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48051567 puzzles


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48051567 puzzles

  1. 1. QuestionReshma is standing in front of her room.Ramu is coming fromnorth towdars her and he can seehis shadow falling on his right.In which direction she isstanding?AnswereastAnswerwestAnswerreshma is standing at south directionQuestionA sheet of paper has statements numbered from 1 to 40.For all values of n from 1 to 40, statement n says: Exactlyn of the statements on this sheet are false. Whichstatements are true and which are false?AnswerThe 39th statement is true and the rest are false.AnswerThat depends upon the value of n.Lets say value of n to be 8. Then 8 statements will be false and otherswill be true.Question7 dogs have got 7 puppies each.Each puppy got 7 kittens asfriends.They are all members of a club along with me.What isthe strength of the club?Answer56Answer344 is the correct answer.if you read the question carefully, everyone will answerthe question.7 dogs, each dog has 7 puppies = 497 puppies, each puppy has 7 Kittens= 49including a person in the club= 149 X 7 +1= 344Answer399 is the correct answer.7dogs+ 49 puppies+343 kittens=399Answer7 dogseach dog have 7 puppies7*7=49 puppieseach puppie have 7 kittens as friend49*7=343kittens7dogs+49 puppies+343 kittens +1 person who asked thequestion=400Questionday before yesterday i was 25 years , next year iam 28,when
  2. 2. is my birthday? which day is today?Answerbirthday is on 30 dec and today is jan 1Answerbirthday is on 31 december and today is janary 1Answer29 Feb is you Bday.Question3 men are running in circle man A run with 20m/hr, man B runwith 40m/hr, man C run with 50 m/hr , and the radius ofcirlce is 200m then at what time they will meet togetherAnswer4hrsAnswerA=20m/hrB=40m/hrC=50m/hrlength of circle that is 200.the circle is 200mif A take 10hr it reach the circle,10*20=200 mod 200=0 (here mod is modulus)if B take 10hr it reach the circle,10*40=400 mod 200=0if C take 10hr it reach the circle,10*50=500 mod from the above, take 20hr for A,B,CA=>20*20=400 mod 200=0B=>20*40=800 mod 200=0C=>20*50=1000mod 200=0so all are meet after 20hr.QuestionThere are 4 identical tabulates 2 for fever and 2 for cough,you have to take 1 tabulate of fever and 1 tabulate ofcough, if you consume 2 same type of tabulates you will die.then how to consume tabulates???Answerconsume half of tabulate from each tabulate.AnswerHello friends,Lets make it in this way:2 tab - 2 tab eachthe total tab is = 4Note: 2 similar type u eat ... u will out of the world
  3. 3. probability of taking tab = 2/4which is 1/20.5 is the answer ...that means if u take half of each then u will be in safe more.QuestionIf you are in a jail. there a window having two rodes one ismade of Iron and other is of magnet. using a rope how couldyou find magnet or iron rod.Answertie the rope on one rod and pull it . the iron rod willbend and the magnet rod will break.QuestionA person X have a certain number of mangoes, he gave 1/2 oftotal plus one mango to B, now he gave the 1/3 of remainingplus one mango to C, he gave the 1/4 of remaining plus onemango to D. Now he have no mango more, find how many mangowas at beginning?Answerlet no. of mangoes A has=xNow, he gives 1/2 of x plus 1 to B. So, A is left with (1/2ofx-1)=(x-2)/2Now, he gives 1/3 of the remaining plus 1 to C. Therefore C has (x-2)/2 ------- + 1 3 So, A has (x-2)/2 x-8 ------- - 1 = ------ 3 6Now, he gives 1/4 of the remaining plus 1 to D. Therefore D has (x-8)/6 x - 17 -------- + 1 = -------- 4 24So, A is left with zero mangoes=> all the mangoes are with D=> (x-17)/24 = 0=> x = 17therefore A had 17n the beginning.AnswerLet a gives x mangoes to DThen x=x/4 + 1==> x=4/3So, 4/3 amount remaining after C transaction,Let "m" no of mangoes remaining before C transaction thenm/3+1 no. of mangoes given to C and 4/3 remaining for D transactionso, m=m/3 + 1 + 4/3m=7/2So, 7/2 amount remaining after B transaction,Let "o" no of mangoes remaining before B transaction theno/2+1 no. of mangoes given to B and 7/2 remaining for C transactionso, o=o/2 + 1 + 7/2o=9so initially A was having 9 mangoes
  4. 4. QuestionIf a monkey climbes 3mts in 1hr and slips back 2mts. Whatthe time taken to climb 20mts .AnswerSo original height per hr is 3mts-2mts=1mtits taking 1hr to climb 1mtr it will take 20hrs to climb 20mtrs heightans is 20hrsAnsweranswer is 18....monkey climbs 1 meter in 1 hour n so itcrosses 17 meter in 17 hrs...18th hr its jumps 3 metres nreaches the top...Answerafter reachin to the 17 mts... the mnkey wil jumps..nddirectly goes out.. there is no chance for slip back.. soans is 17 hrs.. 17 hrs//QuestionEk nadi ka NameEk Ladki ka NameEk PHOOL ka Name3 sawalon ka jawab ek hi hona chahiyewo bhi Ek film ka Name hai...........AnswerchameliAnswerkaajalAnswerGANGA JAMNA SARASWATIAnswerkaveriQuestionA remote island contains a tribe whose members have eitherblue or brown eyes. Tribe members do not know the color oftheir eyes and if they learn it, they must kill themselvesthe same night. Every member of the tribe always behaveslogically...AnswerThis Problem has many logical approaches, some are givenbelow:1.Tribes doesnt know the names for the color.They shouldbe illeterate2.Tribes should be having color blindness disorder.3.They dont have the habit of using mirror.4.They shoulld be nocturnal, in the night the color of theeye wont be much visible.Answerthey must be blind
