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Oil & gas sector presentation

  1. 1. Infraline Knowledge Services on Energy Sector<br />Oil and Natural Gas Sector<br />
  2. 2. Oil & Gas Sector Knowledgebase<br />Informed, perceptive, thorough and Independent knowedlgebase<br />India focused industry specific data<br />Online, real-time update of<br /><ul><li>Daily Newsletters (6 days a week)
  3. 3. Comprehensive Library (updated 4 times daily, 20 GB)
  4. 4. Analytical Articles, Sectoral Insights
  5. 5. Market Intelligence
  6. 6. Reports and Books</li></ul>InfralineEnergyTM<br />--2--<br />
  7. 7. Knowledge Reservoir<br />Knowledge Bases coverage areas :<br />Sector Overview<br />Detailed Profiles of Major Oil & Gas Sector Players<br />Upstream developments (includes NELP- I to VIII)<br />Natural Gas & LNG<br />Downstream<br />Pipelines: Detailed profiles- existing & proposed<br />Latest Crude, Gas and Fuel Prices: National & International<br />Petroleum Laws, Reforms and Policy Initiatives<br />Important Statistical Data<br />Topical & Current Issues<br />Important Presentations<br />Exclusive Maps<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--3--<br />
  8. 8. Database Homepage<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--4--<br />Daily News and the framework…<br />
  9. 9. Upstream<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--5--<br />Information on NELP, Reserves, Rigs and much more…<br />
  10. 10. Natural Gas<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--6--<br />Detailed information on various aspects related to Natural Gas…<br />
  11. 11. Liquefied Natural Gas<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--7--<br />Detailed information on various aspects related to LNG…<br />
  12. 12. Prices <br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--8--<br />Regular price related statistical updates…<br />
  13. 13. Demand- Supply<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--9--<br />Consolidated data on current and projected Demand & Supply…<br />
  14. 14. Maps<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--10--<br />Maps showing current & planned pipelines, gas basins and oil fields…<br />
  15. 15. Regulatory Framework<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--11--<br />Vital information on regulatory framework & policies…<br />
  16. 16. Taxes & Duties<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--12--<br />Data on Excise & Custom and Sales Tax across the country…<br />
  17. 17. Monthly Updates<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--13--<br />Updates on projects, production and sales…<br />
  18. 18. Presentations<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--14--<br />Free downloads for Oil & Gas Sector related reports…<br />
  19. 19. Coverage detail - I<br />Sector Overview giving Detailed Overview of the Sectoral Development including Major Policy Changes, Projects Implemented, Changes in Market Dynamics like Demand and Supply, Pricing, etc. <br />Company Profiles encompassing Detailed Business, Financial and Operational activities of all the major players. Joint Venture Project Updates, Joint Venture Agreements, Progress and Plans, Presentations to the MoP&NG and other Public Forums, MoUs Signed, Production and Sales Updates, Subsidiary Activities, etc.<br />Upstream including NELP-I to VI including the MPSCs, Notice Inviting Offers, Petroleum Tax Guide, Blocks Offered and Awarded, Production Profiles and Cost Estimates, Companies Participated, Work Programmes of Winning Consortium, Changes in Bid Evaluation Criteria and activities update. NELP-VII BEC & MPSC along with Winners details, Maps, Coordinates etc. Pre-NELP rounds - History and Project Updates, Geology of Sedimentary Basins and Hydrocarbon Potential, Information on Private/JV activities including Basinwise, Companywise and Statewise PEL and ML areas under Operations, etc. Deep-Water Exploration activities, Updates on Exploratory and Development Drilling, Number of Wells and Metreage Drilled, Work Programmes and Redevelopment Programmes. CBM-I, II and III bid rounds, Description of bids offered and the winners, Activity updates. Data on Oil and Gas Reserves, Guidelines for Reserves Estimations, Reserves Classification, Discoveries made by Private and National Oil Companies, Test Results and Discovery Maps, Development Plans of Key Discoveries, Special Reports on key fields. Statewise and Regionwise Production and Consumption updates, Imports, Prices, Duties & Royalties. Sub-Committee Reports on E&P, Phase Extension Policies and Recommendations for Union Budgets, International E&P activities of Indian companies, Activities of DGH, Studies and Surveys conducted, MoU entered by DGH, setting up of National Data Repository, Strengthening of DGH's Authorities, Sedimentary Basins, Geology, Basin Maps and Basin Categories, Exploration Performance of various companies, Costs of various elements in E&P value chain. Detailed description of related activities including Maps, Collaborations, etc. Analytical articles providing deep insight into E&P activities in the country and Glossary. <br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--15--<br />
