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Types of computer


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nicely view , types of computer know information and lots of picture in computers and parts of fields.
here three category divide to know computer struture .

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Types of computer

  1. 1. (1) •Types of Computers on the basis of Hardware Design. (2) •Types of Computers on the basis of Size and Capacity. (3) •Classification of Computers on the Basis of Purpose.
  2. 2. •Analog Computer(1) •Digital Computer(2) •Hybrid Computer(3)
  3. 3. (1) Micro Computer (2) Mini Computer (3) Mainframe Computer (4) Super Computer
  4. 4.  A personal computer; designed to meet the computer needs of an individual.  Provides access to a wide variety of computing applications, such as word processing, photo editing, e- mail, and internet.
  5. 5.  Least powerful  Widely used  Four types ◦ Desktop ◦ Notebook or laptop ◦ Tablet PC ◦ Handheld Micro Computer
  6. 6.  Large expensive computer capable of simultaneously processing data for hundreds or thousands of users.  Used to store, manage, and process large amounts of data that need to be reliable, secure, and centralized.  Usually housed in a closet sized cabinet.
  7. 7. Occupies specially wired, air-conditioned rooms Capable of great processing speeds and data storage Not as powerful as supercomputers
  8. 8. High capacity Used by large organizations Tracking space Tracking weather Supercomputers are the largest and fastest of computers, and can process an enormous volume of data.
  9. 9. General Purpose Computers Special Purpose Computers