  5. 5. Questionif 12+22=24 23+8=6 32+13=40 73+16=144 then 36+2=?Answer12+22=34.34-24=1023+8 =31.31-6=2532+13=55.55-40=15,which is 25-1073+16=89.144-89=55so 55-15=40+36+2=78Answeri think that the ans is 23...12+22=34 but given 24 (10 more)23+8=31 but given 6 (25 more)32+13=45 but given 40 (5 more)73+16=89 but given 144 (55 less)from above values taken in braces 10+25+5-55=-15so for 36+2...36+2=38 and becomes 38-15 i.e., 23totally 36+2=23....Questionsuppose you build a tower interlocking cubes that is 99cubes high. And suppose you have to paint each square onthe tower. How many squares would you have to paint?Answerits 396.. 99*4 + 1 =397. Because top most cube will have 5faces to be painted.Answerthe top cube has 5 squares to b painted and remaining 98cubes have 4 sides to paint.. so98*4=392then top cube have 5 sides to b paintedhence392+5=397QuestionArrange these words into a romantic word D P G E O D S?AnswerSpodgedBottom of FormAnswerD P G E O D S AnswerpedgosQuestionPlease convert 13 LETTERS- "FTOGUNIROIYWA" INTO THREE WORDSRELATED TO LOVE.?AnswerWAITING FOR YOU Answerrelated to love
  6. 6. Answerwaiting for you is the right answer Questionwith heavy raining ,At Midnight 12, aap car lekar ja raheho aur bus stand par 3 log (80 years woman , ur bestfriend , ur lover ) khade he....lekin aap kisi ek ko hiapni car me bitha sakte aap kya karoge aur kyu ????AnswerI will give my car to my friend asking him to drop the oldlady to her destination; I will give company to my lover.After his come back I will take my lover to her home andcome back to pickup my friend.QuestionThere is a bucket with lots of marbles. Some are red, someare blue, some are green and some are orange. We dont knowthe quantity of any. With your closed eyes how many minimumnumber of marbles you will pick so as to 100% sure thatatleast 2 marbles have the same colors.AnswerThe question is about best fit and worst fit. But to be 100 %sure we have to consider the worst fit condition. So theanswer suitable is 5 marbles. Well you can see it in thissense as when you pick up the marbles, you cannot actuallysee what coloured marble are u picking up. So after pickingup 5 marbles only then you can be sure of having 2 marbles ofthe same colour in your hand.Questionthree people given 25 rupee each to there servent topurchase a seeler return 5 rs. then servent keep 2rupee and return 1 rs each,now they spend 24 rs eachandservent have 2 rs so totel is 74 rs now where is 1 rupee?Answer"now they spend 24 rs each and servent have 2 rs", actuallyservant has 3 Rs because there are 3 servants in total, so24*3=72+1*3=3=75Answerthey have spent 24 rs each as servant returned 1 rupee toeach of them... so 24*3= 72 rsNow the total is not 75 it is 72.nswer1)total cost of the books = 70so each person share will be (70/3) = 23.3333332) servant returned one rupee each, so if u add up 1+23.333it will be 24.3333) servant kept 2 rupees for himself
  7. 7. (23.3333 * 3) + 3 + 2 = 75QuestionIn one year there are 12 months,so how many years in one monthAnswer1 year = 12 monthsAnswerQuestion is how many years in one month..Answer is Infinity.For Ex: 2010 has 1 Jan, 1 Feb ....But month Jan is there in every year like 2009, 2010,2011...then 1 month = 1/12 yearQuestionWho ever has red card says truth black card says false 2guys a and b a says "iam b i have red card " who is he watcard he has thats all from apti i knowAnswera says that he is b its his first false and also said thathe has red card, that is also false becoz given that blackcard person says false...QuestionThere are two types of gangs one gang members always saytruth others are liers u come accross a&b1.a says "atleast one of us lier" a&b belongs to which gang??Answera gang members are truthb gang members are liersAnswerIts tricky. When we say a&b means both belong to one gangonly. With this notion, when a says atleast one of us is alier means 1 or more. So both belong to the lier group.Questiondil ke photo me teer kyu hota hai?Answerdil komal hota hai or ye dimak ki nahi sunta any work .jabese dhokha hota hai to esa dard hota hai jaise manoo kiseene teer mara ho. jaise aamir khan kahte hai dil me teer matmaro,dil najuk hota haiAnsweragar aap sacha pyaar karten hai toagar kisi ne apke saath dokha kiya to usski wajah se apko kafi daard huaisiliye dono case me dil me teer ka nissan banata haiAnswerbecoz in case of would leave withhurting...............
