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Internet Marketing Kickstart Course


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Learn the strategies and basics of internet marketing and earning a healthy living online

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Internet Marketing Kickstart Course

  1. 1. IntroductionThe ability to make money from the comfort of your own home is incredible. It might seemlike its out of reach, but more and more people are realizing that it is a real possibility.There are a number of different ways to make money using the power of the Internet; one ofthe most popular ways of doing this is to become an Internet marketer. Thats what youlllearn in this manual. The basic essentials to starting your career as an Internet marketer!Marketing is a very exciting career. You have to constantly come up with creative ways tocatch peoples attention and create enthusiasm for a product line or a service.You need to develop solid marketing plans and utilize resources to get those plans rollingand actually producing some good results.Yes, marketing does follow some basic guidelines and you can base your decisions off of whathas worked for others in the past. But, what sets Internet Marketing apart from other types ofmarketing careers is that you dont have to spend years studying the skills that you need. Youdont have to spend years at a school to obtain a degree before you can have success.Internet Marketing is a powerful and legitimate career!In this manual, you will learn a few things that you really need to know to start off yourInternet Marketing career, such as what you need to get started and how you can get theball rolling and earning an income quickly!
  2. 2. Section One - Developing the Best Mindset to Become A Successful Internet MarketerIn the past, anytime that I would come to a chapter in a book about mindset or attitude, Iwould quickly skip over it. I used to think that information like this didnt matter, but afterspending several years making a profession out of Internet Marketing, I can honestly tell youthat your attitude and mindset has just as much to do with your success as anything else.Yes, you can teach yourself how to become a successful Internet marketer but you have tobe in the right frame of mind if you really want to utilize the knowledge that you teachyourself. I hope that makes sense - if it does not right now, it will once you get started!Develop A Mindset That Is PositiveIt amazes me how much difference a positive attitude can make when you begin learningabout the concepts of Internet Marketing.If you tell yourself that there is nothing that you cant learn, and then you are taking a stepin the right direction. Developing a can do attitude will help you from the very beginning.Dealing with New ConceptsUnless you have a pretty solid background in marketing, theres a good chance that youll bedealing with a lot of terminology and concepts that youre unfamiliar with.There are a lot of people who doubt their ability to learn new things. If youre one of thosepeople, you need to overcome that obstacle before you even get started. Simply remindyourself that there is nothing that you cant learn over time. Learning is simply a speedbump on the road to success.Instead of spending your time thinking about the concepts that you dont understand, youneed actually take the time to learn them. Use a search engine to look up the definitions ofwords that youre unfamiliar with. Spend some time reading articles about concepts that youcome across that you have never heard of before. Soon, youll be one of the experts thatpeople will turn to for answers. I promise that!Internet Marketing Is Not a RaceHeres the great thing about being an Internet marketer, you can completely work at yourown pace. If you need to spend 1 hour researching a marketing concept, then you can take the
  3. 3. time to do that. If it ends up taking you 2 or 3 hours, thats OK. Its much more importantthat you learn the mechanics of a process or a term, even if it takes you some time.You need to get comfortable with the lingo - it will make things much easier when you startreading and utilizing information for your new career online. Youll thank yourself as youstart to see success.Getting Acquainted With Basic Internet ToolsYou need to realize that you will be working with computers. No, you dont have to be atechnical expert with the ability to code or program complex Internet applications.However, you should realize that you will benefit from learning a few basic things aboutthe Internet and about computers.Basic skills such as word processing, presentation formatting, and copywriting areimportant to have in your tool chest. You will also need to understand a few basic thingsabout how the Internet works - you might need to spend a few hours learning the basics ofHTML (hypertext markup language), the programming language that makes up most basicweb pages.Dont be frightened off by these concepts. Remember, this is going to be a way for you to earnreal money. It is well worth spending a few hours to learn these new concepts. If you get alittle bit overwhelmed, just step back for a moment and take a deep breath. Walk away for alittle while and then come back. Just dont give up!
  4. 4. Dont Set Yourself Up For FailureHeres something that many marketers do - they try to go at everything all at once. They tryto learn a million different concepts in one day. Its almost as if they want to become a jackof all trades, master of none.Yes, there is a lot of information that you need to learn. But you also need to understand thatthere is a learning curve that you can take at your own pace. Dont be intimidated intolearning everything as quickly as possible. Doing that will make it almost impossible to learnconcepts and terminology correctly.Dealing with Challenges Internet Marketing is full of challenges. Finding products to promote, building lists of contacts, turning prospects into leads, producing sales... the list goes on. Instead of looking at these as a obstacles, think of them as steppingstones. Even though you might have trouble dealing with one facet of your Internet Marketing business, once you actually conquer that facet, youll be that much closer to achieving real success. Stay positive and realize that there will be days when it seems like none of the information that you read makes any sense. We all have those days! You need to have realistic expectations about how much you can do andhow quickly. Are you looking just to make a few dollars online? Or, are you looking to make areal career out of it? Either of these is perfectly acceptable, but if youre looking to make acareer out of Internet Marketing, then you should realize that it will take time.Dealing with FrustrationsNow, its important that you understand that Internet Marketing is not all challenges andfrustrations. Youll experience plenty of other feelings like fulfillment, enjoyment andempowerment. But, lets be honest - your frustration level will rise from time to time.Dealing with these frustrations is very important. Anytime that you get so flustered thatyour mood under-minds the positive mindset that you have towards your studies or yourmarketing activities, its time to take a break. Turn off the computer and get out of thehouse for a while. Take a walk or go grab some coffee. Being an Internet marketer allowsyou to have this type of freedom.
  5. 5. Giving your mind a short break every once in a while will do absolute wonders for you. Whenyou come back to your computer and pull up your study documents or your marketingmaterials, you will be ready to go at it even harder than you were before.Internet Marketing can be whatever you want it to be! You just have to take the time toequip yourself with knowledge and skills that are necessary to achieve your goals. It wonthappen overnight! But, as long as you work hard and keep a positive attitude, it will happen!
  6. 6. Section Two - The Fundamental Tools That Successful Internet Marketers Must HaveIf youre just starting out in your Internet Marketing career, youll probably spend a lot oftime reading about how to get started. Eventually, you will find that there are a few basictools that you absolutely need to have if youre going to have any type of success online.These tools form a solid foundation for you to build your income off of. The great thing isthat you dont have to reinvent the wheel here. You can look at what has worked for otherpeople in the past and build off of that. Dont waste time dealing with the details that areunimportant - its OK to do what other people are doing or have done, as long as thosepeople are successful.Here are a couple of the tools that you need to get in place to start earning money withyour Internet Marketing...A WebsiteTheres absolutely no doubt about it, no discussions necessary, you need a website. Youneed a place on the Internet that you can control. You dont want to rely on free bloggingwebsites like Squidoo, Blogger or even Facebook to share your information.Those tools might work well for people who are messing around with Internet Marketing.But, if youre going to make it into a real career and earn a real income, you need to haveyour own website.The good news about this is that websites are very inexpensive these days. There are tons ofvendors that give you a huge list of tools to create a very nice looking site easily. Basically,these tools will supply the color scheme, layout and outline of your site while you supply thecontent and images. Nowadays, you can have a website up and running in just a matter ofdays - much less once you gain experience with the process.
  7. 7. A Domain NameA domain name is the or of a website. If youre unfamiliar with getting adomain name of your own, dont worry because it is not that difficult at all. This is just aprocess that you will need to research.Many people make the mistake of trying to get a quirky or cute domain name at first.Forget about this, unless its part of your overall marketing scheme.You will probably be registering a good amount of domain names. You might even havehundreds over the course of the next few years. This is totally normal. So, its incrediblyimportant that you research how to obtain a domain name and how it is an important tool inyour Internet Marketing business.Anytime that you register a new domain, there are tons of considerations to take to heart. Canyou incorporate specific keywords into your domain name that will be easy to remember? Areyou going to create a brandable domain name, like, or are you going to create adomain name that describes what you offer, like course, these are not questions that you will be able to answer right now. But, beingexposed to this type of thought will give you a huge head start when it comes time to startpurchasing your own domain names for your marketing projects.An E-mail List And Auto-responderIt really doesnt matter what marketing model you end up going after, even if you takeadvantage of several different marketing models - you will need to develop an e-mail list.Youll also need to take advantage of an auto-responder service.What is an e-mail list?Obviously, it is a list of e-mail addresses and names. But, it is an invaluable tool to an
  8. 8. Internet marketer. Lets say, for example, that one of your marketing plans is to create aninformational product about grilling outdoors. You could write up an electronic book(eBook), with some great recipes and really valuable information. But, if no one knows thatyou have written that book, you will never make any money with it.
  9. 9. If you have utilized marketing tactics to create a list of people that are interested in grillingand grill recipes, you have a wonderful tool at your disposal which will allow you to sell manycopies of your new product. See where this is going? You can just send them a promotionalmessage about your new book. If they read your message and they see value in what you areoffering, they will buy it!And it doesnt end with creating informational products. Internet marketers will build uptargeted e-mail lists full of people that are interested in one specific topic, called a niche. Thisniche could be anything from dog walking to web design. There are tons of ways to buildthese lists, but you dont need to worry about that at this moment. Hopefully you can see theincredible power of having a list of people that all share a common interest.What is an auto-responder?An auto-responder is a software program that will help you build your e-mail lists. An auto-responder program will provide you with a form to show people who are interested in joiningyour e-mail list. When they sign up using that form, your auto-responder will automaticallysend a confirmation e-mail to the address that they provide. After they confirm that the e-mail address is actually their own, they will be added onto your list. This is called opting in -they have just opted-in to your e-mail list.But, the beauty of an auto-responder does not end there. An auto-responder can be set up toautomatically send out a series of e-mail messages to people when they sign up for your e-mail list.For instance, if you operate a website in the home improvement niche, when someone signsup for your e-mail list, your auto-responder will first confirm that the e-mail address trulybelongs to them. But, it can then be set to automatically send them a helpful article about howto improve something around the house. Then, it might send another helpful article directlyto their e-mail inbox a few days later.Your auto-responder also provides you with a means to send out a mass e-mail message toeveryone that is a part of your list. So, if you have created a new product or you have foundsomething that you would like to promote, you can use your auto-responder to send out amessage to everyone at the same time!Many Internet marketers deal with e-mail lists that consist of thousands of e-mailaddresses. There is no way that they could handle lists of this size without the help of anauto-responder.
  10. 10. Your auto-responder is your absolute number one tool - no matter where yourInternet Marketing career takes you!*A Word Of Caution*As I mentioned before, it doesnt really matter what a area of marketing you go into online,you will probably be dealing with a targeted list of e-mail addresses. As you know, privacy isincredibly important to people. When they provide you with their personal e-mail address,you need to respect their privacy in every way that you possibly can.It is sometimes the practice of shady Internet marketers to sell their e-mail lists to othersfor a fee. Not only is this immoral, but it may be illegal depending on where you live!Take care of the people who subscribe to your list, because they can make you thousandsand thousands of dollars! Respect their privacy and they will take care of you as well!A Branded E-mail AddressUsing a professional looking e-mail address is very important to your Internet Marketingcareer. If you register a domain name that contains your own personal name, it is very easy toset up an e-mail address that is something like - this will put forthlegitimacy and professionalism when you communicate with others.However, there is one means of free e-mail that is rather respected in the InternetMarketing world. Google actually offers an e-mail service called Gmail (,which will give you an e-mail address similar to - many Internetprofessionals take advantage of this service. So, if you dont have a domain name thatcontains your actual name, Gmail might be a great free alternative.The point of all of this is that you dont want to communicate with other onlineprofessionals or perspective customers with an e-mail address like because they just dont look professional. Section Three - Common Internet Marketing Models To Earn An IncomeAs I mentioned before, there are tons of ways that people make money on the Internet. If youare new to the whole idea of making money online, then you probably want to get to the meatof everything, right?Well, let me give you a crash course in some of the ways that people make money online. Notkeep in mind that this is just a kick start guide and Im not going to go into incredible detail
  11. 11. with each of these methods.Hopefully, Im going to give you a small taste that will spark your interest in a few of thesemethods. Then, its up to you to study and research how to make the most out of themarketing models that interest you.Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is almost too broad to have its own section. But, it can be explained likethis - an affiliate is a person that sells something that someone else has created and usuallyreceives a reward or some kind of compensation for every sale.Think of it in this way - if Bob is in a car accident and ends up working with a law firm thatgets him tons of money in a lawsuit, he might be so satisfied with that law firm that he wantsto recommend them to other people. So, Bob starts telling everyone and their grandmotherabout the great law firm that he used.After a while, Bob and the law firm both realize that Bob is sending a lot of new clients to thefirm. So, the law firm starts giving Bob a commission every time that he send someone over tobecome a new client.Yes, thats a pretty basic example and Im not sure if that actually happens or not, but Ithink it illustrates the point rather well. Here are some more specific examples of howpeople earn money with affiliate marketing.ClickBank Affiliatewww.clickbank.comClickBank is a marketplace where people sell all kinds of digital products, usually in theform of eBooks. Many Internet marketers become ClickBank affiliates and send people tothe ClickBank marketplace.When those people end up buying something in that marketplace, the marketer will receive acommission, which is usually a percentage of the purchase price.Amazon Affiliate is one of the largest marketplaces on the web. They sell all kinds of products both
  12. 12. physical and digital. They sell everything from clothes to electronics to books to .mp3 songsand magazine subscriptions.A lot of Internet marketers make a living by being a part of the Amazon affiliate program.They build up web sites that refer people to the Amazon marketplace and when they buysomething there, the marketer gets a commission.That commission is a percentage of the purchase price and it usually starts off at 6%. Asthe marketer refers more and more customers, that percentage goes up!Other Affiliate ProgramsThe Internet offers people a lot of different tools and services - everything from onlineorganizational tools to the purchase of house painting services.A lot of the people that offer those tools and services also offer affiliate programs. ManyInternet marketers sign up for affiliate programs that are exclusive to a specific tool orservice. When they refer people to that tool or service, they end up making a commission.Pay Per Click AdvertisingHave you ever noticed all of the advertisements along the side of the page when youperform a search in Google? Those are advertisements placed there by marketers andbusiness owners.Basically, those advertisers tell Google how much money they are willing to spend whensomeone clicks on their advertisement. They only pay Google when someone actually clickson their advertisement, not when it is simply shown to someone.This program is called Google AdWords. A lot of people use this program to advertise theirservice or business. But, there is a another facet of the program called Google AdSense.Google AdSense allows people to place pay per click advertisements on their own web sites. Ifsomeone is visiting that website and clicks on one of those advertisements, the webmasterreceives a portion of Googles earnings.
  13. 13. Marketers will build up a massive websites and paste Google AdSense ads all over. Awebsite can receive several thousand visitors each day, and if only a small percentage ofthose visitors click on an ad, the webmaster can make a full time income.Product CreationRemember, if you will, the section above about affiliate marketing. People earn moneywhen they sell products that other people have created, right?Where do all of those products come from?Well, in many cases they are created by Internet marketers. Many markers make a greatliving by creating informational products that resemble this free report.For example, if you are an Internet marketer that is involved in the weight loss niche(remember, a niche is like a topic), then you might write up an informational product thatteaches people how to lose weight.Once you actually create the product, there are numerous ways to profit from it. You cansell it yourself, which works really great if you have a targeted e-mail list that is interested inthat niche. You can also create your own affiliate program and have other people sell it for you- but, you have to give them a percentage of your profits.Cost Per Action (CPA) MarketingCost per action is an interesting way to earn money. Have you ever seen advertisementsasking you to fill out a survey and in return, it says that youll win a prize? Or perhaps youhave seen popup advertisements asking you a question like "Who is going to win the nextpresidential election?" or "What is your favorite television show?".Chances are good that these are examples of marketers who were involved in cost peraction or CPA marketing.Basically, CPA gives you a way to earn money every time that you get a user to perform aspecific action, such as filling out a survey or sharing their e-mail address and name.
  14. 14. Sometimes, you can earn as much as $2 or $3 every time you get someone to share their e-mail address and their name. It might not sound like much, but there are many Internetmarketers who get a few hundred people to do this type of stuff every day. That means thatthey earn $200 or $300 each and every day with CPA!ConclusionI hope that I have given you some of the vital basic information when it comes to InternetMarketing. It is very important that you take time to study different marketing concepts soyou can be successful in this business.Working on the Internet has allowed me the freedom to work when I want and where I want.All I need to do is take my laptop with me and I can work from just about anywhere. I set myown schedule and I dont answer to a boss.Am I a millionaire? Definitely not, but I love my job!No, Im not bragging! I just want you to realize that it is possible to achieve exactly whatyou want out of Internet Marketing. Set realistic goals, work hard, study, practice and never stop learning!