Open in the Cloud Java & Windows Azure


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Java & Windows Azure Professional Developers Conference 2010

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Open in the Cloud Java & Windows Azure

  1. 1. Windows Azure Command-Line Windows Azure Windows AzureTools for Companion Tools for AppFabric SDKs Windows AzureRuntimes & SDKs Services http:// oData XML AtomPub REST RSS Web Services
  2. 2. Logical architecture Your Java application Windows Azure SDK for Java Manageability, Instrum Helper for Http, Auth, Blobs, Tables, Queues entation, logging REST, Error REST Deployment Java Runtime REST REST REST Java Runtime Java Runtime
  3. 3. Announced Yesterday at PDC 2010Announced Yesterday at PDC 2010
  4. 4. Application-layerConnectivity & Messaging
  5. 5. Service Bus 2) Discover endpoints Registry 1) Register 3) Access Endpoints endpoints application Application Application Organization X Organization YAccess Control Service Bus
  6. 6.
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