  8. 8. QuestionThere are 3 friends X,Y,Z having some chocolates each.X Gives Y and Z as many chocolates as they already have.After some days Y gives X and Z as many chocolates as theyhave.After some days Z gives X and Y as many chocolates as theyhave.Finally each has 24 chocolates. What is the original No. ofchocolates each had in the beginning?Answersolution x = 39, y = 21, z = 12solve it by backtracking.we know finally each has 24. x y z --- --- ---final: 24 24 24 12 12 48 before z gives 6 42 24 before y givesinitial: 39 21 12 before x givesAnswerfinallyx=24y=24z=24before thisx=24-12=12y=24-12=12z=24+12+12=48before thisx=12-6=6z=48-24=24y=12+6+24=42before thisy=42-21=21z=24-12=12x=6+21+12=39so initiallyx=39y=21z=12totally 72 chocolatesQuestion3 boys ,a,b,c .have 3 chocklets ..a ate the chocklet.b thrown away the chocklet and c ate halfchocklet .now how many choclect each have in their hand.Answera have took the chockelet that the b throwed since he isvery hungry he have ate the first chocklet very fast,and bhave no chocklet and c is eating the half chocklet.Answera ate two chocolate and c ate half .so, half of the chocolate is remaining with c.
  9. 9. Questionthere are 6 balls all of same weight except one ball. u rgiven a weighing balance. in how many trys can u find the balltat has different weight? (the ball can b heavier or lighterthan the rest)Answerfirst keep 3 balls on each side and weigh.the ball having diff weight will move up r down..considerthat side and weigh again with 2 on one side and 1 on otherside...It will take 2 or 3 times to know the weight...Questionthere is a desert. a professor has to cross it n it takes6days for him to cross. there are enough food reserves andstudents who can help d professor cross d desert. eachperson including professor can carry only 4 food packetswith him while crossing the desert. in d desert also, eachperson can hav at the most 4 packets with him and they needto eat one packet per person per day during their wil d professor reach the other side of desert??Answer!----------------------------------------------------------!0 1 2 3 4 5 62st,1p 2st,1p 1st,1p4,4 3,3 3,3 now rest 4 pc are 1 ret 1 ret sufficient for him to cross with 1pc with 2pc 1st,1p 1p 4,4 4Answer5 students are required.Day 0 : ( start )(5 students , 1 professor )24 no of food packets.Day 1 : ( 1 day is over )( 5 students , 1 professor )18 food packets are available.2 students will return with 1 food packet each.3students & 1 professor will continue the forward journeyfood packets available = 16day 2 : ( 2 days are over )3 students , 1 professor12 food packets are in stock.2 students will return with 2 food packets each.
  10. 10. 1 student , 1 professor left with 8 food packets.this is sufficient for their journey...Answer|-----------|---------|--------|--------|--------|--------|0 1d 2d 3d 4d 5d 6d8s+1p 8s+1p 8s+1p 2s+1P 2s+1P 2s+1P 2s+1P36pack 27pack 18pack 9pack 6pack 3pack 0pack (6s return with 6pack) so,2s+1p with 12packQuestionthere are 2 hour glass. one is 13min hour glass. another is8min hour glass. u need to stop a button exactl do u calculate when 18min is passed?AnswerNow start both the hour glasses after 8 min 2nd hour glasswill be empty(8min passed) and 1st hour glass have 5 minleft now invert the 2nd hour glass and let pass theremaining 5 min left in 1st glass(8+5=13min passed)and atthe same time compare it with 2nd glass now we know withpassing of 5 min in first glass there is 3 min left in 2ndglass because we have inverted and 5 min left in downportion now again invert the 2nd glass then the 5 min willpass so 8+5+5=18min.Thanks.Answerlet A be the 8 hour glass and B be the second glass..startboth glass at a time..1)when glass A over the remaining mins in glass B will be A=8 B=52)start both glass again..while glass B over, A=3 B=133)start again..while glass A over, A=8 B=10so,finally can calculate for 18 mins..Questionagar aapne kabhi kisi se saccha pyar kiya hai to is gaaneko complete karo K---N -O --H--T - --G--T---I-A J---N T--S--S----H--Answerkahi to hogiQuestionagar aapse wo insaan i love you kahe jis se aap pyar nahikarte to aap uska bina dil dukhaye kya jawab doge?Answerme kahungaki pyaar ek pavitra pooja(worship) hai aur shayedaapko aapki pooja mil gayi ho par me abhi bhi apni pooja kodhundh rha hoon AnswerIve simply say "Sorry! I dont believe in love" AnswerI LOVE YOU 2 BHAIYA Answer
  11. 11. my dear friend,there are too much pain in love.and i cantsee u in pain... Answerwe are best friend for ever..............Answeri will tell her my real bank balance..Top of Form AnswerMy ans wil be"I hate luv stories" Top of Form 306939 1 0 Bottom of FormDhiru Questionagar mein aapko ek pen gift du aur aapko kahu ki aap us pense mere haato me kuch likho jo mujhe hamesa yaad rahe toaap kya likhoge?AnswerPaagal Ki bachchi AnswerSpecial Din Ko Yad Rakhna Hamesa Bottom of Form AnswerGoD BLESS YoU Answerur name Answermuje hamesa aise hi gift dete rehna dear ;-) Questionwhat is the name of our prime minister before the death ofindira gandhi???????????AnswerIndira GandhiQuestion1 bird ko fish se pyar ho gaya. wo dono mile to kaise? fishpaani ko chhod nahi sakti aur bird paani me ja nahi sakta.Answerthe fish would be mudskipper bcoz mudskipper can live onboth water and landAnswerThe bird is penguin.
  12. 12. AnswerThe fish comes at top of the water and the bird sits overher.QuestionThere is a firm by name MR Bean and co. and in the firmthere are 20 machines which produce a ball of 1000gms. Theballs are packed and are delivered to another company byname royal PVT ltd .The production manager of the Royalcompany complained that a set of balls produced by a machineof the 20 machines of MR bean and co are defective..There isa loss of 100gm in the balls produced by a machine....You are provided with a weighing machine ...You are to makeuse of the machine only once and find the defective machine.AnswerTake one ball from machine 1, 2 from machine 3 and so onuntil machine 20. If none of the machines are defective thenyou the weight will be 210 grams. Since one of the machineis defective, youll get 100 gms less for all the balls fromthat machine.So, if the weight is 100gm less then machine 1 is defective,if 200gm less then machine 2 is defective and so on.. youget the idea.BTW, a cool trick to find the sum of the sequential numbersstarting with 1 like above (1 to 20) is [multiply by halfthen add half]20*(20/2) + 20/2Enjoy.. Answerexactly....the formula to find sum of n numbers is[n(n+1)]/2 ....QuestionOutside a room there are three light switches. Each switchis connected to a different light bulb inside the room.Each of the three switches can be either ON or OFF.You are allowed to set each switch the way you want it,once, and then enter the room.Your task is to then determine which switch controls whichbulb. How can you do it?Answerwe intially switch on the first switch ,after 5 min secondswitch then after 5 min third switch and when we enter theroom then the bulb which is hottest belongs to first switchand the bulb which is little hotter belongs to second switchand so onAnsweryou cant switch off a switch which u hv already switched on..the question says
  13. 13. You are allowed to set each switch the way you want it,once,It can be either switched on or off..since once is mentioned..hence,switch on one switch..wait for 5mins..switch on the next one and enter..the one which is glowing and hot is the first switch..the one which is glowing and not hot is the second switch..the one which is not glowing is the third switch..Question9 9 9 9 5 5 5 5 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 1is me se kin 6 number ka total 21 hota he..?its challange..Answer5+5+3+3+3+1+1=21AnswerIf we can use Multiplication, addition, subtraction thenanswer is:(9*3)-(3+1+1+1)Answer5+5+5+3+(9/3)=21Answer3*(9-3+1)*1*1or9+9+3*1*1*1Answer6+6+6+1+1+1=21if we think out of box,the test here is to read the no 9 in reverse i.e 6and proceed ..QuestionFind a number which ends with digit 2 such that when youcut this last digit and paste it in the front of thenumber, the new number value is double that of original.Answerit is 42.Answerit is 12.Questionjustify 1-1=11...Answer1*22=========>>221*11=========>>1122-11========>>11 Question
  14. 14. wo kya cheez hai jo saal me 1 baar mahine me 2 baar hafteme 4 baar aur din me 6 baar aati haiAnswerI think...odd numbers...saal main 1 baar 200*9*month main 02 odd week 1 & 3.weak main 4 odd days 1, 3, 5, 7aur din main 06 odd hour 1,3,5,7,9,11Answerletter E occurs once in a year, twice in every month, 4times in every week and 6 times each and every weekendQuestionone boys usually takes some flowers to temple. three templesare there.each temple has the pool infront of it.the poolsspeciality is when we put one thing it doubles that. the boytook all the flowers and put it into the pool. then he tooksome flowers and submit it in the first temple.then he putthe remaining flowers in the second pool and it gets doublesthen the took some of them & put them in the second temple.he put the remaining flowers in the third pool and submitall the flowers in that temple.THE CONDITION IS the flowerssubmited in the temple are equal in number. How much flowersthe boy took initially?? How many flowers he submit in eachtemple??Answerthe boy initially tooks seven(7)flowershe submits eight flowers(8)in each temple.Answerthe boy intially has only 1 flower.. it gets doubled in the pool.. n densumits 1 flower in each temple.. n then again in pool it becomes 2.. and soon.. so he has 1flower initially n submits 1 flower in each templeQuestionYour job is to create a simple sum that adds up to 12. Youhave to use the same number three times and you cannot usethe number 4Answer5+5+5-1-1-1=4Answer6+3+3=12Answer12*12/12Answer3x3+3Answer12-12+12=12QuestionWhat is the ten letter country 8 9 10 represents god 8 9 6is type of music 4 7 10 is a type of liquor if u dont knowthe answer u are 10 5 1 ?Answer
  15. 15. dharapuramdis is a region in tamil nadu,u can google 2 checkram-godrap-musicrum-liquormad-if u dont know ans.....QuestionA husband and wife have a combined age of 91. The husband isnow twice as old as his wife was when he was as old as she isnow. How old is wife?Answerhusband+ wife combined age = 91husband age = 2 wife age2 wife age + wife age = 913 wife age = 91wife age = 91/3 = 30.33Answerhusband + wife combined age = 91;2h + w = 91;given wife age half from his husband age nowsohusband age now is = 2h;from this wife age = 2h/2 = h;put into equation2h + h = 91;3h = 91;h = 91/3(age is in years and months);so (h = 30 years and 4 months);here this (h) is wife age....AnswerLET h and w be present age of husband and wife h+w=91--------------(1)Now, y years back husbands age was as same as that of wifes h-y=w---------------(2)and y years back wifes age was w-y.Hence present age of husband is twice that of wifes age y years backso h=2(w-y)----------------(3)solving equation (1),(2),(3)we get h=52 and w=39QuestionWhich figure should be placed in the empty triangle? 6 7 7 6 8 6 6 ? 2 2 5 3 4 2 5 3AnswerCorrect Answer is 3.Explanation:Follow anticlockwise. Subtract the left figure from topfigure and multiply result with the rightmost figure, theanswer will be equal to the middle figure.
  16. 16. 1st triangle: (6-2)*2=8 (8 in middle)2nd triangle: (7-5)*3=6 (6 in middle)3rd triangle: (7-4)*2=6 (6 in middle)4th triangle: (6-5)*3=3 (? in middle)So, the answer is 3.Answer6 + 7 + 7 + 6 =268 + 6 + 6 + ? =26-20=62 +2 + 5+ 3 + 4+ 2 + 5 +3 =26so the answer is 6..! adding all gives 26Questiono,t,t,f,f,s,s,_,_ fill the remaining....Answer0,t,t,f,f,s,s,e,n becoz its o-one ,t-two, t-three and so on Top of Form 242454 1 5 Bottom of FormPranayshah7 Answere,nQuestionX is a 6 letter word1 2 and 5 6 letters are the same3 4 is a day1 2 5 6 is go away1 2 3 6 is fatand X is an international celebrity ..What is X ?AnswerJADEJAQuestionAn ant had to travel from one corner of a room to diagonallyopposite corner. It can walk on walls, floor and roof only.How will you find the shortest path for this ant ?AnswerShortest path is always a straight line.So do flat the room walls and floor and draw a straight linebetween the opposite corners of the room. If room is notcubical then that line will not pass through any edge of room.QuestionHow we get get 13*12=750Answer13 x 12 --------------- 620 +130
  17. 17. --------------- 750Answer13*12*5-30=750QuestionYOU ARE IN A BOAT WITH YOUR MOTHER AND WIFE.SUDDENLY YOU ARE FORCED TO DROP SOMEBODY INTO WATER DUE TOBOAT OVERLOADING.YOU CANNOT DROP YOURSELF. WHOM WILL YOU DROP?Answeri know swimminggggggggggggg...icomback by swmming...the rin boat......we all r safe rignt nowAnswerthe boat may contain more than 3 persons so ill throw otherpassenger(excluding my mother and wife)Answermy wife but not my MOTHER.bcoz I can get another wife bt not another one lyk my mom...Questionthere is one flower in the basket on the frist day and itdoubles on each day if it get full on 30th day then on whatday it will be half?Answeron the 29 day the flowers in the basket was half and on thevery next day it will double.Questionif you are running in the race and you overtakes 2nd noplayer then whats your position?Answer2nd position. Bcoz im running 3rd place , then i overtake 2nd no of player. 1st and 2nd player is running, i crossed 2nd player . so i got 2ndposition only...QuestionX is a five letter word. if u remove the first letter, itis the name of the country.if u remove first two letters itis opposite to female.... find out x friendzzzzzzzzzz....AnswerwomenAnswerRoman because if we remove R then the word we get is OMAN which is the nameof the country and if we remove the first two letters it is MAN which isopposite of Woman(Female).So it is ROMAN.Questionwat will be the next number in the series....1,3,5,9,12,21,..Answernext is 30........
  18. 18. b/w 1 n 3:2 is left 3 n 5 :4is left so one number b/w them.b/w 5 n 9:7,8 is left 9 n 12: 10,11 is left so two nummbers.b/w 12 n 21: 13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 is left so eight numbers .there b/w 21 and next number eight numbers should be left so 21+8=29.therefore next number is 30.QuestionThere are 2 items combined cost is 110.. one item cost is100 rupees more than the cost of other. So tell meindiviual cost of items......Answerlet a and b be two items.where, a+b=110(Given)______(1)now cost of b is 100 rupees more den we can write b=a+100.______(2)therefore 4m (1) & (2)a+a+100=110.2a=110-1002a=10a=5& b=a+100=5+100=105....Answerhai iam mubashir the cost of a item is 105 and the cost ofanother item is 5..becaz it is clearly mention that a is100repees more then b that means in simple logic isa + b = 110,a = b + 100 (as a is 100 rupees more than b)thereforewe can wright the second equatio from one asb + 100 +b = 1102b = 110 - 1002b=10b=5and a + 5 = 110 it means a = 110-5=105.Questionwhat is the difference between point and dot?AnswerPOINT IS USED AT END OF MEANINGDOT IS USED AT THE END OF SENTENCEAnswera point has some geometrical co-ordinates but a dot doesnthave.Question |33 9/9| ! 3["9"" ["39"" | 9/ | ¡ "9""]3 ""9"] YOU "" ""understand this Mssg!! SendAnswer| /|![""" ["""| / |¡ """] """] "" ""you sweetyAnswer
  19. 19. i love youQuestionWhat is the ten letter city 7 8 9 is a famous festival 3 4 5is a degree 2 1 is a abbreviation of group of countries 7 6gives the meaning?AnswerKUMBAKONAM..21-UK;345-MBA-DEGREE789-ONA;67-OK;QuestionIn a group of 25, 13 can speak Latin, 15 can speak French,and 6 don’t speak either. How many of these speak both Latinand French?Answer25-6=1913+15=2828-19=9 answer is 9Answertotally 25 members in the group13-6=715-6=9so 9+7=16the answer is 16AnswerTotal is 25 but out of them 6 dont speak either.So, 25-6=19Out of 19, 15 knows French so definately, 19-15=4 knowsexactly LatinOut of 19, 13 knows Latin so definately, 19-13=6 knowsexactly FrenchNow 6+4=10 knows exactly French or Latin.So, 19-10=9 knows both Latin and FrenchQuestionin a village 4000 people watch a which 1500 watch Achannel.2000 watch B channel and 2500 watch C Channel.500people watch A and B channel.800 watch A and CChannel.1000 watch B and C Cahnnel.find maximum people whowatch maximum no of channels?AnswerWell... The Answer is quite simple...From the basic formula(Intersection of A,B= A+B- Union of A,B)Apply above formula for 3 variables.Intersection of A,B&C= 1500+2000+2500-800-500-1000-4000 = -300Therefore, 300 is the Answer....nswerWell.....500 watch A and B ....(2000-15000)...obvious
