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Transformation coach workshop


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A workshop which can change your future.

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Transformation coach workshop

  1. 1. Thought at Work™ Your Partner to Co-Create Future
  2. 2. Transformation Coach A Journey to Self Discover Organization’s Vision, Mission, Values and Goals
  3. 3. The Problem • Vision , Mission ,Values , Goals are our tools for both triumph or tribulation • They appear to be over-used jargon where everyone talks about creating a vision, mission, values and goals • Everyone has an opinion • Even worse, everyone defines the terms in different ways
  4. 4. Why bother • At best this quartet of vision, mission, values and goals is capable of guiding your everyday steps to achieving your work-place dreams and becoming your team’s ultimate “Transformation Coach” • At worst they create huge obstacles to success because they are confused, uninspiring and lacking in clarity The choice is YOURS
  5. 5. Our Solution is “Transformation Coach” • Inside this chaos is good sense • Put clear meaning into the jargon • We invite you to make that meaning specific to your business team
  6. 6. Post Workshop Benefits • Speed up your decision making • Know where to focus resources • Be more efficient • Ensure every action builds towards the future
  7. 7. Transformation Coach Focus on what you can control
  8. 8. Transformation Coach Prepare & Plan your strategies around what you cannot control
  9. 9. Workshop Goals • To establish mission, vision, values & goals as the foundation for successful development of an organization and the cornerstone for effective performance results • To provide a framework for developing a mission statement for your organization • To explore and understand the dynamic relationship that exists between an organization’s vision and values and the behaviours and practices that enable success