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Questionnaire for Microsoft Project


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Survey Method

Published in: Education
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Questionnaire for Microsoft Project

  1. 1. Annexure (Sample Questionnaire) Dear Respondents, I am the student of Patuck Gala College, Vakola, presently doing a project on “Microsoft Corporation” request you to kindly fill the questionnaire below and assure you that the data generated shall be kept confidential. Kindly tick  the appropriate boxes. 1. Which age category you belong? Below 17 18-25 25-40 40 & above. 2. Gender: Male Female 3. How many Products from Microsoft do you own? (Please specify) _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ 4. Do you think the product is costly? Yes No 5. Are you satisfy with the features of the product? Yes No 6. Do you complain to the retailer in case of dissatisfaction regarding the product? Yes No 7. How do you came to know about the product? Television Newspapers Internet Magazines
  2. 2. 8. For how many years have you been using products from Microsoft? 1year 2years 3years 4years & above 9. How many hours do you spend using products from Microsoft per week, on average? ____________________________ 10. Were you attracted by the promotional offers like 1year warranty, free accessories or coupons etc.? Yes No 11. Rate Microsoft on quality Weak Fair Good Great Strong Reliable User Friendly Integrated Functional Inspiring Essential 12. Are you aware about latest technologies/ products of Microsoft? Yes No 13. Why you prefer Microsoft products? New applications Comparatively cheaper Easy to use Easily available 14. Any other comments you would like to mention? Date: Thank You!