Marketing & Sales in India for SaaS product start-ups


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Working with 2 start-ups Exotel and Practo - both initially focussing on Indian businesses, the learning and combination of both Marketing & Sales from both these companies has been immense, and shared some of these learning's at a Start-up Leadership Program session at Mumbai.

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Marketing & Sales in India for SaaS product start-ups

  1. 1. Marketing & Sales in India for SaaS Products Small learning’s from working with &
  2. 2. First it is only Sales – there is NO MarketingThere is only CODE & SELL• Go meet customers, get your initial set of 100+ paying customers and make them your product managers & evangelists.• Go through this and Sell.
  3. 3. Product-Market fit found?
  4. 4. Make it DIY (Do-it-yourself)did anyone teach you how to facebook?
  5. 5. Segment Customers
  6. 6. Measure Sales with Tools
  7. 7. Make Sales very-very easy: Automate! So that even Garfield can sell your product
  8. 8. SaaS Metrics – Take sometime off and understand, read, breathe• The Bible -• LTV > 3xCAC for any successful SaaS business• Months to recover CAC < 1 year• Once you build this after selling to 50+ customers, you will know your business on an excel sheet
  9. 9. Then, you have my permission to Market
  10. 10. Content-Content-Content (Useful)• Build great content that helps a potential buyer make an easier decision• Build great unique case-studies• Be consistent and disciplined• There is no SEO anymore, it’s all content• Content can’t be automated, it is pure hard-work.• Kissmetrics has written 5500 blogs in 2 years! (That is hard-work)
  11. 11. Work & Experiment on everything
  12. 12. Measure with Tools again, and again, and again
  13. 13. *If you decide to do Feet on the Street for India• Once you have sales & DIY, measurement in place- Typical stuff from a JustDial, Naukri sales model, a sales rep should do 3-4x of his/her current salary- Region-wise Sales teams split helps- Combination of tele-feet-on-street works best if you are going down this route
  14. 14. A Quote to remember• In a conversation with @shashanknd “If you are B2B in India, and not SaaS, you will die”Connect with me @vijayswOr on email –