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8 ways to write shorter tweets vikas


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This PPT gives you an idea about how to write shorter tweets.

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8 ways to write shorter tweets vikas

  1. 1. :-)8 Ways To Write Shorter Tweets
  2. 2. I Ihave made this letter have made this letter longer than usual, only longer than usual, only because I Ihave not had because have not had the time to make it the time to make it shorter shorterrewrite
  3. 3. Excellent article on Excellent article on Great article on Great article onPurchase Purchase Top article on Top article onBuy (5 spaces Buy (5 spaces Top post on (9 Top post on (9saved) saved) spaces saved) spaces saved)Synonyms are your best friends
  4. 4. This is an article that This is an article thatThe presenter The presenter really engages: really engages:who was after me who was after me A really engaging A really engagingThe presenter The presenter article articleafter me after meEliminate implied and unnecessarywords
  5. 5. Fewer than 10% of Fewer than 10% of marketers test their marketers test theirSeven ways to win Seven ways to win copy copywith words with words <10% of marketers <10% of marketers7 ways to win with 7 ways to win with test their copy test their copywords wordsmathematical symbols andnumerals
  6. 6. Half of marketers are Half of marketers are using email design using email design preview tools preview tools 50% of marketers use 50% of marketers use email design preview email design preview tools toolsthe active voice
  7. 7. Images lift clicks by 34% Images lift clicks by 34% when used in marketing when used in marketing emails emails Images lift clicks by 34% Images lift clicks by 34% in marketing emails in marketing emails Images lift clicks by Images lift clicks by 34% #emailmarketing 34% #emailmarketinghashtags
  8. 8. promotional code promotional code Promo code Promo codeabbreviations
  9. 9. marketing- marketing- /01/law_and_deliverabi /01/law_and_deliverabi lity.html lity.html shorteners
  10. 10. connect with us Vikas Agarwal Associate Manager – Sales & Marketing+91 – 7406282631 |