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  1. 1. 1. Write your roll number in the space provided on the top ofthis page.2. This paper consists of fifty multiple-choice type of questions.3. At the commencement of examination, the question bookletwill be given to you. In the first 5 minutes, you are requestedto open the booklet and compulsorily examine it as below :(i) To have access to the Question Booklet, tear off the paperseal on the edge of this cover page. Do not accept a bookletwithout sticker-seal and do not accept an open booklet.(ii) Tally the number of pages and number of questions inthe booklet with the information printed on the coverpage. Faulty booklets due to pages/questions missingor duplicate or not in serial order or any otherdiscrepancy should be got replaced immediately by acorrect booklet from the invigilator within the periodof 5 minutes. Afterwards, neither the Question Bookletwill be replaced nor any extra time will be given.(iii) After this verification is over, the OMR Sheet Numbershould be entered on this Test Booklet.4. Each item has four alternative responses marked (A), (B), (C)and (D). You have to darken the oval as indicated below on thecorrect response against each item.Example :where (C) is the correct response.5. Your responses to the items are to be indicated in the AnswerSheet given inside the Paper I Booklet only. If you mark atany place other than in the ovals in the Answer Sheet, it willnot be evaluated.6. Read instructions given inside carefully.7. Rough Work is to be done in the end of this booklet.8. If you write your name or put any mark on any part of the testbooklet, except for the space allotted for the relevant entries,which may disclose your identity, you will render yourselfliable to disqualification.9. You have to return the test question booklet and OMR Answersheet to the invigilators at the end of the examinationcompulsorily and must not carry it with you outside theExamination Hall.10. Use only Blue/Black Ball point pen.11. Use of any calculator or log table etc., is prohibited.12. There is no negative marks for incorrect answers.Number of Pages in this Booklet : 8 Number of Questions in this Booklet : 50Instructions for the Candidates ¯Ö¸ü߁ÖÖÙ£ÖµÖÖë êú ׻֋ ×­Ö¤ìü¿ÖA B C DA B C DD-87-10 1 P.T.O.1. ¯ÖÆü»Öê ¯Öéšü êú ‰ú¯Ö¸ü ×­ÖµÖŸÖ Ã£ÖÖ­Ö ¯Ö¸ü †¯Ö­ÖÖ ¸üÖê»Ö ­Ö´²Ö¸ü ×»Ö׏֋ …2. ‡ÃÖ ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö-¯Ö¡Ö ´Öë ¯Ö“ÖÖÃÖ ²ÖÆãü׾֍ú»¯ÖßµÖ ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö Æïü …3. ¯Ö¸ü߁ÖÖ ¯ÖÏÖ¸ü´³Ö ÆüÖê­Öê ¯Ö¸ü, ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö-¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ †Ö¯ÖúÖê ¤êü ¤üß •ÖÖµÖêÖß … ¯ÖÆü»Öê ¯ÖÖѓÖ״֭֙ü †Ö¯ÖúÖê ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö-¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ ÖÖê»Ö­Öê ŸÖ£ÖÖ ˆÃ֍úß ×­Ö´­Ö×»Ö×ÖŸÖ •ÖÖÑ“Ö êú׻֋ פüµÖê •ÖÖµÖëÖê, וÖÃ֍úß •ÖÖÑ“Ö †Ö¯ÖúÖê †¾Ö¿µÖ ú¸ü­Öß Æîü :(i) ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö-¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ ÖÖê»Ö­Öê êú ׻֋ ˆÃ֍êú ú¾Ö¸ü ¯Öê•Ö ¯Ö¸ü »ÖÖß úÖÖ•Ö úßÃÖᯙ úÖê ±ú֛Íü »Öë … Öã»Öß Æãü‡Ô µÖÖ ×²Ö­ÖÖ Ã™üߍú¸ü-ÃÖᯙ úß ¯ÖãÛß֍úÖþÖߍúÖ¸ü ­Ö ú¸ëü …(ii) ú¾Ö¸ü ¯Öéšü ¯Ö¸ü ”û¯Öê ×­Ö¤ìü¿ÖÖ­ÖãÃÖÖ¸ü ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö-¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ êú ¯Öéšü ŸÖ£ÖÖ ¯ÖÏ¿­ÖÖëúß ÃÖӏµÖÖ úÖê †“”ûß ŸÖ¸üÆü “Öîú ú¸ü »Öë ׍ú µÖê ¯Öæ¸êü Æïü … ¤üÖêÂÖ¯ÖæÖÔ¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ ×•Ö­Ö´Öë ¯Öéšü/¯ÖÏ¿­Ö ú´Ö ÆüÖë µÖÖ ¤ãü²ÖÖ¸üÖ †Ö ÖµÖê ÆüÖë µÖÖ ÃÖß׸üµÖ»Ö´Öë ­Ö ÆüÖë †£ÖÖÔŸÖ ×úÃÖß ³Öß ¯ÖύúÖ¸ü úß ¡Öãיü¯ÖæÖÔ ¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ Ã¾ÖߍúÖ¸ü ­Öú¸ëü ŸÖ£ÖÖ ˆÃÖß ÃÖ´ÖµÖ ˆÃÖê »ÖÖî™ü֍ú¸ü ˆÃ֍êú ãÖÖ­Ö ¯Ö¸ü ¤æüÃÖ¸üß ÃÖÆü߯ÖÏ¿­Ö-¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ »Öê »Öë … ‡Ã֍êú ׻֋ †Ö¯ÖúÖê ¯ÖÖÑ“Ö ×´Ö­Ö™ü פüµÖê •ÖÖµÖëÖê …ˆÃ֍êú ²ÖÖ¤ü ­Ö ŸÖÖê †Ö¯Öúß ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö-¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ ¾ÖÖ¯ÖÃÖ »Öß •ÖÖµÖêÖß †Öî¸ü ­ÖÆüß †Ö¯ÖúÖê †×ŸÖ׸üŒŸÖ ÃÖ´ÖµÖ ×¤üµÖÖ •ÖÖµÖêÖÖ …(iii) ‡ÃÖ •ÖÖÑ“Ö êú ²ÖÖ¤ü OMR ¯Ö¡Öú úß Îú´Ö ÃÖӏµÖÖ ‡ÃÖ ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö-¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ ¯Ö¸ü†Ó׍úŸÖ ú¸ü ¤ëü …4. ¯ÖϟµÖêú ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö êú ׻֋ “ÖÖ¸ü ˆ¢Ö¸ü ׾֍ú»¯Ö (A), (B), (C) ŸÖ£ÖÖ (D) פüµÖê ÖµÖêÆïü … †Ö¯ÖúÖê ÃÖÆüß ˆ¢Ö¸ü êú ¤üߑÖÔ¾Öé¢Ö úÖê ¯Öê­Ö ÃÖê ³Ö¸üú¸ü úÖ»ÖÖ ú¸ü­ÖÖ Æîü •ÖîÃÖÖ׍ú ­ÖߓÖê פüÖÖµÖÖ ÖµÖÖ Æîü …ˆ¤üÖÆü¸üÖ :•Ö²Ö׍ú (C) ÃÖÆüß ˆ¢Ö¸ü Æîü …5. ¯ÖÏ¿­ÖÖë êú ˆ¢Ö¸ü êú¾Ö»Ö ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö ¯Ö¡Ö I êú †­¤ü¸ü פüµÖê ÖµÖê ˆ¢Ö¸ü-¯Ö¡Öú ¯Ö¸ü Æü߆Ó׍úŸÖú¸ü­Öê Æïü … µÖפü †Ö¯Ö ˆ¢Ö¸ü ¯Ö¡Öú ¯Ö¸ü פüµÖê ÖµÖê ¤üߑÖÔ¾Öé¢Ö êú †»ÖÖ¾ÖÖ ×úÃÖß †­µÖãÖÖ­Ö ¯Ö¸ü ˆ¢Ö¸ü דÖÅ­ÖÖÓ׍úŸÖ ú¸ŸÖê Æïü, ŸÖÖê ˆÃ֍úÖ ´Ö滵ÖÖӍú­Ö ­ÖÆüà ÆüÖêÖÖ …6. †­¤ü¸ü פüµÖê ÖµÖê ×­Ö¤ìü¿ÖÖë úÖê ¬µÖÖ­Ö¯Öæ¾Öԍú ¯ÖœÍëü …7. ú““ÖÖ úÖ´Ö (Rough Work) ‡ÃÖ ¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ êú †Û­ŸÖ´Ö ¯Öéšü ¯Ö¸ü ú¸ëü …8. µÖפü †Ö¯Ö ˆ¢Ö¸ü-¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ ¯Ö¸ü †¯Ö­ÖÖ ­ÖÖ´Ö µÖÖ ‹êÃÖÖ úÖê‡Ô ³Öß ×­Ö¿ÖÖ­Ö ×•ÖÃÖÃÖê†Ö¯Öúß ¯ÖÆü“ÖÖ­Ö ÆüÖê Ã֍êú, ׍úÃÖß ³Öß ³ÖÖÖ ¯Ö¸ü ¤ü¿ÖÖԟÖê µÖÖ †Ó׍úŸÖ ú¸üŸÖê Æïü ŸÖÖê¯Ö¸ü߁ÖÖ êú ×»ÖµÖê †µÖÖêµÖ ‘ÖÖê×ÂÖŸÖ ú¸ü פüµÖê •ÖÖµÖëÖê …9. †Ö¯ÖúÖê ¯Ö¸ü߁ÖÖ ÃÖ´ÖÖ¯ŸÖ ÆüÖê­Öê ¯Ö¸ü ¯ÖÏ¿­Ö-¯ÖãÛß֍úÖ ‹¾ÖÓ OMR ˆ¢Ö¸ü-¯Ö¡Öú×­Ö¸ü߁֍ú ´ÖÆüÖê¤üµÖ úÖê »ÖÖî™üÖ­ÖÖ †Ö¾Ö¿µÖú Æîü †Öî¸ü ¯Ö¸ü߁ÖÖ ÃÖ´ÖÖÛ¯ŸÖ êú ²ÖÖ¤ü ˆÃÖꆯ֭Öê ÃÖÖ£Ö ¯Ö¸ü߁ÖÖ ³Ö¾Ö­Ö ÃÖê ²ÖÖÆü¸ü ­Ö »Öêú¸ü •ÖÖµÖë …10. êú¾Ö»Ö ­Öß»Öê/úÖ»Öê ²ÖÖ»Ö ¯¾Öևՙü ¯Öê­Ö úÖ Æüß ‡ÃŸÖê´ÖÖ»Ö ú¸ëü …11. ׍úÃÖß ³Öß ¯ÖύúÖ¸ü úÖ ÃÖӐ֝֍ú (îú»Öãú»Öê™ü¸ü) µÖÖ »ÖÖÖ ™êü²Ö»Ö †Öפü úÖ¯ÖϵÖÖêÖ ¾ÖÙ•ÖŸÖ Æîü …12. Ö»ÖŸÖ ˆ¢Ö¸üÖë êú ׻֋ úÖê‡Ô †Óú ú֙êü ­ÖÆüà •Ö֋ѐÖê …[Maximum Marks : 100Time : 1 1/4hours]PAPER-IICOMPUTER SCIENCE AND APPLICATIONS(To be filled by the Candidate)Signature and Name of InvigilatorOMR Sheet No. : ...............................................Roll No.(In words)1. (Signature) __________________________(Name) ____________________________2. (Signature) __________________________(Name) ____________________________Roll No.________________________________8 7(In figures as per admission card)D 1 0UGC-NET -DEC-2010-PAPER-II
