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Internship report jindal pipes ltd.


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Internship report jindal pipes ltd.

  2. 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTThis project was an insightful experience of my internship at Jindal PipesLimited. I would like to thank Mr. Rakesh Prasad and Mr. Shashi Malhotrafor not only giving me the opportunity to work on this project, but also providedme with sound guidance and the necessary facilities to carry out the project. Ithank them for giving me numerous assignments beyond my project and exposeme to the entire gamut of activities and made me to learn more beyond myproject. 2
  3. 3. CONTENTS CONTENTS PAGE NO.Executive summary 4Introduction 6Research Objective 8Body of the report 9Scope of the study and Research Methodology 26Findings 32SWOT ANALYSIS 33Recommendations 35Contacts 37Annexure 38Bibliography 41 3
  4. 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYIn today‟s world, the D .P. Jindal Group has a commendable presence in Indiaamong the leading industrial houses. Since 1970, Jindal Pipes Limited (JPL) hasepitomized itself as a pioneer in product innovation and technologicalupgradation. The company now commands an enviable position of havingIndia‟s one of the best ERW manufacturing plants, production of pipes rangefrom 15mm NB to 350mm NB and 2 mm to 9.5 mm in wall thickness. Jindal pipe has been constantly keeping pace with the need basedsupply of ERW as well as Boiler Tubes & Pipes to the core developmentalsectors in the country like Agriculture, Oil Refinery, Public Health, Housing,Irrigation, Engineering, Fire Fighting, Tubular poles, Structural, etc. D.P.Jindal Group is constantly on the lookout for advancedtechnology assimilation for product development and innovation. Productprocess optimization, marketing efficiency and benchmarking itself with worldclass quality products and customer service have made the group highlycompetitive, reliable and efficient.The main objective of the research done here on the behalf of JPL is:“ TO STUDY THE MARKET OF ERW PIPES IN PUNJAB ”The sub-objectives related to the objectives are:  To find out the key customer requirements and expectations of GI pipes.  To find out the different sizes which are more in demand in Punjab market.  To find out the constraints which are faced by the JPL in way of increasing market shares.  To find out that what are the attributes which customers prefer more while purchasing commercial pipes.  To find out the closest competitors of JPL in Punjab. 4
  5. 5. The important facts which we have finally got are :  Jindal is mostly preferred in the market because of its superior quality and brand name.  Durability of pipes, leak proof pipes , authenticity, uniform thickness and rust free pipes are the key customer requirements and expectations.  Besides local competitors Jindal hisar and Ravindra are the strong competitors of JPL.  Steel quality, weld quality, galvanizing quality and the surface finishing are the most important attributes which are checked by the customers before buying the GI pipes.  The company lacks a company depot (holding point) unlike its major competitor Jindal hisar, where they can stock the material to meet the local demand. JPL is required to build some company dipot and branch offices from where material can be provided quickly to the distributors. 5
  6. 6. INTRODUCTIOND.P. Jindal Group is the largest ERW (Black & G.I.) Pipes and Tubesmanufacturer in India and the only manufacturer with three strategicmanufacturing locations covering the Northern, Southern and Western parts ofIndia. Our brand name „Jindal Star‟ has revolutionized the modern steelindustry worldwide. Our mills are BIS; API and ISO certified and manufacturethe complete range of Black and Galvanized ERW pipes and tubes for allsectors including Plumbing, Structural, Hydrocarbons, Oil and Gas, Boilers,Railways etc. Our elite clientele includes customers like ONGC, IOCL, OIL,HPCL, BPCL, Reliance Industries, L & T, BHEL, NTPC, GAIL (India),Hindalco, Indrapastha Gas, and Gujarat Gas , DMRC, DLF, Unitech , besidesclients based in US, Middle East, Far East and other Asian countries. PURPOSE OF THE REPORT  JPL is looking for some strong dealers who are having a good market presence and can be approached by the company to become the authorized distributors of JPL in Punjab market. The project includes the field research to understand the market scenario in Punjab. The survey will lead the company to have a detailed analysis of competitors strategy and they can plan to have an edge over competitors.  The purpose of the report is to analyze the market expansion activity which company is following. 6
