Branch (banking) business management equation


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Branch (banking) business management equation

  1. 1. Full forms and Actionable
  2. 2. Branch business management is considered as an exercise of managing sales targets and audit. Whereas in reality, there are about 20 steps in Branch business management. This meant the impact of branch business management remained confined to 2 steps instead of 20 steps most of the times.
  3. 3. Potential of 2 Steps = 2 X Business ……. Potential of 20 Steps = 20 X Business. More steps / action will mean more results and the presentation ahead is aimed at giving a birds eye view of all the 20 steps / actions of branch business management.
  4. 4.  BBM = (KB+IS+DCBS+VE+ P1+P2+GA+C+RB)T
  5. 5. Full form:- BBM or Branch business management denotes the complete process in branch business management.
  6. 6. Full form:- KB or Know your bank is a step in BBM process whereby knowledge on bank is updated at monthly intervals. Actionable:- Monthly discussion on Bank’s History/Management/ Board /Performances/Latest News / Share Price Etc.
  7. 7. Full form:- IS or Identify strength is a step , whereby Banks best products and services are listed / discussed and compared with competition. Actionable:- Monthly discussion on Popular Products/ Features / SWOTs.
  8. 8. Full form:- DCBS or Draw catchment based on strength is a step whereby based on banks best products and services , target catchment is identified. Actionable:- Draw catchment i.e. which location to target for business (External location as well as Existing base.
  9. 9. Full form:- VE or Visibility exercise is a step whereby target catchment is approached and met. Actionable:- Plan activities to get in touch with the targeted catchment (Various Activities)
  10. 10. Full form:- P1 or Profiling is a step whereby profiling of the target is done. Actionable:- Identify and capture the financial requirements and present financial state of the target by using profiling sheets.
  11. 11. Full form:- P2 or Presentation is an exercise , post profiling. Actionable:- Based on profile of the customer , solutions advises needs to be planned in form of a presentation.
  12. 12. Full form:- GA or Generate appointments Actionable:- Generate appointments for presentation of bank’s prescribed solutions to the customer based on earlier generated profile. Reason of appointment is critical and not appointment.
  13. 13. Full form:- C or Conversion Actionable:- Effective and efficient presentation or productive presentation resulting in productivity.
  14. 14. Full form:- T = Training for enabling ability Actionable:- Role plays / Class room sessions etc with weekly schedule.
  15. 15. Full form:- At all levels Actionable :- Every stage training is a must and every training session should be mandatory and come with an advanced schedule.
  16. 16. Actionable
  17. 17. Actionable:- Daily Huddle Monthly/Weekly goal setting / review Monthly -S/W discussion and action plan
  18. 18. Actionable:- Efficient muster management Adherence to official timing set by the bank Adherence to timelines set by business Adherence to timelines set by operations / audit/ service /operations/service /audit or any other departments.
  19. 19. Actionable:- Maintaining the branch upkeep. Visibility management by effective relationship building with society. Maintain an effective feed back with central brand management / marketing team.
  20. 20. Actionable:- Identification of macro level catchments Listing out micro levels catchment units Developing references in the catchment
  21. 21. Actionable:- Daily MIS on Business / Productivity per employee / Comparison Vs Peer group , Cluster Avg, Regional Avg, National Avg. Daily MIS on Inputs ( Profiling / Appointments /Conversions ) Daily MIS on operational hygiene factors
  22. 22. Actionable:- Adherence to Check lists Certification by employees on understanding of various circulars Adherence to TAT specified Weekly review
  23. 23. Actionable:- Adherence to service standards Adherence to TAT specified Capturing feed back /complaints from customers /ensuring solutions Weekly sharing of experience of customer delight
  24. 24. Actionable:- Adherence to sales plans Adherence to sales process Regular training schedule Regular review schedule Recognition and Rectification
  25. 25. Actionable:- Maintenance of communication channel Monthly discussion / feed back with various departments
  26. 26. Actionable:- Adherence to checklists Monthly discussions /Feed back with Audit team
  27. 27. Let’s focus on 20 from 2………… & Unleash our true potential. Thanks……………………….. Vijay Shivram Menon