  2. 2. Paper-II 2 D-87-101. The number of integers between 1and 250 that are divisible by 2, 5 and7 is(A) 2 (B) 3(C) 5 (D) 82. An undirected graph possesses aneulerian circuit if and only if it isconnected and its vertices are(A) all of even degree(B) all of odd degree(C) of any degree(D) even in number3. A partially ordered set is said to be alattice if every two elements in theset have(A) a unique least upper bound(B) a unique greatest lower bound(C) both (A) and (B)(D) none of the above4. The minimum number of edges in aconnected graph with ‘n’ vertices isequal to(A) n (n – 1)(B)n (n – 1)2(C) n2(D) n – 15. Consider the problem of connecting19 lamps to a single electric outletby using extension cords each ofwhich has four outlets. The numberof extension cords required is(A) 4(B) 5(C) 6(D) 76. The decimal number equivalent of(4057.06)8 is(A) 2095.75(B) 2095.075(C) 2095.937(D) 2095.09377. AB + A + B is equivalent to(A) A 7 B(B) A :B(C) (A 7 B) :A(D) (A : B) 7 A8. An astable multivibrator has(A) one stable state(B) two stable states(C) no stable states(D) none of theseCOMPUTER SCIENCE AND APPLICATIONSPaper – IINote : This paper contains fifty (50) objective type questions, each question carrying two(2) marks. Attempt all the questions.ANSANSANSANSANSANSANSANS
  3. 3. D-87-10 3 Paper-II9. 12-bit 2’s complement of –73.75 is(A) 01001001.1100(B) 11001001.1100(C) 10110110.0100(D) 10110110.110010. Encoding of data bits 0011 into 7-biteven Parity Hamming Code is(A) 0011110(B) 0101110(C) 0010110(D) 001110011. How many of the followingdeclarations are correct ?int z = 7.0;double void = 0.000;short array [2] = {0, 1, 2};char c = “n”;(A) None(B) One is correct(C) Two are correct(D) All four are correct12. The value of the followingexpression (13 / 4 * 3) % 5 + 1 is(A) 5.75(B) 2.95(C) 1.4875(D) 513. Which one of the following will setthe value of y to 5 if x has the value3, but not otherwise ?(A) if (x = 3) y = 5(B) if x = = 3 (y = 5)(C) if (x = = 3); y = 5(D) if (x = = 3) y = 514. Which one of the followingsentences is true ?(A) The body of a while loop isexecuted at least once.(B) The body of a do … whileloop is executed at least once.(C) The body of a do … whileloop is executed zero or moretimes.(D) A for loop can never be used inplace of a while loop.15. “Black” refers in the “Black-box”testing means(A) Characters of the movie“Black”(B) I – O is hidden(C) Design is hidden(D) Users are hidden16. In generalisation, the differencesbetween members of an entity is(A) maximized(B) minimized(C) both (A) & (B)(D) None of theseANSANSANSANSANSANSANSANS
  4. 4. Paper-II 4 D-87-1017. The dependency preservationdecomposition is a property todecompose database schema D, inwhich each functional dependencyX → Y specified in F,(A) appeared directly in one of therelation schemas Ri in thedecomposed D.(B) could be inferred fromdependencies that appear insome Ri.(C) both (A) and (B)(D) None of these18. Which of the following is anoptimistic concurrency controlmethod ?(A) Validation based(B) Time stamp ordering(C) Lock-based(D) None of these19. Optical storage is a(A) high-speed direct accessstorage device.(B) low-speed direct access storagedevice.(C) medium-speed direct accessstorage device.(D) high-speed sequential accessstorage device.20. Which of the following is theprocess by which a user’s access tophysical data in the application islimited, based on his privileges ?(A) Authorization(B) Authentication(C) Access Control(D) All of these21. What is the maximum number ofnodes in a B-tree of order 10 ofdepth 3 (root at depth 0) ?(A) 111(B) 999(C) 9999(D) None of the above22. A binary tree with 27 nodes has_______ null branches.(A) 54(B) 27(C) 26(D) None of the above23. The time complexity to build a heapof n elements is(A) 0(1)(B) 0(lgn)(C) 0(n)(D) 0(nlgn)24. Linear probing suffers from aproblem known as(A) Secondary clustering(B) Primary clustering(C) Both (A) and (B)(D) None of theseANSANSANSANSANSANSANSANS
  5. 5. D-87-10 5 Paper-II25. Which of the following can be thesequence of nodes examined inbinary search tree while searchingfor key 88 ?(A) 90, 40, 65, 50, 88(B) 90, 110, 80, 85, 88(C) 190, 60, 90, 85, 88(D) 65, 140, 80, 70, 8826. Frequency shift keying is usedmostly in(A) Radio transmission(B) Telegraphy(C) Telephone(D) None of the above27. The baud rate is(A) always equal to the bit transferrate(B) equal to twice the bandwidthof an ideal channel(C) not equal to the signalling rate(D) equal to half of the bandwidthof an ideal channel28. How much bandwidth is there in1 micron of spectrum at awavelength of 1 micron ?(A) 300 MHz(B) 3 GHz(C) 300 THz(D) 30 KHz29. Which of the following file transferprotocols use TCP and establishestwo virtual circuits between the localand remote server ?(A) FTP(B) TFTP(C) TELNET(D) NFS30. The threshold effect in demodulatoris(A) exhibited by all demodulator,when the input signal to noiseratio is low.(B) the rapid fall on output signalto noise ratio when the inputsignal to noise ratio fall belowa particular value.(C) the property exhibited by allA.M. suppressed carriercoherent demodulator.(D) the property exhibited bycorrelation receiver.31. Object code is the output of ______.(A) Operating System(B) Compiler or Assembler(C) only Assembler(D) only Compiler32. ‘Macro’ in an assembly levelprogram is _______.(A) sub program(B) a complete program(C) a hardware portion(D) relative codingANSANSANSANSANSANSANSANS
  6. 6. Paper-II 6 D-87-1033. Grammar of the programming ischecked at ________ phase ofcompiler.(A) semantic analysis(B) code generation(C) syntax analysis(D) code optimization34. The register or main memorylocation which contains the effectiveaddress of the operand is known as(A) pointer(B) special location(C) indexed register(D) None of the above35. Macro-processors are ______.(A) Hardware(B) Compiler(C) Registers(D) None of the above36. The dynamic allocation of storageareas with VSAM files isaccomplished by(A) Hashing(B) Control splits(C) Overflow areas(D) Relative recoding37. Which of the following commandthe file names in multiple columns ?(A) IS – X(B) IS(C) IS – 1(D) IS – f – X38. WINDOWS is a _________operating.(A) Real time(B) Multi-user(C) Preemptive(D) Non-preemptive39. Page making process from mainmemory to disk is called(A) Interruption(B) Termination(C) Swapping(D) None of the above40. A Dead-lock in an Operating Systemis(A) Desirable process(B) Undesirable process(C) Definite waiting process(D) All of the above41. Prototyping is used to(A) test the software as an endproduct(B) expand design details(C) refine and establishrequirements gathering(D) None of the above42. Which one of these are not softwaremaintenance activity ?(A) Error correction(B) Adaptation(C) Implementation of Enhancement(D) Establishing scopeANSANSANSANSANSANSANSANSANSANS
  7. 7. D-87-10 7 Paper-II43. The system specification is the firstdeliverable in the computer systemengineering process which does notinclude(A) Functional Description(B) Cost(C) Schedule(D) Technical Analysis44. The COCOMO model wasintroduced in the book title“Software Engineering Economics”authored by(A) Abraham Silberschatz(B) Barry Boehm(C) C.J. Date(D) D.E. Knuth45. The Warnier diagram enables analyst(A) to represent informationhierarchy in a compact manner(B) to further identify requirement(C) to estimate the total costinvolved(D) None of the above46. A data mart may contain(A) summarised data(B) de-normalized data(C) aggregate departmental data(D) All of the above47. Data mining is(A) the process of extracting valid,previously unknown,comprehensible and actionableinformation from largedatabases and using it to makecrucial business decisions.(B) a tool that allows end usersdirect access and manipulationof data from within data-warehousing environmentwithout the intervention ofcustomised programmingactivity.(C) a tool that helps end usersextract useful businessinformation from largedatabase.(D) All of the above48. E-Choupal refers to(A) calling meeting of Surpancheselectronically.(B) conducting Panchayat meetingusing latest electronic gadgets.(C) providing window ofinformation to villagers andfarmers in NIC network.(D) None of the above49. The basic concepts of ethics ininformation society is/are(A) Responsibility(B) Accountability(C) Liability(D) All of the above50. One of the distinguished features ofsuper-computer over other categoryof computer is(A) parallel processing(B) highest accuracy level(C) more speed(D) more capacityANSANSANSANSANSANSANSANS
  8. 8. Paper-II 8 D-87-10Space For Rough Works