  7. 7. CONTENT The Company is in expansion mode and looking for potential dealers in the various districts of Punjab. The Market Expansion step is that period when a company assesses current markets, identifies untapped markets, and seeks opportunities for revenue growth through new market opportunities. The market expansion step will result in estimates for delivering new capabilities to current markets, and potential new markets for existing products. These estimates include alternative industries and geographic areas. Market Expanison also identifies alternative technology, additional uses for products, determines any changing market conditions, and measures relative costs for diversifying into targeted markets All dealers, distributors, retailers dealing with steel pipes ( GI pipes ) were interviewed. The main purpose behind the survey is to understand that company needs to put up an intensive and aggressive marketing approach by penetrating the domestic markets in Punjab. 7
  8. 8. RESEARCH OBJECTIVE To find out the potential dealers in Punjab who are having a good market presence and can be approached by the company to expand its market. To find out the areas of satisfactions and dissatisfactions of Jindal Pipes Limited. To find out the strength and weaknesses of JPL in the steel pipe industry. To find out the factors that affects the demand for steel pipes. To find out the major players who are dealing in steel pipes in Punjab market. To analyze data and recommendations so that demand for JPL‟s product can be increased. 8
  9. 9. BODY OF THE REPORT JINDAL PIPES LTD - PROFILEBrief History and Present Business of the CompanyJindal Pipes Ltd.(JPL), the flagship company of Jindal Group headed now bySh. D.P. Jindal, was originally incorporated as Jindal Pipes Pvt. Ltd. on May 7,1970 . It was changed to Jindal Pipes Ltd. with effect from April 22, 1981. It isnow one of the India‟s best and largest manufacturer of ERW, black andgalvanized steel pipes & tubes in different sizes and thickness with outerdiameter ranging from 1/2” to 14” as per specifications of ISI, API and BISwhich confirms to the various international standards. It is presently having aninstalled capacity of 250000 TPA for manufacturing of ERW steel pipes &tubes. JPL, a recipient of „Regional Special Shield‟ for export performanceduring the year 1977-78 and regularly from 1984-88 and was awarded the„Certificate for Export Excellence in the year 1990-91‟ by the ExportEngineering Promotion Council. JPL with its strict adherence to the policy forquality management and stringent control over procurement of raw materials,production process has resulted in Certification of ISO 9001-2000 by BVQI. Allmanufacturing facilities of JPL are both an API and ISO certified andauthorized by API to use the prestigious API monogram on all its products.LocationThe company‟s plant is strategically located on National Highway no. 24, about45 kms. from Delhi, at Jindal Nagar, Ghaziabad (U.P.).Financial position and working results 9
  10. 10. The company has touched the production figure of 145,951 TPA and the grossturnover is Rs 710 crores in the financial year 2008-2009. The net worth isapprox. Rs. 248 crores.Present StatusJPL is regularly executing massive orders for pipes and tubes to meet itscustomers‟ requirement. The company‟s customers‟ list includes the bigindustrial giants like Oil and Natural Gas Commission Ltd., Oil India Ltd,Indian Oil Corpn. Ltd, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Bharat PetroleumCorporation Ltd., Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, National Thermal PowerCorporation Ltd., Indian Railways, Hindustan Shipyard Ltd. and othercompanies in the Oil and Gas Sector. In addition, the company also supplies GIpipes to various other Central and State Governments‟ organizations. The majorapplication areas are Agriculture, Irrigation, Engineering, Water & Sanitationpipes, Gas Mains, Power & Electrification poles & structural, Rolls for paper &textile mills, Refineries, Steel tubular furniture, Air Services, Oil & GasTransportations etc.Marketing JPL‟s products are well accepted in the market and it has created a nichefor itself. Its products enjoy a brand premium. The company‟s sales mixincludes both the actual users and dealers. However, the emphasis is more ondealers‟ network since it caters to the major customer segment. Therefore, JPLis currently emphasizing on corporate image building exercise with massivepublicity budgets. The companies is using both push and pull strategies byparticipating in tenders floated by various agencies, tendering offers againstenquiries, entertaining unsolicited enquiries and making marketingrepresentations along with regional branches and strong dealers‟ network to 10
  11. 11. increase its market share.In addition to domestic sales, the company is alsohaving long term planning to export its product.PRODUCT RANGEERW LINE PIPE ½” TO 14” 15MM TO 355.6(Black) MMERW ½” TO 14” 15MM TO 355.6GALVALIZED PIPE MM(GI)Future ProspectsThe opening of the Indian Economy has triggered off to a large scale growth inthe infrastructure sector and JPL has identified its specific application areas inthe field of Agriculture, Water and Sanitary pipes, Gas Mains, Penstocks, Powerand electrification, Tubular poles & Structure, Rolls for paper & textile mills,Refineries, Drill pipes for oil wells, Steel tubular furniture, Air services etc. JPL is anticipating and visualizing substantial demand for ERW linepipes in the near future, as major Oil, Gas, Power and Fertilizer companies areplanning to go in for various cross-country line pipes. Their requirement isgoing to be for API 5L Gr. A to Gr. 70 pipes. JPL have already taken steps tobroaden and improve the production and testing facilities to cater to this hugedemand by installing sophisticated equipments as per the requirement. With our brand equity, thrust on higher Dia specialty pipes, valueaddition and bulk production gives us the distinctive advantage to combat thecompetition effectively and carve-a-niche for ourselves by having a marketshare of 10% in the country. For a detailed insight into our group‟s activitiesand manufacturing capabilities you are requested to kindly visit our 11
  12. 12. FEATURES AND THE USAGE OF THE PRODUCTERW pipes means Electric Resistance Welded Pipes. ERW steel pipes andtubes are used in various engineering purposes, fencing, scaffolding, line pipesetc. These are available in various qualities, wall thicknesses, and diameters ofthe finished pipes.While manufacturing ERW steel pipes, only high-quality, continuous-cast, fullykilled, control-rolled, fine-grain, low-carbon steel is used. High performanceERW steel pipes and tubing possess high strength corrosion resistance, highdeformability, high strength and high toughness. We are among the leadingmanufacturers and suppliers of ERW pipes and tubes in India. We are also oneof the largest exporters of ERW pipes and tubes in India.Based on the customers requirements we can manufacture ERW pipes and tubesof different size and shape. We have a very large production capacity of erwpipes and tubes. ERW pipe is available in lengths from single random to 120feet depending on mill capability.ERW pipe is available with square ends orbeveled for welding, threaded and coupled and victaulic grooved. Surface finishare available in black or bare, or with protective coatings.SALIENT FEATURES  High strength  Corrosion resistance  Durable  Dimensional accuracy  Fine finish 12
  13. 13. OTHER APPLICATION AREAS Water pipelines Agriculture and irrigation (water mains, sewage system, industrial water lines, plant piping, deep tube- well and caring pipes) Gas pipelines (pipelines and natural gas) LPG and other non-toxic gas The SW is meant for shallow water applications in a canal, natural stream, culvert or pipe.STEEL PIPES AND TUBES PROPERTIESFollowing are the major properties of Steel Pipes & Tubes:» Speedy Installation» Nil maintenance» Easy Fitting» Following are the major properties of Steel Pipe and Tubes:» Rust free» Any size, color and shape makes it flexible in nature» Durable in nature 13
  14. 14. MANUFACTURING PROCESS The process utilizes the latest technology and modern equipments for producing ERW Pipes.1. Slit preparations: HR Coils are slitted to predetermined widths for each size of pipe and thickness. Slitted coil is uncoiled at the entry of mill and the ends are sheared and welded one after another to make it single endless strip.2. Forming: Slitted coils are initially formed into U shape and then into a cylindrical shape with open edges using a series of forming rolls.3. Welding: The open edges are heated to the required temperature through high frequency induction current and press welded by forge rolls making perfect and strong butt weld without filler meterials.4. Debeading: Weld flash on top is trimmed out through carbide tools.5. Seam Annealing: Whenever required, welding portion and heat affected zone is put to normalizing with medium frequency normalize and then cooled down in air cooling bed. 14
  15. 15. 6. Sizing & Cutting: After water quenching, slight reduction is applied to pipes with sizing rolls to give them desired accurate outside diameter. Pipes are cut to required lengths by flying cut off disc/saw cutter.7. Facing and Bevelling: The pipe ends are faced and bevelled by the end facer. All the processes are continuous with auto arrangements. These plain ended tubes go for further processing as per the customer need like galvanizing, threading, black varnishing etc.8. Packing: Finishing pipes are bundled in desired number of pieces as per customers requirement and packed properly to ensure freshness till delivery. 15
  16. 16. QUALITY CREDENTIALS The Jindal Pipes Ltd. has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 certificate by British Standards Institution (BIS) certifying the quality management system of the company. Jindal Pipes ltd. also has an accreditation of American Petroleum Institute (API) Q1 system and has been awarded ISO 9001 certifications on quality assurance. JPL has in-house laboratory to undertake various testing and inspection during various stages of manufacturing. INSPECTION AGENCIES Tata Projects Limited (TPL) NTPC Engineers India limited (EIL) BVIS QSS HMPL Directorate General of Supplies and disposals (DGS&D) INTERTACT ICS RITES 16
  17. 17. THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVE MARKETING MIXThe main objective of the marketing programming is to put together a set ofmarketing strategies that will achieve the goals of the firms. This meansassembling an ideal mix of products, prices, personal selling, promotion andresearch and distribution networks for a particular company. Finding the bestcombination of marketing strategies is not easy because of nonlinearrelationship between sales and marketing mix variables, interaction among thefactors, the largely unknown character of competitive responses and the sometime fickle nature of customers. The process is also complicated by changes ingeneral business conditions and modifications in the legal environments madeby regularity agencies and the courts. If these conditions are not bad enough, themanager is asked to find a marketing mix that generates adequate profits in theshort run and contributes to long run goals of the firm such as growth andstability.The marketing mix refers to amount and kinds of marketing variables the firm isusing a particular time and includes price, advertisements, costs and distributionexpenditures. This project evaluates the concepts of marketing mix and its mainconstituent elements and addresses the problem inherent in uniting these uniqueand distinctive combinations.In most of the firms marketing mix decisions are led by the marketingdepartment but another functional area play a key role. Research anddevelopment management are significantly involved in product mixinnovations. Finance, production and other department influence pricing anddistribution decisions. Hence management of the marketing mix is unlikely tobe effective without marketing orientation forming a common culturethroughout the business. 17
  18. 18. Marketing management must decide what level of marketing expenditures isnecessary to achieve its marketing objectives. Companies usually establish theirmarketing budget at some conventional percentage of the sales goal. Companiesentering a market try to learn what the marketing budget to sales ratio in thehope of achieving a higher market share. Ultimately the company shouldanalyze the marketing work required to attain a given sales volume or marketshare and then cost out this work. The result is the required marketing budget.The company also has to decide how to divide the total marketing budgetamong the various tools in the marketing mix. Marketing mix is one of the keyconcepts in modern marketing theory. According to Philip kotler , “ marketingmix is set of marketing tools that the firm uses to pursue its marketingobjectives is the target market”.McCarthy popularizes a four factor classification of these tools called the 4P’s –Product, Price, Place and Promotion. The elements of marketing mix arecalled as the firm‟s controllable variables. These are activities that organizationplans, organize and control. Not all marketing mix variables can be adjusted inthe short run. They vary in their adjustability. Typically firms can change itsprice, sales force size and advertising expenditures in the short run. PRODUCT MIXProduct mix (also called product assortment) is the set of all product lines anditems that a particular seller offer for sale to buyers. A company‟s product mixrefers to how many different product lines company carries.The length of product mix refers to the total no. of items in the product mix. Thedepth of product mix refers to how many variants are offered in the line. 18
  19. 19. A product line is a group of product that are closely related because theyperform a similar function, are sold to the some customer groups are marketedthrough the same channels or make up a particular price range.JPL products two grades pipe/tube at Ghaziabad plant. The plant uses moderntechnology to produce pipes.JINDAL PIPES LIMITED, manufacture high quality MS Black and galvanizedpipes/tubes in the range of 15mm to 250mm as per BIS standard.The company is fully equipped with modern manufacturing machineries, Mills,Welding plants and Galvanized plants. It has full in house maintenance workshop and testing equipments to produce the best quality steel pipes beside otherinfrastructural facilities.JPL produces two types of steel pipes:-Black pipes:- after cutting HR coil pieces into rolling pipes and after welding,threading, and socketing JPL get Black pipes.The manufacturing process of black pipes are: H. R. Coil Rolling Welding Threading Socketing 19
  20. 20. Black PipesGalvanised pipe:- galvanized pipe is the some addition to Black pipe. It makeuse of one more process i.e. galvanization.Manufacturing process of Galvanised pipe is:- H. R. Coil Rolling Welding Galvanisation Threading + SocketingJPL, never compromise on quality front under the most adverse marketconditions. Only SAIL, material in Steel and high Grade Zinc fromHINDUSTAN ZINC LIMITED are being used to cater to high qualityPipes/Tubes demand in market. The pipes are engraved with ISI Mark and trademark “JINDAL STAR” .Each Pipe/Tubes manufactures by JINDAL PIPESLIMITED are testimonies to their commitment to quality and service.Steel pipes are mainly used in :  Building  Industries  Agriculture. 20
  21. 21. JPL pipes basically service the needs of agriculture and industries forconveyance of water. These pipes can also be used in conveyance of oil, gas,etc. in the construction sector. These pipes are popular for use as scaffoldingand tabular structure. PLACE MIXPlace, another key marketing mix tools, stands for the various activities thecompany undertake to make the product easily available to target customers. Itincludes various middle man and marketing facilitators. The company thevarious types of retailers, whole sellers and physical distribution firm. PRICING AND MARGINThe pricing of the product and the profit margins involved in each step areexplained with the help of an example.The Jindal Company‟s cost of production of steel pipes is say up to Rs. 46,500per tone for black pipe.The company sets a margin of 5%, for itself which makes up the price to 49,000per tone (approximately)The company delivers the steel pipes to dealers or regional offices by a contractwith the transportation company, where in they fix the transportation charges tovarious destinations over a period of one year. These transportation charges areadded to the company‟s selling price. In case of Kolkata the transportation priceis Rs. 1,750 per tone, which makes up the cost to Rs. 50700.The company then bills the goods in the name of its Kolkata branch office andgives an discount of 2 % on Rs. 50700. The company has to pay excise duty toan extent of 14.42% on Rs. 50700 for transporting goods to Kolkata. 21
  22. 22. The dealers then according to their requirement purchase the goods from theKolkata branch office, and in case they are able to make the payment forpurchases within a week time then only they are eligible for 2 % cash discounton Rs. 50700.Pricing with cash Discount to dealer: Cost of production of steel pipes 46500 Company margin approx(5%) 2500 Transportation cost to Hyderabad 1750 approx. 50700 Cash discount 2% 1014 49686 Excise duty @ 14.42% 7164 56850 VAT 4% 2274 TOTAL COST 59124Pricing without cash Discount to dealer: Cost of production of steel pipes 46500 Company margin approx(5%) 2500 Transportation cost to Hyderabad 1750 approx. 50700 Excise duty @ 14.42% 7310 58010 VAT 4% 2320 TOTAL COST 60330 22
  23. 23. The dealer after purchasing the steel pipes from the branch office in Kolkata atthe above mentioned rates then adds a margin of 2 % and then sales theproducts to its customers or retailers.The company also provides the dealers a turn over discount where in if thedealer lifts a quantity of more then hundred tones in a month then he gets acredit note for Rs.15000. (Rs. 150 per ton as TOD), incase the dealer purchasesmore then two hundred ton then he gets a TOD of Rs.200 per ton and incase of300 tons and above he gets a TOD of Rs.350 per ton PROMOTIONThe company on its part does promotional activity through advertisements. Italso encourages its dealers to do promotion and provides financial support tothose expenditures. Promotional activity normally carried out are, issue of pens,pads dairies and putting up hoardings. Also they share costs of any local orregional advertisement costs.The marketing communication mix (also called promotion mix) consists of fourmajor tools.  Advertising.  Sale promotion.  Public relation.  Personal selling.AdvertisingJPL spends negligible amount in add.JPL is not interested in advertisementsthrough electronic media as TV, radio etc. JIL makes advertising through:  Hoardings.  Kiosks.  Press media. 23
  24. 24. Sale promotionTo promote sale JPL give cash discount. Charity and donation to variousinstitutions is also given by JPL.Public relationJPL Empire enjoys good reputation among not only at national level but atinternational level too. JPL make charity and donation for social welfare.Personal sellingCompany does not experience personal selling.JPL has doubled its productionand sale during last five years. It has achieved this feet by winning a highershare in a very competitive market, which is also flooded with inferior andduplicate quality pipes. 24
  25. 25. COMPETITORS ANALYSISCOMPANY JINDAL APOLLO JINDAL SURYA TATA PIPES LTD. PIPES HISAR PIPES LTD. STEEL LTD. LTD.SIZE 1/2 ” – 14 ” 1/2 ” – 12 ” 1/2 ” – 12 ” 1/2 ” – 16 ” 1/2 ” – 14 ”OD 15 – 355.6 15 – 300 15 – 300 15 – 400 mm 15 – 355.6 mm mm mm mmPLANTS Gaziabad Karnataka, Hisar Bahadurgarh, Jamshedpur (UP), Madhya Bhuj, Nagothane Pradesh Malanpur (Maharasthra)LOGISTICS Gurgaon UP, Mandi Bahadurgarh, Kolkata ( corporate Haryana, Gobindgarh Gawalior, (marketing tower) Gujrat, (Branch Malanpur, headquarters), Rajasthan, Office, Bhuj, Delhi, Jaipur, AP, company Karnataka, Punjab, UP, Maharasthra, dipot) API - NCR Dehradun, Uttranchal. Varansi (channel partners) 25
  26. 26. SCOPE OF THE STUDY  The study is confined to 44 outlets which consist of distributors , dealers and retailers in Punjab market.  The survey which I conducted in Punjab will certainly help out the management to know the loopholes in their strategy.  The survey will lead them to have a detailed analysis of competitors strategy and they can plan to have an edge over competitors.  All dealers, distributors, retailers dealing with steel pipes ( GI pipes ) were interviewed.  The information about competitors strength was gathered from all the dealers and retailers which was fruitful in analyzing the demand.  The following five representative market areas were studied which covered 44 outlets ….1. Amritsar2. Ludhiana3. Jalandhar4. Patiala5. Bathinda 26
  27. 27. RESEARCH METHODRESEARCH DESIGNThe research is of exploratory type. Since, JPL is in expansion mode, theresearch tried to find out the potential distributors and retailers of steel pipeswho can help the JPL to expand its market in Punjab.SECONDARY DATA COLLECTIONSecondary data was mainly collected through the internet. Data has beenextracted from the official website of Jindal Pipes Limited ( DATA COLLECTIONPrimary data was collected from the market place by interacting with thedistributors, dealers, retailers through the survey method. The questionnaireused in the survey method has both structured as well as unstructured questions.  Data collection was done through questionnaire.  Presenting of questionnaire was done and the required changes were made before the actual survey.EXPLORATORY RESEARCH:It is that type of research design the primary objective of which is to provideinsights into and the comprehension of the problem situation confronting theresearcher.This was done by having a discussion with the project guide of Jindal Pipeslimited. 27
  28. 28. DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH:It is a type of conclusive research that has its major objective the description ofsomething usually market is following .This was done by carrying steps:  A list of various dealers was prepared who seems to have a potential to stock more , have a good market presence and can be approached by the company to expand its market.  The strength and weaknesses of JPL was assessed by interacting with the retailers.SAMPLE ELEMENTIt is the object that possess the information sought by the researcher and aboutwhich inferences are to be made.  In my project the sample element are the various retailers who are certified Jindal Pipes dealers, non-certified Jindal dealers as well as non Jindal dealersSAMPLE EXTENTExtent refers to the geographical boundaries under consideration  In this project the sample extent was the five major areas of Punjab which includes Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Patiala and Bathinda.SAMPLE TECHNIQUE  The technique used was convenience sampling  Convenience sampling is a non- probabilistic sampling technique that attempts to obtain a sample of convenience elements. 28
  29. 29. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY All the dealers and industrial user of Punjab were not covered because of constraints of time. The study was restricted to certain specific areas of Punjab which may not seem to present the general picture of the product. Respondent unwillingness to provide adequate information were consequent upon time constraints and personal inconveniences. Sampling and non-sampling errors might have crept in and attempt is made to minimize them. Considering the mammoth size of the market the sample size was probably inadequate as covering each and every department, which was at geographical disparate location, was not feasible. 29
  30. 30. LIST OF DISTRIBUTORS IN PUNJABNAME OF CONTACT ADDRESS RESPONSEDISTRIBUTOR1. ASHOKA SALES Shakti Garg : 9888910670 One of the biggestCORPORATION. Ashok Garg : 9888910674 retailer in area. Add: Opp. Dr. Mela Ram Already dealing with Hospital ,Amrik Singh Road, jindal hisar and Bathinda. TATA. Ph: 2238090, 2252488 Interested in selling e-mail: JPL pipes. ashokasales4.corp@gmail.com2. KASTURI LAL Vishvas Bansal: 9915871695 Authorized distrib.AMRIT LAL 9872016550 RK Of jindal hisar. 9815841368 AK Also deals in TATA, Add: Sirki Bazar, Bathinda prakash surya. (Pb) Deals with PVC pipes of JPL.3. BANT RAM Rajinder Garg: 9814200425 Authorized distrib.AMRIT LAL Ajay Garg: 9814300947 Of jindal hisar. Add: Amrik Singh Road, Earlier was dealing bathinda with surya and ravindra. Deals in round, hollow and sectional pipes.4. PUNJAB TANTA Tarun Bhasker: 9815155574 Authorized stockiestTUBEWELL Add: Chowk Karimpura, of TATA.BORING CO. Ludhiana Well known and works in a wide territory in jalandhar and Ludhiana.5. BIG SALES 9872078806 Well known name inCORPORATION Add: 223, Hide Market, Amritsar pipe Amritsar, market. Ph: 0183-2551420 Currently dealing with Ravindra due to its low prices.6. DHIAN SINGH 9815556710, 9463724572 Deals in whole sale.AND SONS Add: Chowk Mahan Singh More influenced Gate, Hotel K.D. Plaza with PVC but Complex, Amritsar. Ph: planning to start 30
  31. 31. 01832552124 selling ERW pipes.7. J. K. Sansagya Mahajan: Well known and aENTERPRISES 9888520786 strong presence in Add: Kot Atma Singh Road, the market. Amritsar, Dealing with Ph: 01832541554 ravindra and surya. Fax: 01835006120 A must approached client for JPL.8. MANGAL SINGH M: 9815629010, 9877598556 Local retailer andGURMUKH SINGH Add: Chowk Panj Peer, stockiest. jalandhar city. Can be approached.9. GOLDEN PIPE Harjinder Singh: 9988426520 Local retailer.AND SANITARY Manjinder Singh: 9888537392 Deals in PVC andSTORE Add: 2 Mahan Singh Gate, GI. Amritsar Well made showroom in the middle of market.10. BEDI SALES (M): 99145I9762 Local retailer andCORPORATION Add: Chowk Bhagat singh, stockist . jalandhar city - 144001 Seems to b a good client to be approached.11. MODERN Ashwani kumar Local retailer andBORING AND Add: Netaji Nagar, Saleem governmentSANITARY SHOP Tabri, Ludhiana contractor. Ph: 9417043436, 987279596212. AMAR SINGH Jatinder josun: 9915399177 Authorized dealer ofJOSUN AND SONS Paramjit josun: 9814034259 Ravindra. Add: Chowk Panj Peer, Well known name in Jalandhar city. Ph: 2457923 the market. Should be approached.13. BABU RAM Sudhir Maini: 9814623731 Local dealer of pumpMAINI AND SONS Add: Maini Mansion, Opp. sets. Jagraon Bridge, G.T. Road, He wants to deal in Ludhiana- 141008 pipes and also having some requirement.The above mentioned distributors have a good market presence and areapproachable for the market expansion strategy of JPL. 31
  32. 32. FINDINGS  The proper means of communication and an effective advertisement can tend to increase in the sale of JINDAL pipes.  Many customers switch over from Jindal pipes to other pipes because of the unavailability of required sizes at the time of requirement.  Since quality of Jindal pipes is excellent, many retailers as well as end users have demanded pipe fittings should also be manufactured by the company.  Jindal Hisar and Ravindra are the main competitors of JPL in Punjab market.  All the distributors and retailers accept the overall quality of Jindal pipe is the excellent.  PVC pipes are swallowing the market of steel pipes because of its low prices.  Jindal pipes Ltd. can increase the market share by increasing the number of distributors in Punjab market.  Bend ability, thread quality, weld quality and the zinc coating of Jindal pipes are the excellent. WHY JINDAL PIPES LTD. ARE MORE POPULAR? Prompt Deliveries Competitive prices High frequency electric resistance welding process, which make these pipes more dependable in quality. Available in every range. 32
  33. 33. SWOT ANALYSISSTRENGTHS1. Jindal pipes are known for their superior quality. Hence the retailer tends torecommend and sell it to the customers and hence keep a good amount of stock.2. Jindal pipes has a good brand image and hence a good brand equity. It is abrand which sells by name. Therefore retailers do not hesitate to stock it.3.The biggest strength of Jindal pipes is its less price. Price sensitive customersprefer brand with less rate and hence retailers prefer to stock them.4. Jindal pipes give a handsome margin to the retailers which encourage them tostock more.5. Its availability and service is quiet good.WEAKNESSES1. There is no fixed distributor of jindal pipes in the cities. At present one ortwo dealers are doing the work on ad-hoc basis. Therefore there is no clear cutknowledge about the schemes of the company.2. The brand image of jindal pipes is weaker with respect to the top players.OPPORTUNITIES1. The biggest opportunity for Jindal pipes is in government supplies. Withrapid industrialization of the state, Jindal pipes has immense potential in future. 33
  34. 34. 2. Jindal pipes can well exploit the sense of dissatisfaction prevalent among theretailers for the tough players to turn the tide in favour.THREATS1. The biggest threat for Jindal pipes is tendency of retailers to the customers toswitch over to the other brand due to lack of transparency in price and offersand unavailability, lower prices of other brands, greater margin and quickavailability is a threat.2. The ad-campaigns, innovation, brand image and more transparent distributionnetwork of other pipe companies poses a threat to jindal pipes in future. Qualityof pipes is a major threat to it.3. The upcoming of PVC pipes which are in great demand now a days and ischeap as compared to steel pipes. 34
