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revenue model of paytm

how paytm earn revenue.

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revenue model of paytm

  2. 2. REVENUE MODEL OF PAYTYM • A revenue model is a framework for generating revenues. It identifies which revenue source to pursue, what value to offer, how to price the value, and who pays for the value. • Paytm is a sales channel for businesses willing to sell their products online. Paytm believes in marketplace model. Paytm is the provider of online Marketplace Service, where vendors register their products and buyers come to buy. Paytm earns its revenue in the form of commission from the seller.
  3. 3. EARN REVENUE FROM DIFFERENT ACTIVITY • Paytm escrow: through escrow account paytm received intrest,when buyer payment to their purchase that amount hold by paytm untill customer not confirm it.if customer not confirm in next 7 days paytm expect buyer satisfied with the product and they transfer the money seller account. • Paytm earn by advertising other products on websites. • Patym charges annual subscription fees to the sellers who list their products on website • Introducing Paytm Wallet, a secure digital wallet where you can store money and use it to make quick recharges, pay bills, do shopping on Paytm. You can also send money to friends & pay for various services like Uber, MakeMyTrip, BookMyShow & many more.
  4. 4. transaction fee revenue
  6. 6. Revenue model cont.. Advertising revenue model: In this model paytym allow to seller shows their advertisement on paytm websites and charges some amount for this advertisement. Subscription model: In this paytm allows different seller to list their products on their website and paytm charges some annual subscription fees from these sellers. Which generates revenues. Advance payment model: In this model paytm received the interest on the payment of customer until they not transfer the money in the seller account. Commission revenue model: through this model paytm charge commision from the seller for their listed product in paytm websites.
  7. 7. indirect source they earn revenue • Any value in your Paytm Wallet which is not utilized in the aforesaid manner may stand forfeited at the discretion of Paytm. Paytm reserves the right to forfeit the amount post adherence to the following communication process: – Paytm will send 15 days advance communication to Customers for outstanding amount in Paytm Wallet by SMS at the mobile number on which Services have been activated. – In case no response is received from the customer, second reminder will be sent to the customer to respond within next 15 days – In case no response is received on the second reminder, third reminder will sent to the customer to respond within next 7 days. – Again if no response is received on the third reminder, amount will be tagged in the system as forfeited and send to Board for approval. Post Board approval forfeited amount will be recognized as income in books of account.
  8. 8. Why people attract toward paytm • Chat messaging(for barganing) • Easy accessible • Quick payment at paytm • Mobile friendly • Safe and secure payement • RBI approved digital wallet • 45+ banks for net banking.(one of the largest Payment Gateways in India.) • Rs 1 lakh plus money transfer(follow the KYC rule and regulation) otherwise its RS 10000 .