  20. 20. Natural Gas & LNG: Natural Gas Reserves, Production - Field-wise & Company-wise, Utilization of Off-shore & Onshore Gas, Field-wise, Month-wise and Source-wise Gas Production, Long-Term Gas Profile, Field-wise Future Estimated Production, Gas Production & Availability Estimates, Sector-wise Allocation, Supply and Demand Projections for both APM and Non-APM Gas, Demand and Supply position in New Energy Scenario and Action Plan for supply of gas to customers, Industry-Wise Off-take of Gas, State-Wise/Sector-wise Gas Allocation with special focus on Power and Fertilizer Sector, End Use Consumption in Power, Fertilizer, Refining and Petrochemicals Sector, Latest Updated Statistics on Gas Availability, Region-wise Allocation & Supply from GAIL, Gas Distribution & Marketing, Import Options from various countries in form of LNG and through Pipelines, Detailed Profiles of various Existing, Under-Construction & Proposed Gas Pipelines with Status Reports and Maps, Detailed Profiles of Proposed Trans-national Pipelines with Latest Status Reports and Maps, Plans and Current Status of Strategic Storage of Natural Gas.<br />Detailed Integrated Natural Gas Map, Detailed Profile of Gujarat Gas Grid, City Gas Distribution networks of various companies (Existing and Planned), Detailed Reports on CNG and PNG infrastructure, Detailed Reports & Statistics on Gas Pricing in India with in-depth Analytical articles on the subject, Views on Gas Pricing Structure, Sales Tax & Royalty, Consumer & Producer Prices, Delivered Gas Prices, Proposal to hike Gas Prices, Gas Act, Model Gas Supply Contract, Details of Gas Pricing for APM and RLNG, Joint Venture Fields and NELP fields, Pricing of Gas produced from Pre-NELP, NELP and CBM Blocks, Proposed NELP Gas Pricing Policy, Analysis of effect of Higher Prices on Gas Market in India, Transportation Tariffs of the Various Pipelines, Reports and studies on the Transportation Tariffs of the Pipelines, Government issues related to the Gas Pricing like Profit Gas, Detailed Profiles of existing LNG Terminals like Dahej, and Hazira as well as proposed like Dabhol, Kochi, etc. with their current status; Sourcing of LNG from various countries, Salient Features of Proposed Integrated LNG Policy, Analytical Insights in LNG Economics, LNG demand and consumption including sector-wise consumption having special focus on Power and Fertilizer Sector, In-depth analysis of LNG and R-LNG pricing in India from sources like Iran etc., LNG Agreements with various countries, Details of procurement of LNG from various countries with current status, CNG & Status of current activities, Pricing Economics, Safety Aspects, etc, Policies of Government for the Natural Gas Market, Regulatory Framework for the Natural Gas Market, Gujarat's Interim Policy for Gas Distribution, Important Reports & Documents on Natural Gas, Strategic Storage for Natural Gas and much more. <br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--16--<br />Coverage detail - II<br />
  21. 21. Coverage detail - III<br />Downstream: Detailed Profiles of Existing, Under-Construction and Proposed Refineries of both Public and Private Companies with regularly updated status, Latest Performance figures and Details on the Production and Crude throughput. Update on the various projects planned for refineries like expansion of refinery etc, Details of the crude sourced for the refineries, Statistics like Refining Capacity Planned, Name Plate Installed Capacity, and Capacity Additions and Crude throughput, Monthly Production, Sales Figures & Performance Report of various companies, Latest Statistics on Refinery-wise and Product-wise Petro-Product Production & Consumption, Detailed Reports on Petro-Products with Industry Performance Review, Figures on Import and Export of Petro-Products, Articles on alternative energy sources like Bio-diesel etc, Details on Ethanol Blending to Petrol, State-wise SKO Allocation and supply, Industry-wise FO/LSHS Off-take, Naphtha Off-take, Petrol & Diesel Offtake from Reliance Jamnagar Refinery, Stock Import & Availability Projections, Marketing Plan for Oil Marketing Companies, Monthly Petroleum Industry Data, In-depth analysis of Lubricants & Greases Market, LPG & SKO - Availability & Consumption, Pricing, Marketing & Distribution, Infrastructure & Transportation, Report on Status of Parallel Marketers, Petro-Product Prices, Naphtha Fertilizer Rates, FO/LSHS Fertilizer Rates, Ex-MI Price of Naphtha/FO/LSHS/HPS, Prov. Gate Prices, Ex-storage Prices (APM), Ex-storage Prices (Decontrolled), Dealer Commission, Subsidies, Sales Tax, Central Excise & Customs Tariffs, Oil Bonds issued by the Government, International Oil Prices, Tax Rates, Product & Crude pipelines, Regulatory Framework, Statistics for consumption of Petroleum products, Lubricants and Greases, Storage & Movement, Monthly figures for Inventory of Petroleum Products, Detailed Reports on Sales of Petroleum Products, Euro Norms for Vehicular Emissions, Strategic Storage of Crude Oil & issues covering Adulteration, Reasons, Legalities & Remedies, Documentation of Conferences etc.<br />Pipelines: Detailed profiles of Existing, Under-Construction & Proposed Product, Gas and Crude pipelines in the country with their current and previous status reports and maps, Government Acts and Reports for the pipelines in the country, Maps of the various pipelines, Details of the proposed BIS standards for the pipelines, complete details of pipelines with technical specifications and Analytical papers on the Pipelines and the companies operating in the sector. <br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--17--<br />
  22. 22. International Energy Relations: Extensive coverage on growing energy relations with countries like Pakistan, US, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Russia, Qatar , Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, China, Iran, Myanmar, Australia, UK, Brazil, Canada, Sri Lanka, Gabon, Cyprus, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Romania, Angola etc., Relations between Indian and foreign companies and agreements between them, Coverage of major treaties, Regular updates on various activities of Indian Companies outside India and much more …<br />Petroleum Laws, Reforms and policy initiatives covering all the Laws, Rules, Policies, Guidelines, Notifications, Orders governing the hydrocarbon industry of India like Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board Bill 2006, Dismantling of Administrative Price Mechanism, Vision 2025 Report, Hydrocarbon Perspective 2010, Gas Act, The Oilfields (Regulation and Development) Act, 1948 (53 of 1948) and Amendment in the Schedule, The Strategic Petroleum Storage Bill, 2004, Latest Pipeline Policies - Crude, Gas and Product, FDI Policy, Auto Fuel Policy, Gas Pipeline Policy, Policy for City Gas Distribution, etc and Reports like Integrated Energy Policy etc. Also included views by the current and former Petroleum Ministers, Government views on the various activities and developments in the sector, Governments views for Petroleum Chemical Petrochemical Investment Regions (PCPIR) etc. <br />Current Activities: Continuous coverage of various activities in the Oil and Gas Sector, Petroleum Ministry and various Indian companies outside India. Monitoring and analysis of events in the sector. <br />Exclusive Maps of Crude Oil Pipelines, Product Pipelines, Gas Pipelines including HBJ Gas Transmission System, Energy Map of India, etc. <br />Latest Crude, Gas and Fuel Prices: National and International. <br />Community features: Contact addresses of all the all the Key Govt. officials and Private Players, Exhaustive Glossary of Legal and Technical terms, Conversion Tables for Energy and Quick Conversions, Full featured Web Based Calculators. <br />Statistics: Statistics providing details for Growth of Petroleum Sector, Oil and Gas Production, Upstream and Downstream sector as well as Import & Export and Plan wise, Interviews, International Data, Research Reports, etc. <br />Important Presentations concerning Oil and Gas Sector made at various conferences/workshops.<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />--18--<br />Coverage detail - IV<br />
  23. 23. Our Clients<br /><ul><li>Relied upon & trusted by…</li></ul>--19--<br />InfralineEnergyTM<br />
  24. 24. InfralineEnergyTM<br />--20--<br />Infraline Energy Research and Information Services14th & 15th Floor, Atmaram Towers1, Tolstoy Road, New Delhi - 110 001. India.Tel: +91-11-4625 0000 Fax: +91-11-4625 0099 Email: support@infraline.com<br />For a detailed view of our Database Framework please visit http://www.infraline.com/ongsector/default.aspx<br />Thank You<br />