Tzabar parents- October 2012


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Tzabar parents- October 2012

  1. 1. Tzabar Parents
  2. 2. Tzabar Parents aims to be social,professional and intellectual address to Israeli immigrant parents andeducators in the field of Jewish and Israeli culture and identification .among young immigrant families
  3. 3. Parents Surveys
  4. 4. Immigrant Parents Survey #1 ((n=260, Jan-Feb 2012I want my children tocontinue to live in Israel. Average=3.74 of 5 I feel that I am quite familiarwith Israeli culture,to introduce it to my children.
  5. 5. It is important to me that mykids knew the Russianlanguage.It is important to me that mychildren were familiar withRussian culture (books, movies,music, etc.)
  6. 6. It is important to me that mychildren speak, read and write inHebrew well.It is important for me that mychildren felt part of Israelisociety.
  7. 7. It is important to me that my children were familiar with Jewish culture and tradition.I feel that I am familiar enough withJewish traditions, to attach to themmy children
  8. 8. Parents Survey #2 (n=103, May 2012) Family Cultural NeedsWhich topics of parents’ meetings are most interesting to you? (you can mark more than one answer) Topic Number of answers Bilingualism in Israel 70 Multiculturalism in Israel 49 Intergenerational relationship 40 Jewish and Israeli culture 33 Other 8
  9. 9. What kind of family activities (children and parents)do you prefer? (you can mark more than one answer) Topic Number of answers Hiking and nature walks, trips to places of interest 86 in Israel Emotional and cognitive training to Israeli 52 municipal kindergarten and school Celebrating Jewish holidays & Kabalat Shabbat 37 Introduction to the Israeli culture for preschool 36 children Other 3
  10. 10. Objectives andAnticipated Outcomes
  11. 11. To create national social network of young immigrants’ families, providing ) 1them with positive Israeli Jewish experience and place to share their identity&culture dilemmas.2) To develop educational content, programs and materials for youngimmigrant parents and educators on issues of Jewish & Israeli culture andidentity , bilingualism and biculturalism at Israeli immigrant families.3) To raise an awareness to dilemmas of biculturalism and social integrationin Israel.4) To strengthen Jewish continuity and "connectedness" to Israel amongyoung immigrant Israeli families. By that we also aim to help stem the tide of.Russian-Jewish Young Professionals emigration from Israel
  12. 12. Leading Team
  13. 13. Vika Shteiman Co-Founder & Projects Manager. Jewish Informal education specialist in last 12 years with rich experience of leading educational and social projects for Russian Speaking Jewish youth and young adults at Israel and Former Soviet Union. M.A at Educational Management and Leadership from Tel-Aviv University, PhD student at Contemporary Jewry program at Bar- .Ilan University
  14. 14. Sasha Klyachkina Co-Founder & Projects Manager. Educator and group facilitator in Jewish Zionist informal education in Israel and abroad in last 10 years. Social activist in projects dealing with immigrant integration into Israeli society. Member of training staff in the Education . Department at the Jewish Agency for Israel B.A degree at Political Science and Media from Tel- Aviv University, towards M.A Degree at .Democracy studies
  15. 15. Elena Berkovich Logistics &Partnerships Manager. Educator and group facilitator in Jewish Zionist informal education in Israel and abroad in programs of Jewish Agency for Israel. Member of training staff in the Education Department at the Jewish . Agency B.A at Human resources &services - Izreel Valley .Academic College
  16. 16. Ongoing projects
  17. 17. .Mishpohod Family JourneyWeekend educationaloutdoor meetings for youngfamilies, meant tostrengthen the connection tothe land of Israel via its richnature resources, culturaland historical landmarks.Three journeys like thisalready took place in 2012, 30.09.2012 Canada Parkeach one attracting morefamilies that the one before.
  18. 18. 9.06.2012 Sataf 7.07.2012 Ramat HaNadiv
  19. 19. Chagim LeMatchilim – Holidays for NewbiesYoung families meetings-providing positive familyJewish experience (Shabbat& Jewish holidays(, adaptedto early childhood ages andRussian Speaking familiescultural needs. 17.08.2012 Kabalat Shabbat in Taoz
  20. 20. Rosh Hashana –Sep 13, 2012 Tu BiShvat –Feb 4, 2012
  21. 21. SabRus Parents’ MeetingsAnnual series of parents’groups meetings with Israeliprofessionals in issues ofidentity, education andculture. Currently runningat Rehovot and Beer Sheba,next destinations-Jerusalemand Ashdod. 13.07.2012 Meeting with Israeli poet Nati Bait about reading early childhood books in Hebrew
  22. 22. Parents Talking About Us
  23. 23. Thanks to your “Rosh HaShana Seder” I It is really important that I have a placewas able to make one of my one to my now where I meet other parents whofriends’ families in 24 hours’ notice. are dealing with the same issues as I doVictoria, Jerusalem – even though we live in Israel for a long time. Apparently, I am not alone, and it’s ok to wonder and learn new things about my Judaism together with my kids. Thank you for this amazing experience! Tanya, Tel-Aviv I am really glad I got your Sukkot brochure just before the holidays– finally I understand what exactly we are celebrating at Sukkot. Raya, Haifa
  24. 24. Our Volunteers
  25. 25. Yoni Demeshko, Ilan’s father. Yoni is responsible for all recent colorful flyers of our activities – he creates them, using his imagination and deep understanding of our needs. Besides, he is great with kids, which comes in handy when working with families.Miriam & Danny Rubinstein,Eithan’s parents.Started as participants in ouractivities, and then asked tojoin the team. Danny andMiriam help with logistics,preparations, generatingideas,. They do it with a lot ofdevotion and love.
  26. 26. Ira and Lena Simonovich Ira and Lena are talented young designers and artists. They were with us right from the beginning, and created our logo and our first flyers.Eddie Berkovitch, Adam’sfather.Eddie is an experienced non-formal educator, who knowshow to organize a big activityfor large amount of people.He is also a greatphotographer, and thanks tohim we have amazing picturesfrom the family journeys.
  27. 27. Our Upcoming Projects
  28. 28. 3. Family ceremonies moderators’ course. Half-annual professional workshop for Russian Speaking Israeli parentsand professionals interested to learn about family based ceremonies inorder to conduct them in their own families and communities (babyboygirl naming and welcoming rituals, Bar /Bat-Mitzvah(.This is a jointproject with “HAVAYA Israeli life cycle ceremonies”.4. International families exchange program.Social and educational program of “ guest families” exchange, providingyoung Russian speaking Jewish families affordable opportunity to travelwith little kids and to get introduced to life of Russian speakingcommunity in Israel Russia North America
  29. 29. Want to know more about us? ? Participate in our projects? Volunteer• Visit our Facebook page and join next events www.facebook.comtzabarparents • Or contact us: