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Industrial Furnace Types


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Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Industrial Furnace like aluminium melting furnace, Industrial Heat Treatment Furnace, Bogie hearth furnace, Pit type furnace, Rotary Furnace etc. from South India

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Industrial Furnace Types

  1. 1. Vibrant Thermal Engineering - Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Industrial Furnace like aluminum melting furnace, Industrial Heat Treatment Furnace, Bogie hearth furnace, Pit type furnace, Rotary Furnace etc. from South IndiaTypes ofIndustrialFurnacesVibrant Thermal EngineeringChennai, Tamilnadu
  2. 2. Types of Industrial furnaceA furnace is a machines utilized for heating. Industrial furnace utilized for numerousthings, for example the extraction of metal from ore(refining) or in oil refineries and othersubstance plants, for instance as the hotness resource for fragmentary distillationsectionsTypes of Industrial Furnaces Bogie Hearth Furnace Bell furnace Pit Type Furnace Forging furnace Shell baking furnace Nonferrous Melting furnace Industrial Furnace Laboratory Furnace Industrial Driers Box Type Furnace Furnaces Spares Etc.Rotary FurnaceThese rotary furnaces are heartily built and have exceedingly dependable with greattensile quality. Rotary furnaces accompanies distinctive sorts, they are Rotary RetortFurnace and Rotary Melting Furnace. The aforementioned rotary heater are kindledwith Oil, gas and electrical.Types: There are mainly 2 types of rotary furnaces are there which are listed below Rotary Retort Furnace Rotary Melting Furnace
  3. 3. Temparature: Upto 1200°CHardening & Tempering FurnaceQuenching furnace stands for its strength, hearty and long continuing on. We moreoverdeal diverse sorts of furnaces such as Automatic Quenching Furnace, Drop BottomQuench Furnace and Fork Arm Quenching Furnace.Non Ferrous Melting FurnacesNon Ferrous Melting Furnaces that are widely utilized as a part of different mechanicalrequisitions. These are fundamentally used to liquefy the non-ferrous metals likealuminum, zinc, copper, lead, and so forth. The aforementioned softening heaters areadvanced consistent with the customers necessity and ready in distinctive size, sizes,and shapes.Types Zinc Melting Furnace Aluminium Melting Furnace
  4. 4. Copper Melting Furnace Lead Melting Furnaces Bale Out Furnace Crucible Furnace EtcLaboratory furnacesLaboratory furnace is fabricated by utilizing fine metal parts, which stands for itsstrength.Lab ovens are ovens for heightened-compelled volume thermal convectionprovisions.These ovens usually give uniform temperatures all through. Prepare requisitions for labovens could be for tempering, bit the dust-bond curing, drying, Polyimide heating,sanitizing, and other modern lab roles.Types: Muffle Furnace Testing Furnace High Temperature Furnace Silicon Carbide FurnaceBox Type FurnaceThis profoundly productive box furnace ready in Gas terminated or electric fueled. Thisbox type furnace is capable to handle great stacks with the assistance of re-flowingconvection warming framework and it is fit to work under ample pressurized conditions.Temperature Handling: Upto 1200°CHeating modes: Electrical, Gas & Oil
  5. 5. Industrial Bell type FurnaceIndustrial Bell type Furnace that is made utilizing fine metal fixings. The aforementionedBell type Furnaces are high temperature up with several variants such as Electrical, Gasand Oil. We in addition offer Multiple Hearth Bell Furnace, Bell Furnace electrically warmand Gas Fired Bell Furnace. Ringer type Furnace can warm up to 1200 °C and it can liftby way of rigging engine or water driven framework.Temperature Handling: Upto 1200°CHeating modes: Electrical, Gas & OilFeatures: Lifting Through Gear Motorand Hydraulic SystemWant to see More industrial Furnaces go to: www.furnace-industrial.comSend a Businee Enquiry to: