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D:\Vijay\The Holy Land


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Snaps Of Holy Land

Published in: Spiritual
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D:\Vijay\The Holy Land

  1. 1. The Holy Land By Bhumel Broadcast News - Vijay Macwan (Bhumel)
  2. 2. Cardinal bow down at the birth place of Christ
  3. 3. Tomb of Jesus Christ
  4. 4. Mother Mary's tomb Mother Mary's tomb
  5. 5. Place of ascension. Mark of the footstep of Christ is on the rock
  6. 6. Place where Jesus multiplied bread and fish.
  7. 7. Golgotha-Crucifixion place of Jesus
  8. 8. Jordan River , where John the Bapist baptised Jesus Christ
  9. 9. City of Jerusalem
  10. 10. The rock in Gethsemane where Jesus Christ prayed just before crucifixion
  11. 11. Church of Nativity in Bethlehem , where Jesus Christ born
  12. 12. Grand old stone jar in Cana
  13. 13. House of St Peter at Capernaum
  14. 14. Statue of St. Peter at Jesus town ( Capernaum )