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Comparison 120731110439-phpapp01 (3)

  1. 1. marketing automation tools comparison by features available customizable not available
  2. 2. CampaignManagementEmail CampaignsTrack all your email campaigns and itsresponsesAffiliate CampaignsConfigure the script to track all affiliatecampaigns and measure effectiveness of thechannel/campaignsPaid CampaignsTrack Paid Campaign effectiveness byassigning values for clicks and impressionsto measure ROICampaign GoalsSet up attributes to track from campaignsto conversionsEmail Campaign SetupSet up your campaigns and use it forwebsite communication or delivering it tothe mailbox. Comes with Template Library,Contact Management, Workflows andReportingLanding Page SetupSetup reusable landing pages that supportsvideos, external widgets, and formsLanding Page AnalyticsMeasure the performance of your LandingPage along with video analytics
  3. 3. Traffic AnalysisTrafficPreset reports by direct, referral andsearch.Referral TrafficConfigure the script to further analyzereferral traffic by Paid or Email or AffiliateLocationPreset reports to know visitors by location:City, State, Region, Country, Continent,Lat/LongSystem InformationConfigure script to understand systeminformation like browsers, OS, Flashenabled, Java enabled, Mobile Devices,Connection speeds, Service provider andScreen resolutionsVisitor TypeKnow visitors by their frequency whethernew visitor or returning visitor
  4. 4. ContentMeasurementPopular PagesPreset reports to know most popularcontent by Day, Week, Month and YearEntry PagesPreset reports to know where visitorsenter your site.Exit PagesPreset reports to know where visitorsleaves your site. Helps in fall-out analysisPage FunnelsConfigurable page paths for conversionoptimization. No resource requiredFallout TrackingIdentify exit pages and set rules to optimizefall-outs during transactionHeat mapIdentify which links on the page getsmaximum response.Event TrackingTrack for downloads, form exits on yourpagesA/B TestingPreset reports to know where visitorsenter your site.FB Like/Share Widget AnalysisPreset reports to know where visitorsenter your site.
  5. 5. ConversionOptimizationBehavioral TargetingSet rules to load content based on visitorbehavior. Rules can be contextual,geographic or based on past behavior ortransactionWin-back ConfigurationConfigure forms, polls, feedback, questionson the fly based on behaviorWorkflowsSet 3 tier workflows if you need to engagevisitors and turn them to customersMessagingEnable messaging from your website basedon behaviorsFollow-upsSet Time and Templates to follow-up withcustomers based on previous responsesResponsesGet response reports for all activities:Targeted content to Forms to MessagesConversation HistoryKnow all your conversations with allcustomers across mediums along with theirresponsesRecommendationsBased on past behavior, you canrecommend products or set them based onspecific rules
  6. 6. Visitors/Customers/LeadsVisitor InformationKnow every visitor by location, by source,browsing behavior, system information,connection speeds, and screen typeBy SourcePreset Report to understand how thevisitor reaches the siteBy BehaviorGet complete click-stream report of everyindividual visitor. This helps in advancedconversion optimizationBy TransactionKnow transactions of every customer. Thishelps in recommendations, (up-sell, cross-sell analysis), and understand buying cycleBy ResponsesKnow responses by every customer to allthe communications. Helps in tone analysisBy EngagementAggregate responses from loyalty sites.Helps in Customer retention and BuyingbehaviorBy BuzzAggregate social findings based on individualcustomer to understand sentimentUnified ProfilingAggregate all these data and get a profilemap of every customer
  7. 7. EngagementCommunity ConfiguratorConfigure a community site which works asa loyalty site or product communityScreenersEnable screeners to start open targetedcommunitiesDiscussionsEnable Discussion on the siteSurveysEnable surveys to get feedback, understandbuying behavior or understanding productsentimentPollsCreate Polls to gather quick insights of ourcustomersInternal MessagingEnable message box for your customers forall internal communicationChatEnable Group chat or One-on-one chat inyour community
  8. 8. EngagementVideo SessionsEnable Video Sessions with yourcustomers. Broadcast/Record productlaunches. Record Voice of your customerOffersCreate Offers based on points ortransactions or browsing behavior of thecustomerPoints ConfigurationConfigure Points for each interaction. Setconditions for bonus pointsRewardsUpdate Rewards list and set rules forredemptionAdvanced ProfilesCreate Forms to collect advanced profileinformation or tag it from other sourcesEngagement AnalysisUnderstand frequency of engagement andset rules for further engagementCustomer SentimentsGather all customer responses and undercustomer sentiments within thecommunity. This data can be mapped withprofile search data for deep websentiments
  9. 9. Research & CustomerAdvocacyProfile SearchConfigure the crawler to search the webbased on email addressTopic SearchConfigure the crawler to search the webbased on keywords or topicsBrand SentimentsCollect Reviews and Discussions aroundyour brand and analyze user sentimentsInfluencersAnalyze User sentiments to understandyour key influencers and advocate themList CreationConfigure crawler to mine contactinformation based on keywordsConfigurationSimple easy to use setup
  10. 10. Multi Channel DataAggregationData ImportImport Data from external data sources forunified analysis and reportingData TaggingHelps in tagging disparate data sets forunified reportingData ScoringAssign scores to each interaction or anycolumn type of the data set forsegmentationScore ConfigurationAssign Scores to imported data sets anddeduce overall scores for unified profilesAnalysisUse the online spreadsheet for all analysis.ReportingWizard Driven reporting engine for multidimensional analysisVisualizationGenerate graphs and export them to pdf,presentations or word documentsPredictionsUtilize PMML models to arrive atpredictionsRe-use insightsUpdate insights to your existing scripts fornew rules and conversion optimization
  11. 11. Customization is charged separately | With On-Demand Models, few customization options | All prices in USD PRICE COMPARISON 30k FREE 150k 150k 100k 45k 70k 25k 10k ON ON ON ON ON ON ON ON ONDEMAND DEMAND PREMISE PREMISE DEMAND DEMAND PREMISE DEMAND DEMAND+ resource + resource + resourcesupport support support Plumb5 On-Premise version costs USD 70K annually