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Jpku tm newsletter_images_february_2011


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Jpku tm newsletter_images_february_2011

  1. 1. Images Newsletter of the JPKU Toastmasters Club, New Delhi Vol. 5, Issue 2; February 2011 FEBRUARY 2011 Club No. 858173 Division C, District 82The Editor’s Note There I thought, that I had my share of producing the newsletter but circumstances have prevailed yet again and I have been given another Mission of responsibility of bringing another colourful issue of the newsletter. Toastmasters To provide a mutually The newsletter is a great platform for those who want to pen down their thoughts even supportive and positive though they are not professional writers. In this issue, Toastmaster Vikas shares his story, learning environment in which every individ- Toastmaster Akhil gathers his thoughts on Patience, Toastmaster Goonjan Mall takes his ual call on love and Toastmaster Sanchit Aggarwal shares his experience of Valentine Mas- member has the querade Party he attended with other toastmasters of the club. opportunity to develop oral I hope you will have great time reading it. communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster Akhil Sood self-confidence VP (Edu) - JPKU TM
  2. 2. 2 CONTENTS February 2011PRESIDENT SPEAKS Page 3President Vikas Kumar shares his thoughts for the club — Vikas Kumar Patience Page 4 With contests just gone by, a perfect recipe to achieve one’s true potential - Akhil Sood Love Is In The Air Page 5 A take on Valentines week - Goonjan Mall My Story Page 6 The big question is “What is your story?” Valentine Masquerade Page 7 An experience of a big toastmasters gathering - Sanchit Aggarwal Know Thy Toastmaster Page 8 Let’s get close and personal with our very own toastmasters. Pranshu Arora JPKU Toastmasters Club International Speech and Table Topics Contest Page 9 Best of the Month Page 10 Find out our star performers week by week. Club Contact Details Page 11 Acknowledgments Page 12
  3. 3. 3 PRESIDENT SPEAKS February 2011 Competition is part and parcel of our life and we are competing at various platforms through- out our life. Toastmaster also has it’s share of competitions. In every meeting, we try to better ourselves and compete with other toastmaster in prepared speeches, evaluations and im- promptu table topics sections. Besides this every meeting dosage of competitions, we also have the big bang - Speech Competitions. This week, we witnessed club members trying to outperform against each other in Interna- tional Speech Competition and Table Topics Competition. I would like to congratulate Sanchit Aggarwal and Nitya Ranjan for winning the International Speech and Table Topics Contest re- spectively, Akhil Sood was first runners up in both the contests and Roberto Germani was sec- ond runners up in Table Topics Contest. First two award winners of each contest will repre- sent JPKU Toastmasters Club in the upcoming Area C2 level contest where they shall com- pete with toastmasters of other club of South Delhi area. Also, This month we tried a couple of new things in our meetings to make them more inter- esting. These were special movie and book review sections which helped members appreciate the usage of communication for something that they are passionate about. With all the energy our young members bring in I assure you that learning and fun will grow further. Carpe Diem. Thank you. Vikas Kumar President—JPKU Toastmasters Club
  4. 4. 4 PATIENCE February 2011 Akhil SoodI am very new to a rather unknown at reality shows and what not and just wait for a golden opportunity to presentconcept of a thought magnet but i am and we let go all our frustration, not wondering , what impact is going to havequite surprised to see how it works. on the person or the relationship.The moment you get some free time at Just take a minute out of your lives and think and ponder before you react toyour mercy, your thoughts start taking something and do an ever-challenging act of courageousness. Lets make aa shape. There is nothing unknown pledge and start growing some patience within us. Its not hard to develop it,about this, but the peculiar thing is that there are ample ways but the foremost thing is that you need to be willing tothe thoughts zero down in the same adapt and initiate a change. Lets change our procrastination into a more posi-zone every-time. That’s were the mag- tive comes into the picture.The things you see and perceive remain forever active and ready for any refer-ence in the subconscious. I have always been alarmed at the ever increasingrate of breakups, divorces, involving some of my best friends, the people ihave lived most of my life with and yet when i start comparing this efferves-cent generation with the one that preceded us, the number diminishes. Themagnet has often attracted my thoughts and they have obliged by wanderingin the same direction, What is the attribute that we are lacking in our genera-tion and our parents perfected in? They possibly haven’t seen and explored theworld as we are destined to but yet there was something that they could holdon to their partners and knit a merry relationship.I am aware that none of us graduate with the idea of learning how to get easydivorces and break up but somehow we do manage to excel in it. The word ispatience. We lack it. Blame it on the young boiling blood or the social stigmawe grew in but we are just a bunch of irritated people, who have been angry
  5. 5. 5 Love is in the Air February 2011 Goonjan Mall When you are in love, you get butterflies in your stomach. Things start to look dif- “Love is in the air, everywhere I look around ferent. You change. Is all this true? Proba- Love is in the air, every sight and every sound bly! And I dont know if I’m being foolish, dont know if I’m being wise But is something that I must believe in Come February, all that’s there in your And its there when I look in your eyes” mind is – Valentine Day. - Paul Young Everyone has their own reasons.For those who are in love – you have to think about your plans for the val-entine week. And you are worried about the gifts you have to get. Aren’tyou? I am!For those who are not yet in love – you are probably waiting for the per-fect one. You are looking out for Mr. Cupid to fire his love arrow rightthrough your heart.And finally, for those of you who are still waiting for an answer, valentineis the perfect time to propose. Just imagine – you down on one knee, ared rose and a box of chocolates. And… the answer is yes! Wouldn’t thatbe the best moment of your life!!!Well, as they say, being in love is the best feeling in the world. Go on. Ex-perience it!
