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India media-110413065151-phpapp01

  1. 1. India AdvertisingAvailable on Barter
  2. 2. www.ormita.comSummary of Proposal• Ormita can offer you a range of advertising, suitable to yourtarget market, which you can purchase using your goodsand services instead of cash.• This is a form of barter which will allow you to acquire morecustomers without a great deal of capital outlay.• Ormita acts as the facilitator in these types of transactionsand lets multi-way barter transactions take place.• You do not barter directly with the seller – we will providethem products and services from other organisations in ournetwork.
  3. 3. www.ormita.comWhat Types of Advertising Can WeGive You on Barter?• Billboards• Magazines• Newspapers• Online• Public Relations Services• Radio• Sponsorships of Events• Television• Website Design• … and more
  4. 4. www.ormita.comWhy You SHOULD Consider This• You can acquire more cash customers• You build your brand value• Take customers away from the competition• You are not paying cash to advertise – you are paying withyour own products and services• You are effectively getting something for almost nothing• Significantly lower risk than buying the same advertisingfor cash• Expand your audience – you never know who may beabout to make a purchasing decision and will see you.
  5. 5. Big Companies Trade For Their• Barter trade accounts for nearly 30 percent of the world’s total business.• 70% of all Fortune 500 companies utilize barter to reduce their cash costs.• According to the Association of Advertising Agencies eight out of ten media corporations usebarter on a regular basis.• 65% of all New York Stock Exchange-listed companies barter.• Nearly 16,780,000 businesses engage in formalised non-cash transactions every day.1. (2004)., Department of Commerce Fact Sheet. USA DOC.2. Schmiddgall, R.S., Damitio, J.W. (1999)., Bartering activities of the Fortune 500 and hospitalitylodging firms., International Journal of Hospitality Management3. American Association of Advertising Agencies. (2003).4. (2004)., Annual Report, National Association of Trade Exchanges. Fact Sheet, InternationalReciprocal Trade Association.5. Stodder, J. (2007)., Residual Barter Networks and Macro-Economic Stability. RenselaerPolytechnic Institute at Hartford, Hartford CT.`
  6. 6. In countries such as Switzerland barter accounts foralmost 30% of all transactions between businesses –with more than $6 billion USD being conducted intrade every
  7. 7. You Have Almost ZERO Cash• If you have empty space, seats, unsoldtickets or spare time it costs almost nothing todo a barter transaction.• If you have excess inventory you areswapping products, saving warehousingspace and getting the maximum return onyour idle stock.• If you make a product, it is the cost toreplace that product (you are buying at adiscount using your gross profit margin).
  8. 8.• Magazine Advertising• Newspaper Advertising• Billboard Advertising• Television Advertising• Online Advertising• Radio Advertising• Public Relation Firms• Live Media
  10. 10. afaqs Reporterwww.ormita.comafaqs!, The online leader in marketing communications (1999)Where else would you find in-depth coverage of the state of the media,advertising and marketing industries? Our dynamic, eagle-eyed editorialteam brings you news and razor sharp analyses fortnight after fortnight.Trends, Category news, Case studies, international summary, salespromotions, interviews, profiles… It’s all there. Small wonder then, thatexecutives from India’s best-known companies are subscribed to afaqs!Reporter.www.afaqs.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  11. 11. Alivewww.ormita.comJournalism, important national issues, international affairs, Indianeconomy, industry and technology updates, fitness, poetry, fun andpersonal moments, this magazine is for the discerning, enlightenedreader.It has a loyal readership amongst top bureaucrats and corporateclasses, as also the young aspiring males who have set their goals high.www.caravanalive.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  12. 12. Andpersandwww.ormita.comwww.andpersandmag.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaAndpersand Magazine was conceptualized to redefine luxuryand lifestyle in the Indian market and abroad. It has beenespecially designed to give a powerful aesthetic andtrendsetting display to international lifestyle products and setthem apart from other, less luxe brands.The editorial design and display of the magazine is created byan innovative and award-winning team of editors, writers andphotographers who are strategically placed at the world’smost alluring metropolitan beach cities: Miami, Amsterdam,Dubai and Mumbai.
  13. 13. Architecture + Designwww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaA+D, is in its 26th year of publication and is the only national monthly ofarchitecture for architects, designers, students of architecture, constructionindustry, building promoters and planners. Based on a very contemporaryformat, it portrays the modern trends in building technology, research anddevelopment in the process of design, project profiles, conservation andenvironmental issues, product and material information, etc. Focused at anentirely new segment of readers, A+D makes good business sense for thosewho are looking at promoting their products to an industry, which could addto their institutional sales substantially.A+D, is also instrumental in constituting the only national awards "A+D &Spectrum Foundation Architecture Awards" which has generatedtremendous response from the leading architects and professional bodies ofthe country.Circulation of 58,000 copiesReadership of 3,50,000
  14. 14. Asia-Pacific on barter via OrmitaThe Asia-Pacific Regions Premier Magazine for LUXURY BOATINGAND YACHTING ENTHUSIASTS SINCE 1976 coming to India.To be published by Exposure Media Marketing, ASIA-PACIFICBOATING prides in itself on delivering the highest standards inexcellent quality luxury boating news from not just India but alsoacross the region. A run down on new gadgets, gizmos, witharticles focused to enjoy leisure time both on and off water; theregular features also take a closer look at major launches and newmodels.After very niche and market leader magazines like asiaSpa andMillionaireASIA, we take you onto another highly successfulpublication - ASIA-PACIFIC BOATINGCirculation - 25,000 copiesFrequency - Bi-monthly
  15. 15. Asia Spawww.ormita.comwww.asiaspaindia.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaIndia’s only wellness lifestyle magazine with motive“Look beautiful, Feel healthy”... asiaSpa India invites itsreaders to step outside their everyday urbanenvironment and escape to a tranquil world wheremind, body and soul are refreshed.Targeted at up-market urban professionals, asiaSpa Indiaexplores the world of beauty and serenity.Addressing the contemporary lifestyle concerns, asiaSpaguides its readers along the nurturing journey to wellness,unifying both body and soul.It highlights the latest developments and trends in one ofthe worlds fastest growing industries.
  16. 16. AutoXwww.ormita.comwww.autox.inAvailable on barter via OrmitaautoX is a unique and pioneering magazine & website launched byComnet Publishers in September 2006 for the benefit of car buyers,users, collectors and enthusiasts in India.This is the first and only magazine & website of its genre in the country.autoX fills a void in the market, and is playing a pivotal role in kick-starting an auto revolution that’s at the dawn of truly flourishing inIndia. Our mission is twofold – a) we aim to organize the car market forthe benefit of buyers and sellers alike, and b) assist in creating a truecar culture in this country at the grassroots level.Since the magazine & website provide immense value and uniquecontent, autoX is pioneering such a culture in India.
  17. 17. Bakery Reviewwww.ormita.comwww.bakerymag.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaThe magazine will cover from milling to the loaf onthe self at the bakery with special emphasis ontechnology, recipes, equipments, new trends andthe superstars that make it happen. It will focus onnew products, development and launched.Latest news, features, business stories andtechnical know how from the world of bakery willbe at your fingertips.The magazine has pan-India presence andreaches 5000+key decision makers in Bakeries,Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food Outlets, Dairy, FoodRetail Stores, Importers & Distributors etc. in morethan 100 cities.
  18. 18. Beauty & Stylewww.ormita.comOur magazine "Beauty & Style" brings a holistic approach to looking andfeeling beautiful through wellness, health, diet, and nature careBEAUTY is the beauty, health, and lifestyle expert. Our goal is to bring outmonth after month a magazine packed with latest information onmakeup, skin, hair, health and diet. We specialize in reviewing andproviding our readers details on services, and products.We bring to the readers clear explanations on what really works - themakeup trends, skincare, hair care, styles, wellness, diet, and health tips– for Indian women and men. We look to help our readers feel beautifulinside and out.Readership in News stands, Salons/Parlor, Spa, Retailers, Dealers, Hotels,Airport. BEAUTY is for the beauty enthusiast be it a SEC A woman or aman, or a consumer at tier II or Tier III city.www.beautyindia.inAvailable on barter via Ormita
  19. 19. BenefITwww.ormita.comwww.benefITmag.inAvailable on barter via OrmitaA Business Minded Computer MagazineTarget AudiencePrimary: The small and medium businesses of the Indiansub-continent (Rs. 10 million to Rs. 1000 million).Secondary: Enterprise (Rs. 1000 million plus), SOHO(below Rs. 10 million)The editorial positioning•To enable the readers derive the maximum out of theirexisting IT set-up•To present to the readers how their business needs canbe fulfilled by the current set of IT solutions•To prepare the decision makers for strategic benefitsthat future technology will provide
  20. 20. Better Homes and Gardenswww.ormita.comwww.mediatransasia.inAvailable on barter via OrmitaOn the occasion of International Women’s Day in March 2007, Media TransasiaIndia launched one of America’s best-known women’s magazines, BetterHomes and Gardens (BH&G), India Edition, as a part of a licensing agreementwith its US publishers Meredith Corporation.Better Homes and Gardens, is distinct, captivating, refreshing and veryinternational. BH&G is positioned at the stylish, urban young woman of today,who makes her own decisions, is savvy about whats best for her home andfamily and seeks inspirational ideas for a more evolved lifestyle. BH&G is herone-stop shop for all her needs concerning her home and environment. With aunique editorial mix that combines the best international and local inputs, themagazine covers a variety of appealing themes and issues that range fromsmart everyday solutions, decorating tips, outdoor living, health, family, food,fashion and in-depth features, all focusing on the woman and herenvironment. This unique blend gives us the rare distinction of being acomplete women’s magazine all focusing on the woman and herenvironment.
