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This is the guide for students to choose their best courses in Singapore

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Ifsr education abroad

  1. 1. IFSR EDUCATION ABROAD Your Information Guide to Studying in Singapore…..
  2. 2. Top courses in Singapore • MBA/Business • Hospitality &Tourism • Engineering • Information Technology • Fashion • Legal Studies • Education & Vocation Studies Why Study in Singapore • International Degree recognized globally • Study at one of the world's premier commercial hub • Less expensive in comparison to other countries • Earn and Learn Programs How we help you? • We help you to choose amongst top Universities in Singapore • Apply online from the comfort of home • Get your queries resolved by our expert counselors • Understand application procedures and prepare admission documents • Find Information on fees, expenses and scholarships
  3. 3. 2010 Reasons to study in Singapore Education International and Accredited Institutions
  4. 4. How to Apply? Admission Guidance Application Process and Guidance
  5. 5. Institutions Courses Available 1. Nanyang Institute of Management and Technology Our Vision To be a forward-looking premier education provider of market looking market-relevant programmes in the region. Our Mission Offering a spectrum of market-relevant programmes delivered in a conducive and dynamic learning environment that nurtures relevant students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in their chosen careers. Nanyang is committed to providing teaching, learning and research that enhance the skills, knowledge and capabilities of our students and stakeholders; emphasizing industry relevance and a spirit of innovation; and fostering an intellectual environment with a an international orientation. Established in 2001, Nanyang is owned by three institutional shareholders – August Nanyang Holding Pte Ltd chaired by Lieutenant Lieutenant- General (Retired) Ng Jui Ping, IPC Corportation Ltd which is a public listed company in Singapore and Singapore Economic Development public-listed Boards – Investment. Nanyang’s City Campus is located at the heart of Central Business District – Shenton Way, giving our students the us great exposure in term of interaction with working professionals and surrounding areas. Its convenient location is easily rea by reach buses, taxis and Trains (MRT). Nanyang’s Faculty • School of Language • School of Tourism & Hospitality • School of Business • School of Early Childhood
  6. 6. 2 Auston Institutes of Management and Technology Why Choose Auston • Auston is international in scope. We have links with internationally accredited and recognized universities across the globe. • Auston’s educational philosophy is holistic. It aims to integrate career education with family life. • Auston’s open learning delivery system is designed to enhance social and career mobility. • We take as much pride in our students as we do in our pursuit of academic excellence. • Graduates of Auston’s Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs may apply for exemptions from the U.K.'s Coventry University. Learning Facilities Auston Institute of Management & Technology is equipped with the necessary infrastructure and training facilities to deliver our associated universities' programs via structured and directed open learning methods. Occupying a total area of about 16,000 square feet, Auston's city campus houses the training and administrative facilities of the Faculty of Business and Communication, and the Faculty of Computing and Technology. Student-teacher ratio: Course Students Teacher Diploma 40 1 Advanced Diploma 40 1 Degree 40 1 English for Foreign Students 25 1 Our Classrooms and Lecture Theatrettes are equipped with: • Teaching aid such as whiteboard and flip-chart • Over-head projector and screen • Audio sound system for classroom presentation Our Engineering and Computer laboratories are equipped with: • Computers installed with relevant softwares for educational learning • Multisim Electronics Workbench Educational Packages • Digital Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators and multi-meters • Digital Signal Processing starter kits Annually, Auston's academic and administrative staff facilitates approximately 1,500 students in the reading of undergraduate and graduate qualifications awarded by internationally recognized universities and professional bodies.
  7. 7. 3. Insight Academy of Higher Learning IAHL (Insight Academy for Higher Learning) is a premier learning institution that provides quality education in Singapore. Op Opportunities are provided for individuals to develop professionally through academic programmes in the areas of Business and Management, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management and Information Technology, offered in collaboration with highly acclaimed universities in Austral United Australia, Kingdom and the United States of America. IAHL continues to establish itself in the field of education, gathering accolades that demonstrate the school's commitment to value education. Our campus is located within sprawling grounds at Bestway Building (12 Prince Edward Road), which is located in the heart of the Central District area with a mere 5 minutes walk to the MRT train station. IAHL is equipped with the necessary infrastructure and training facilities to deliver our associated universities' programs v structured and via directed open learning methods. Occupying a total area of about 10,000 square feet, and more than 10 classrooms, IAHL's campu houses campus the training and administrative facilities of the Faculty of Business and