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Coal sector presentation

  1. 1. Infraline Knowledge Services on Energy Sector Coal Sector InfralineEnergy
  2. 2. Coal Sector Knowledgebase  Informed, perceptive, thorough and Independent knowledgebase  India focused industry specific data  Online, real-time update of – Daily Newsletters (6 days a week) – Comprehensive Library (updated 4 times daily, 20 GB) – Analytical Articles, Sectoral Insights – Market Intelligence – Reports and Books --2-- InfralineEnergyTM
  3. 3. Knowledge Reservoir Our comprehensive Database provides detailed information covering various aspects of the Coal Sector such as:  Sector Overview  Regulatory Framework, Guidelines, Reforms, Policies & Proposals  Detailed Profiles of CIL and its subsidiaries  Coal Resources and Reserves  Sector wise Coal Data (Power, Steel and Iron, Cement)  Captive Coal Blocks & Coal Bed Methane (CBM)  Coal Prices & Royalty, Transport & Logistics  Details of Various Coal Mines & Projects  Details & Trends of Coal Production  Important Presentations  Coal Imports  Key Reports --3-- InfralineEnergyTM
  4. 4. Database Homepage Daily News and the framework… Refined Search Relevant Reports Daily Sector News Knowledge Base --4-- InfralineEnergyTM
  5. 5. Captive Coal Mines Details and Status of Allotted/ Proposed blocks for Captive mining… --5-- InfralineEnergyTM
  6. 6. Coal Import & Export Regular update of detailed data on coal import & export… --6-- InfralineEnergyTM
  7. 7. Sector- wise Coal Data Facts & figures pertaining to various sectors utilizing coal… --7-- InfralineEnergyTM
  8. 8. Coal Linkages Vital information on coal linkages… --8-- InfralineEnergyTM
  9. 9. Coal Reserves Consolidated data & analytical information on coal reserves… --9-- InfralineEnergyTM
  10. 10. Regulatory Framework Structured information on various reforms & regulatory bodies… --10-- InfralineEnergyTM
  11. 11. Coverage Detail - I Overview of Indian Coal Sector providing insights to latest developments, sector performance and key statistics. Regulatory Framework of Coal Sector encompassing Regulations, Acts, Policies, Guidelines & Notifications issued by the Ministry of Coal, Standing Linkage Committees, CEA, CERC, Ministry of Steel, Ministry of Railway, Planning Commission, MoE&F as well as the Coal Mines (Nationalisation) Act 1973. Guidelines, Reforms, Policies & Proposals including Guidelines for Conducting Detailed Exploration of Captive Coal and Lignite Blocks, Setting up Coal Washeries on Coal Company Land. Policies on Pricing of Coal, Coal Legislation, Eligibility to Coal Mining, Scope of Foreign Investment in Coal Sector, Coal Linkages, Coal Mining by State Governments. Draft Policies, Recommendations of Expert Committee on Integrated Energy Policy, etc. Detailed Profiles of CIL & its subsidiaries, Players in the Captive Coal Segment and opportunities for them in the changing energy scenario. Coal Exploration including details of CIL and non-CIL coal blocks Coal Resources and Reserves including Coal Reserve Bearing Areas, Reserves Classification in terms of Coal Quality, State-wise Coal Reserves, Mine-wise Reserves, Company-wise Coal Reserves, State-wise Inventory of Geological Reserves of Coal, Lignite Deposits, Coking Coal Deposits, Coalfield-Grade-wise Total Reserve of Coal, Area-wise Analyses of Typical Coals and much more. Details & Trends of Coal Production including Current Levels of Production of Coal of Different grades, Production by Underground and Opencast mines, Coking and Non-coking coal, Company-wise Mine-wise Production and much more. Distribution of coal including linkages allotted by Standing committees, FSA and LOA details and e-auctioning TM of coal by CIL --11-- InfralineEnergy
  12. 12. Coverage Detail - II Details of Various Coal Mines, Company-wise Details of Working Mines in CIL, SCCL and other Companies, Company-wise Distribution of Coal Mines, Company-wise Number of Mines (Coal and Lignite), Number of Coal Mines closed by CIL and SCCL, Mines offered for Captive Mining, Company-wise Productivity of Coal in Open Cast and Underground Mines, Output Per Man Shift (OMS) in Coal Mines etc. CBM: Details of blocks offered and awarded under CBM I-IV, Guidelines for approving gas price formula/ basis for discoveries made, Comments on CBM Model Contract, Probable Winners, Technical capability and Work Programmes, Comments on the Finalization of contracts, Details of Bids Received for Blocks Offered Under CBM-III, GEECL Field Development Plan, Virgin Coal Area around Raniganj Block and exploration of Coal and CBM CTL: Features of coal blocks for CTL projects, list and details of applicants, guidelines and methodology for allocation of coal blocks for CTL Coal Imports/Exports: Company wise and port wise import, imports by power sector, country wise details of price and quantity of import and export of coal and coke from India Coal Mines/Blocks/Projects covering State/District-wise Productivity in Coal Mines, Owner-wise Productivity in Coal Mines, Company-wise Labour Productivity, Significant Statistics About Coal and Lignite, Company-wise Productivity of Coal in Open Cast and Underground Mines, Owner-wise Average Daily Employment and Output by Type of Mine Workings, Production, Productivity, Manpower, Profit and Loss of CCL. Trend in Output of Coal with different mining technologies, Trend in Productivity in Coal Mines, Owner-wise Classification of Coal Mines by Size of Overall Output, List of Major Coal Mines for Direct Feed Coking Coal, Semi Coking & Weakly Coking Coal. --12-- InfralineEnergyTM
  13. 13. Coverage Detail - III Coal Prices & Royalty: Landed price of imported coal at different ports, Price of Run of Mines (ROM), Coal Sale Price of Different Class of Coal, Detailed Write-up on Coal Pricing in India, Yearwise Coal Prices, Domestic Coal Prices of CIL, Subsidiary wise and Grade wise Increase in ROM-Coal Prices (1996-2004), Increase in Avg. Coal Price vis-a-vis Power Tariff Royalty Comparison of Prices of different grades/categories, revision of royalty rates and prevailing rates of royalty on coal and lignite. Coal Transport & Logistics: Company-wise Coal Loading by Rail, Contents of Tripartite FSTA with Coal Company, Power Utilities and Railways, Country wise Monthly output from key export ports , Freight, Capsize forward freight agreement indications, global COAL forward curves, Clarksons Coal Freight Report , Transport of Coal and Coal Products by Rail, Road and Other Means (Excluding Coal Used for Colliery Consumption) , Transport of Coal Products by Belt and Rope Way (Excluding Coal Used for Colliery Consumption) in India , Transport of Coal Products by Road (Excluding Coal Used for Colliery Consumption) in India , Transport of Coal Products Excluding Coal Used for Colliery Consumption (By Road) in India . Statistics on Coal Sector Performance, Safety Monitoring in Coal Mines, Fly Ash Statistics, World Energy Statistics, Mineral Production in India, Ultimate Analysis of different Grades of typical Indian Coal, Gradewise/Minewise Quantity and Price of Coal offered through E-Marketing, Coal E-Marketing Trends, Yearwise Coal Requirement, Grades of Coal Minewise Price of Coal through E-Marketing, Details of Coal Offered through E-Marketing, PERT Charts for Coal Mine Development. Parliament's Q&A, Details of Externally Aided Projects Energy Efficiency & Clean Coal Technology, State / Subsidiary-wise Illegal Mining of Coal in India, Coal Sale Dues of Power Sector, Physical & Financial Performance of Coal Production, Plan Outlay Approved by National Development Council (NDC) and Planning Commission. Washed Coal --13-- InfralineEnergyTM
  14. 14. Coverage Detail - IV Captive coal mines: Guidelines for captive mining, coal blocks proposed and allotted, production and status of allotted blocks and profiles of captive blocks allocated to State Companies, Mineral Boards, Government and private companies . Sectorwise Coal Data on Power, Steel and Iron, Cement & Others, Sectoral Coal Demand/Offtake, Long Term/ Short Term Allocation of Consumers under Core and Non-Core Sector. Coal Washeries: Company-wise Washed Coking Coal Production, washeries and projects in India, beneficiation plants and Industrial Production of International Coal : World Coal Reserves, World Coal Indices and Coal Sector Fact sheets on Major Coal Exporting Countries covering Select List of Companies Producing Coal, Details of Major Coal Companies, Coal Export Flows , Map of Operating Coal Mines , Production and Consumption, Coal Resources Distributed by Rank, Coal Resources, Production and Sales Forecast. Coal Importing Countries, Global Coal Scenario, International trends in Royalty Rates, Monthly Output from Key Export Ports across the Globe, Countrywise Coal Production and Consumption, Company-wise Share in Worldwide Export of Thermal and Metallurgical Coal, Coal Imports Countrywise, Details of Price and Quantity of Coking Coal Imports by India, Quality-wise Overseas Coal Procurement by India. Key Reports like Coal Vision 2025, Expert Committee Report on Road Map for Coal Sector Reforms, MoC's Report on Coal, Draft Report on Recommendations of MoC Committee on Coal Distribution Policy, CIL’s Monthly Performance Report, etc. Presentations by Industry Experts, MoC, CEA & Others. Contact addresses of Ministry of Coal officials and other associated authorities and organizations. --14-- InfralineEnergyTM
  15. 15. Our Clients  Relied upon & trusted by… --15-- InfralineEnergyTM
  16. 16. Thank You For a detailed view of our Database Framework please visit Infraline Energy Research and Information Services 14th & 15th Floor, Atmaram Towers 1, Tolstoy Road, New Delhi - 110 001. India. Tel: +91-11-4625 0000 Fax: +91-11-4625 0099 Email: --16-- InfralineEnergyTM