  21. 21. Brand on barter via OrmitaBRAND FASHION to keep an eye over escalating domesticbrand & retail sector.The Magazine is channelized to focus over escalatingdomestic branded and designer’s garments, fashionaccessories, beauty products, jewellery, Gizmos & Homedécor (home appliances and other home décor items)
  22. 22. Brown Sugarwww.ormita.comwww.brownsugarparties.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaThe team at “” has alwaysbelieved in doing things differently and in a veryprofessional way. The everyday increasing stiffcompetition has made every businessestablishment spend enormous amounts topromote themselves and to make people awareof their presence.The Prime Motto of “” is toprovide Quality well blended with best pricing inthe industry as we understand the worth of effortand money invested by our clients.They are planning to publish an in-house magazinein a month or 2 in which space will be available foradvertisement via Ormita.
  23. 23. Business & Economywww.ormita.comwww.planmanmedia.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaMainstream business & policy magazine  Indias largest business magazine is a mix of corporatestrategy and economic policy, read by leaders in thegovernment and business corporations.Columnists such as Noam Chomsky, George Soros,Thomas Friedman and Jim Collins complete themagazine with their incisive opinions and analysis
  24. 24. Business Spherewww.ormita.comBusiness Sphere, a monthly business and industrial magazine, has beenpublished since 1992.Over the years, it has picked up a respectable circulation of 72,000copies p.m. and readership of around 2.80 lakh, mainly amongbusinessmen of the country.It is one of the largest industrial magazines covering largely the coresector SMEs in the country with subscriptions of over 60,000 copies.www.businessspheregroup.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  25. 25. Celebrating on barter via OrmitaThe Wedding Magazine of the New Millennium.Launched in 2000, Celebrating Vivaha is more than a magazine. Aguide, Celebrating Vivaha gives you the how to, where to andwhat to of weddings. Its global reach gives you a panoramiccanvas to choose from. Taking the toil out of the sweetest occasionof your life, it brings together all the elements that go into themaking of a picture perfect wedding.Frequency – QuarterlyTarget Audience - Men & Women in the age group of 20-45 years
  26. 26. Casavivawww.ormita.comDesign. Style. Trends. Luxury. Casaviva is where it all comes together. Reaching atarget audience of sophisticated, discerning and well-heeled women in the agegroup of 24-44 years, Casaviva - Italys highest selling interiors and lifestylemagazine - will target a new genre in India, that of 360-degree living. Because,we believe, luxury is not about how you spend - its about the way you live. Sowhether its home couture or collectibles, furniture or gadgets, travel or wellness,fashion or beauty, art or entertaining, Casa Viva is your definitive guide to astylish life.In India, Casaviva is published in partnership with Media Transasia, whoseportfolio includes market leaders like Travel & Leisure. This is the seventhinternational edition of Casaviva. Casaviva focuses on the home as the ultimatestatus symbol, providing inspirational ideas and cutting-edge concepts from thedesign capitals of the world. Top-notch writers and photographers cover subjectsof design importance, from antiques and collectibles to product design,architecture, entertaining, gardens, fashion, beauty, cuisine, cocktails,accessories, technology and all things luxury in a global perspective for itsreaders.Available on barter via
  27. 27. Champakwww.ormita.comChampak is a children’s fortnightly magazine named after a tropicalflower. It has been on the scene from 1968 being published by DelhiPress Group. Today Champak is available in eight languages – Hindi,English, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam.Champak consists of modern stories for children with a moral tone. Itdoes not try to smuggle in adult folk tales as stuff for children.Champak consists of three sections – Stories, Picture Stories and YourPage. The groups are not rigidly separated but intermingle to give thereader relief. For instance jokes and puzzles might pop up from thebottom of the page. The comics are colorful. Some of the characterslike Cheeku the rabbit and Meeku the mouse have become immortalwith each passing generation. Champak teases out the creativity ofchildren by inviting them to healthy competitions and asking them tosend in jokes.Available on barter via Ormita
  28. 28. Child Magazinewww.ormita.comChild is the worlds leading parenting magazine has been launched in India byMedia Transasia in April, 2008. Child combines world wisdom with local contentrelevant to the Indian family, school and environment. It fills a huge void inparenting resources in India as the thinking choice for the new generation ofparents who seek the best for their child and themselves.Child India combines both the informational and emotional aspects ofparenting, by being a comprehensive and authoritative resource for parents,by addressing parents concerns, answering their questions, voicing theiropinions, advocating their causes and helping them celebrate and enjoy themany joys of parenthood. Child is a friendly, positive, complete parentingmagazine embracing all aspects of parenting: pregnancy, birth,development, health, discipline, behavior, education, activities and games aswell as new products and practices. Rather than preaching or firefighting,Child approaches parenthood as a time to be enjoyed. Child is acomprehensive guide to positive parenting.Available on barter via
  29. 29. www.ormita.comSO MUCH TO SEE AND SO MUCH TO DO. And elements of life changing-lifestyle, surroundings, vision and views. In such a dynamic world, we allare moving ahead but where are the moments of celebration, realizationof our dreams and sense of togetherness?City Cheers magazine is a content rich family magazine from India. It is acomplete life style magazine about travel, celebrities, womens andpresent life style trends in the country.Get recognized, increase your profit margin and gain visibility globally.40,500 copies are printed per month.www.citycheers.inCity Cheers Available on barter via Ormita
  30. 30. www.ormita.comThe magazine is dedicated to promote professional cleaningmanagement in India, through education and research. It works asvaluable information source for cleaning professionals to know the latesttrends, techniques, equipment, news and events in India and worldwide.The magazine gives a professional image to the cleaning industry throughwell designed format and quality editorials. It also helps in improving thework skills and professionalism among cleaning professionals.“Clean & Hygiene Review” retains its unique niche as the only magazinein the country devoted exclusively to Cleaning & Maintenance.The magazine reaches out to 8000+ key decision makers in more than 100cities of India. The magazine serve Hotels, Hospitals, CommercialBuildings, Malls & Multiplexes, Industrial Units, Transport Sector, Embassies,Sports Complexes and Entertainment Hubs.www.chrmag.comClean & Hygiene Review Available on barter via Ormita
  31. 31. www.ormita.comCompetition Refresher has been ranked among India’s Top TenMagazines by the national readership survey & is the onlymagazine, which was awarded with ABC certificate of morethan one lakh copies within two years of its launch.There is 32-page booklet Management Refresher with every CRissue for the benefit of the students appearing in CAT, MAT &other management entrance exams. CR is a monthly magazine& is read by youth who are doing graduation in any discipline.Average reader of CR is a budding professional. CR commandsa readership of 16.68 lakh across India with a circulation backup of 1.62 lakh copies.Competition Refresher Available on barter via Ormita
  32. 32.‘Connexxion Media’ is equipped with some very valuable content &Data useful to every IT Individual working across India. In every edition ofConnexxion Media Magazine we make sure that people don’t use ourmagazine as a daily newspaper, we want people to use our magazine atfullest, and a concept of Directory and a Newsletter has worked wondersfor the IT Industry.It is a platform for technology freaks to know more about technology andfor computer channel partners to grow their business with the help ofcomputer dealers directory. We have practically demonstrated how thefree exchange of data helped all IT companies expand their business, wehave given every IT Professional a reason to share in depth knowledge ofdata and updated technology with other professionals.Connexxion Media Available on barter via Ormita
  33. 33. Cosmpolitanwww.ormita.comThe Indian Woman today handles it all. A zip-ahead career that ischallenging and fulfilling. And a burgeoning bazaar of products thatensures they keep pace with style. Todays woman makes more moneyand spends more money than they ever did. And she has begun takingcharge.The India Today Group launched the Indian edition of COSMOPOLITANin 1996 under licence from the Hearst Corporation of the US. After all-who but the worlds largest selling young womens magazineunderstands women better? Designed to reflect the fluid attitude ofwomen who want it all, COSMOPOLITAN plays big sister, best friend andfavourite doctor every month, offering advice, dictating style andtrends. The range of issues and straight-talk features cover relationships,sex, career, health and almost every imaginable aspect of the newwomans life and style.www.cosmo.intoday.inAvailable on barter via Ormita
  34. 34. Cricket Todaywww.ormita.comwww.dpb.inAvailable on barter via OrmitaCricket Today is a monthly cricket magazine in English and ispublished by a Delhi-based company, Diamond Magazines,which has the support of very experienced professionals.Cricket Today is an ultimate ode to the cricketing world.Besides coverage of all Test and One-day Internationalmatches, it has columns written by top writers who have longbeen known for their compelling writing in this field, theinside-out stories, legendary cricket moments, interviews,player profiles, the history of cricket and its players, exclusivecolumns, contests and lots more, all laden with evocativephotographs.
  35. 35. Cruising Heightswww.ormita.comAn airline and travel industry specific magazine with a circulation ofapproximately 15,000 copies sent to Airline CEOs, Senior Managers, Ex-Pilots and Managers.The magazine offers a wide coverage of the air transport and air travelindustry. Topics include airline operations, airline management issues,information technology, safety & security, alliances, distribution,transport aircraft and engine programs, MRO, aero politics, regulation,finance and leasing, airport development and air cargo.The magazine also offers in-depth features examining issues affectingthe airlines, financiers, manufacturers, consultants and aviation law firms.Available on barter via Ormita
  36. 36. Dare Magazinewww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaA new magazine for the entrepreneurs, from South Asias largestspecialty media group, CyberMedia, is on the Indian newsstands. The magazine, appropriately called Dare is targeted atthe existing entrepreneurs aspiring to take the company to aglobal level; those entering the area of entrepreneurship;established entrepreneurs; and the banks, venture capitalistand the angel funds.Dare IS NOT just a business magazine. It is an interactiveplatform for enabling entrepreneurs to start and run their ownbusiness. It analyses what businesses (and those who want tostart their own) need to do, rather than report on whatbusinesses are doing. It identifies business opportunities andsuccess mantras for others to follow.