  6. 6. 6 My Story February 2011 Vikas Kumar We all are part of a story I strove to leave my footprints in all the paths I had We all are the lead in a tale trodden And if we don’t do what we are told Only to realise that it is the path that had left its foot- We all are bound to fail print on me. Its high time we took control of our story And started living life with a well deserved Glory I took for granted my shadow that I had dragged along with me all this while Everyone has some story to tell, actually lots Only to discover a trembling self find solace in the shad- of stories to tell. But when one faces the ows that I had given birth to. question- ―What is your story?‖ At first al- most all blank out and then they start what I searched for a glimpse of me in the image in the mirror has been going through our heads these days. Only to find it peering back at me with unrecognizing The first few lines in the answer to this ques- eyes, in a quest for itself. tion are very important because it gives aclear view of the present mental state of the person. It clearly stats the most I watched in awe the shadows dancing to the tune of its fireimportant idea going through the mind of the speaker these days. Only to wonder if the origin of light is darkness itself. I wanted to leave my footprints in all the paths troddenWhen this question was posed to me by one of the board members of my or-ganization, my reaction to speak about my background. To this answer, he But sometimes its beautiful to let the path leave its footprints on my heartcommented that the reason I am still giving my background to this question is Never to be washed away by the waves of time.because I am still stuck with my background. I am too proud of the same anddon’t want to move ahead from that glorious past. What is your story??It indeed was an eye opener and later when I thought about my story, there wasno clear answer. There were lots of hazy pictures but no clear indication of thepath ahead. Following lines clearly describe my story these days:
  7. 7. 7 Valentine Masquerade February 2011 Sanchit Aggarwal I am relatively a new member of Toastmasters Club. The highlights of the party were the perform- To me Toastmasters club means ―A place to provide a ances by Tatva Band, Gunjan and Swati Jain. I mutually supportive and positive learning environment don’t think that there is any doubt about that. Mr in which every individual member has the opportunity and Madam Toastmaster was icing on the cake. to develop oral communication and leadership skills, Really nice performances by the people of all age which in turn foster self-confidence and personal groups. I guess that’s the beauty of Toastmasters growth‖, (I am not being a nerd, I am just the Sergeant club; people are not distinguished from others be- at Arms of JPKU club). cause of their age or experience; they are re- spected for their desire to learn and their desire toTill 20th February, the only social gathering I had attended was OTP – Officers Training improve themselves.Program. To be honest, till I got the invitation email of Valentines masquerade party byTMWD, I didn’t even know that Toastmaster clubs can host parties. But it was only after In the end, I must say that Arpita, Rajan, Gunjan, Harish ji and Swati Katariya did an ex-some time, I got know that this was one of the biggest parties ever hosted by any Toast- cellent job at organising, marketing and hosting one of the best parties I ever attended,masters’ club. and I hope to see more events and parties coming from TMWD, because they simply ROCKED this one!I was at the party very well on time, and by ―very well on time‖ I mean I was only half anhour late, which is frankly very good by Indian standard, because it was raining heavily Cheers!and it was not easy to reach on time. But to my surprise, most of the people were alreadythere. I guess the first rule of Toastmasters is very well ingrained into all of us, ―To bepunctual‖.The party was a delight right from the start. A great venue was selected, both in terms ofapproachability and space. As I entered, the first thing that was offered to me was a mas-querade mask, which was again one of a kind. The food, the ambience and the decora-tions were simply brilliant.The ceremony was initiated by Mr. Harish Gupta, Sergeant at Arms of TMWD club. Itwas then taken over by Arpita and Rajan, who were the hosts of the party. I must admitthat no one could have done this job better than both of them. The energy they demon-strated was just mind blowing.
  8. 8. 8 KNOW THY TOASTMASTER February 2011Pranshu Arora is a new member of the club from Faridabad. He is pursuing his Engineering from local engg col-lege. Besides studies, he is very passionate about Guitar and speaking. He is a professional teacher for Guitar and totake care of his other passion speaking, he joined toastmaster. to express myself. I don’t learnQ1: How did you come to know about toastmasters and how just playing guitar I love to makehave been your experience till now? my original compositions. AndI came to know about toastmaster from my PDP trainer in my col- know I have even become a mu-lege, her name is Mrs. Garima Arora. She told me that if you really sic teacher now and my dreamwant to improve your skills you should join this club. Now I can feel is not ending end unless l open athat she was evincing in her words. My experience about toastmaster music school where every childis really very positive as this is the platform which can lead my life to is free to express his thoughtslive my dreams. Really want to thank Vikas and Akhil was making me through music.realize what is toastmaster. Q4: What are the goals youQ2: What is Pranshu Passionate about? have set for yourself vis - a - I am Passionate about lots of things in life .My life is full of adven- vis toastmastersture I love doing things that make me energetic and crazy my life is I have just one goal set in my mind that I want to become the best speaker in ourtowards marketing as this is the only field where I can meet new peo- club.ple every day and it’s not a static job. I am also passionate about mak- Q5: Any suggestions for the Toastmaster meeting in general and for fellowing presentation just because it’s an easy way to sell my ideas. And toastmasters of the club?how can I forget MUSIC IS MY LIFE. You guys are great as its such a spectacular way of learning new thingsQ3: You mentioned about your love for guitar in your ice - in life. No suggestion because everything is perfect over the club thebreaker speech. Can you tell something more about it? member, evaluation, methodology, everything is perfect.Two years back I start learning guitar, while I was learning I came toknow that music is path to express you and my love for music is just
  9. 9. 9 CONTEST TIME February 2011 JPKU—International Speech & Table Topics Contest (Feb 26, 2011) NITYA SANCHIT RANJAN AGGARWALAKHIL AKHIL ROBERTOSOOD SOOD GERMANI International Speech Table Topics Contest Contest
  10. 10. 10 BEST OF THE MONTH February 2011 Here come Here come the the results!!! results!!! 5th February: Rahul Soni 12th February: Sanchit Aggarwal 19th February: Rahul Soni 5th February: Goonjan Mall 5th February: Shraddha Nakra 12th February: Nishant 12th February: Akhil Sood 19th February: Pranshu Arora 19th February: Akhil Sood
  11. 11. 11 CLUB CONTACT DETAILS February 2011Our Executive Committee Venue of Meetings Vikas Kumar: President Vivekananda Vihar, Opposite J.P., Kapur & Uberai, Chartered Accountants, LGF C-4/5 Safdarjung Development Area, Akhil Sood: Vice President, Education New Delhi—110016. Shraddha Nakra: Vice President, Membership Time of Meetings Sameep Taneja Secretary Every Saturday, 12:30 p.m. Vinay Jain: Treasurer Whom to Contact Sanchit Aggarwal: Sergeant-at-arms For all queries, please contact: Vikas Kumar: +91 9560690622 :; Akhil Sood: +91 9810820409; Shraddha Nakra: +91 9899010 702 Sanchit Aggarwal +91 9810906089; Sameep Taneja: +91 9810053909;
  12. 12. 12 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS February 2011 Always Ahead…! To be honest, I am doing this on behalf of Vikas, since he is the one who had worked over time to make this issue possible and not derail the train of newsletters yet again. I would like to ex- tend my gratitude to everyone who contributed to the newsletter. Thanks to Vikas and Sanchit for their support. Finally, I would like to specially mention the names of Pranshu, Goonjan for their prompt contributions. Images is published on the last day of the month. All contribu- tors are requested to send in their entries to by the 25th of the month. Club No. 858173 No part of this newsletter maybe printed or reproduced Division C, District 82 without intimating the JPKU Toastmasters Club. All enquiries and requests should be directed to the club’s public relationsImportant Links: committee at Toastmasters: http://jpkutoastmasters.bravehost.comDivision C members: d82Cmembers@googlegroups.comDistrict 82: Copyright JPKU Toastmasters Club, 2011