Dr. ar. david h. fisher


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Dr. ar. david h. fisher

  1. 1. Dr. Ar. DAviD H. FisHer ANIL KUMAR 2010 UAR 121
  2. 2. DAVID HAIM FISHER  Born- 1949 Tel Aviv, Israel  Nationality – Italian-Israeli  Award- “ARCHITECT OF YEAR IN 2008” For - Dynamic Tower, Dubai  Style- Dynamic Architecture.  Company -The DBA (The Developers & Builders Alliance)  -Gedi Group(Dynamic Architecture)
  3. 3. Early life  Fisher was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, about 1949.In 1970 he left Israel to attend the University of Florence. David Fisher graduated with Honors from the School of Architecture in Florence. After graduation he served as a lecturer of architecture and structural engineering at the same university.
  4. 4. David Fisher • Italian Architect based in Florence owning a design firm called “Infinity Design” • Honors at Faculty of Architecture in Florence University • Taught as faculty in the same and in structural engineering department • Awarded PhD Honoris causa by the Prodeo Institute at Columbia University (NY) • Not a traditional architect as he worked mainly in the field of construction redefining the technical and technological extremes of building • Involved in restoration of ancient buildings • Pioneer in the field of prefabrication and dynamic buildings
  5. 5. ARCHITECTURE IS TECHNOLOGY • Since the beginning, with his involvement in “Binishells” technology, David Fisher’s design studio has developed a vision of architecture resulting from technological and economic considerations, with aesthetics being the natural output of the above. Killarney heights public school library
  6. 6. ARCHITECTURE IS FEASIBILITY • Since the first large project, “the Marriott Aruba” , Dr. Fisher has taken part in the complete process of construction, from the feasibility study, to financing, to construction management and the final commissioning of the project.
  7. 7. ARCHITECTURE IS FUNCTIONALITY For David Fisher Architecture is the space for living and the life of the people must not be conditioned by an architect’s extravagance. • Infinity Design gives puts a strong focus on the flexibility of the space as life, architecture must change together with the needs of the people and the changes of the environmental conditions. •
  11. 11. REDEFINING DYNAMIC ARCHITECTURE  Dynamic Architecture buildings keep modifying their shape  Traditional architecture – Gravity  Dynamic architecture – Motion dynamics  A mechanical approach to civil construction – Transdisciplinary  Buildings will no more remain the ‘fossilized imagination’ of the architect;  They will change, constantly bringing new views and experiences to us with time  Introducing the fourth dimension in architecture : TIME
  12. 12. The Rotating Tower, Dubai
  13. 13. BUILDING • 80 floors, 420 meters tall. First 20 floors will be Offices. • Floors 21 to 35 will be a Luxury hotel. •
  14. 14. • Floors 36 to 70 will be Apartments.
  15. 15. While the top 10 floors will be luxury Villas. • Apartment sizes range from 124 sq.m to villa of size 1200 sq.m • It will be the first building in the World to be entirely constructed from factory made prefabricated parts. • These parts are being manufactured in a factory in Altamura, Italy •
  16. 16. Architecture  The building is going to be constructed 90% in a modular way.   Each floor will consist in 12 modules that will arrive at the project site fully  finished, waiting to be mounted. The external shape of the modules offers a modern design for the building, an endless shape.
  17. 17. Interior design Dynamic Hotel will consist in 68 floors each floor with 6 star services. Each floor is designed with it’s own parking side, cars being brought with an special elevator. The interior design has a three main features: luxury, minimal,hi-tech.
  18. 18. Industrial Skyscraper The Rotating Tower Of Dubai will be the First Industrial Skyscraper ever constructed. 90% of the building will be prefabricated and assembled on a central core, the only part built with traditional reinforced concrete poured on the site.” “
  19. 19. WIND TURBINE The skyscraper's wind turbines, positioned horizontally between each floor, and solar ink on its many roofs will produce energy making the tower the first self-powered building. Thus the Rotating Tower, a unique architectural solution, becomes also a "power station" producing green energy for the city.
  20. 20. TURBINE
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