  37. 37. Dataquestwww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaA new magazine for the entrepreneurs, from South Asias largestspecialty media group, CyberMedia, is on the Indian newsstands. The magazine, appropriately called Dare is targeted atthe existing entrepreneurs aspiring to take the company to aglobal level; those entering the area of entrepreneurship;established entrepreneurs; and the banks, venture capitalistand the angel funds.Dare IS NOT just a business magazine. It is an interactiveplatform for enabling entrepreneurs to start and run their ownbusiness. It analyses what businesses (and those who want tostart their own) need to do, rather than report on whatbusinesses are doing. It identifies business opportunities andsuccess mantras for others to
  38. 38. Defence & Security of India (DSI)www.ormita.comDEFENCE & SECURITY of INDIA (DSI) is a high-quality publication thatfocuses on national security issues through insightful and analytical writingby top experts in all the fields that feed into national strategy, whichinclude defence and security, diplomacy, foreign policy, economics,energy security and nuclear deterrence. It is this in-depth analyticalwriting that separates the DSI from existing magazines that deal with thepurely military-technical aspect of defence but do not address the largerissues that impact national security.Currently, there is definitely a vacuum for a high-quality publication thatfocuses on and explains national security issues through insightful andanalytical writing. DSI aims to fill this gap.The magazine incorporates matters of defence procurement, newtechnologies and products, because we believe they are indeed keyissues for the defence industry but they are only one aspect in a debateon the larger security situation.Available on barter via
  39. 39. Delhi Diarywww.ormita.comSmall-format weekly magazine highlighting what to do and see in thecity.Useful travel tips and a directory of museums, hotels, restaurants,meditation/yoga centers, entertainment venues, foreign embassies, andmuch more.15,000 copies produced every week.Available on barter via Ormita
  40. 40. Discover Indiawww.ormita.comDiscover India, Indias premium travel and culture magazine launched in1988 by Media Transasia India Limited in active cooperation with theMinistry of Tourism, Government of India, with a view to cater primarily tothe inbound tourist. It is a beautifully presented glossy monthly, widelycirculated and available at all our missions abroad.Discover India reflects the diverse aspects of India. It deals with Indiasphilosophy, history, culture, architecture, fashion, art and folklore in boththe ancient and modern context. It is a magazine with some thing foreveryone - the gourmet, the scholar, the architect.The print run of Discover India is 85,000.Available on barter via
  41. 41. Donald Duck Comicswww.ormita.comDiamond Magazine is offering ad space in the kids magazine published inHindi, English and Malyalam. Childrens no 1 choice and is available panIndia.Available on barter via Ormita
  42. 42. Travellingwww.ormita.comThe Magazine by Star Publications provides the Map of Delhi & NCR. & namedas Travelling Delhi & NCR. A Complete Travel Guide To New Delhi. Delhi, theCapital of India offers delightful is a city steeped in the tradition as well ascontemporary influence. Know the city in its true form with this travel guide. Itfeatures:• 24 detailed maps, including 9 color maps• Special sections on historical architecture and modern art• Walking tours that reveal Delhis monumental heritage• A range of accommodation options: sleep the sleep of a Mughal emperoror bed down somewhere cheap and cheerful• Tips on where to dine and revelAvailable on barter via
  43. 43. Design Todaywww.ormita.comDesign surrounds us and makes up the rich visual images we live withand amid. Its in the spaces we inhabit, the objects we use, the very lifewe live. Going beyond the limited conventional interpretation of design,DESIGN TODAY presents a holistic view that encompasses the stuff thatsurrounds us.From its first issue in October 2001, DESIGN TODAY has showcased cuttingedge international design and is structured on a unique thematic format.Each issue of this bi-monthly explores a particular design theme throughin-depth articles and columns by some of the biggest names in Indianart, design and architecture. And, since design is as much a visualexperience as a visceral one, these are supported by extraordinaryvisuals of select homes, hotels, restaurants and resorts from across theworld.Available on barter via Ormita
  44. 44. Educational Directorywww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaStudents of electronics will find EFYs Educational Directoryvery useful, as it gives them course-wise and state/city-wise listings of institutes that impart technical education inIndia. And the main directory section carries the completeinformation about these institutes.Features:* Courses Guide* State/City-Wise Listing* Directory
  45. 45. Electronics Annual Guidewww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaEFY Annual Guide focuses on the Indian electronics industry andprovides a comprehensive listing of manufactures, importers andnational distributors.This is a comprehensive and authentic sourcing guide for the Indianelectronics industry, and is also popularly known as the Yellow pagesfor electronics and tech products.Features:* Yellow Pages* Directory* Buyers Guide* Brand Names Index* List of Electronics Associations* Information on leading Government departments related to theelectronics industry* An Industry Overview
  46. 46. Electronics Bazaarwww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaIndia’s First B2B Sourcing Guide For Electronics IndustryIndia’s First B2B Sourcing Guide For Electronics IndustryWant to receive a FREE Sample Copy? Send an email along with your name, designation & mailing addressHighlights:• From The EFY Group—Publishers of Electronics For You magazine• To be launched at Componex07 with an initial print-run of 20,000 copies• SMS-based instant response facility for first 50 advertisers• Full Page ad (National) for Rs. 37,000 only• Full Page ad (Regional) for 14,800 only• Inaugural discount offer for first 50 advertisers
  47. 47. Electronics For Youwww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaThe EFY Groups first magazine, Electronics For You, was launched inJanuary 1969, when the Indian electronics industry was still at a nascentstage. Today, it has grown into South Asias most popular electronicsmagazine. In fact, the name EFY Group has been coined from theabbreviation of this magazines title. The magazines goal is to keep theelectronics fraternity updated with the latest technical knowledge. Italso keeps hobbyists busy with the circuit ideas and constructionprojects it carries month after month.It helps end users decide on which electronic product to buy when theyenter a shopping mall. The CD that accompanies each issue of thismagazine carries a host of useful software and games
  48. 48. Electronics Makerwww.ormita.comElectronics Maker is a very popular monthly magazine subscribed byalmost every section of the society comprising students, academicians,professionals, technocrats, industrial houses, technicalinstitutes/laboratories. At present it has readership in the range of overtwo lakhs per month, which is growing at a very rapid speed of 20% perannum.It features technical notes/views/trade inquiries pertaining tocomponents and products used in electrical/electronics circuits such assensors, transducers, control equipment, networking andcommunication equipment, laboratory equipment & scientificinstruments, semi-conductors, imaging & video equipment, industrialautomation services etc.www.electronicsmaker.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  49. 49. Estetica Indiawww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaThe magazine will give readers an insight of the world ofhairstyling and beauty, hair industry news, to salon design trendsfrom around the globe, technical updating avenues andinternational events of the hair industry. To keep the readersthoroughly entertained the magazine will also feature elementsfrom Estetica Design, which focuses on design and architectureand sections on lifestyle and luxury.Much appreciated for its refined graphics and state-of-the-artphotography worldwide, Estetica India maintains the sameinternational standards in terms of style and design. AvantGarde in every sense, the editorial content is truly world classbringing the latest from the International and Indian hair fashionindustries together.
  50. 50. Eternal Solutionswww.ormita.comEternal Solutions the magazine comes with remedies and solutions foreveryone and there is a choice of remedies too.The magazine comprises exclusive sections on yoga, astrology, health,fashion, management, dance, music, fitness and so on. They makeevery effort to bring a synthesis between the lifestyle of modern timesand the timeless principles of correct living discovered by our sages.Recently, they have incorporated sections on Dharma, Artha, Kamaand Moksha which are the eternal aspects of living. They aim atproviding there readers the best content and entertainment. At thesame time, they shall never leave our roots and rather stay with theancient knowledge.  Available on barter via Ormita
  51. 51. Events & Promotionswww.ormita.comA first-of-its-kind magazine for the events industry and also gave aknowledge-sharing platform for established personalities.ENP is an intersection that brings together the expertise of the variousevent management firms on one page. Interviews and experiences areshared by the industry Gurus on the nitty-gritty of the process in “CandidConversation”, the “Event Coverage” analyses a recent event andpoints out the technicalities and significance of the events beingconducted. “ENP News” brings together the information on the variousevents taking place in India and Internationally as well.ENP has over time become a reference point for everything there oneneeds to know in this industry.This is a must-have publication for anyone in the events industry oranyone organizing events.www.100communications.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  52. 52. Explore Delhiwww.ormita.comPublishers of the monthly magazine entitled "Explore Delhi".With a primary focus on the 25 - 45 demographic, Explore Delhi specialists in highlighting the best localeateries, tourist destinations, hotels and entertainment venues. We also have a comprehensivecoverage of arts, theater and comedy.With a circulation of around 15,000 the magazine is distributed directly to readers at high-profilevenues and hotels across the Delhi NCR region. These people are the affluent, wealthy leisure andbusiness travelers who want to know more about your products and services and have money tospare.  Available on barter via Ormita
  53. 53. Facts For Youwww.ormita.comThis is the only product from the EFY Group thatfocuses on non-technical matters.The magazine updates top decision-makers in theIndian industry on the Indian economy, through itsincisive market surveys and detailed articles on Indiasbanking industry, employment trends, industrialgrowth, and so on.The market surveys of Facts For You locate potentialmarkets for industrial products. So if you have aproblem in sales and wish to find out the areas in thecountry where there are increased possibilities of salesof your product, a market survey can help you out.Available on barter via  
  54. 54. Farm N Foodwww.ormita.comFarm n food, a magazine on agriculture and allied industries. This is thefirst publication of its kind created especially for progressive farmers.It aims at providing information that will increase agricultural efficiencyand food production in India. It also provides farm practitioners with theknowledge of tools, techniques and the latest advancements inagriculture.Farm n Food is a fortnightly Hindi Magazine and was launched in 2008.Available on barter via Ormita
  55. 55. Fashion Erawww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaThis Magazine will take you along with the 20,000 copies and to the30,000 readers all over India.The FashionERA is a perfect platform to advertise your product andservices to the most important segment of opinion influencers. As avertical publication with precise targeting of its will have no media wastage normally associated with generalnewspaper & Magazines. Our readership will also encompass theacademic and allied sectors associated with the
  56. 56. Fashion Sourcewww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaFASHION SOURCE a complete Sourcing Guide domestic brandedand designer’s garments, fashion accessories, beauty products,jewellery, Gizmos & Home décor (home appliances and otherhome décor items) manufacturers, exporters, importers,distributors and retailers of Beads, Buttons, Labels, thread , zippersto laces, etc.The BUYERSOURCE GUIDE is most rigorously screened to ensurethe best results for both users and advertisers..
  57. 57. Feminawww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaFemina is a magazine, published fortnightly in India. It isowned by Worldwide Media.Femina is an Indian magazine with 50:50 joint venturebetween BBC Worldwide and The Times Group. FeminaIndia magazine is primarily womens magazine and featuresarticles on Relationships, Beauty & Fashion, Cuisine, andHealth & Fitness. It also features articles on celebrities andvarious cultural facets of Indian
  58. 58. FHM (For Him Magazine)www.ormita.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaFHM (For Him Magazine) is one of the largest selling menslifestyle magazine brands in the world. In the UK, FHM sellshigher than GQ and Esquire combined. It is the number oneselling magazine in more than 60% of the countries it ispublished in.FHM is UKs largest mens lifestyle media brand, is Europes biggest mens lifestyle website.Published in 28 countries in 23 languages and sold in 40countries worldwide, FHM has been voted the "BestMagazine in The World" by UKs magazine industry
  59. 59. Filmi Duniyawww.ormita.comFilmy Duniya is the leading Hindi Movie Magazine of the country. It offersits readers all the latest news from the world of bollywood movies.The magazine contains information about all the latest releases and itsbox office performances, interviews, gossips, quizzes and attractivepictures of the movie stars.The magazine is published in Hindi and English languages.  Available on barter via Ormita
  60. 60. Food & Beveragewww.ormita.comThe circulation of “Food & Beverage Business Review” offers maximumqualified respondents with highest volumes of purchases. The Qualifiedrecipients are individuals who have titles of Chef, F&B Manager, MenuPlanner, Restaurateur, Bartender, Sommelier, etc. responsible forcreations with greater acceptance in masses.The magazine reaches 10,000+ key decision makers in Hotels,Restaurants, Pubs, Fast Food Outlets, Hospitals, Catering, Clubs, BanquetHalls, Food Processing / Dairy / Bakery / Beverage industry, etc. in morethan 100 cities. Cost Effective The magazine will help in reaching afocused audience without any diffused cost, in the most economicalmanner. It will also help in reaching new markets. Advertising rates allowcreate bigger ads with comprehensive information about company,products & services offered, for higher impact. Available on barter via Ormita
  61. 61. Food and Nightlifewww.ormita.comThe Food & Nightlife magazine is a fresh and innovative city magazinethat guides the young and spunky Delhiites about their food and partyquotient. It is one-of-its kind magazine, a much vaunted marriage ofculinary delights and leisure outs, which gives the best deals and steals.Regions - The magazine is distributed in Mumbai and the greater DelhiNCR area and is the single best reference source for restaurants, barsand clubs in both cities. The magazine publishes articles, reports, criticsand entertaining information.Circulation and Periodicity- Published Monthly with 45,000 copies in NewDelhi & Mumbai.Target market - The magazine audience is affluent, culturally savvy, andhighly educated. Each publication our audience learns more about theoptions in dining and entertainment available to them throughout theDelhi/NCR and Mumbai regions.  www.foodandnightlife.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  62. 62. Franchising Worldwww.ormita.comwww.franchiseindia.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaFranchise India Holdings Limited is Asia’s largest integratedfranchise solution company since 1999, and an absoluteauthority on franchising and licensing. FIHL has helped hundredsof investors in selecting the right franchise and, in turn, assistednumerous organizations in international and domestic franchiseexpansion. Knowledge, Opportunity, Network and Success areFIHL’s key ingredients.
  63. 63. Garmentlinewww.ormita.comGarmentline is a complete sourcing guide for buying agents, garmentaccessories, fabrics, machines and everything clothing, material oraccessory related.The magazine has both a print and free online edition with downloadsavailable to the general public. The publication goes directly to decisionmakers and buyers in the industry so you know that your advertisementwill end up in the right hands.The magazine has an industry readership of more than 1,00,000individuals on a monthly basis.Available on barter via Ormita
  64. 64. General Knowledge Refresherwww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaGeneral Knowledge Refresher- GKR is a monthly magazine & isread by one & all that would like to be updates in the domainof general information.GKR commands a readership of 4.89 lakh across India with acirculation back up of 82k.  
  65. 65. gfileswww.ormita.comGfiles is the countrys first independent magazine written, designed andproduced for Indias civil services—the vast and formidable network ofbureaucracies and public sector organisations that provides continuityand stability to this nations governance.Every month this niche market product reaches 20,000 individuals with auniverse of more than 1,00,000 readers. Its exclusive audience consists ofthe men and women who lead the Indian Administrative Service (IAS),the Indian Foreign Service (IFS), the Indian Police Service (IPS), the IndianRevenue Service (IRS), Class I Union Services, as well as a host of AlliedServices.www.gfilesindia.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  66. 66. Global Moviewww.ormita.comwww.globalmovie.inAvailable on barter via OrmitaGlobal Movie is a fashion and bollywoodmagazine.Global Movie has straight forward mantra topresent the throbbing world of Hindi Cinemaand entertainment in all its exciting colors,without fear, without bias.
  67. 67. Gloriawww.ormita.comGLORIA, Redefining Style, is a fashion and lifestyle magazine that hasbeen taking the fashion markets by storm.Right from Fashion & Style, Wellness & Beauty, Relationships & Lifestyle toHotels & Restaurants, Travel & Interior and of course the EntertainmentIndustry – GLORIA caters to all this and more!The idea behind GLORIA was to come out with a magazine, which isneither entertainment centric nor completely devoted to the world offashion. But to have a product that sells for its versatility, its mass appealand its content.The magazine has been designed in such a way that it comes as an aptchoice for its target audience, which varies from brand conscious lot tothe affluent and elite high profile class.www.gloriamedias.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  68. 68. Go City Guideswww.ormita.comwww.gocityguides.comWeekly regional travel guides & maps – ideal for reaching out to travelers, tourists & the young.Available on barter via Ormita
  69. 69. Go-Getterwww.ormita.comGo-Getter Magazine is the in-flight magazine for GoAir.The initial response to Go-Getter has been good both from the flyers andthe advertisers. For the young go-getting travelers of GoAir, themagazine provides vivacious reading material in tune with theiraspirations thus proving to be an effective vehicle to reach a multitudeof flyers with a modern and trendy consumption pattern.The colorful features of the magazine truly reflect the personality of theGoAir passenger and the GoAir brand.Available on barter via Ormita
  70. 70. Golf Digest Indiawww.ormita.comGolf Digest India is the Indian incarnation of the worlds #1 golfpublication - Golf Digest.It is a ready-reckoner for golfers at all skill levels with information on Howto play, what to play and where to play.The magazine draws on the experience and features tips from animpressive array of International golfing superstars and the Indian editionsupplements these features with customised local content. Simply put,Golf Digest India is a complete golfing experience!  Available on barter via Ormita
  71. 71. Golf Stylewww.ormita.comWhat sets apart GolfStyle from any other publication is that it isdedicated to the coverage of players, golf courses, tournaments andthemes that are of concern to the golfing community of India.GolfStyle thus offers a very high reach to advertisers by attractingpeople with high purchasing power, influencers, decision-makers andopinion leaders.The current print run of GolfStyle is 25,000 copies, reaching Indiasaffluent consumer audience. Its readership is over 3,00,000.Available on barter via
  72. 72. Good Housekeeping Indiawww.ormita.comOur magazine brings immediate solutions to your everyday challenges,with the same level of trusted, expert advice youve come to expectfrom us over the past 125 years.In the Recipes & Entertaining area, youll find quick and easy meal plansand healthy food makeovers. House & Home features Heloises legacyof indispensable household advice, plus our favorite deals on homedecor. Style & Beauty delivers makeup tips and fashion trends that suityour grown-up tastes. Diet & Health will help you trim and slim downsafely, while Family & Pets gets real on talking to your kids — whethertoddler, tween, or teen — and working out conflicts. Our Saving Moneyarea dishes out smart advice for spending wisely and saving in this tougheconomy.Available on barter via Ormita
  73. 73. GovernanceNowwww.ormita.comGovernanceNow is a multi-media initiative for participatory reportageand analysis related to governance of all institutions and processes thatare vital to public life in India. Currently, we are available and GovernanceNow, the fortnightly printmagazine.Our editorial team comprises senior journalists, citizen journalists, andguest writers from diverse disciplines and professional backgrounds. Allof us are passionate about transparency and accountability in ournational public life.Circulation 22,000 pan India.Available on barter via
  74. 74. Grehlakshmiwww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaGrehalkshmi is a women’s monthly magazine, related to all thewomen matters right from lifestyle, to health and fitness, itcovers various topics of women interest. The book has specialrecipes in the food section which helps a housewife to cooktasty food, along with some tips which makes the life in officeeasy, also tips are given for child related matter and the waythe children should be brought up.
  75. 75. GrihShobhawww.ormita.comPublished in 8 languages and commanding an enviable readership, it isthe only womans magazine with a pan-India presence. Covering all thetopics that are most popular among women, Bollywood, beauty,fashion, family, relationships, travel, recipes and personal issues.Grihshobha has been a genuine advisor and an agent for the evolutionof the Indian woman.Year of Launch: 1979• Bengali• Gujarati• Hindi• Kannada• Malayalam• Marathi• Tamil• TeluguFrequency: 24/FortnightlyAvailable on barter via Ormita
  76. 76. Hamar Cinemawww.ormita.comHamar Cinema is an NTI Media Ltd. Publication. It isBhojpuri Cinemas no.1 Magazine.The magazine is an amalgamation of gossips, interviews,box office collections and insight from Bhojpuri FilmIndustry. It also provides news about Bhojpuri TV Serials.All this is provided online in the form of e-Magazines tooboth in Hindi & English language.www.hamarcinema.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  77. 77. Harpers Bazaarwww.ormita.comOne of the worlds most influential fashion titles, Harpers Bazaar hasalways been famous for its ability to blend inspiring fashion withintelligent features.Harpers Bazaar is for the sophisticated, discerning woman, bringing hera perfect mix of stunning fashion stories, informed arts coverage,informative beauty pages and strong, intelligent features every month.Available on barter via Ormita
  78. 78. Health & Lifestylewww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaHealth & Lifestyle is a fully colored monthly magazine targetedat middle to high income group in Gurgaon. The topicscovered in the magazine have been carefully selected afterconsulting several prospective readers & experts in the field.The content are aimed at helping the readers develop &maintain a healthy and well rounded lifestyle.
  79. 79. Hotel Business Reviewwww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaThe magazine provides exclusive editorial content with specificobjective to produce valuable information source, to assisthotel executives in maximizing their business. It offers freshinformation on leadership style and management techniquesto key decision makers in the hotel business.The editorial focus is on Trends, Business, Technology,Engineering, Equipment, Design, Food & Beverage, Sales &Marketing, Manpower & Training and Finance.The editorial team focuses on providing articles of interest for awide spectrum of hotel establishments, covering range ofproperties from 50+ guestroom to high end 350+
  80. 80. Hotels & Institutions Buyer’s Guidewww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaThe Guide is a product, which keeps readers, the mostsophisticated buyers & specifiers in the market, informed aboutproduct and technological developments in the fast-changingindustry. It is well supplemented by unique database ofproducts & exclusive research.Reaching the critical decision makes of your products &services at more than 10,000 Hotel, Restaurants, Foodservice &Catering organizations in 317 cities of India, read by over 40,000industry professionals.Our advertising rates allow you to create bigger ads withcomprehensive information about your company, products &services offered for higher
  81. 81. The Human Factorwww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via"The Human Factor" continuously strives to bring worldclass practices in the field of human resources to clearthe fuzzy picture of the human face of business. Fromthe employee growth strategies to an insight of acountrys new-found approach towards learningorganizations, this journal is a tool for todays HR leadersto sample.
  82. 82. India Art Journalwww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via Ormitawww.indiaartjournal.comIndian Contemporary Art Journal is an Art Magazine publishedjointly by Mumbai-based NGOs Kalaviskar and Bombay ArtSociety, primarily on the occasion of Bombay Art Society’s annualart Exhibition. Published quarterly with the support of Kalavishkarsince January 2009 and is circulated to all senior artists, artgalleries, chairmen /MDs of select corporate/industrial houses,Jewelers, Fashion Designers, film directors, producers and actorsacross the country…copies of the Art Journal are also madeavailable for sale at major Art Galleries at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai,Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Baroda and manyother cities…This is the oldest art publication in the Asian sub-continent startedin 1910 when there was not a single Art Gallery in the country andrudiments of abstract art were not even in offing. As this artpublication is brought out by the NGOs working in the field ofvisual for more than a century, it is impartial by virtue of its directiveprinciples.
  83. 83. India Today Travel Pluswww.ormita.comIf the world is an oyster, India is her most celebrated pearl. Since April2002, TRAVEL PLUS has presented an in-depth view of select Indian statesgoing beyond touristy clichés. Presenting straight-from-the-heart travelpieces by the states most respected names and essential information forthe upmarket traveler, the publications were enhanced by a panoramicvisual feast.Kerala was presented in a two-series theme woven around the elementsof Water and Fire; the less known north-eastern states of Assam,Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh as the exotic east. The less knownbut no less fascinating regions of Chhattisgarh and Sikkim too wereexplored through in-depth articles and specially commissionedphotographs. Then, there was Maharashtra Unlimited- focused overviewof a multi-dimensional state.Available on barter via Ormita
  84. 84. In Touch With Fashionwww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaLaunched in 1998, the magazine reinvents, redefines andrewrites fashion and lifestyle in the Indian context. Stylestatements, chic trends, changing paradigms, the glossykeeps you in touch with the classic and contemporaryfashions. It celebrates gloss, glitz and glamour with agregarious grit. Strictly stylish, with an eclectic editorial mix,In Touch With Fashion revs up lives and lifestyles of thesuave and the
  85. 85. Junior Science Refresherwww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via Ormitawww.brightpublcations.comJunior Science Refresher- Junior Science Refresher is for thebenefit of 10+2 level science stream students. Its the largest sellingmonthly magazine in science stream—certified by the Limca Bookof Records. Especially useful for students appearing in A.I.E.E.E.With special section for IIT students. JSR is a monthly magazine & isread by students preparing for Pre-Engineering & Pre- Medicalexaminations. JSR Commands a readership of 6.6 lakh across Indiawith a circulation back up of 1.11 lakh copies.
  86. 86. Lex Witnesswww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via Ormitawww.witnesslive.inLex witness is India 1st magazine on legal andcorporate affairs. Monthly magazine over 10000,subscriber over 25000 copies printed every month.Over 2 lac readership circulation Pan India , US, U.K.
  87. 87. Lifestyle Livingwww.ormita.comLifestyle Living is a niche, high-end magazine, exclusively dedicated tocreative, even edgy lifestyle. It showcases the best that life has to offer,through the perspective of cutting edge design. It aims to provide astyle statement through a inspired rendering of the unusual be it originaldesigner jewellery, electronic gizmos, futuristic automobile blueprints, ahi-tech airport, an automated temperature controlled swimming pool, acelebrity’s personal space, an airline’s service design, ingenious interiorsbe it a spa/home/hotel or office. It includes the realm of hi fashion andcosmetics, inventive art & craft and world class paintings.Target audience: Upmarket, top-end consumer with high net value.These celebrities / achievers are recognized for their distinctivecontribution to their area of expertise. Includes corporate heads, filmstars, fashion divas, designer community, jewelers designer luxurybrands, pleasure destinations and products and so on.Circulation:40,000 | Readership: 8,02,140Available on barter via
  88. 88. LINUX For Youwww.ormita.comAvailable on barter via Ormitawww.linuxforyou.comLaunched in January 2003, LINUX For You is a complete magazine on opensource, and is today a big hit with those who love FOSS (Free and OpenSource Software).The magazine carries tech articles on Linux and open source for newbies,administrators, developers and fans of open source. Its main objective,however, is to help organizations enhance their return on investment (ROI)by deploying Linux (or open source) solutions. The magazine isaccompanied by a free CD, which carries source code, white papers,software tools, Linux distributions, and even portal was launched along with the launch of Linux ForYou magazine. Hence, like the printed version, this portal promotes the useof open source in the IT industry, and informs readers as to how companiesthat have adopted open source are able to get a high return oninvestment.
  89. 89. Live ITwww.ormita.comLive IT magazine is an IT magazine for modern women.Live IT provides information on campus life, online degrees, E-learninggames and it uses for computer users who seek practical advice on howto make better use of software, internet, or anything related to IT.Available on barter via Ormita
  90. 90. Manohar Kahaniyanwww.ormita.comTalk of bringing live drama in real life and you’re talking of ManoharKahaniyan. A magazine that’s been around for 66 years and enjoysimmense popularity among its readers, for its bold portrayal of thedrama that is played out in all its myriad forms in the human lives.Languages: HindiFrequency: MonthlyAvailable on barter via Ormita
  91. 91. Mans World Magazinewww.ormita.comMans World prides itself in the quality of its writing, photography, designand presentation. It is brought out by a group of experiencedprofessionals.Mans World is a monthly magazine targeted at contemporary Indianmen, to explore and stimulate their interests and passions. It combinesthe best of British and American mens magazines that have been longknown for their compelling writing, great pictures, impressive layouts andgreat production values.In our rapidly globalizing environment, Mans World is an Indianmagazine suffused with international sensibility but backed by localcontent.www.mansworldindia.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  92. 92. Market Informerwww.ormita.comExcel Media communicates information provided and createdby advertisers, content partners, software developers, publishers,marketing agents, employees, users, resellers and other thirdparties.We have area specified circulation – it takes your message inyour vicinity targeting your most potential customers. Manualdistribution ensures copy to all the residents, office & shops in thespecified area. Unique yellow color & universal size of the bookmakes it visible and stand out even in a bunch of books.We are the most economical, cost effective and responseoriented media.Excel Media which serves as Yellow Pages in South Delhi, offeringad space in our yellow page directory Market Informer on bartervia Ormita.Available on barter via OrmitaWebsite:
  93. 93. Market Yellow Pageswww.ormita.com15 years in printing & publishing, Excel Media communicatesinformation provided and created by advertisers, content partners,software developers, publishers, marketing agents, employees, users,resellers and other third parties.We use a diverse range of information, text, photographs, designs,graphics, images, sound and video recordings, animation, content,advertisement and other materials and effects (collectively"Materials") for the search services on the Media.We are the most economical, cost effective and response is a venture of Excel Media which serves asYellow Pages in South Delhi. We are offering ad space in our onlineyellow page directory.Available on barter via OrmitaWebsite:
  94. 94. Maximwww.ormita.comUS based MAXIM is the best selling mens lifestyle magazine in the world,with over five million copies sold globally every month. Becoming the veryfirst international men’s magazine to foray in the market, MAXIM magazinelaunched in India in Jan 2006. Its 30th international edition, MAXIM in India ispublished under an exclusive license agreement with Media Transasia.MAXIM India received a rocking welcome in India, has a print order of110,000 copies.In line with its world wide positioning of “Largest selling men’s lifestylemagazine” and “Among the top 10 globally most influential internationalmedia brands”, Maxim India launch is historic in many ways.The magazine has seen unprecedented response from the collective Indianadvertising community and reader community. The launch of Maxim waspreceded through a notice taken by both the national and internationalpress – Financial Times (London), The Guardian (London), CNN, AOL,Campaign Magazine (UK), Asians in Media (HongKong), etcAvailable on barter via
  95. 95. Mega Modelzwww.ormita.comBehind the glamour and the glitz is a lot of hard work and very littleinformation on the "know how" is available. Here, at Mega ModelzMagazine, we call it-en route modeling via the know how! For aspiringmodels who want to make it big; the best way to do it is through stayingconnected.This magazine is treasure for those who want the know how onmodeling and photography. The magazine also assimilates all that isnew and fresh in the industry, with the scope for the aspirants to followthe lead of people and achieve success! Bringing together eventsupdate of the big shows of the industry like Model Hunts and fashionshows, Mega Modelz would give its readers a peek into whats hot andhappening. The best of national and international news on all that oneneeds to know, Mega Modelz is one mega help for all the aspiringmodels and photographers out there!www.megamodelz.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  96. 96. Men’s Health Indiawww.ormita.comMens Health is the #1 source of information for and about men. Its amagazine for active, successful, professional men who want greatercontrol over their physical, mental and emotional lives. We give men thetools they need to make their lives better through in-depth reportingcovering everything from fashion and grooming to health and nutritionas well as cutting-edge gear, the latest entertainment, timely featuresand more.Mens Health is the worlds largest mens magazine.Available on barter via Ormita
  97. 97. Mickey Mousewww.ormita.comOffering ad space in the kids magazine published in Hindi, English andMalyalam. Childrens no 1 choice and is available pan India.Available on barter via Ormita
  98. 98. Millionaireasia Indiawww.ormita.comA new concept publication, Millionaireasia is dedicated to celebrate theMillionaire lifestyle.We target at a niche and focused audience of High Net Worth Individuals inIndia, where money is no object and sky is the limit! Distinct from other highend society magazines, Millionaireasia is for the intelligent, suave, ultraglamorous Millionaire. The magazine is fun, playful and bold with an attitudereflecting the readers that live life with a passion.Our advertisers have an option to reach out to as many as 50,000 millionairesin our database across the region through specially created mailers. Oursignature The Millionaire’s Summit has been held 19 times to date in 5countries. Let us connect you directly to the very select privileged high networth audience.Frequency - QuarterlyNo. of Copies - 15,000 copiesReadership - Private Circulation to a very Exclusive AudienceAvailable on barter via Ormita
  99. 99. Model n Trendswww.ormita.comModels n Trends is not just another modeling and fashion magazine, it is a trueendeavor for the aspirants and the ones for whom fashion is a passion.Models n Trends is not here for the gossip but to heat up the landscape of Fun... Fashion ... Films ... n … Fame.Models n Trends is a bridge to promote the aspiring models across thecountry. Through our publication, we intend to bring the hidden talent to theforefront and present it to the masters in the fashion and film industry. In duecourse of time, we intend to spread all over so that we can revolutionize theindustry with the advent of hereto unexplored talent.Models n Trends aims to successfully provide an integrated platform for thenew and aspiring Indian models to make their dream of modeling, theater,television and films come true. Models n Trends are not just another IndianFashion Magazine and is not here for just gossips like some other fashionmagazines in India. Models n Trends is here to promote and showcase theaspiring Indian models and fashion in India.Available on barter via
  100. 100. Muktawww.ormita.comA magazine that caters to the concerns and interests of the youth. Withproper guidance and direction on career, marriage, romance, health,entertainment and fashion, Mukta has been a trusted friend andadvisor to more than one generation.Available on barter via Ormita
  101. 101. Openwww.ormita.comOpen, the weekly current affairs and features magazine, is the flagshipbrand of Open Media Network, the media venture of RPG Enterprises.The RPG group is one of India’s fastest growing-conglomerates, owningpremium brands like Ceat Tyres, SareGaMa and Spencer’s, with aturnover touching Rs 14,000 crore. The group has diverse businessinterests, owning more than twenty companies in areas like tyremanufacture, power transmission, IT, retail, entertainment, carbon blackand life sciences.Open is three magazines rolled into one. The first section, Small World, is azippy 10-page selection of the most relevant and interesting news of theweek from the world. The middle section has in-depth stories and featureson politics, sports, entertainment, science, technology, social trends,health, culture, and practically everything under the sun. Finally, there’sMindspace, a section of literary essays, stories on books, arts, gadgets,celebrity gossip, science and a unique page of puzzles, mind games andquestions of ethics. The last page: the editor’s column.www.openthemagazine.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  102. 102. PCQUESTwww.ormita.comPCQuest is a B2B publication that helps understand technologies,choose the best products and implement the most appropriate ITsolutions.PCQuest is an in-depth source of information and use all possiblemedia to interact with its audience like – Print, Events, Onlineforums, Video and Mobile SMS.Available on barter via  
  103. 103. Preventionwww.ormita.comIndia’s leading health publication, Prevention is devoted to informingreaders about smart ways to live well. Top experts offer advice on weightloss, fitness and nutrition that will help you better manage your healthand enhance the way you feel about yourself and your life.Each issue features quick, nutrient-rich recipe ideas that encourage youstay on track with your health. Prevention gives you the information youneed to slow down the aging process and fight disease using naturesmedicine chest. Youll find tips on alternative medicine, how to achievelifelong beauty and easy ways to boost your immunity.With personal success stories and anti-aging tips that really work,Prevention is the ultimate source of motivation to make the changes thatwill transform your life.Available on barter via  
  104. 104. Retailerwww.ormita.comIndia’s leading health publication, Prevention is devoted to informingreaders about smart ways to live well. Top experts offer advice on weightloss, fitness and nutrition that will help you better manage your healthand enhance the way you feel about yourself and your life.Each issue features quick, nutrient-rich recipe ideas that encourage youstay on track with your health. Prevention gives you the information youneed to slow down the aging process and fight disease using naturesmedicine chest. Youll find tips on alternative medicine, how to achievelifelong beauty and easy ways to boost your immunity.With personal success stories and anti-aging tips that really work,Prevention is the ultimate source of motivation to make the changes thatwill transform your life.Available on barter via Ormita
  105. 105. Rolling Stonewww.ormita.comRolling Stone magazine is a cultural icon. Its the number one pop culturereference point for over millions of young adults across the globe in 16countries. In addition to its authoritative position in music, Rolling Stonessphere of influence reaches into entertainment, movies, television,technology, and national affairs.Rolling Stone covers everything thats important, trend-setting, andnewsworthy to the thought leaders among young adults. In India RollingStone was launched on Feb 26 2008.The Indian edition has content specific to India and aims to provide thenecessary coverage to upcoming Rock & Roll musicians and bands andbe the voice of youth culture.  www.rollingstone-india.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  106. 106. Sadhna Pathwww.ormita.comwww.dpb.inAvailable on barter via OrmitaSadhna Path magazine is a Hindi monthly magazinesoaked in spiritualism, astrology and health which has afragrance of religion-culture, sanskar, tradition etc. Thismagazine is panacea for a health conscious. Why arewe diseased? What are their causes, symptoms andcure? How can we get a healthy life without any sideeffect with the help of yoga and ayurveda.Magazine Details:Language: HindiFrequency: MonthlyCountry: India
