconsequ€nces Howev€r ldo not aQree thar rhe most serous was th€ €co..d,. coosequences. Rather, itw:s L3: Agrees OR Disagreesand Descrjbes either given / orher fa.ro(s). e.g. Yes lhe mosl serous consequence was theeconomic mns€quences The riols ol 1933 caused rnassive unefrpoyment for boih Tamits and Snhaese Peopte osr lhen jobs as laclory workers pantation workers, etc Flnhernore, for€ign inv€stoN lv€re irghlefed oll by the viol€nce aftl puted out lhen nveslnent troh the coLnlry. Tourism, whch was a major revenue eaner lor Sri Lanka was simtarty badly affecled Th€ d€crease in numbers of lounsl arva s h:d a senols efie.t .n .hs I u, oLF rh4 ouro,-o econody h:s been badly hit eq No ldo nol aqree ihat lhe economc consequ€nce was lh€ mosl serous conseqL€nce. Rather, I beleve I is th€ po uca conseqdence thal is the most serous. Th€ Tam ls origina ly lred to !el what they wanted lhrough negotiations. Bll nols toke out (eg. n 1933) As theTamisfound that lh€f d€mands w€re .ol beno d. o-ad o ru, o orhF dtd n.Ne 16rr o 9- tr q a: lhey wailed One was rhe use ol totence The LTTE b€gan lo anack lhe Sinhaese ^ as weLas lhe Tamlmemb.rs of the rulng party Ths armed conflct cost an ncEasng numbe. oi rves Also, rhe conficl edrotnda ntetuenino nsriL.nkas .l.'nrl doA o oncr ot r -dd on o e r;,"r ",0 ""r changed to more dnecr inleryention {ln-droppnq ot food and pelroteum p.or!.ls)tn Tamldofrinated areas Ths was n€xt tolowed, n Juty 1987, by Sr Lank being pr€ssured nto sgning a p€ace accod whch a owed tnda lo s€nd peacekeepeE nto sri Laika ro d sarm lhe LTTE However, the LTTE refused t. surenner hen weapons ro llre lndians. This then led 1o clashes behree. t.dian peacekeepe.s and LTTE Fi.arty the tndian torce was wirhdrawn nom Sr Lankd e.0. No, Ihe economic conseqLence was not lhe most serious cons€qle.ce. The most s€rous consequence was the sociatcons€qlence This meanrlh.l the conticr c.lsed rroe-s€le dlsplacemenl of Tamts beyond the couilry,s borders Ma.v Tamrs led the tightnq and went ro Tamt Nldu in Solih tnda. Furlhermore the decaralon ol Hlgh SeduntyZon€s (HSZ)by lhe S.tLankan amed forces lo keep lhe T-Ean". "."l.o "d'oad, drt e-n9 d. 'bd. L4: Explains given factor. [6,3mi l6' r,odr.o,,F1 4o'oorh.. or ro da "- 1a or o. do ed ng 1 add liona ma lor€ach detai !p lo a maxinrun ot B hks.l eg Gven Facror Yes, lhe mosr was llre econom. @, "q " e. I.F or o t63.,o Fo1r. i.e rr ld.F F P.oo.e o r InF. |ob. o, ;.to1 pa FldlremoE foreign nvesloB were fighten€d oJf ^ore vtotence bythe and pu ed our lhe I nvestment ifom lhe counlry Tourism, whch was a m.lor revenue €amer for sr Lanka,wassidiarybadyafiected Thedecrcase n nunrbersof tourslatrvashada seious efiecr on lobs r€ aled lo lourism thrs, due rhe outhrc.k (and cantiruahce) of violence. the econatny has been badly hit. The toss ot jobs meant hardship fot thousan.ls affahities and atso prcss!rc on the governheot t aleviate the slffering of the peopte. fhe toss of foreign investhents meant thatthe country could not develop q|ickty ard thefa| in the nu 5eroftourFrs
  20. 20. meant that the sovetnnenthad less revenues to spend oh lhe davelopnent of an,ennies an.t taciht?s sLch a hausina!. AI this would mean povetly and hardship for the people in genetat. Disasr€es and Erptarns Olher Fado(s).I6-smt :"i: d" :r .o,F- rhlr rrp F onolr !o .Fq.t- _?i ":"-:."- %"" I bF14.- | ,s rh. oo. .a .on.Fq.-ai6 .h" rh- , o I ^r. m:,I:l 'tFq o:.- , ar .h. wanr-d .rcLo| eqo d o. .. B.. .:.::.- -": ."1't , to8r q-thp "n!.ou.orha a Frilo ;erercI.-"_ . i-5 oi ,,otF,.6 _hb | trf o69d_ 4.o... o.n.r,eo.oro" nr"^"""s llb:9 i.e-t,ooL rhF ro, ot n-o,rtiol bJ .","i,",n", _.." l:ij:1,'-"_ , r-o4o b ",a ro,"i 'oddrFititF.oron,d{oporoor ._ ""i * .re, . p.o"" . - nc- u,Fd nro.a1r9 o o.d.6 .o.o h..h ,o.; o p"".e,-";". rnlo " "to^"di oa sri Lank" ro d6am the LTTE. fowever, the LfiE re,used b aurender a+-|dd in i F1 rEo ,o . d. he . bFh^een -o11 ihe; ^-.pot ,-lj,! | " y "" rno" ,o!e @ o6...ra6pFr .no pot tcdt c,M@qFmes has been nat iust the tos<.. d.c as a tesu| tne ateo-a b. h ot t Fspect fot sri 1 an^a s sovg eQnty of thousands of hte< but when lndd intetuened, . dn,Fqrer- sa . , o. !dql-, 6 L d n o lsanou on.a- F d.the o.r!o..ao -.e t1.Tea..th".rhF,onr d i" to -anr r.,l!d- tr so . o .Ermo Hqh-. L r.70 eiH!/,.. rhFo,,Lonta, t-od. r ulF-m o- h: ' . o.droran) dnr. rhus.tne.onthcthrs -_.'.!-"_*"1: ": .aus* taee numhets of famits b ne. then n..* *a u"a, **ttiiq tnese, rFfuge.s hving ,i in overcto@ed rctuice canps at wirh rct.tives ot L5: Bothaspects ol L4 [9-t1m] -n rr or aND oes u , m€xpranstrrryAarees and Dsaore€< l L6: Rearhe" a batanced concrusr;n bas.d on ,n expt.nanon o, ra.rors covered in 15. [ 12-13m] lbl'lhe economiL impaLt ofthc Tamit-sinhateso conflicl has Lo.sn Lanka than irs potiticat inpact, , How tar do you agree? superticial answer sivenia;suDooriedr Awad 1 ma.i{ ror a basic ans;;. ,.; "" rorr -Ta1,-.i..d-".orn tr,o @-, .o" dald, a o S- t"nd "" . .", oo r aor'ar6d ' .ored i ""n, potl.d no" I ne .. Ld;,._"",,:.".r;.:.;:":; qo, o..F. o 1,;,:" L. nt-. a d tdr #,;"."i,:: 1rie.
  21. 21. LGrreaohard lrE t$;. Awmd 3-a fr As ro, a sl;d" torn{5)orimpicl ETTHER or BorH l ij;|:;#,1it!!Ii. itSit":j- jt,l?H -, ff [;11;;;i1", "" l* iiii:iJff il,""l"Jii.l"nr,, s,nha ese conric, was ahed l:,r:*:j"l':r ":: """'-'":". :; 1 L3 An,lysis and.{pla,ali;. Award,5-8 t ,. m ts tor r thorouqh epian*or ofhow l;s"ii "t,.p*r "* a"."g.q ETTHER lii" ;;;; :#il;|: ,:^si_!1lf ,h.,,n ?i's11:'jhe.rami, sinha,* ed d has r.l .,i;",";;;"j;;:;:.; j".l,tfi fl ::ll,t*t iJ"*"1"1il;:":" ;:T ?i. Jff .""[ff : ;t!1.J ;:,lljf lI", :lf T":f:; ":i:11'?.-;#J#;;. l:i::.x,t::::"'t11.:"r-r.t -;";;H:j"il";::: ;"',::;'fl ' i,::i ;:r,$ j,:ff il"J-,r i i#[i:.i#:T",,f" 1;til1 :i|11,.111""',:+*:1r : ;"i:"iL:;' |fi ji"il'.) ;;" l.jil,fj"':',', ji lg ":r;.ff J i"'H;?:ililif#J;'ffi :li:;rs:ii,_::i r:iiii,t!,11"1.;;"",11 ;. r.,-",, *,.r*. L'0" ;;:i,,;, iliS i"ili':l xF.:,j,l,::,il : ^ +Ur,,; l^l r::" -a;""ii;:,' "l11'1 ," - :." ::" r: ;.,;".":.: , l' ;""":,,,:"":""":;:": :,.-"" ";d ,u " ^- ",^ Jiffi,:ifiT'1tn* ***s*lr,,,;+:l.;Nffi**'
  22. 22. Id It tl i!:ilji'ii"ri"*:':.Tar.g:tr.:f,;'"* ilr il F *:u*gm**t*W t i,I*i,ffti ig1*1$d;#,":*$,1#*tri'ffi d Yes, the ecoromic impact of rhc Ta,nr Snha qe.ont.r more oanagtno lo SrtLanta h.s hepn Ihan js polrriG/ihp:.r I I I [r,til#*i+'++rn+tt Busnassas ftom oulside q/ow Sr L:nr; $cre npedFd tor G econom! rlre ont prob en was h:i rew rore,ln Lo nu"r na rtrrruot,"A,n nve<oa wanr.a r "ornt,y " mjr++ti:;,:lW 5,*fr ;fr}f fl ;.;*r,ffi ft i,i,:,""';.*,ii.,''13',* '' rn! '. ,D ,..-",";.'-.;:'".""'. li' :.'" ,
  23. 23. E..r'' l,- -.o.on' $"s a1e(Fo b"di wrn .e ro.crror ,n r on€ or lounsr ndulrv, rmr" @s a o!( o.tu d> ro deL.op amenil es such as transportand houstng. Tne result of a I ihe abde s thal Srj Lanka has one of the poor€st ^lardd ds o'lrvng . A.d at ts aco.ony 6nlt ues to da oen,no lhal or ils more ptospe@us n€iqhbour, tndia. Award 9-12 harks forlhorough €xptanations of how BOTH forms ol impact w6r. dahasins hows cons.quen@s and resuttstirh;a;;;Grdthici Award 12 m.rks for L4 PLUS, thoroush explanation ot why ONE form of inpact was TMORE danaqins th.n the OTHER Overa I the politicat impact ot lhe TamlSnhalese @nfitct _ in parllcllar, Ihe amed conflict and vioence - has be6n most dao4.lo ro S. Ldnka D e o lhe poi Gtdsaa,e€nerts oehr"en lhF S.nhrlese ano resep66l,sr tents trrun,-oro-os Lrrr ose ro orori a-@ thcn use ot viotence adve "u. r :s me resurleo in deGdp! or c, wd Lir'e rbolh dri. a.d S.n-d"sei hdve been lo, T5ese rr,ude nm,e.r.rvitdrsandhto.er too TheiarluJ€ ol lhe Tamils and the Sinhatese lo €ach a potiti€l aareemenl has orr/ T€d I .o h.ued toFnce. wh(r .oenF r additiol s.thour lhed co-nrt, noic wold d.5o.ol hav6 a reason ro inlery6ne rn sn L:ntas.t.mc<ie:tr n< Allhoug siO-t.ant, rrs economic impact ot lhe tdr l-S n.a ese @n-iclLras nol b6en a. danlo,lo ro Sn tanta A houoh it h diTcuii lo p@ve I iee thdt I urar tvee a-d trv1q . oe;* hamony are mo€ inpodanfthan economr prospe y. -o ln addiiior, lh6 economic impacl of the Tamilsinhalese @nnict may achrally be seen as a @sull / subset oi armed confiict. The .rmed conAid meanl lhal Sn Lanka tosi ils altEliveness as a lourtst a rd.lion. li rere {a" o a n6d (orn , oreo- nveslors troJto 1ol lave e1 le cou1ry as r" country @ud s.,t be $fe ior nve^h€nl hdustfr n qere,.t oLd bo ,e!r.E ano lnemployment woutd not be so high
  24. 24. fl fl 2 Conuid in rvTufii-Erhnrc So.rety fl lh€ marn cause of confticl betwee, rn Norrhern ket.nd? Erpta,n vour fl 112l [.l li:i" i::: fl.:E:J I j L2 [1t'"..ii....t n,i:.**'.",, ", ' r'si;: 11"1;331;"" r'." I '1ii"";'l**;tirffi l:,,s""'ift '::ili";"":':T": o ni ". ;,.-'h" " o ",,- " d I lL3 I Award sjven ractor oR ornerracrors ExptairllF- l I 4 m fd an etptanahon a.d I+61 'uoooilodora.i.ioztro,-,n oro" r'addl,on:/ m - -'-' 'dn d " , le9 ii€ lathot.s see lhemse lee as kEh:n,l w:nr I ba,eu,"a wi aeor,.. i ore o s,rr 4d "wd, "i,";:j on ;"';: ";":,."';?l: ." ;; F - ", "."" "." ". ";, o .e ,.. "l# i:;il."il;:)T^:;"lha rhc.,rh^i; _, l:;;::lT.;.H:-:;Jl: I I luverneo bv rhe a.Gh Thev tnew g+*+rl:+,';lr"q-iriF++**l*5 I I I I 1::,*------ ,:: jrli;!:ii",'-"1"r i:;;, ;:,i" :;::'i,':i""::':'; ] I ]li"-{ffi * =*nfll*i+':,,;."'.'i"ai lrr0 oo /",".:,;; "" " " i":fl11T'" " **"irrr*rrr',. qrv.n raLro' ahd'oun'n'u' --'-*--'*, o,n-,l '0"*n0"" nr t3:,"";;*''"'' u'' no" "non""oo'o'"""'o''ol I r6 Ls., pr6 Frariv€ ihporranceol d*rerenrr"o.,". 1,,,_ Db.c ia. -;" :::1,r ., e "; " ;'is rheir 1 i;i- uMFoiiodhslierd,d.o.o.n.r ^exprdihs.rhe I :i:'1:,i:;.:1';:ji",i:,","",, t "^"" rn! iru.idi hal -ed to bF a^.,d " o q--," .nr"loo, ..o.r.-lo i "d1roa.!.0,.nd o,-""o "."1q. or%a..". - aft,atr^.i "d 1 ro a. !.0r.nd orp" 0 " "._,e.q%a..". dtr
  25. 25. I d o1.dftq<fr. o -. rc.qo, -, o6 o h1.ol oLo,9 od,/ o !olh4r, 6tana d.d uo.. lowards progress and econohicg.owlh When this s achieved at oth€r rcasons would not be great y fer (b)Here are thre6 consequences ofthe protestants and the loss of investmehts toihe country seqregation berweon rhe protestant and loss of lives Which otthose is the frost serious consequence for the , , lapluh y9!I9!q.91. I13l wto,o'U"oHErllol A'3rd imari ror ea.h dera e1l ManyJoreiqn nvesroE whocdurd ha v€ conrib uled lo ils AMr'l 5 ma*s ror an erp a ned aid addlona frarks {or any suppDniia es The rension belween rhe Protesbnls aid the carho ics had brouqhr aboul economic .erercuss ons su.h as oss or Nesrmenls M y rorebn 9 1" 1p'o,eo I L 13, prus exprairc othsractor{3t d4a,01d,,o. do.dn do .F.o D"oo"ion}'|"e10'a'-q'o' up in an atmosphere of renson a Carhoi.s have aso been segreqared socia y in lire way rhev ive wori. and r pay s s.m4m6 pcs bre for younn pe.pre n Nod;,ni,eaid b srow b,^do, t. .rc Roarres a ba.r, ed ,oncruson 112- 131
  26. 26. Theme: contlicl and Harmohyin Mutti-Ethnic societties Ch 4: Bondins Stnqapo.e l| To what extenl can selt-hetp groups toster closer interacrion and undersranding among difier€nt elhnic qroups in Singapore? Exptain tr 1121 F I I WrilFs about :; iwithout and rocus 'a!Ei quesnon asks. on whar 'ehgious hah;ny amonq Singaporeans ;:;'J:;:;i::i';:.1: " ., 1-2 I 2 ;:; '6qddlF.!oi d,6 cgidqco'i6qo - o "., de5", """ """"," D o rlFp.op- 6 re."!, drc r o" ,rdnd fte, ; he,en, . . D.sc bes the 9.v€n " . ooDo;unrr e nr I I faclor. OR ,dentifierd€scribe, orh.rfacio,rs) a^dd )na. .b. on- td, ta o1 de.'D". ,Fq -.p Io.p a.- d!-, ,e,.on o€ in t. e,n. .o cr sF rd d q "rolq or'" De."opn- ir-, . 'i orpo " s_ d. rr- , DA, i.- Fenr €lhnr -.-, A.. t"1e T ou I c )D! D6,.ioo, ba .o? ahor r VFDA rd d tle EL di"r. ,oi a o. T.-rF ,c -h4'p I^, o-p..s fl '- re_ .oL1J- ro ob'or ,". | .d", a.o.;d;! ro. th",. ", jobs They also give mora sLpporl to members oflheir own commufdv I .oo-.nd!o.o-d^. o.a.nothF.a.,v ,oi,, prola .1. d,L.o proqGmmes ae run by these sethetp qroups and socat and F edondla.6n .r. ororn/.. 'o.tro rorl Iethnr t groups ro nreru crand o€ atano w Lh one,n. h.r 'roro,t-- E:pErne rho g,ven taclor. OR other t.do,(sJ A||ard 4 hatus lat an exptained t'actot, and a.l(ti onal natus tar Taa s,ppa ing delail up to a haxjnun Dl 6 n.rks nl .2'Ernroi." o /ic ,d@ . o.ob6,d c.-ab., e.",o,no,prd ". I bA_du . Tlp. rcr ' - ."s" th;r "r"re "q-" b"!,e re dc d od4 'o odJ | " o ou d no o -rn-,-i"r ,o""o" oi"r- 1'd-.: - "'" .F'.'o v B/ a,L.d1,a.oyJt, a.o -dr.o.a rgr-1aj:tpe i d r,9 rr. rraa E 'a " o m-ow& 5naapde dTF" IF, i.o,orp.troLto -Ftr,"r1"."d "ep-o& I dneren.es and wor( loae herforthe naLon Explains tho qiven lactorand r'.jentifEtdescnbejiher f&im I L3 + exptains orher racrb(s). A||ard a frarks fq L3 pt,s a secahd t'a.tot exDlajne.l wnh n ..1 lat ..ld at o. Lapa1: I . tan -t.o.. axe4 ta nitr: I srpponihg infarnalion., up Ia a naihon of 11 n.rks E9 Aesides butdng a strmg nationa idenlity, it is ltso inportanl to I atFo ."rd lhF i t" a I d. Mot.r .r 'oa., I rd.,en n qdpo,- d, o pt /
  27. 27. t- annpordi oli ' .:1.: "l dd oldo vl:j: pa,,. prrao I:t:rrr,ar. I v.-p,p.den.,.l ;; rh;-;; i"p ".ar",on illli.l!'ir-" * padoF d, r",Fl ::111'l:-'i:. ".r.,..o.dndoiro,.o.."*L...a..",r- u-G .d, d. oorhF e,h' .src p. oh..edoq€r ou,d "o qq bonds Moi:9:€! (nooq d o prd, ro " Di.-, ,.," " ,o .o " nore ::.1 !: ," 9'^9 dno tFa ad /o4 oooonL.,;. b. or1r0r4 n. CA -. onF a. o.aF, .r d".,3 ..ro,9. qd ,a . ^,h , o, n o .paf cnong oi..rent p n o.o,p ;:::_"" i4e. nd4qv L: t-d e,.notF r.-,RLL.ord.i.e,,.,tstoptd -.o. a"po,e"n. o 'h" dr.l;.-nt,er,a.oL, prd.,,,- F or'cre.f, ai o, q rha a6 oa6.4opdru -..no6,ra ;"s. orfierenr F F< -""".,;;; 15, prus exptains the retarive ih;;r=a..e or dirrerent f& .cr- rhF 4 o. ifoola.r .5-He'ps.oupc qr ::::-_:,-"-i:," , +",, ;- n. q.o;,l ;:ilT.":i"i"lr . :e :: ;.::;":i" Hl -"'; I j:;" ;" ::T:: ,Fr-r , or", o, r' ," ., 6, o l,;:.i." ., , " " :i-"_-", 1d',1!-" 4h. rnF, or. ,orr.nry .ol """ """,'. " ", u.,,ron o, -pr,, o ore., e "- o,o"n Fd Wi',o no,.o., ,no uour r dd b. d,f I ,o oc. .e.upool .a-,,",p o ndrbF, o.6. roa ogerhq. oa..rt .a.Ton, .hoLd :-.0 :ld ^,. elnde arorp, bp(au!. orF. 1.rL,o_ no, n d __ stdn rrpoirdr ' par n ip f06atnd mE dtli q r. "4!=. t, ro th- .c ou.4rf1,! q,oq.o.pro roor_"n, - d,, I orr, trF malonry bero e.nV !nde6.ndnq reposrbte
  28. 28. E ; 3(b) Here a.eth.eeways singaporeans can bond: . Ethnic intesration policy al ! . Bilingualpolicy NationalSepice ff which of these is most efieclive in bringihg cohesion amonq Singaporeans of difierent races? t13ml rr Wrjles about greater social cohesion wilhout focus on the t Award 1 natu Iot genetal rcspansa ta queslon ahd 2 natks fat idehfiyQg alhet rcleftnl faclots. Eq ls a need for Il There Slngaporeans I Describinq qiven lactor Awat.l 3 natks for .lescibing lactu an.J 4 n ks lat supp.ning Eg. The policy of biingualsm n schools ls most efieclive in bringirc rn abou( grealq soca cohesion among slldenls irom different ethnic or mcizl arolps TheV communicate n Enqish and lherefore, can rl underctand aod wo coser logeiher tl Awatu 5 natks lat ane valid erplahatbh 6 natks for t L2 + gmost essons are laughl n Enoish lhis means Ihere are a up lo a u more opporruniiies for srud€nts lo inleract Lsinq lhe same lenguaqe E9!_s!3!]pl9 durns ressons or ccAs {cocurcular activities), sludents @ud work i. groups lo acconp ish a q ven lask or neel € t sp€clic larget They are 4bq glven a fanchance 1o prove theirablity based on equalopponun es n this regard, a student leader may be from th€ friiorty dce bul h€ may be qven the respofsblly lo ook atler or lead a u.iiormed goup @mprisin! mostLy of olher ethnic grolps Funhemore,lhere ls no lear lhar ethnic gmups will lose lhet unique idenfity because during the MolherTongue lessons,lhere are ampre opportui lies lo be e&osed to culluraror rradlionalval!es,I9! examole, dance movements mud ncorporat€ va ous ethnic slyles renecwe of the ich cultura tEd lion of a paniculerelhnlc group. Awatd t hatks fat explainng ane athet lactat with delails at 11 etadples up ta 6 haxinun ol 11 harks L3 + Besides the b ifgua polcy. the elhnc lnl€qraton policy s introduced by rhe NDB (Housng and Developnenl Board) to loster clos€r inleracton amonq residenls Th€ l-lDB ensures lhis by ensunng an even dishbution ot Ihe differcnt races n a llhe housng eslales This s because ivinq lo,relher in the sam€ fel,lhbou ood provd€s opporrunlies for p€ople from differeft elhnic groups lo
  29. 29. L2 Describes the given lactor OR idehtittes/describes other [3J] Alv:rd 3 marks f., des.rbhq lrre q ven factor OR denl fyinqid!scfb no olheria.l.(s). Alvard 4 m.rks lor b.rh .g Lt-.t.at thte.l ltkD trcrsnaianal teran.n c.h tea.l la .lish.monl .. d c.nlh.l anang Shgapate.ns Exp a ns the qiven racro. oR olherracro(s) 1,1.61 Award 4 nrarks f.r..e{panatof..nd addtona marks f.r.ny supponnC a.la b a nrainrud ol6 marks a9 Ltle )at .lhrcals c.naintt pase.l as on€ of the most .ha enging tssLe ih Sntqar)arc Shqap.te needs t. hanttte exlenal lhteats catelLty as can divi.Ja the pcaplc ltr nDlti elhni. sa.reles hke Sjngaparc, tace an.J rchgon nay be use.i ta ' a...-tt. a.p 1 . thteaten ncial and rcligtaus hann.ny in Sinlj.pue Fat ex.rnple Nhen Singapate expcncnce.t lhe lhreat af lnnsnalnnal tetuisn) in 2AA1 which n nat h.ntlle catetulll night need la tenson hetw.cn th. MDstihs and athu etbbus qratp:: h Snrg.pate The nixed rca.tians sha. e.t bf thc Shg.parcanstDth..ncst.t thc Jl teadet. .hawe.l an Leenl neetl to ersure that so.E/ .:.hesran vas nat anected ....t -9... Sngapore is very irnpaila.l in ensuing social .ohest.n .nd hann.n! ih a nuln-ehnic sacrely Ihe lack at undestanding lodp' adang ractal graLps Fat eanplc, in 1961 Sh1g.p.rc cxpciencett lhe race riats whi.h led ta seiaus injunes and dealhs fhe.aDse.l lhts at was the tl feeihgs th.t wete cte.ted b! lhe uMllo nt lhcn 1lehtpl to aftack th. PAP dunng rhcir.nti PAP canp.iQ, they arcDse.J feetnrgs af .tssatista.trcn ananq lhe Malays that the PAP di.J n.1trcal Utet, lait! an.t tesu|e.J nr t€n.rons bel||een thc M.tays an.l Chhese The Lessan I clcar lhat ncial i$De can lea.l l. sctia]s cansettoence ta the.a@tty it pet.eptlans ate .al ilha1ed wall Religiaus issre c.n .lsa lhteaten thc hamany and F.ac. af . nu!, cthric sactely n not tnanage ||eL Lesans leant t@n the Matia Hcnaah tials in the 195As telt ts |)al .Jilletenl teligi.rs betiets and pra.ti..s ate alsa issues th.t can b usc.l t. .t..t. tensian an.4 lhe peaple af singapote. l he M6iints werc arytf vqlh lhe Bitsh fat be)ng tnsensitive an.l .listcsp.cttl ta rh.n t.liatian phct.es an.lbeliefs fhey atsatelt that the Bnrsh thd nat loak inta lh.n wetl.te Ihe n..lia t.a wete nesp.n.rbte n) lhen t,.p..l ctealjne rcsentncnts ah.l halre.l anang the lluslms Thrs rcsulcd iniatence ||hich left bchin.l desltr.tbn an.J lass autves Explainsthe givenfactorAND identitiesothertacro(s) lll
