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Chitika basics ... diversify your sites revenue.

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Chitika Overview

  1. 1. Chitika 101 How to increase your overall revenue by 30% Chitika, Inc.
  2. 2. Chitika … the facts. Page Chitika, Inc. <ul><li>Chitika currently serves ads on well over 100k publisher sites. 90%+ run AdSense on the same pages </li></ul><ul><li>Chitika’s AdServing Technology will allow publishers to leverage the top ad feeds from over 15 providers </li></ul><ul><li>By placing Chitika in strategic/custom slots, a publisher will see an overall revenue lift by 30% </li></ul>
  3. 3. Where does Chitika perform best? Page Chitika, Inc. Chitika ads DO NOT do well in standard IAB slot positioning. The following slides show just how creative our publishers have been with our ad units. At the end of your articles … see a 1%+ CTR by placing ads at the end of your articles and generate a completely new revenue stream.
  4. 4. Customize/Blended Ads = $ Page Chitika, Inc. Chitika offers a completely custom ad design solution. Our ad feeds can be blended and show incredibly relevant ads in any position. We can even create a monetizable map solution … show more than just a location
  5. 5. Monetize White Space Page Chitika, Inc. created a completely new revenue stream by placing a dynamic Chitika ad unit at the bottom of all of their pages. The ad would change in size based on how much white space they had available.
  6. 6. Local Traffic = Localized Ads Page Chitika, Inc. Chitika can look at any impression served on your site and quickly determine if there is local intent from the user. Here is a sample of what Chitika publishers are serving our local ads …
  7. 7. Generate Mobile Revenue…NOW! Page Chitika, Inc. By leveraging Chitika ads on your desktop property, our ads will automatically render mobile ready ads when user visits your site from a mobile device… Non-Mobile Site Mobile Site Mobile App
  8. 8. Chitika Praise Page Chitika, Inc. “ I just wanted to reach out again and tell you how pleased I am with Chitika. The revenue has really been strong. The best part is there is no erosion of AdSense. My biggest mistake is not listening to you sooner. That cost me about $25,000. And you can quote me on that.” Tim Carter “ My Chitika | Premium results have rivaled Google AdSense…” Chris Pirillo, “ Chitika | Premium helps deliver higher ad revenue for us.” Jeremy Wright, CEO b5media