  20. 20. and 800 watch A and C...Actually....A:1500;c:2500So both A and C==> intersection(2500-1500=1000)Given 800so 1000-800=200200 watch A,B and C....max channelsQuestionhow many coins do i have in my pocketAnswerVariable! :-) Top of Form 229058 1 0 Bottom of FormYaswanthraj Answerany no.of coins Top of Form 232630 1 0 Bottom of FormNishant Rakesh Answerits top secret Top of Form 232687 1 0 Bottom of FormVarsha Deshmukh AnswerHow can someone say, it will be estimation... Top of Form 234367 1 0 Bottom of FormHeyyrashmi Answereither having or not.its a probability. Top of Form 234517 1 0
  21. 21. Bottom of FormA.mohanbabu Answerdepending on the person and situationQuestionThere are 25 horses and five tracks. There is no stop clockand we have to find the top 5 horses in the bunch. What isthe minimum possible races ?Answer25 horses can be grouped into 5 . like a,b,c,d,e. each group contains 5horses. so there are 5 tracks and 5 groups so each race for every group.rank 1 horse from every group will be eligible for further and last round.the final round is for 5 horses. they are top the minimum possible races will be 6 only.Question4_4_4_4 = 20,what sign should be in _ (dash)fileds((+,-,/,*))Answer(4/4+4)*4 = 20Questionwhat makes a road as abroad?Answerab abroad-road=abQuestionwhere will be the handle for a cup?Answerwith tat cup only Answercups out side AnswerIn the hand of winners! Answeron the cup........ Answerside Answeroutside Answerthe answer is leftside........ Answerfor right handed person its on the right sidefor left handed person its on the left side
  22. 22. Answerit is depend on location of cup. how will u put may be in any direction Questionfind odd one out among these 25,36,49,64,81Answer25 because the two digits 2,5 are prime..! Answerodd one is 81. Answer64 bcoz 6,4 both are even numbers Answerthe answer is nt 64...take 1st 2.....25 n 36 the differnceis 11..n then btwen 36 n 49 the dif is 13....n then btwen49 n 64 it is 15....n last 64 n ther is no oddas it follow the odd numbers in series...n more over it issquares of 5*5=25,6*6=36,7*7=49,8*8=64,9*9=81...and hence25,36,49,64,81 AnswerAnswer is 100 Because Its in square of numbers 5 square is25 like that 10 square is 100 Top of Form 226487 1 0 Bottom of FormPraveena Answerans: 64because difference b/w 2 digits is even only in 64e.g25-> 5-2=336-> 6-3=349-> 9-4=564-> 6-4=2 //even81-> 8-1=7 QuestionX is a five letter word.X is a talent in u.if u remove 1stletter X is dead. if u remove 1st 2 letters x is sick.what is X?AnswerAnswer is SKILL Question
  23. 23. how can u make 5 one rupee coins to touch each other...everycoin shud touch the other 4 coins...AnswerPlace 3 coins like in a venn diagram and 4 th coin opp tothe 3rd and 5th coin on top of the four coins Answerplace four coins touching each other like 4 circles touchingeach other and place the 5th coin directly above thisarrangement right in the centre... Answerthe only way is the coins shud partially acoin in the centre...n partially overlap a coin to theleft,n 1 to the right,1 upward,n 1 downwards,n 1 ontop...only in ths way will each 1 tuch all the other4....the above 2 answers enable only the coin on top to tuchthe other 4 n the coins down tuch 3,or answer makesall the 5 coins tuch each other Answerplace 2 coins parallely n place t 3rd n 4th coin llly down of t 1st n seccoin .. n place t 5th coin on t centre of t four coins .. so by placingtis all t 5coins can touch each other.. AnswerPlace the first 3 coins in a triangle position,then placethe 4th coin at the center of the triangle so that thecoins edge meets the corner of the theremaining 5th coin on top of the triangle such that ittouches all the remaining coins. QuestionA Newyorker stays in 36th floor. Daily he goes to his officeby walk and returns. While raining, he takes the lift goesto lobby and reaches by walk to his office. In the eveninghe returns to the building, takes the lift and reaches hisapartment on 36th Floor. When it is summer, he takes thelift, goes to lobby and reaches his office by walking. Inthe evening, he returns home, takes the lift goes to 30thfloor and climbs all the six floors by stair case andreaches his apratment. Why?Answerthe person is not tall enough to reach and press the 36thbutton in the elevator. He can only reach the 30th button.during rainy days he uses an umbrella to touch the 36thbutton. AnswerDen he should carry an umbrella everyday... and he would useit in d summers to stay away from the heat and save energyto climb up 6 floors.
  24. 24. QuestionLove love it.. friends need it.. relationing start withit.. life ends with it..Answersmile with happyAnswertrustAnswere alphabateAnswerAffectionAnswer"You"QuestionOn 20 feet high pol a monkey climb/jump 4 feet and everytime he fel/slip down 3 feet then, how many jump/climb hereach at top of the pol?Answer17 JumpExplanation - In 1st Jump monkey will move up by 1 ft. Inthe 2nd it will be 2 ft and so on till 16th jump wheremonkey will cover 16 ft. Now when it will make 17th jump itwill reach to the top and will slide down by 3 ft.Answersee they have just asked wen the monkey will reach the top,so from 16 th feet if it jumps it will b at top.. so totally17 jumps.. Don bother about it sliding down.. at 17th jumpit will b at top...Questionrich man keeps me in pocket, poor men throws me away,children eat me, am a tamil word _u_ _e_ _lAnswermuruegalQuestionFind the 8, 19, 21, 25, 20, ?AnswerAnswer - 17Solution -8 + 11 = 1919 + 2 = 2121 + 4 = 2525 + (-5) = 2020 +/- ? = ?Now, the real question is 11, 2, 4, -5, ?11 - 7 = 42 - 7 = -5Thats how we got, 11,2,4 and -5.
  25. 25. Now, 4 - 7 = (-3)subtracting -3 from 20, we get 17.QuestionClassic: If a bear walks one mile south, turns left andwalks one mile to the east and then turns left again andwalks one mile north and arrives at its original position,what is the color of the bearAnswerthe bear had the same color where it started its walk . atthe end also it has same color.QuestionTake 5 Zeros and perform any mathematical opretion on themto make ans 120. (cant use any number)Answer(0!+0!+0!+0!+0!)!=1200!=1so we get five 1s=55!=120..QuestionYou are seat in one room having switch board containing 3switchs & its connection to bulb in another room (only oneis right connection).terms- you can turn on max 2 buttonsand once you can go to see the answer which is right one?AnswerTurn on switch 1 for 10 min. and then turn it off..Now turnswith 2, and go to room and see the status of bulb..If bulbis glowing then answer is switch 2,,else touch the bulb ifits hot then answer is switch 1 otherwise answer is switch3.Question13.333*19.111=?Answer254.814813.3333=40/319.1111=172/9Questiona is person take 10 days to do a work, b is a person take15 days to do same work, if both do the work how many dayswill they takeAnsweras i day work =1/10bs i day work =1/15a+b = 1/10 + 1/15 = 1/6 is for 1 day....for total days jus
  26. 26. reciprocal of it is 6...Answer(15*10)/(15+10) = 6 (short Cut)Question*suppose u have 2 distribute a sum rs 50 among 30 studnt .itis also decided that a male student will get double than offemale student.find the no. of male n female student of class?Answer20 Boys and 10 GirlsI have taken the question into two equations. i.e(here Boys as B and Girls as g)The amount to be ditributed in as g+2b=50The total strength of the students g+b=30By solving this equation we get g & b values i.e., g=10 andb=20Questionthe age of baby will b 5 time after 20 yrs what is present age?Answerlet the present age be x soafter 20 yrs it will be 20+xand as said it will be 5 times the present age i,e 5xso 20+x = 5x x=5Questionno.1-6 first is added the last 3 are subtracted , arrangethe no. so that each sum and difference give the same answerAnswer3,2,1QuestionA person wanted to withdraw X rupees and Y paise from thebank. But cashier made a mistake and gave him Y rupees andX paise. Neither the person nor the cashier noticed that.After spending 20 paise, the person counts the money. Andto his surprise, he has double the amount he wanted towithdraw. Find X and Y.AnswerSince a lot of would not have a graphing calcy, heres whatyou can do: after coming upto (199x+20)/98remainder of 20/98 = 20remainder 199/98 = 3 --(1)we need to find y such that Remainder(199y/98 ) = 20, or20+199y = multiple of 98(20 +78 = 98)
  27. 27. 78/3 = 26 ( ....from 1)thus x = 26and y = (20 + 26*199)/98 = 53QuestionA boy asked a girl her name she replied your name is behindyour scooty Behind the scooty is written 7.3 3.3 9.3 2.3What is her nameAnswerJfleAnswerTHIS IS PERFECT QUESTION CHEK OUT.A boy asked a girl her name she replied your name is behindyour scooty Behind the scooty is written 7.3 4.3 9.3 2.1What is her nameits riyain no. 7 its 3rd letter RIN no 3 its 3rd letter Iin no 9 its 3rd letter Yin no 2 its 3rd letter AAnswerRFYCBecause type from your mobile, 7 three time, 3 three tme, 9 three time, and2 three time.Answervrnobecoz seven-thirdletter(7.3)=vthree-thirdletter(3.3)=rnine-thirdletter(9.3)=ntwo-thirdletter(2.3)=oQuestionHow will you differentiate a 5 rupee(indian currency)or anyfive currency coin?Answer me how will you differentiate?????Answer2+2+1 =51+1+1+1+1=5QuestionWhat is the smallest whole number that, when divided by 2,leaves a remainder of 1; when divided by 3, leaves aremainder of 2; and so on, up to leaving a remainder of 9when divided by 10?Answerwhen 3/2 leaves reminder 1..when 5/3 leaves reminder 2..when 19/10 leaves reminder 9..
