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C0 teaching presentation

  1. 1. What does Co-teaching look like at LPMS? Laurel Park Middle School Regular Teacher: Mrs. Vijaya Nallari Co-Teacher: Mr. Claude Morris Subject: Algebra 1 Co-teaching is the collaboration between general and special education teachers for all of the teaching responsibilities of all students assigned to a classroom… In a co-taught classroom, teachers share the planning, presentation, evaluation, and classroom management in an effort to enhance the learning environment for all students.” Gately & Gately, 2001.
  2. 2. Benefits of co-teaching I experienced last year  Professional Growth  Student Engagement  Behavior Management  Diverse instruction to meet diverse needs  Meet the needs of ALL students
  3. 3. Effective Co-teaching Models. “Collaborative teaching is a service delivery structure in which teachers with different knowledge, skills and talents have joint responsibility for designing, delivering, monitoring and evaluating instruction for a diverse group of learners in general education classrooms.” DeBoer & Fister, 1995
  4. 4. Inclusion Vs Co-Teaching  I have been teaching Inclusion class since 2008 and last year we had a PD in co-teaching and the models introduced and sharing the responsibility of teaching made lots of difference and I see the difference it made in our student’s lives.  We have adapted all the models and student’s also enjoyed much. I must say we never had a chance to separate SPED and Regular. We use to divide the class as a whole and every time in different manner.
  5. 5. Lead and Support Model Teacher A Teacher B  Primary responsibility for planning unit of instruction.  Shares in delivery, monitoring and evaluation.
  6. 6. Duet Model: This model we followed most which benefitted our students. Teacher A Teacher B Both teachers plan and design instruction. Teachers take turns delivering various components of the lesson.
  7. 7. Skills Group Model: This model benefitted for our struggling students. Teacher A Teacher B Students are divided into 2-4 groups based on instructional need. Each teacher takes primary responsibility for half the group. Teachers may switch groups occasionally.
  8. 8. Adapting Model: I would appreciate my co-teacher for his co-operation. Teacher A Teacher B  Primary responsibility for planning and delivering a unit of instruction.  Determines and provides adaptations for students who are struggling.
  9. 9. Station Teaching Model: We have many ha ha moments adapting this model. Teacher A Teacher B  Responsible for overall instruction  Teaches a small group specific skills they have not mastered.
  10. 10. Parallel Teaching Model: This is one more frequently used model and we see students benefitted most out of this. Teacher A Teacher B Both teachers plan and design. The class splits into two groups. Each teacher takes a group for the entire lesson. This reduces the teacher- student ratio.
  11. 11. Algebra 1 Role of SE Teacher (Mr. Morris)  Support instruction in class and in  Modify curriculum  Students with high need  Planning/pace  Adaptations  Notes, PPT, Use of technology  Accommodations  Clean copy, tests read, etc.  Behavior Management  Seating charts, proximity
  12. 12. Health Thoughts on Co-teaching  Effect on…  Teaching Style  Activities  Student Learning  Grading  Support  Overall Feelings
  13. 13. Class Pictures:
  14. 14. A group of 4 -5 students and students stay in their places only materials are passed after every 12 minutes and they need to complete all 5 stations
  15. 15. Station 2: Flash cards activity in Properties. Students need to match the correct property for a given examples and write down the property and example on construction paper
  16. 16. Station 3: Polynomials - Classify Polynomials Represent using tiles (Draw) and Simplify add/subtract/multiply show on white boards
  17. 17. Station 4: Functions poster project- Create a poster with a function f(x)= -5x+4, You get to pick 5values and make a table –input/output- Graph the function-label x-and y-axes , plot all ordered pairs. State domain,range,relation and inverse relation- Represent relation in table and mapping form.
  18. 18. Station 5: Slopes and Parallel lines Hot spot questions Interpret the graphs to find the steepness. Fill up the blanks
  19. 19. Thank you! The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called “truth.”--Dan Rather