Ht media digital quotient intro


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Credential presentation for Digital Quotient

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Ht media digital quotient intro

  1. 1. Digital Quotient Mobile-first Digital Marketing Solutions
  2. 2. // The Indian Digital Landscape Mobile Explosion Internet on Mobile already higher than on Desktop. Further increase expected as Smartphone penetration increases, 4G revolution comes about. Social Media Explosion Facebook to grow to 90 m users by end 2013. Linkedin, Twitter also showing high growth rates. Go Mobile, Get Social… Online Video Megatrend Videos – key category for high speed networks and mass audience accessibility. Youtube, now second highest ‘social’ channel expected to end 2013 at 45 m users
  3. 3. // DQ Strategy : Go Mobile, Get Social… A Rich Range of Mobile Solutions across various platforms MOBILE – FIRST Thinking & Execution Powered by recently acquired premier social media agency, Webitude SOCIAL MEDIA Focus Video & multimedia content dissemination and monetization VIDEO Capabilities From Conceptualization to Execution to Analytics
  4. 4. // DQ Solutions Rich User Experience to drive brand memories Interactive products that work on both Mobile & Desktops Driving trial and repeats Full agency services, apps, analytics Massive Outreach, customer service Targeted reach -Social Media, Online, Mobile
  5. 5. Beauty and Personal Care Retail and Home improvementTravel and Hospitality Technology Education and Online Services Special Events Food Mobile and Telecom Consumer Durables Auto FMCG // Our Clients
  6. 6. // Mobile Application – PVR Cinemas Challenge To provide consumers with an on-the-go solution for movie decision making and ticket booking Solution An Interactive mobile application for all key operating systems - with key features of search, selection, booking and payment Result One of the highest downloaded and most widely used movie applications in the country, contributing a significant percentage of PVR’s ticket booking revenue
  7. 7. // Augmented Reality – in Hindi belt Challenge To connect with the growing population of savvy young readers in the Hindi Heartland Solution The Hindustan New Year Bioscope property on showcasing key events of 2012 across Sports, Bollywood, Lifestyle using slideshow, images, audio and video for an interesting AR experience for users. Cloud computing and AR technology allowed for delivery despite low-speed 2G environment. Result App usage more than 200% of expectations. Higher connect with younger audience, and AR technology being repeatedly used by Hindustan
  8. 8. // Facebook Management - Cleartrip Challenge Establish the Cleartrip FB page as a major platform for direct consumer connect, and use it as a source of leads for actual ticket bookings. Solution A Creative yet Analytical approach to building the fan base through media planning, and a strong focus on ways to keep the audience engaged. Intelligent content planning with information on getaways followed by relevant offers maximized interaction rates and conversions. Result Facebook for Cleartrip has the lowest Cost-per- action of platforms . The engagement rate for the page is the highest in the industry, beating Yatra, MMT and Ibibo.
  9. 9. // Social + Outdoor – Intel Virtual Diya Challenge Use the occasion of Diwali to communicate Intel’s positioning in a clutter-breaking way Solution A Facebook application integrated with an on-site LED screen at Ambience Mall, Delhi. Every wish sent over FB, SMS or on-ground would cause one pixel of the Diya to light up in real-time. Result Over 30,000 wishes sent in a period of one week alone. Positioned Intel as the ‘Visibly Smarter’ choice.
  10. 10. // SMS/IVR Solutions - Monsanto Challenge Agro-products company Monsanto had challenge communicating their products to their customers i.e. farmers, due to connectivity and language barrier issues. Solution Development of a large-scale IVR system for outbound calling in multiple languages. Over 150 different types of recordings using a combination of languages, voiceover artists, music created and tested s. More than 3 million calls are generated per month, allowing for inputs to take opt-ins about interest in specific products - which formed a large base for lead generation. Results Monsanto has used this system for more than 3 years, with calling per month increasing each year. It is now the primary mode of communication with its customers.
  11. 11. //SMS/IVR – SpiceJet Airlines Challenge Spicejet needed a reliable means to communicate real-time information to passengers – flight delays, confirmations, cancellations, other information. Solution A scalable SMS/IVR system designed in a templatized fashion, wherein variable inputs are fed in through a bulk upload process, resulting in mass yet one-to-one customized messaging in real time. Back up systems are also in place for the same to ensure no break in service delivery, along with analytics on success rates of deliveries/calls. Result More than 3 million customer touches every month. Spicejet has used the system to communicate with its customers for the last 3 years, and a 99% uptime has been consistently maintained.
  12. 12. //Social Media Amplification: HT No TV Day #htnotvday Challenge To create virality, excitement and drive user participation in the annual event Solution Use of Social media (Facebook and Twitter) in innovative ways, from pre-launch to post-launch amplification. Several contests were run, including a Treasure hunt, NO TV Day memories and Most memorable journeys. Results Twitter – Worldwide and India trending @ #1 Facebook – 3 lakh plus interactions and 90,000 fans addition 1,500 people submitting their pictures, poems and memories Recognized as Top 10 best social media campaign in India
  13. 13. 13 //Responsive Web Design: For Fever 104 Challenge : To provide a mobile and digital connect to a radio station, whose audience is normally on the move. Provide value add to its unique content of DJ speak and Events Solution : Responsive website that provides consistent, seamless experience across multiple devices from phones to tablets to personal computers. Easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling Tied in with audio offerings and social media Results : Brand differentiation and better customer connect through unified experience across all devices. Faster loading time, thereby ensuring better customer experience .
  14. 14. 14 //Multimedia Content Dissemination : Women’s Day Challenge : To create virality, excitement and drive user participation in the annual event Solution : Disseminating the song through audio and video platforms - using Mobile, Augmented Reality, Social Media, Youtube, Telecom Operator Stores and promotions across multiple properties. Results : The Women’s Day Anthem received close to 4 lakh interactions over just 4 days. 2 lakh + video views 1.4 lakh + audio downloads & streams 50k + Facebook Interactions
  15. 15. Challenge : To Connect students with htcampus platform for career planning on the mobile ecosystem and make it viral among the student TG Solution : Mobile application that provides information for students, and people in career transition. This app will provide step by step detailed information around career as a pivot point : o Career Listing : Selected career detail o College Listing : College information o Articles Listing : Educational articles o Social Connect (Facebook & G+) o Engagements using posts,likes,share ,comments Results : 1st of its kind mobile app in India for providing valuable career related info. This app will provide social engagement in terms of likes,shares,comments making it apt recipe for a viral marketing // Career Planner
  16. 16. //Consumer Contest – Coke & Ra.One Challenge As a part of its tie up with the movie Ra- one, Coke needed a solution to reach out to Tier 1 and 2 cities that would complement its ATL activity. Solution Creation of an Inbound IVR platform, wherein consumers could answer the question ‘Who will you light 2 diyas for this Diwali?’. The winners would meet Shah Rukh. This contest was managed as an end-to-end solution by DQ. Result Over 40,000 calls were managed during the contest period and the lucky winners met SRK!MT.
  17. 17. // DQ’s Strategic Pillars Devising unique, relevant creative solutions based on true insight and consumer connect. CREATIVITY Use of cloud-computing, agile technology and frameworks ensuring scalability and performance TECHNOLOGY Constant optimization and reporting for on-the- fly decision making and evaluation through our own tools and partner platforms. ANALYTICS
  18. 18. vinkats 91-9717392381 // CONTACT : VINISH KATHURIA