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Table with title topicdescription with emails v f (6)

  1. 1. ECIS PRE-CONFERENCE DAY MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGESPresente Email Title Topic Area Description (60 words) Main Language Audiencer Objective targetedAndrea wagner@isded The use of easy Participants All grades 1 - 12 NEW EASY A new conceptMaria readers in a combining the first will see languages READERS FORWagner, beginners class reading of a longer text examples of , TEENAGERSECIS (LANGUAGES in the foreign language texts that can examplesChair of PROPHICIENCY for beginners’ levels be used in given for LEVEL with information about basic classesthe the cultural environment already in GermanForeign and geographical order toLanguag regions will bees introduced. Four new support the readers for German as a studentsCommitt Foreign Language will learning aee be presented. foreign language (German) to start reading texts in the target language
  2. 2. ECIS PRE-CONFERENCE DAY MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGESVictor vgonzalez@is Digital The use of The learning To show All grades 1-12 bremen.deGonza comics for digital potential of teachers languaglez, language comics in digital comics is the es learning the a great source to creative language engage students power of class in learning the digital language. Online comics comic creators through are free to be various used in the activities classroom. with Creating stories examples or graphic novels, created by planning a students at storyline, the developing Internatio characters, nal school shaping of backgrounds and Bremen. working with dialogues strength motivation and the emotional connection between the user and the characters.
  3. 3. ECIS PRE-CONFERENCE DAY MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGESAnia aprawdzik@ais LOL! Using The use of Our students are Participants All Primary, Middle and smartphones in smartphones obsessed with mobiles will learn how languages High SchoolPrawdzi the Foreign and iPod’s in a and great majority of to use examplesk- Language Foreign them always have one smartphones fromDomazet classroom Language on them. Being an avid (or iPods) in French classroom iPhone user myself, and their and a Foreign Language classroom and Spanish teacher, I looked for with their ways to engage my students, to students with French or help the latter Spanish by blending become more into their life style, thus engaged with by using their favorite the target toy: the smartphone. .. language.
  4. 4. ECIS PRE-CONFERENCE DAY MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGESAnia aprawdzik@ais Breaking the Social networks Facebook has become Participants All Middle and High taboo: how to and their place our students’ preferred will learn how languages School (as well as forPrawdzi safely use in the Foreign virtual social network. to use examples primary students if youk- Facebook in a Language They use it to Facebook from want to useDomazet Foreign classroom. communicate with each with their French other via messages, classroom in Language class and posts and chats, to share order to help Spanish. files with each other them become such as songs, photos, more engaged videos, and documents, with the target and to make new language. friends. And so how can we, Foreign Language teachers, i.e. communication teachers, ignore and often condemn such a fantastic community building every day tool that’s already embedded in our students’ lives? In this presentation, I will share ways to break the taboo and use Facebook to our advantage, i.e. to promote the learning of the target languages we teach in an authentic yet safe and secure way.
  5. 5. ECIS PRE-CONFERENCE DAY MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES The use of How to use Throughout secondary Examination English- Secondary school- at images in allimages to school, how to scaffold of concrete so for allCaroline the programs enhance students learning and scenario- languages of the IB- communication the required skills to participantsFogiel avantages and within the IB develop the use of will have the framework and images throughout opportunity to challenges requirements. secondary school. discuss Strategies will be challenges presented to enhance and to find methodology and solutions that language development. work for their Will look at concrete individual examples for different cases. levels of the IB program ,to examine how we structure teaching and learning. Constant interaction with the audience to tackle challenges and clarify concrete questions. Will also link the new criteria referring to visual literacy in the new MYP program. christian.hoffm Producing a Using a video A few short sequences To be able to Adaptable video in a few camera, will be recorded with a teach their to anyChristian easy steps windows movie video camera and students how MFL. Teachers of secondary maker and uploaded to a computer. to produce a schoolHoffman audacity to It will be demonstrated film.n- produce a film; how this raw materialPickenha instructions can be converted into ahn how to teach film, how it can be students use the manipulated, how sound technology and sub-titles can be added.
  6. 6. ECIS PRE-CONFERENCE DAY MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGESDorsaf Foreign The PPt presentation I will invite My All school, with t language and audience the audience presentati examples and caseKOUKI How does learning. participation (pair to explore on can be studies for all levels, experiential thinking /sharing, group how in French, although there will be learning based exchanges of experiential English or a special focus on on authentic experiences and learning secondary school Arabic tasks in the discussion) will evolve through levels. according around the following authentic host country to your essential questions: cultural community choice, experiences boost the but - How to use effectively and language the school environment community examples learning for experiential learning service and case process, and opportunities? projects can studies make of the enhance the will target students life- - How to develop students’ both long authentic language language French communicators? learning tools and acquisition and strategies? and progress, Arabic as and how it I teach - How can experiential can serve as a both learning and authentic springboard, languages experiences in the host through country community and integration, . environment make of for the the student a life-long students’ Yet, the communicator. experiential presentati learning in on can various apply to curricular any areas, language including experienti environmental al studies, the learning arts, social context in studies, etc. internatio nal The objective schools. is to share how we can use the school host country as a tool for experiential authentic learning that will enhance the students’ language competence, knowledge development and skills for life. We will hopefully come to a common
  7. 7. ECIS PRE-CONFERENCE DAY MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGESVéroniq IDC ( Foreign This workshop will I think it will All the The targeted audienceue Intelligent Languages: show participants how be interesting document is teachers of all levels, French in IDC. to design units in a digital class) to see the s included all subjects, all grades.: PRAT digital way; in our case, structure of a in the The unit and A new way of French units. The focus unit and all units are documents I’ll show learning: will be on creating the different are for pupils of 12 in French French on attractive and relevant resources we years old. because documents that the can use to board! it’s the students can read, make it more language complete, watch or hear attractive to again at home –or our pupils. the pupils wherever they want- are every time they need to. It is important learning for me to but for We will also show the show that this the different ways we use to way of presentati evaluate the progress of teaching on we our pupils. allows us to could also adapt use This new way of ourselves to English teaching allows us to the different and take in account different ways of Spanish. levels of knowledge and learning and different ways of allows learning. students to learn at their own pace. The unit isn’t something closed that only the teacher made. It’s something alive that can change depending on the necessities of the class or of a unique child. Pupils’ participation is also required in several ways and can be shown, shared and discussed (Oral Interactions, Brainstorming results, Drawings...). One of the main advantage of
  8. 8. ECIS PRE-CONFERENCE DAY MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGESLiliana lbodenmann@s Designing a A progressive Aims, objectives and A significant This Secondary schoolBODEN, French as a bilingualism content of a French as a number of experienc language teachersMANN & mguyot@st- Second approach when Second Language three students in e carriedMyriam Language designing a year course designed for international out inGUYOT Curriculum for curriculum for non First Language schools are French students French students in an not students 12- could be working international categorized as 14years old in applied to beyond French environment. Within a bilinguals but an any other as a Foreign progressive bilingual have reached international language Language strategy, a pedagogical an school. experience carried out at independent St. George’s School in proficiency in Concevoir un Switzerland for students one or more curriculum who follow a curriculum basic Français taught in English but language Langue who can be taught academic Seconde FLS beyond the French as a abilities pour des Foreign Language (listening, élèves de 12 à traditional scheme. speaking 14 ans dans reading une école writing) in a internationale language taught either as a Foreign Language or as a First Language at their schools. Our experience will invite teachers to open further possibilities for curriculum development in languages taught at a level between First and Foreign Language.
  9. 9. ECIS PRE-CONFERENCE DAY MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES : Literature in Reading books Sometimes reading The method I Any, evenSecondary school- l.lanis@isfitaly. foreign in a foreign classic books is hard for would like to if the Level B2-C1Linda org languages: language- students, especially if propose samples I how to Motivation they are not used to it. worked really wouldLanis motivate In this presentation, I well with my like to would like to propose an students. I students. show was active approach to hope to give done in reading classic literature an idea for a Italian in the target language in different order to motivate approach in students. reading classical This session will books in the explore and show a target practical work in an language. Italian class, based on “Sessanta racconti” by Dino Buzzati. An overview of different approaches to reading short stories, applicable to long chapters as well and suitable for students at B2–C1 le vel (Upper- intermediate– Advanced).
  10. 10. ECIS PRE-CONFERENCE DAY MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGESMarcela mguarnizocaro Social and Language and The aim of the They will Mainly Teachers of secondary political Issues: politics conference is to share have ideas Spanish school, IMYCGuarnizo A useful and experiences of the about varying but it teachers.Caro motivating tool classroom when their teaching applies to to expand the teaching Spanish using context, by other political, social and linking it to context in foreign historical issues. It everyday which the languages connects the students situations teaching of . with reality, gives them through the foreign the opportunity to be world. The languages aware of the difficult IMYC foreign takes place. situation that human language beings face every day, teachers could and motivates them to apply these look for their own ideas to the solutions. different unitsMarie- mmatoussi@ac Technology for How to I would like my The French, High school FrenchClaude French learners implement the workshop to be a forum presentations Teachers. to engage in IB French B where teachers can that I haveMATOUS creative (HL) program share ideas. At the enjoyed theSI writing, using through the beginning of the most as a creation an e- presentation, I will participant are Moodle as a magazine using explain the process the one that tool in Moodle. showing the different allowed me to producing an E- steps in creating an e- share, left me magazine. magazine. I will use thinking and writing samples to offered explain the kind of concrete difficulties I solutions to encountered, and the the issues I solutions I found. I will encounter in end the presentation by my daily asking participants what teaching. they might consider implementing their own classroom.
  11. 11. ECIS PRE-CONFERENCE DAY MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGESPaco francisco.lara@ Capoeira: Language / The main point of this We will All Primary and Secondary Language, Sport workshop is to present reflect with alllanguagesLara Sport and what is Capoeira and to teachers onGonzále Culture teach the basic thez movements of this importance of Brazilian art form which action and combines fight, dance, movement in rhythm and movement. the learning of At the same time, the languages and movement will become how the a real and movement communicative situation can be a to learn and practice wonderful and languages. significant situation in the learning of any language.Patricia De la poutine French This session proposes Teacher will French For secondary butAnne au gumbo: a Canadian and culturally relevant have the can be adapted to collection of Acadian listening, speaking, opportunity to Middle school andBourdon- legends and culture add to their Elementary schoolMacMilla songs from reading, and writing knowledge ofn exercises from Quebec Francophone Quebec and and Louisiana. Come cultures. Louisiana. and They will also benefit from discover stories, songs, acquiring new historical facts and classroom cultural tidbits about material. Quebec and Louisiana to complement any French lesson.
  12. 12. ECIS PRE-CONFERENCE DAY MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGESPatricia pstuessy@vis.a Teaching Communicative I will present strategies The The Secondary languageGhivarell communicative oral practices that can be taught to FL participants presentati teachers.o strategies, with a focus on students so they can will receive on can be which help grammar work more effectively examples of in EnglishStuessy students to during pair or small strategies that or group oral practices. their students focus on Spanish, Oral exercises are useful can use during grammar with as practice to develop communicativ during pair oral examples fluency and to practice e practices. practices and to in Spanish newly learned structures They will get keep a good and expressions. Duringsome and conversation these exercises students references to English. going. can also learn grammar useful reading Audio from each other. As about this samples they focus on their topic and will only partner’s speech and guidance on be in utterances, they can how to Spanish. correct each other using introduce some specific strategies. these Empowering the strategies in students with strategies their FL allow for a more student classes. centred lesson. Main objective: to realize that oral work is also important to learn new language structure
  13. 13. ECIS PRE-CONFERENCE DAY MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGESTony rmuenger@rose Blended Effectively The International SchoolGive guidance All Primary and Secondary Learning: How adopting a of Prague has recently on best modern School teachersMobbs technology blended implemented Rosetta practice in a Foreign helps teachers learning Stone in a blended blended Language Heads of MFL streamline approach in the environment to free up learning s taught language time for MFL teachers environment their focus and in the classroom to focus on individual enhance results classroom students’ needs but also Highlight environm complement classroom value of A case study, ent teaching methods. digital International Case Study: learning when (English, School of How Rosetta complemente French, Prague Stone helps d with German, language Digital learning enables classroom Spanish) teachers at the teachers to divide the teaching International class and work with methods School of smaller groups of Prague to focus students on individual on individual topics, for example tuition and grammatical issues not hence covered in Rosetta strengthen Stone. In addition, the students’ program focuses on results. speaking and pronunciation and continuously compares the student’s voice to that of a native speaker which helps increase students’ confidence to speak in the classroom.
  14. 14. ECIS PRE-CONFERENCE DAY MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGESMarcus marcus@drago Bringing Encouraging The presentation will We will Mandarin European Primary & Mandarin young cover: inspire the Chinese – Secondary schoolsReoch Chinese to yourEuropeans to teachers (and teaching school (A start learning Introduction to Dragon schools) to in English, Teachers tale) Mandarin in Europe start French, Chinese at introducing German, school and in Introduction to Mandarin and the home place. Mandarin Chinese Chinese as Spanish part of the Presentation of our schools languages current products; they offer to textbooks, workbooks, their students. online games, online We will homework for the present tools students, teacher zones, and resources etc. to enable the teaching of Show how we enable the language children to enjoy and culture in learning about Mandarin European Chinese language and schools. This culture. workshop will be beneficial to English speaking schools – but also those that have Spanish, French, and German as a first language.