Communication, and the Faculty of H Hospitality Management. Our UniCampus is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing students access to the World Wide Web anywhere in the campus. Other facilities include a 150 Fi seating auditorium, basketball court and a cafeteria with a wide spread international delicacies. Our academic advisory team consists of Our nominated bodies from the selected industry and academia and the management of the school. Their role is to guide, develop an and implement strategies in the pursuit of academic excellence. Why study at Insight Academy of Higher Learning (IAHL)? IAHL strives to provide a holistic education environment for its students and professionals. Apart from the technical knowled IAHL also knowledge, aspires to equip its students with soft skills which would be beneficial to their public and private spheres of life and prepare them for their career. The IAHL Experience is a series of programmes targeted at self development which maximizes the students' innate talents while improving self-development areas which require enhancement. At the end of the workshop, we hope our students will be more confident, self motivated, creative and ready to make the difference. Programs include various interest of Study: Business and Management, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management and Information Technology
  8. 8. 4. Tyndale Institute (TI) Tyndale Institute (TI) is closely identified with British Education. It is based in Singapore with the aim of promoting English Language Training and the provision of Higher Education. Since 1990, TI was established in the area of English Language Education. TI identified that English Language teaching is the foundation upon which to expand academic provision in Business, Computing and Engineering courses from Certificate to Master Degree level. TI has operations in Singapore, United Kingdom, P R China and Vietnam. The overseas development strategy was to develop concurrently in one selected country with identical courses to those offered in Singapore enabling that base to offer support and assistance for each new foreign venture. Vision Statement To be the top private college in the Asia Pacific Region Mission Statement To provide academic programs of the highest quality and standard to help fulfill the individuals’ dreams and ambitions - regardless of their origins Corporate Philosophy - Our Beliefs Quality Integrity Innovation Customer Staff Course Structure Students can choose from a selection of 1, 2 or 3-year degree programmes to suit their career advancement needs. We also provide pre degree programmes for students without the required 12 years of General education prior to entry into Year 1 Degree programmes. At the end of Year 1, the student will receive the Tyndale International Diploma. On finishing Year 2, they will be awarded with the British BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) qualification. On completion of Year 3, the student would be awarded a degree from the University of Sunderland.
  9. 9. 5. Informatics Informatics Education Ltd (IEL) is a multinational corporation listed on the Mainboard of the Stock Exchange of Singapore. Established in 1983, it is one of the largest education and training service provider in Asia, providing quality lifelong learning services in the fields of InfoComm Technology, Business, Finance, Management and Language programmes. Informatics currently has 113 centers worldwide and a global network spanning 22 countries, while its wholly-owned subsidiary NCC Education in the UK has 300 centers in 45 countries. The Group offers programmes from O levels (for international students) and diplomas to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. It has the most awards among Private Education Organizations (PEO) in Singapore, including the Singapore Brand Awards 2002 and 2003, the Singapore Quality Class for Private Education Organizations (SQC for PEO) and certification for the ISO 9001: 2000 standards. Following these, it clinched the Golden Brand Award in September 2005 and CaseTrust for Education in July 2005. Informatics has the most number of international government scholars among the PEOs and is also the only PEO in Singapore with employees awarded the National Excellent Service Award (EXSA) for two consecutive years (2004-2005). Informatics ranks alongside blue chip companies on the list of Top 20 Overall Best-Managed Singapore Companies in Asiamoney’s tenth annual poll of best-managed companies in January 2002. Informatics' core business activities are training and education, IT-related services and franchise operations. The franchise products are Informatics Computer School, Thames Business School, Informatics Professional Development Centre and Informatics Global Campus. Today, Informatics Education Limited, through the business units, International Division, Informatics Academy, E-Learning and Franchise & Licensing, has established itself as the global leader in providing quality lifelong learning services for individuals and corporations. For More INFORMATION ON COURSE STRUCTURE, PROGRAM, VISIT ITS WEBSITE. Informatics' core business activities are training and education, IT-related services and franchise operations. The franchise products are Informatics Computer School, Thames Business School, Informatics Professional Development Centre and Informatics Global Campus. Today, Informatics Education Limited, through the business units, International Division, Informatics Academy, E-Learning and Franchise & Licensing, has established itself as the global leader in providing quality lifelong learning services for individuals and corporations.
