Niscort online march 2012


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Niscort online march 2012

  1. 1. Volume I March 2012 Number 1 NiscortOnline Training helps one sharpen inherent potential CHANGES at NISCORTGreetings from NISCORT-Delhi,the National Institute for SocialCommunications, Research andTraining of the Catholic Bishops’Conference (CBCI) of India. I amFr. Jacob Srampickal SJ. You mayalready know that the CBCI hasappointed me its Director.In the academic year 2012-13,NISCORT is preparing for qualita-tive changes in its academic pur-suits. It will offer 2 Masters pro-grams and 2 Diplomas, plus a number of other short courses.1. MASTERS IN MASS COMMUNICATIONS (MMC)Duration: 2 years Recognition: Indian University Eligibility: Bachelors’ degree2. DIPLOMA IN MASS COMMUNICATIONS (DMC)Duration:1 year Recognition: Indian University Eligibility: Bachelors’ degree3. MASTERS IN PASTORAL COMMUNICATIONS (MPC)Catering to: Church personnel. Excellent for Communications Coordinators and PROs of the dioceses andcongregations. Angle: Ecclesial, pastoral, theologicalInternship: in summer months at international media institutions. Duration: 2 years, Eligibility: Bachelors’degree in theology preferred.Recognition: possibly by an international university.4. DIPLOMA IN MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY (DMT)Aimed at those who have an aptitude towards technical expertise. Duration: 1 year, Eligibility: Plus 2 withfluency in English and Hindi.This course will equip the students to fetch an employment in media. Please identify potential candidates anddirect them to our instituteFor more information and admission forms visit our website www. niscort.comP.S. The course fee does not include Board and lodgeScholarships on course fees are available to deserving candidatesHostel facilitiesOnce the admission is finalized, girl students who prefer campus accommodation can contactniscort@vsnl.comAll others can stay in Delhi at your choice; the city is well connected by Metros and buses.The Kosambi Metro Station is 10 mts. walk from the institute.All classes begin on August 1st
  2. 2. 2 Volume I Number 1 NiscortOnline KINDERGARTENQuestion: Why is commu- Answer 2. The Church’s uniquenication important to the mission is to communicate the vision of Jesus to the world. IfChurch? she does not do that through her various activitiesministries, sheAnswer: 1.The central element has no right to exist. Does theof communication is building Church communicate the visionunity, communion and commu- of Jesus relevantly?nity. Every Christian is called to Communication thus bringsbuild a community. If communi- every ministry of the Churchcation were to be taken serious- under the scanner, askingly in the Church, we would not whether it communicateshave been divided among Christ’s mission today.regions, rites, ethnicities, castesand class. A Media Lesson, Lightly Know your customer...A disappointed salesman of Coca you successful with the Arabs?” is virtually unknown there. But, ICola returns from his Middle The salesman explained, “When I had a problem I didn’t know toEast assignment. got posted in the Middle East , I speak Arabic. So, I planned to was very confident that I would convey the message through threeA friend asked, “Why weren’t make a good sales pitch as Cola posters...First poster- A man lying in the over the place. munication: sender, message,hot desert sand...totally exhausted receiver, medium and effect, theand fainting. “That should have worked,” said receiver is the most important. the friend. If you do not understand himSecond poster - man is drinking her, in vain you communicate. Inour Cola. The salesman replied “No, I fact incarnation -- God becoming didn’t realize that Arabs read man-- was because of God’sThird poster- Our man is now from right to left” desire to be on the same level oftotally refreshed. humans, with whom God wanted Communication theory says to communicate.These posters were pasted all among the five elements in com-
  3. 3. 3 NiscortOnline Volume I Number 1 Short courses 1. Pastoral communications: in their ministries as priests-examines them become MCs and anchors in mediaSeptember - 1 month. how communication can help them make programs. (day scholars) the church more renewed and relevant Meant for women only. for those who 5. Communication andwant to improve their pastoral life with 3. Management media awareness for theologythe people. The course explains how and Communication For Pastoral studentswhy communication can play a major Efficiencyconstructive role in their ministries. This course is meant for everyoneCommunications can renew the church To help those who have some kind of going to be a church leader. The coursetoday is the basic motif behind this leadership role in the Church to function explains how and why communicationcourse better with management skills. With can play a major constructive role in their experts from XLRI , the course look s at life as priests. 2. Communications the possibility of better mangement: 6 It can help youngsters discover if theyAwareness Program for priests days could chose this as their full time ministryonly (November - 2 weeks) Early December (priests only). in the Church. It will have minimum workshops, but will expose them to all For those who want to improve their 4. Anchoring, Presenting AV possibilities in communication and mediapastoral life with the people. The Programs as much as possible.course explains how and why communi- Dates May 2nd – June 10thcation can play a major constructive role 4 days mainly aimed at youth, to help Kindly forward this note to whoever may find it useful