  28. 28. so answer is 3,5,19Answer29/2 => qoutient = 14 (2*14=28), REMAINDER = 1 (29-28 = 1)29/3 => qoutient = 9 (3*9=27) , REMAINDER = 2 (29-27 = 2)29/10 => qoutient = 2 (10*2=20), REMAINDER = 2 (29-20 = 9)SO, WE GET REMAINDERS 1, 2 and 9 respectively.AnswerAns. is 2519.we have to multiply all numbers from 2-10 keeping asidecommon number.i.e.2*3*4*5*7*3 = 25206 is left bcoz 2*3 is 69 = 3*3 hence, 3 is taken twice.At last 2520-1.Answer2519/10=251 @ 92519/9=279 @ 8 /8=312 @ 7 /7=358 @ 6 /6=419 @ 5 /5=503 @ 4 /4=629 @ 3 /3=839 @ 2 /2=1259 @ 1so that the answer should be 2519Questionif u love someone u can arrange these 10 letters in 5 wordsI H O M U R E Y N AAnswerO U R MY HANEYAnsweri am ur honeyAnswerOUR HONEY MOON IN ROOMOUR HONEY MOON IN ROMEMY HONEY MOON IN ROMERAM HONEY MOON IN ROMEAnswerOh YOu Are MineAnsweri am your honeyu r my honeyi marry ui am your reynamy honey moon in romeQuestion
  29. 29. What will come in place ofthe question mark (?) in the following questions?11.7589 ? ? = 3434(a)3721(b)4155(c)3246(d)11023(e)None of theseAnswer7589 - 4155= 3434ans=4155QuestionQ. Right to information flows from which of the followingArticles:(a) Articles 19 & 20(b) Articles 21 & 22(c) Articles 19 & 21(d) Articles 14 & 19Answer(c) Articles 19 and 21QuestionOne of the following is my secret word: AIM DUE MOD OAT TIE.With the list in front of you, if I were to tell you any oneof secret word, then you would be able to tell the number ofmy secret word. Which is my secret word?AnswerAns: AIMAny "one" of the secret word, you get the number one. Soits AIM.QuestionFind out the smallest four digit number which is divisiblefrom 1 to 10?AnswerYes 2520 is right answer let me elaborate bit more on how toget to this answer.required number = 9 * 8 * 5* 75 and 7 are in list since they are prime number and theyhave no other multiple in 1 to 10. 3 is also a prime numberbut is not used in this multiplication since we already haveused 3 (9 is divisible by 3).Since its an even number and divisible by 5 we can neglect 10.Since its even and divisible by 3 we can neglect 6 too.Similarly divisible by 8 means divisible by 4 and 2.Let me ask another question. What is the smallest numberwhich is divisible by all number from 1 to 9 (note I left
  30. 30. out 10)QuestionA man got 30 aples in 1 Rs.Now he want 20% of profit on it.How many apples He should Sell in 1 Rs.??Answer24.(logical xpln)assume 100 rs & 30 apples.i.e 3.33/ apple.for 20 % profit i.e 20 rs, each apple 2 b sold at 4 rs.but he has to sell it in rs 100 therefore no of apples shudb earn 20 rs =3.33*(6) approx.therefore 6 less apples thus 24 apples.Answer24 apples.Number of apples for 20% profit= Total number of apples-20%of total apples=30-(20/100*30)=30-6=24.Answer=30*20/100=624 apple * 1 = 2406 apple * 2 = 12 ------ = 36 ------Amount(capital) = 30profit 20% = 06He should sell in 1 Rs = 24 applesAnswer30 apples = 100paisehe want 20% profit from 100 paise20% profit in 100 paise is 20 paiseso now he planned to sell 30 apples for 100+20=120 paisenow the rate of 1 apple =120/30=4paisefor 100 paise =100/4=25.QuestionA person is standing at the top of a 100mt building, he hasa rope 75mts long and the only way he can come down isthrough the rope. He can cut the rope also he can tie therope at any point on the building, but he cant jump andofcourse dont even think about the stairs :D Find out thebest way hell come down.AnswerWe can as well follow this ....1. Tie one end of the Rope.2. Descend 50mts3. Now tie the rope there and cut it.4. we now have 25mts rope in hand and 50mts to cover5. now by the swing of the rope u can come down easily.Question3 boys go to the restaurant. Their bill was 75 rs..So they contributed 25 each. Manager then gives 5 rs back
  31. 31. to the waiter and then waiter gave 3 rs back to them andput 2 rs into his pocket..So their actual contribution is 24 because they got 1-1 rsback. so 24*3=72 and 2 rs into the waiters pocket. so74+2=74where is 1 rs?Answersure 1 rs with waiter.Answeractually this problem should be solved like this....they gave to manager==75.00manager returns ==5.00so their actual expense=70.00(75-5)and again 2 rs is in waiters hand;so the actual expenseis=70+2=72.00and they each expense is=24.00;there is nothing like loss of 1rs.AnswerBill Amount = 75 RsSo Contributed Amount is boy (A)= 25 boy (B)= 25 Boy (C)= 30 ----- = 80 -----Bill amount is 75 Rs.manager gave to Rs 5 back total amount is paid boys Rs 80.Bill Amount = 75Waiter = 02Boy (C) = 03 ----- total = 80 -----so contributed amount is Boy(A)=25 Boy(B)=25 Boy(c)=27 (include waiter tips rs2) ---- =77Waiter gave to back money fromboy (c) =03 ---- =80 ----So no loss in 1Rupee.