  10. 10. 6. Shines College SHINES College, a subsidiary of SHINES Education Group was founded to fulfill the educational needs of those who wish to broaden their horizon and enrich their lives through higher education. We offer a variety of programs from the University Preparation Program, Diploma/Advanced Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, MBA, DBA to PhD. These programs are distinguished by their quality and relevance to current global industry trends. SHINES College aspires to be the home of entrepreneurs. Our mission calls for members to be resourceful and aware of opportunities. SHINES College helps students develop their aspirations, form positive attitudes and decide what they want to achieve in life. Leveraging on the hallmark of a SHINES Education based on an integrated approach of theories and practices, you will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to reach your fullest potential. SHINES College's track record of distinguished quality services has made it a preferred partner among some of the world's top education institutes. Our program partners include Griffith University in Australia, University of Maryland in the USA, Beijing Capital Normal University, Tsinghua University, Wuhan Hua Zhong University of Science & Technology and European University. Together with our partners, we strive to build a University without walls! SHINES College is located in the central part of Singapore and is easily accessible by bus and MRT. As a SHINES student, you will enjoy unrivalled access to global corporations, institutions and markets in the course of your learning. Being at the crossroads of Asia also means that you will get to experience the life of a bustling and multi-cultural cosmopolitan city. It is a great place to make friends from around the world and build contacts for future endeavours. The campus is well equipped with the necessary infrastructure and resources to create a unique and enriching learning environment for our students. 24 Modern Classrooms (With a max capacity of 40 students per classroom) Computer Laboratories Conference Rooms Study and Meeting Areas Library/Self Study Rooms Campus-wide Wireless Internet Connection Sports and Recreational Facilities
  11. 11. 7. Cambridge Business School At Cambridge Business School (CBS), we like to do things a little differently — it sets us apart and gives our learners an edge. We believe learning is a continuous cycle of discovery, application and relearning, and we have based our learning methodology on this belief. This allows us to bring about greater quality in our offerings and cultivate learning and working environments that redefine boundaries. As one of the progressive and innovative private education organisations in Singapore, CBS has established international ties with prestigious universities from the US, UK and Australia. Supported by a team of well qualified and experienced lecturers, our local and international students benefit from a world-class education. Our students enjoy an enriched learning experience in a multi-national student community with dedicated support from a student services team that organizes enrichment workshops and camps. CBS is truly the vibrant school you are looking for. At CBS, you stand to gain more than just academic excellence and a successful career path. Through a unique hands-on and minds- on learning experience, you’ll discover more than just knowledge at CBS. Let your wonderful learning journey begin with us at Cambridge Business School! Vision To be the preferred gateway to success in education. Mission To empower your aspirations! Core Values • Speed • Quality • Customer-Focused • Professionalism • Teamwork
  12. 12. 8. School of Applied Studies The School of Applied Studies (SAS) was established in 2002 as a Private Education Organisation to provide education to the young learners. The elementary languages classes were designed mainly for primary and secondary school students, both local and foreigner. It then went on to provide tertiary education. SAS is now a recognized provider of both management and psychology education in quality lifelong learning programs and services. Being The School of Applied Studies, we bring our students out of textbooks and theories and equip them with necessary soft skills and tactical solutions to deal with the possible scenarios and circumstances that are prone to happen in corporate industries. We therefore hold our belief in advocating the creative learning qualities within our students and bring out the best in them. Students of SAS will be given the opportunity to maximise your professional as well as personal developments through the wide range of programmes offered to help them excel amongst their peers to meet today’s growing demands and prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges. SAS Vision To be a global education leader offering quality integrated and holistic education to humanity SAS Mission To be a global institution in providing an integrated educational pathway to nurture the holistic development of our students. Core Values Teamwork - Emphasis on encouraging teamwork within the organisation which will proliferate to all students Service - Relentless pursuit in providing service excellence to all Agility - Continuous need for Innovation and agility to adapt to the current economy standards Sincerity - Dedicating all resources to ensuring transparency and honesty to all SAS is also undergoing audit for the Singapore Quality Class for Private Education Organizations, an enhanced SQC programme for business excellence in the education sector. The SQC recognizes organizations with a commendable record of performance, productivity and quality.
  13. 13. IFSR EDUCATION ABROAD …….Delivering professional education abroad services Delivering About IFSR Education Abroad With headquarters in New Delhi, IFSR-Education Abroad (An initiative of IFSR Pvt Ltd) is dedicated to enhancing the Education field of education with its commitment in providing what’s best for its students. t Key Highlights Balanced approach towards Education Abroad Placements. IFSR Education Abroad have been recruiting for the top Universities and Colleges around the world. Guarantee of opportunity to each potential students. Building brand / Relationship of the college. Benefits to a College: SINGAPORE TOURISM BOARD OFFICES HEAD OFFICE SINGAPORE Singapore Tourism Board Tourism Court 1 Orchard Spring Lane Increased Opportunity Singapore 247729 Student can complete two years of Bachelors and move to Final year in countries like UK, Singapore, and Tel: (65) 6736 6622 Malaysia Larger choices of Countries. Fax: (65) 6736 9423 Scholarships and Bursaries to Student Exposure of 1800 736 in terms of recruitments to Foreign Universities Touristline: Colleges 2000 Free Seminars/Workshops and Spot Admissions (toll-free in Singapore) Email: STB_Visitsingapore@stb.gov.sg Smoother& Faster Application:: A well structu ell structured and filtered process of “IFSR Educatio Abroad” helps in ation quicker Website: visitsingapore.com and smother application process and re ess reduces the rejections and increase institutes placement ratio. nstitutes p
  14. 14. Student Assessment: An assessment of a student’s academic qualification; (experience – if acquired). Career Mapping for students who have completed their diploma(2/3yrs) could get a Direct Entry to Bachelor Degree Course in Countries like UK, Singapore, Malaysia with the expertise from IFSR. Recognition of Institutes: We represent only Recognized Universities/Institutes all over the globe. Our aim is to deliver professional education abroad services that are affordable t all to IFSR Education Abroad Head Office: D 88, 1st Floor, Opposite Escorts Heart D-88, Institute, Sarai Jullena, New Delhi 110025 Delhi-110025 Branch Office: Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, UP Contact Information • Email: education@ifsr.in • Contact: 011 011-26320016/ 09716763986 WE ARE ALSO ON: