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HTMSL - Ivr solutions


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HTMSL - Ivr solutions

  1. 1. IVR Solutions
  2. 2. HTMSL IVR Platform Capabilities  Multilingual IVR Flows  Customization possibilities, as per the client requirements  IVR Solutions integrated with SMS and Web  Capability to manage Large scale IVR Campaigns  In-House IVR Set up with 120 PRIs of different operators  Missed Call solution over a Landline Number  Missed Call solution over a long code  Multi-Level Inbound IVR Flow on a vanity/premium long code  Multi-Level Outbound IVR Flow, with provisions for seeking inputs and recording messages Contd…
  3. 3. Contd…  Operations and Support:  24X7 Operations and Support available  Automated alerts in case of connectivity issues/downtime  Prompt recording by professional artists and in various moods  Call Conferencing Solutions Case Studies …
  4. 4. Some of the Marketing IVR Campaigns that we did… Jaago Agra Campaign Call Conferencing solution being done for… Contd…
  5. 5. Running missed call solutions for some brands… Enterprise IVR Services being managed for…  Wikipedia on Mobile - Monsanto (Farmer Contact Program) . More then 3 million calls every month to farmers in rural areas of India.  Spicejet (Notification system for Customers) : Approx 3 million customer touch points every month. Contd…
  6. 6. Thank You !! Contact – Vijayendra Dwari Call @ 91-9910863344 We will get back to you promptly !!