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The Most Visited Places In Wales


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The Most Visited Places In Wales

  1. 1.  Caerphilly Castle – in the south Wales, about 5km north of the city Cardiff. Caerphilly Castle was the first object of hastily drawn plan: The Welsh have entered into English territory. XIII century castle built quite good condition today, although the southeast tower will soon fall off. However, the other(two of them reconstructed) seems to stand still millennium. It is the largest castle in Wales, which is surrounded by the water. Inside the castle is often filmed documentaries and other films and the biggest hall people can rent for the weddings or other celebrations.
  2. 2.  B.B.N.P – major landmark – the mountains. It is impossible not to notice on the slopes the grazing of sheeps. Baken Brecon – sierra in southeast Wales, in the Cumbrian mountains. The highest peak of mountain is over 886 meters. In the middle of the mountains built a national park, which includes the black mountains. Prevail in the territory - the mountains, heaths, forests, valleys, very tall waterfalls and plants. The most popular tourist attraction – climbing.
  3. 3.  Cross form St. David’s church was mentioned in the XII century. It is in the southeast of Wales. In 1620 was built a tower at church. XX century the church was restored. From the ancient are preserved two dish for holy water, font, also there is preserved a stone with superimposed cross and ring, who survived from ancient Celtic times. Later in the XII century bishop St. David built a palace, where from 1175 lived Giraldi Cambrens. Even now slightly to the North people can see surviving ruins.
  4. 4.  Cardiff – in 76 established Roman stronghold, capital of Wales, the largest city in Wales, located on the northern shore of the Bristol bay and near the Tafo river outfall. Seaport is very important and the airport is international. In Cardiff is a lot of skyscrapers, the square where many small shops. There is a lot of old buildings in line with the new. This year, the city celebrated 111 years. Cardiff became the capital of Wales in 1955.
  5. 5.  Snowdonia - natural region and national park in north-west Wales, in Cumbrian mountains. It is the second largest in the United Kingdom Park, whose area is 2170 square kilometers. It’s a wild territory, which live 26 thousand people, of which 62 % are talking Welsh language. One of the most important objects in the park - the mountains and valleys. Here stands the highest mountain in Wales, Snowdonia - (1085)m. Snowdonia is also rich in lakes, oak forests, wetlands. There are growing rare species of plants.
  6. 6.  Blast furnace and the full complex is one of the most important British industrial heritage sites. It is particularly well-preserved iron furnace, built by Joseph Kendall about 1755 years. The main item on the outside - a huge 9 m (30 ft) diameter water wheel turns bellows. It remained the only perfect condition because the main building during the past year was used as a warehouse and later as a sawmill. Furnace well smoke and pulls.