  35. 35. RECOMMENDATIONS Enhance brand visibility through retail identity program. Strengthening retail network in identified territories. Marketing personnel should interact with the retailers as well as customers on regular basis. Need for additional range of product for catering to new markets/customers. Increase in sales volume possible only with superior availability. Like other competitors , JPL should also conduct product promotional program regularly. By increasing the product portfolio and improving the order fulfillment time, Jindal pipes can increase its market share in Punjab market. The proper means of communication and an effective advertisement can tend to increase in the sale of Jindal pipes. Punjab is an open and growth – oriented market but JPL is lacking in terms of marketing and advertising comparing to the major competitors like Jindal Hisar , surya pipes ltd. and ravindra steel . Co. needs to approach the major dealers who are dealing in GI pipes and who can support in the market expansion for JPL. JPL should concentrate more on selling GI pipes since demand for GI pipes is much higher in comparison to Black pipes. In Punjab , there is no holding point where Co. can stock their material to meet the local demand of the market . JPL is required to build some company dipots and branch offices from where material can be provided to the distributors. JPL is known by name JINDAL GAZIABAD , proper marketing is required to make sure that people know the company by their brand name JINDAL STAR and there should be a top of mind recall for the brand. 35
  36. 36.  PVC pipes has penetrated the market , to tackle this problem company needs the support of distributors who are well known in the market and who can make customers believe and buy the better quality steel pipes . Company should approach the major dealers who can store (stockist) and sell the JPL‟s product. It will reduce the delivery time. Company needs to put up an intensive and aggressive marketing approach by penetrating the domestic markets in Punjab. 36
  37. 37. CONTACTSMr. Rakesh PrasadGeneral Manager(Business Development & Communications)Tel. No. 91-9910849877E-mail: rprasad@jindalpipe.comMr. Shashi MalhotraSr. Executive(Market Development)Tel. No. 91-9999598533E-mail: shashi@jindalpipe.comCorporate Office: Jindal Corporate Centre Plot No.30, Institutional Sector-44, Gurgaon –122002 (Haryana) Tel. No.91-124-2574325, 4624000 Fax No.91-124-2574327Factory Address: 35 kms. Delhi-Hapur Road, P.O. Jindal Nagar, Ghaziabad-201302, UP Ph: 91-120-2677601-605Website: 37
  38. 38. ANNEXURE Survey form for the distributor/ dealer/ whole seller/ retailerRespondent Details:Name : ___________________________________Occupation : ______________________Place : ______________________Contact No. : ___________________ E- mail Id:______________________________Signature : _____________________1. Are you dealing in ERW pipes (M S Black and GI pipes ) ?  Yes/ No2. According to you which company‟s steel pipes sell the most in this city?___________________________________________________________________________________3. Which brand you are selling out of the below mentioned names? - Jindal star - Jindal Hissar - Prakash surya - TATA - Apollo - others 38
  39. 39. 4. What are the qualities which make it the most preferred one in the market?___________________________________________________________________________________5. Which factors influence you the most to sell a particular brand? (You canchoose one or more than one option )  Brand Name ( )  Quality ( )  Features ( )  Reference via friends /family etc. ( )  Other reason(please specify)____________________________________________________ _6. What is your annual selling of ERW pipes? - 100 – 200 MT - 200 – 300 MT - 300 – 500 MT - More than 500 MT7. What are the major sizes in demand?____________________________________________________________________________________8. Do you buy material from distributors or directly from the company?____________________________________________________________________________________ 39
  40. 40. 9. Do they work on? - Ex basis - For basis10. How do you come to know about the company? What sort of marketing theyhave done?____________________________________________________________________________________11. Are you selling JINDAL STAR? What is your annual buying? - Yes/No - -Annual buying12. Would you like to sell Jindal pipes limited products ? 1. Yes ( ) 2. No ( ) 3. Maybe ( )Any Suggestions / comments for the company .______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for giving your time . Have a nice day  40
  41. 41. BIBLIOGRAPHYMARKETING MANAGEMENT – PHILIP KOTLERMARKETING RESEARCH – DAVID LUCK & RONALDS RUBINWebsites:       www.expressindia.comMagazines:  Business India 41