  107. 107. Saras Salilwww.ormita.comSaras Salil is the largest read magazine in the country, Saras Salil enjoys anunparalleled reach amongst urban and rural masses alike.With its unique mix of commentaries on social and political issues, andvaried articles on society, fiction and entertainment, Saras Salil magazinehas become the most respected publication in the hinterland.Saras Salil is published in various popular languages Hindi, Telugu,Gujarati, Marathi and Tamil.Available on barter via Ormita
  108. 108. Saritawww.ormita.comThe flagship magazine of the Delhi Press group that best embodies itsideology of fighting against religious obscurantism and politicalauthoritarianism.Since its launch, Sarita has maintained a bold stance on issues ofnational importance and has been at the forefront of a crusade againstthe fetters that hinder the progress of our society.Year of Launch: 1945Languages: HindiFrequency: 24/FortnightlyAvailable on barter via Ormita
  109. 109. Satyakathawww.ormita.comA magazine that tells pure untouched truth. With a long history ofcarrying hard-hitting articles and true stories, it shows the world as it is-boldly, unashamedly, and without mincing words.Languages: HindiFrequency: Monthly  Available on barter via Ormita
  110. 110. Screen Indiawww.ormita.comScreen is an English Film Magazine, published every week in India. Itis owned by The Indian Express publishing group. The contentfocuses on the Bollywood, Indias Hindi movie industry located inMumbai.Screen organizes and sponsors the Star Screen Awards for movies inHindi.Available on barter via  
  111. 111. Selling World Travelwww.ormita.comSelling World Travel – India’s ONLY Consumer and Travel TradeMagazine.In its 7th year of publication, Selling World Travel is dedicated to givingunparalleled information to the Travel Trade on Destinations and theirtravel related products. Undoubtedly, an interesting read for travellovers across India, Selling World Travel works in collaboration with thedestinations to aspire and excite your end consumer to explore theworld.Selling World Travel is an essential travel product as it helps the traveloperators to increase their business by providing all the information onthe destination, which helps them sell the destination better as well as aperfect medium for the consumer to understand the destination.Frequency - Bi-MonthlyCirculation - 25,000Readership - 1,80,000Available on barter via
  112. 112. Shopping Centre Newswww.ormita.comWith the shopping centre industry in India rushing ahead on the strengthof a solidifying retail base, it becomes imperative to set the tenor right.Growth does not happen in a haphazard or an arbitrary manner. There ismethod and manner to the madness.Shopping Centre News will want to see the Indian shopping centreindustry evolve with direction and determination, and claim its place asan institution of importance. It will be an enterprise that involves theopinions and guidance of industry stalwarts and thought leaders.Available on barter via Ormita
  113. 113. Spice Routewww.ormita.comSpiceRoute is the in-flight entertainment magazine for one of Indiaslargest domestic carriers, SpiceJet. With 125 flights to 18 destinations dailyand over 15,000 people flying Spicejet for business and leisure within Indiaeveryday, Spiceroute is one of Indias most widely read inflightmagazines.Spiceroute is much appreciated for its editorial content offering enoughto keep every flier engaged through his journey with features on traveland destinations in India; trendy food, recipes and restaurants; coveringart and culture across the nation including socially conscious citizens anda section dedicated to children.Available on barter via Ormita
  114. 114. Spiritzwww.ormita.comSPIRITZ is India’s most comprehensive monthly magazine for liquor, itsassociate industries, and liquor lovers, keeping readers abreast withdevelopments across the world.Packed with lucid and informative news, analysis and features, themagazine is a must for all those who seek information in India’s highlycompetitive liquor industry. Written and contributed by top names inmedia and industry, SPIRITZ is a vital source of information, analysis andentertainment for all liquor enthusiasts and industry players.SPIRITZ will connect with the readers in India and abroad month aftermonth, giving a fresh perspective of events in the  Available on barter via Ormita
  115. 115. Suburbwww.ormita.comSuburb is Gurgaons First Lifestyle & Infotainment Magazine. It istargeted towards the Global Indian of Gurgaon. Suburb is a new agechic and smart magazine for the urbane.Suburb, Gurgaons first high-end magazine that promises to bring loadsof info-tainment, high quality reading, content written by experts onvariety of subjects, shopping and eating guides to whole lotinformation on gadgets, sports, parenting, health, real estate,education and so on. Available on barter via  
  116. 116. Suman Saurabhwww.ormita.comA magazine for the young adolescent mind that carries fiction andgeneral interest articles. It also covers science, geography, biographiesand many other interesting topics in a manner that is informative andengaging.Languages: HindiFrequency: 12/Monthly  Available on barter via Ormita
  117. 117. Swagatwww.ormita.comThe Official Inflight Magazine Of Air India (Domestic & regional). Swagat isread by almost 1.1 million up-market passengers every month, flying to 64domestic and 20 international destinations in Asia. The readership profile ofSwagat includes affluent businessmen and entrepreneurs, high-end tourists,senior corporate executives, successful professionals, decision makers andinfluencers - the cream of Indian society and thus offers very high reach toadvertisers.As Swagat delivers a highly targeted and select elite audience all acrossIndia and the region and has a shelf life of over 1 month, it is a preferredmedia vehicle for the International Tourism and Trade development boardsand multinational, domestic brands and lifestyle products.Available on barter via Ormita
  118. 118. The South Asianwww.ormita.comThe South Asian Life & Times is an arts and cultural journal featuring arange of mainstream and fringe issues, and valuable regional data,related to South Asia.The Magazine is produced on a quarterly basis and sent to embassies,government officials, high-net-worth individuals and CEOs across theSouth Asian region.Its readership is comprised of affluent and influential decision makers.Readership of near 2.5 lakh with a direct circulation of approximately30,000.www.the-south-asian.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  119. 119. The Blue Moonwww.ormita.comMagazines on tourism and hospitality industry are soft in their writing.They never criticize any service nor point out its shortcomings. Afterreading a ‘travel trade’ magazine one draws the conclusion that“Bhaiyya, all is well!” on the contrary it never is. At times things are asbad as they can be, but everything is swept under the carpet and thereality remains hidden behind that mask of a silly smile that many wearin the industry.The Blue Moon offers a critical appreciation of the hospitality and travelindustry and circulates its publication directly to over 38,000 subscribersacross India and the rest of the world.This monthly magazine is primarily distributed to industry CEOs,Diplomats and Government officials and has a huge readership.www.thebluemoon2008.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  120. 120. The Caravanwww.ormita.comThe prime focus of the magazine is politics i.e. domestic as well asinternational, with a sub-focus on culture, travel, society, art andliterature as well.The magazine is distributed through more than 3,000 distributors andagents across India. The publisher also has 12 company owneddistribution offices across the country.The Caravan is a magazine for those who love to read detailed, in-depthand insightful account of developments in the areas of politics,international affairs, economy, business, the arts and culture. It targetsdecision making thinkers and leaders of every genre.This is one of the most widely distributed politically focused magazines inIndia with a readership of several lakhs.www.caravanmagazine.inAvailable on barter via Ormita
  121. 121. The Delhi Citywww.ormita.comThis has been in publication since last 12 years. Its a leading city guide.The city guide contains excellent up to date information on What’sHappening in the city in Art, Dance, music, theatre, talks, films, cultureetc. A complete events calendar. A complete tourist Guide. A veryuseful Handy Information Guide, A complete guide to Food and Nightlife and Delhi and NCR.A Comprehensive list of Hotels. A comprehensive Shopping and Servicesguide. It also talks about the Heritage Delhi in its exclusive section-Memory Lane. A very hand city map with index. And lots more. Itspublished every fortnight. The circulation of the magazine is 42000copies. Its Recommended by Lonely Planet guide to India.www.gocityguides.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  122. 122. The Designer Mode Dailieswww.ormita.comDesigner Mode Dailies is the Official Magazine of the Fashion DesignCouncil of India (FDCI).The Designer MODE Dailies are published and distributed at the venue ofthe Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week with 5000 copies everyday. Givinglatest reviews on the days shows, interviews with designers, analysis andbuyer interviews, with celeb-styles and statements making impacts forthe day.The Dailies have a much focused audience of the 18+ style-conscious,upwardly mobile visitors at the Fashion Week, who are high net worthindividuals with a very high inclination to spend.No. of Copies - 5,000 copies each dayFrequency - 5 issues twice each year during the Fashion weeksAvailable on barter via Ormita
  123. 123. The Indian PC Magazinewww.ormita.comPC Magazine has empowered 6.6 million technology influencers tomake qualified and educated purchasing decisions with the mosttrusted and comprehensive labs-based editorial coverage in theindustry. In India: The magazine is published monthly and has itspresence across India; it is tailored to the preference of Indian readersand advertisers and also covers latest developments of technology inIndia.PC Magazine reaches the most influential tech users, consumers anddecision-makers of the new tech world, driving awareness,consideration and purchase of new technologies and tech products. PCMagazine reaches MORE business technology influencers than ANYother technology or business title!www.planmanmedia.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  124. 124. The Sunday Indianwww.ormita.comThe Sunday Indian is the only newsmagazine in the world to bepublished simultaneously in 14 different languages. The languagesinclude English, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi, Assamese,Oriya, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi & Bhojpuri.Since its launch in October 2006, it has rapidly emerged as the preferredweekly news magazine for quality conscious and discerning readersacross the country. Without any doubt, it is Indias favorite newsmagazine!www.thesundayindian.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  125. 125. Time Out Delhiwww.ormita.comTime Out Delhi is an Entertainment & Lifestyle Magazine that showcasesreviews and previews of Delhi’s Art, Books, Children, Dance, Health andSpirituality, Film, Television, Radio, Music, Nightlife, Sports, Restaurants &Eating out and Shopping services.It comprehensively guides readers through the fascinating range ofentertainment and cultural opportunities that exist in Delhi. Like its 56partners around the world.www.timeoutdelhi.netAvailable on barter via Ormita
  126. 126. Timeless Jewelswww.ormita.comThe International Watch & Jewelry Magazine India, so far known as thebiggest consumer of gold the world over, got its first official magazine inTimeless Jewels, which celebrates beauty, crafted to precise perfection.Presenting every quarter, in the flawless Vintage tradition, this magazinebrings center stage, through its lavish spreads, design, technicalfeatures, regional and alien influences, the art of gemstone cutting andsetting, the different schools of jewelry design, traditional versus thecontemporary.Frequency - QuarterlyTarget Audience - Men & Women in the age group of 25 - 60 yearsAvailable on barter via Ormita
  127. 127. Today’s Travellerwww.ormita.comA niche magazine with high-end readership and a distribution basecomprising on-the-stands-consumers, key corporate and business decision-makers. The only travel magazine that showcases the achievements ofIndian states and their future travel projects. An exclusive upmarket travelmagazine for the world traveler. The only Indian magazine to ever win 4PATA Gold Awards. These include the PATA Gold Award 2006 in theConsumer Publications category in addition to PATA Gold Awards in 1998,2001 and 2005. Sanghi Trophy for best travel writing in 2000 and 2002 byTAAI. Marriott Golden Circle Award.Target audience: Indias leading consumer travel magazine and theflagship magazine for the group. This 11 year glossy consumer product haswon 4 PATA Gold Awards. Targets Leisure, Business and Corporate travelers,including Purchase Managers of companies buying travel products. On thestands countywide.Circulation:75,000 | Readership: 14,80, on barter via Ormita
  128. 128. Touchdown Magazinewww.ormita.comTouchdown is Indias first airport lounge magazine.The magazine is widely distributed through airport lounges across thecountry and features a wide variety of travel related information; bothnationally and internationally as well as features and highlights on awide range of topics of interest to the business traveler.The magazine also offers international gossip and entertainmentfeatures which will amuse the reader; making it an excellent source ofall-round information to keep travelers occupied.Available on barter via Ormita
  129. 129. TravelXwww.ormita.comThe countries finest travel magazine - exclusive destinations, luxuryresorts, spas and villas for your family or romantic getaway with in-depthresearch into places to go and things to see.The magazine is targeted at the most indulgent of leisure travelers andhas a monthly distribution of 35,000 with a readership in excess of125,000+.Our readers range from 35 - 65 years old and have a high averagehousehold income. The common denominator is a love of travelling forpleasure at least 3 or 4 times per year and citing their expenditure ontravel as their greatest indulgence of all.Our readers are a unique niche, so when advertising in the magazinethere is no wastage, and it is by far the most targeted way to reach theaffluent lifestyle traveler.Available on barter via Ormita
  130. 130. Travel + Leisurewww.ormita.comTravel + Leisure, published monthly by American Express PublishingCorporation, is the worlds leading travel magazine. Sophisticated, modern,and always intelligent,Travel + Leisure examines the way we travel now and where well be goingyears from now, putting into context all the elements of the travelersexperience—from hotels, restaurants, and shopping to architecture, culture,and politics—while delivering the latest news on security, health, trends, andinnovations.Brought to India and South Asia under license from American ExpressPublishing by Media Transasia, the arrival of the edition of Travel + Leisure inIndia, marked the sixth international edition of the worlds leading travelmagazine. In line with its world wide positioning of “the largest selling traveland lifestyle magazine”, the Travel + Leisure India launch has been historic inmany ways. The magazine has seen an unprecedented response from thecollective Indian advertising and reader communities.Available on barter via
  131. 131. Verve Magazinewww.ormita.comVerve, India’s premier women’s international magazine, was launchedin 1995. Published and edited by Anuradha Mahindra, Verve reflects thespirit of today’s woman -- changing with the times, moving with trends,styles, fashion and yet remaining constant in its search for perfectioneditorially as well as in design.Exhibiting some of the best international and Indian writing talent, Vervechooses to cover achievers in every field from fashion, business and styleto Bollywood, books and travel. Editorially stimulating and visuallyexciting, the monthly devotes several pages, every issue, to fashion andpersonal style. Verve can be easily credited for having pioneered arevolution in the depiction of contemporary Indian fashion, throughstylized shoots that are international in approach and individual inexecution.Modern in approach and dynamic in styling, Verve’s covers are atalking point as much as the magazine’s inside pages. Quality andaesthetics are the cornerstones of the magazine.www.verveonline.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  132. 132. Woman’s Erawww.ormita.comSpeaking to the hearts & minds of the contemporary, decision makingwomen, Womans era shares insight and ideas on health, lifestyle,relationship, beauty, social & relationship, beauty, social & personnelissues, and the world at large, while not forgetting the lighter side of life.Woman’s Era is the most popular womens magazine reaching over 24lakhs readers, Covers fashion, cookery, articles, contests, serial episode,poems, sex, health, travel and more.Generally caters to married women.Age range: 26 – 45Fortnightly publication.Available on barter via
  133. 133. Yuvawww.ormita.comYuva explores the interests and passions of the young, besides providingthem a platform to voice their issues, their angst, their worries and theirquestions. This is a fortnightly magazine that will catch the pulse ofIndia’s huge youth population.The ad-edit ratio is 25:75. Each issue of Yuva contains 80 to 100 pagesThe magazine covers everything such as current affairs, politics, trends,careers, sports, Internet, entertainment, including music, movies, leisure,travel, adventure, food, fitness, gadgets, astrology and fashion, etc.Everything will be covered from the youths’ perspective. The magazine ismore of a mass based kind of publication, hence it will be available foreverybody, from students to working professionals.www.zoneyuva.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  134. 134. 4Ps Business & Marketingwww.ormita.comwww.4psbusinessandmarketing.comAvailable on barter via OrmitaInspired by the research and talent bank of the institute, Prof. ArindamChaudhuri envisioned the idea of publishing Journals; IIPM has started fiveAcademic Journals The 4Ps(Marketing) is one of them.As a part of our academic endeavors, these journals aim to integrateacademia and industry to create intellectual capital. And thereby,contributing towards the economy by creating quality Leaders, entrepreneursand managers.These journals provide as a platform and forum where creative and validideas, contemporary & tacit knowledge can be accommodated andarchived. These publications create a space where ideas, theses, anti-theses,unconventional theories find place for expression and exposure. This also aimsat empowering professionals everywhere to lead more productive (work) livesby disseminating knowledge processed here at the IIPM Intelligence Unit.
  136. 136. www.ormita.comA daily newspaper published in Gujrat and has captured hugemarket and public interest around the state.Circulation in Rajkot, Jamnagar, Gujarat etc.Aajkaal Daily Newspaper Available on barter via Ormita
  137. 137. www.ormita.comAaj Hindi Daily Newspaper is available in:• Allahabad• Gorakhpur• Kanpur• Lucknow• Agra• BareillyPatna• Ranchi, and• Jamshedpur.Aaj Hindi Daily Available on barter via Ormita
  138. 138. www.ormita.comDaily Hindi Newspaper distributed across the following cities:• Delhi & NCR• Uttar Pradesh• Uttarakhand• Haryana• Rajasthan• Chandigarh• Punjab• Himachalwww.adinindia.comAmar Bharti Newspaper Available on barter via Ormita
  139. 139. www.ormita.comConnexxion Plus Available on barter via Ormita“Connexxion Plus" Indias first Technology newspaper(Fortnightly) with reader base of more than 2,00000Consumers across Delhi and NCR.Dedicated to technology enthusiasts. It has got someunique features like Updated Technology News, ProductReviews, Events, Feature Articles Etc.
  140. 140. www.ormita.comCoffee News Available on barter via  Coffee News is a weekly publication delivered to restaurants,coffee shops and motels that also serves the advertising needsof small businesses. Coffee News has the weeks funniest andmost unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts,horoscopes, lucky numbers and more.Coffee News® is a freely distributed publication. Read bythousands of people right here in our community & literallymillions across world. We distribute wherever people gather orwait.WHY ADVERTISE IN COFFEE NEWSSurveys have shown that each Coffee News is read five to seventimes in local restaurants and can be recycled to the literaturerack, a rack that is uniquely designed just for Coffee News.
  141. 141. Daily Shah Timeswww.ormita.comDaily Hindi Newspaper distributed in thefollowing locations:• Bareilly• Dehradun• Haldwani• Meerut• Muradabad• Muzaffar Nagar• New DelhiAvailable on barter via Ormita
  142. 142. Dainik Bhaskar Newspaperwww.ormita.comDainik Bhaskar (Hindi: दैिनिक भास्कर) is the no 1 Hindi daily newspaper inMadhya Pradesh with more than 3.5 million copies printed daily acrossthe following states:• Madhya Pradesh• Rajasthan• Chhattisgarh• Himachal• Punjab• Haryana• Delhi• Uttar Pradesh• Bihar• Jharkhand• Maharashtra• Gujaratwww.bhaskar.comAvailable on barter via Ormita
  143. 143. www.ormita.comDLA, the first of its kind in every aspect has come about as arevolution in the Indian print media. This all colour 24-pagetabloid caught the attention of the masses and the classes,including the reader, the advertiser, and the entire mediaindustry.DLA sells over 2.5 lakh copies in Agra itself As the clock strikes 1in the afternoon, the Taj Nagri comes alive to the call of itsbeloved tabloid, DLA. DLA is the No. 1 daily in the city of TajBased on an international format, the strength of the contentand overall presentation of DLA immediately wooed thereaders and gathered a Herculean circulation of more than2,00,000 copies daily in the Agra region. Suddenly Agrabecame a buzzing bell for the media industry.Our newspaper also covers the following locations:• Meerut• New Delhi• Agra• Noida• JhansiDLA Newspaper Available on barter via Ormita
  144. 144. www.ormita.comJansatta is a leading Hindi daily belonging to the Indian ExpressGroup. The newspaper is published from Delhi and Kolkata. It hasa good readership base in the Hindi-speaking belt of Northern andEastern India.Jansatta is one of the few Hindi dailies which is known for itsnational perspective. However, the newspaper is available onlythrough print version and therefore out of reach in non-Hindispeaking Indian states and outside India.Jansatta Available on barter via Ormita
  145. 145. www.ormita.comMail Today, a daily newspaper in compact format, is published by MailToday Newspapers Private Limited, a joint venture between the IndiaToday Group and Daily Mail of London.Mail Today is a morning daily with a difference. One of the largest Englishdaily newspapers in India.Clean, lucid and straight- talking, Mail Today marries the credibility andauthenticity of the India Today Group with Daily Mails internationalstandards. Mail Today comes with a wide range of sections, all of whichmake for a compelling read: *Money Mail *Good Health * Female*Lifestyle* Its Friday! *Entertainment *Property Mail *You *Review* TravelMail. An engaging read for the new Indian that makes good morningsjust great.www.mailtoday.inMail Today Newspaper Available on barter via Ormita
  146. 146. www.ormita.comLokmat is a popular newspaper, published in Marathi (Lokmat), Hindi (Lokmat Samachar) & English (LokmatTimes). It is the fourth largest Indian daily and in Marathi, it is the largest selling daily with 1.2 million copies a day.Its readership (NRS 2006) is 10,856,000. Its main corporate office is located in Nagpur City in Maharashtra (India).This is the news paper with National, Regional, Marathi, Sports, Entertainment, Art and Culture news.Lokmat Newspaper Available on barter via
  147. 147. www.ormita.comThe Loksatta (Devanagari: लोकसत्ता) is 5th largest selling Marathinewspaper in Maharashtra, India, and part of Indian ExpressGroup. Established in 1948, today it has branches in Mumbai,Nagpur, Pune, Ahmednagar and Delhi.Daily Marathi Newspaper with Circulation of 250,000 in Mumbaiitself.www.loksatta.comLoksatta Available on barter via Ormita
  148. 148. People Samachar Newspaperwww.ormita.comThe newspaper has four editions Bhopal, Indore,Jabalpur and Gwalior and focuses on the younggeneration with its unique 7 day-7 colour concept. Thepublication is part of the People Group, which has a vastportfolio in education, hospitals, real estate and media.Apart from Peoples Samachar, the People Group alsopublishes ˜Peoples Post, which was launched in Februarythis year.Available on barter via Ormita