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5 thingsit&technologymustdotohealthcare


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5 thingsit&technologymustdotohealthcare

  1. 1. 5 Things IT & Technology must do To Healthcare deliveryDr Vijay RaaghavanEngagement Manager I Medium Healthcare Consulting
  2. 2. 1Any technology led initiativemust begin with “ patientcentered thinking”.One must fundamentally ask the question – how will the usage ofthis software or the bar coding system help the patient?
  3. 3. 2Technology must facilitatePersonalized touchAn extremely difficult aspect to scale across a network
  4. 4. 3IT must provide facilitatedeeper analysis of trendingand evolving patternsWhat if the software guided the Physicians to
  5. 5. 4Any technology initiativemust be affordable andhave phenomenal valuefor money.It is not that IT providers must fight a price war, it is just thatthey should focus on delivering more value for the buyer’smoney.
  6. 6. 5Ease of use across different usergroups, ability to customizeand also evolve with changingscenario must form the coreconsiderations while designing asoftware solution for healthcare
  7. 7. There is certainly an opportunitywaiting to be leveraged forhealthcare technology firmsattempting to innovate !
  8. 8. Medium Healthcare Consulting was founded by RatanJalan, former CEO in the Apollo Hospitals Groupwhere he set up a chain of The Apollo Clinics and TheCradle. He had also set up India’s first hospitalarchitecture and consulting firm, which became amarket leader in less than 3 years.Medium boasts of a core team of professionals withdeeply held values – be it delivering tangible resultsfor their clients, patient-centricity, urge to innovateor the drive to transfer learning from other industrysegments. The team comes from leading institutionssuch as IIT, Harvard Business School, Indian School ofBusiness and Tata Institute of Social Sciences. It alsobrings the experience of having successfully createdsome of the most innovative healthcare concepts inthe country.
  9. 9. Portfolio ofServicesWe have consistently observed that certain aspects in the healthcare delivery sector offersignificant scope for improvement . Given our years of cumulative experience in healthcareand other service industries, we focus primarily on the following areas: • Business Strategy • Public Health • Project Planning and • Patient Experience • Execution Marketing & Sales • Performance Transformation
  10. 10. Medium is a healthcare consulting firm. Our services include Business Strategy, Marketing &Sales, Quality & Patient Experience, Performance Transformation, Healthcare Franchising.and Public Health. 

We are innovative, passionate and performance-driven. But, most ofall, we are committed to delivering significant and tangible business impact for our clients.

Our clients have ranged from large hospital chains and single-specialty hospitals toprimary care clinics, medical equipment manufacturers and private equity.