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Chickie Glam! A place of Fashion Jewelry for unique women.

Looking for the hottest trendy Fashion Jewelry? You just found it. Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Watches at very affordable prices.

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Fashion items just a click away

  1. 2. Fashion is an important part of a woman’s bearing. It is a pleasant sight to see a tastefully attired woman stride across confidently arousing a bevy of admirers. Equally important is jewelry and accessories, which while comfortable to wear should also provide a distinct sense of identity and self. The demand for specialized places offering women’s accessories, and jewelry such as rings at bargain prices and bracelets handmade for personal orders and tastes, has been increasing. Looking for the right set of jewelry and trinkets is often a time consuming and hard task. It is never easy to derive time for the pursuit of such activities from busy household chores, classes and the rigors of demanding jobs. For women especially it’s as much the art of searching for the right ornament to decorate the persona as in the art of looking for it. Yet with more exigent demands of work home, office, school and college such activities cannot be necessarily followed to one’s heart’s content .
  2. 3. The requirements of the job include a dedicated forfeiture of all personal time to dealing a task finishing assignments, performing delegated duties. This spares little or no time for the leisure of the person working. The ring on the finger becomes old and seems worn a replacement could be sought but it is one thing to chart time from busy schedules, or else if a ring inexplicably is found it is at a very high price. So to find rings at bargain prices becomes an exceptionally difficult task rather than an activity of pleasure.  Bracelets are activities favored by the young old male and female alike. Boys wear them and it is often used as gift to exchange and share a series of, to have a particular bond or companionship. Bracelets handmade are noteworthy for their uniqueness in the labor. No cold manufacturing by mass produce only a specific order available as a testimony of the preference of skilled workman ship to mass produced machine goods.
  3. 4. The scarcity of time however makes sifting and searching a difficult to eke out activity. On the few spare days of leave or rest the tired mind wishes to be more rest and calm. Physical shops also have the disadvantage of only few available sets for view. It is also discourteous and impractical to see every single item at a store and to wheedle a preliminary fitting. Online boutiques offer a range of fashion jewelry and ornaments for the fashionably conscious women. A variety of dazzling and original designs are available to observe and select. Women can choose from a large list of fashion accessories and ornaments such as bracelets handmade, necklaces, earrings, and rings at bargain prices. A home connection also provides an any time access to an online store which cannot be achieved through actual shop presence . Online boutiques offer forums for discussion. Experts give advice, opinions and solve queries to give matching sets.
  4. 5. Fashion combinations suitable to a specific set of garments can be queried and advice and resolution obtained. Bracelets handmade are in great demand among the teenagers and girls and are available are at affordable prices. Creating incredible designs of the bracelets handmade is in great demand due to the amazing looks of the bracelets which can go matching with whatever one wear. Different kinds of rings are also demanded the most by women and girls. Women prefer purchasing rings at bargain prices than to go for expensive purchase. Rings and bracelets are also designed on special orders and as per the choice of the individuals.  Rings and bracelets can be beautifully designed with gold & silver threads engraved in it. Different designs are available in the bracelets handmade and people often prefer designing their own bracelets while purchasing gold or silver bracelets
  5. 6. The design is being brought in the bracelets by the artists who are expertise people. While making the purchase in rings individuals prefer rings at bargain prices, as gold and silver rings are often expensive. Many times the rings and bracelets are available at a discounted price during the sale on jewelries purchase and at the time of seasonal concessions. These sales are mostly organized during off seasons. Bracelets handmade are often gifted by the individuals to the loved and closed ones. Bracelets are often been gifted on the occasions like friendship day and other days that are celebrated worldwide. Different designs of rings are available worldwide and people all over the world prefer rings at bargain prices. It is essential to make certain that the ring stores are selling genuine rings and are not selling fakes as the chances of fake stones in rings are higher while purchasing it at discounted price. During purchase of jewelries discounted price matters to a great extent. Labor costs are also included in the jewelry price.
  6. 7. Bracelets Handmade is unique and can be designed as per the choice of the individuals. These bracelets are in high demand by the people who prefer wearing unique jewelry. Women are fond of jewelries whether it is necklace, bracelets or rings. Many women are fond of collecting different kinds of rings and prefer purchasing rings at bargain prices. Many styles and sizes of rings are available that match different needs and interests and are available in simple, extravagant, and exquisite styles at reasonable rates and individuals select the rings as per their choice. Wide range of designs is available in rings and bracelets. Savings can be enhanced when jewelries are purchased at a discounted price. Bracelets handmade and rings give immense look when being wore at different occasions. But the jewelries must be purchased from a reliable store. Many stores provide fake jewelries to the customers and customers can’t even guess it, the store must be reliable and branded .