  30. 30. "60r6 d"d '.il'-. ..-, o. o ' ri ^^' o 3 glven AND olherfaclo(s) 'o e& a;ations ol lhe rd + constucts an €xplanation which considers the inte' [11 i ii"ir.i"Jili-iit,j"" *.se oteasons or comparaiive 121 p. tA L4D'lPa ata'dt^tlor "_q"ni pnos h"rJa qt , ,; t;, :;,;L: ...n.. a .- t , ", . o t-t. : lrtb to -".,i"i.,".-.",.*,px, r''he^P Gno -nPo *t tb ;"i .."'-^.4 a :;:;;dtshaman! h lhe sacielt crcale How far do vou aqr.o thar lostering a natonalidenlitv ic lhe .i'".'i.JirJ"ri," i" *ii ;-'q. erhnlc drve*rrv ia sinoapo'e1 lr rl L1 Answ.6 on thetopic, but notaddr€ssing the qlestion t1-2], e.' t. a httt.-hn: a.d) tle 1n'cpo ' :d'lrtt r't r 'r'40aFd^ lo .,'.'". ha nq o '.to aI "3Lt' ",i-"r" '".,a L2 Desc be" national idenlilv ANDTOR anolher laclorrsl 4l r r.' o " 'i ro 11a1s or dloll'"r a(o ^--'"bed-,'r' additonalmaris-"fo. dela Ls g ven desc Award .. fn.te aP'nan '""h.t he gaqr4 n toooe ' r "o ' ;";.,,,, :.."" ,-a"po . -; . a;" "i^."i, t' u n"rcnat "htl"F t" nno thP 'r; r'enq tne ,iiii" )ii-i"nii'pang i ti" rtasraisins cetenonv ih srh'ois " lostennq a nalion.l LdeniLly a good wav ro 5 7l diversity OR olh.r methods lo ranage e!hnrc have va d contexlual supporl. Award 5 ma s and addillona marks torany slppodng delai 6tn ; -.o ore r.- er au qa - rba daaD o 'a1'aP dt oto o, D a'9 d dla'- ide'hl .*"a:dea^ ' /.,1li tut ,i.-ii."-'".n- i-,nq eo.-oo"-"oo"' o"n o'" 'oo ;;.;;.;.;'." , -F a-s "n"u" rttt '.:,,;i,,; ";"-..." "o1i .tp^- '"'aa. s na"Da """ r' ' i-i". i. *"*' " *n. ,r" a.t, ..d t atana. p tn t,t t;;., .a"p..-"" oo a'aab ,'da' r e;ptc .l dtte@nt ba.l q aDna tllue and @xttan
  31. 31. F F il :an.- .a.6^ n-Fltda :)::U.11:lonPd'1.^'Dld.a.aJ't-'''d'h''' t'-cp. n ,". _".to."oi_e "." a-.c,..q ".m-e n il,| mLD L "'. "." *d a M-dl il ?. rnat thq i1aoao'ta" aptnons arc .htad and h..ad I !:plain whv.rs fdsronng a nationa, ideniiry a qood *av lo manage ethnic divdsitv oR ou,",."rnor" io min,s. .8., r gorn r ,-",or pt", A{.,0 "rr,ni( B 1d4i ,o 6,p..i ,.q o.6 .,o. ano oenr/n.d4 brgrhFors.,o" qracor ai. or",o"rrs !o_q.F and addi o d na,r..o,d .Doo,ro 06;r. po. I L5 Ia - redch6 a batdn(ed cofttusron erptici v ad.rress,ng 'how ra. do you aqree, I ._ E -. 1t'r t d agna-.tat.t n"a -ta-" .F-deo. I 1.":''"' ; r'2wlas D.aotc "'" 6t 'a a'a1a ob1e o L)d,. d af- a.o,nana.tut I pranatcd at eve. - - r et". ."o"aoia ., , ror letetarhp.i)nt^ ul 2 Bonding Singaporc I ldl or d e-b o,r 'r SnodoorF L,o'r ,-n 4cr ..-,o npo.",t o. -o. I L1 B:::iiT:"Ti:i:l"i "^"* tr rerared nrdma,,m wrhour1.l,r I ::::!a" - !:r 1t b-" a lL"n - t.a, a-.dLe au I ean t -t h dhq BF .ap t p-, . o . ,,;,, ,a .e, "p.an a.. 1.a tt - "t -. I tDF I 'qd. bF r6d. 0.6 ou. o, on I 13-41 I fhrcals t'r.tn etienal larccs .ane in the It,,py:r i;t, i ; i. ; J Z ii