  15. 15. ECIS PRE-CONFERENCE DAY MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGESJosé mdavis@isbre Spanish Storytelling: a STORYTELLING can Use stories to Spanish, Primary school andCáceres effective way tobe a wonderful way to teach a English. secondary school teach teach a language or language subject. New Bibliography technologies are very to use in a good to learn, but we classroom must not forget our voice or body language. It is an incredible way to motivate children and a great way to learn.Satoko endo- Introduction to This mini- This presentation is for To raise Japanese Teachers who haveEndo- crum@isdedu.d Japanese workshop is for the participants who awareness of Japanese students inCrum e the participants have never been lingustic class who have never exposed to Japanese. It issues in an been exposed towill focus on the international Japanese. It linguistic features of classroom will focus on Japanese in comparison the linguistic with English. features of Japanese in comparison with English. The aim of this presentation is twofold: The participants will be able to obtain basic knowledge of Japanese. They will be also able to identify some interferences from Japanese when Japanese students learn a foreign language.
  16. 16. ECIS PRE-CONFERENCE DAY MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGESStuart crouchs@isded Beyond books How librarians Building on traditional MFL teachers English – Senior School MFL – collaboration can work with roles of MFL Teachers will return to with teachers, Senior SchoolCrouch between MFL teachers of and Librarians. A their schools examples Librarians Teachers and MFL (and vice review of work done at with practical of work in Librarians in versa) to ISD to make links ideas German, enhance the between the MFL regarding how International French, learning departments and the to work more Schools Spanish, process and Senior School Library, closely with Japanese outcomes including examples of their and work, platforms, and librarians, initiatives, followed by ausing the Korean roadmap for suggested library as a (and future developments. platform for English showcasing for student work. general informatio n on collaborati Librarians on) will have ideas on how to work closely with MFL teachers, even if they do not speak the target language, and how to create useful and interactive library websites.
  17. 17. ECIS PRE-CONFERENCE DAY MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGESAna anapatricia.dela INTELLIGENT The use of Bringing real life into By the end of All MFL, It is targeted to allPatricia USE OF EPALSskype and e- the classroom is easier the session examples students 6- 18 within pals in the MFLthan ever. How to bring they will have age range; andde la AND SKYPE: will be class. a list ofCruz HOW TO the real world into the regarding level of the connections given inCardoso BRING REAL classroom in real time and they will English language it is mainly also conveys some risks. be part of a for those students from LIFE, and"ECIS In this workshop network to intermediate onwards ( COLLABORATI Spanish. strategies, platforms, work with e- A2-B1 to C2)Committ VE WORK AND contacts will be given. AUTHENTICITY In addition you will see They will alsoMember" INTO THE be ready to examples of writing, CLASSROOM. begin to use it listening, speaking, with no reading and inquired difficulties at based activities. This all. presentation is designed to help participants foster global issues in the class while creating a collaborative cross cultural network for EPALS.Cecilia cecilia.segerbje Mini- Learn Swedish Get in the shoes of the Participants English Primary andSegerbje introduction to through TPR students, when learning will learn andr Swedish and a new language! some basic Swedish Secondary school communicative vocabulary"ECIS oral practices. This workshop should and phrases inCommitt raise some questions for Swedish. the participants aboutee foreign languageMember" teaching and learning. E.G. What can we learn about student’s language learning if we were put in the same position? How much Swedish can we learn in one lesson? Can languages build bridges between cultures?
  18. 18. ECIS PRE-CONFERENCE DAY MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGESMarco m.foz@st- Getting around Introduction to Learn (or refresh) the Allow people French All participantsFoz in Nice: parlez- basic French very basics of French to to interact vous français? words and get around in Nice and with locals EnglishECIS sentences. be able to say somethingCommitt to locals. How to greetee people? How to orderMember food? How to ask for directions? And other situations.Marco m.foz@st- Rendez-vous in Overview of Find out a little bit about Share English All participantsFoz Nice: where to Nice: the city this interesting and information go? What to and the main beautiful city on the about the cityECIS do? spots French Riviera: places and all kindsCommitt worth a visit, things to of useful do and also useful tipsMember to know. We want to make your stay even more pleasant.Richard richard.bourlet TOK and Modern This is a short Teachers of AllBourlet Modern Languages and introduction for Modern languages Languages their link to Language teachers who Languages at - this willECIS Theory of may be unfamiliar with IB level. beCommitt Knowledge in Theory of Knowledge. presentedee the IB All IB students have to in EnglishMember programme take the TOK course as part of the core elements of the IB programme. This session will endeavour to give a brief introduction to the TOK course concentrating specifically on Languages and also links to TOK which they may then wish to explore in their language lessons.