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Career Achievements


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A presentation on various technologies used & developed throughout my career.

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Career Achievements

  1. 1. Welcome A Presentation onCareer and Project Achievements by Vijay Nair E-learning Platform (LMS) Specialist
  2. 2. Skills and Achievements System Administration Work:- Managing Digital Platforms Set-up user accounts, IT Support, access privileges & site security Used Different types of Course Templates , course imports/ exports & interactive methods for Staff and Students. Held LMS Steering Group Meetings Training:- Inductions, Workshops, Classroom sessions, advice & Support Documentation Liaised with IT Vendors, Staff, IT and Stake holders. Updated, rewritten training materials, FAQ & courses. Backup and Restore of courses.
  3. 3. Skills and Achievements System Development Work:- Moodle Server Support Installation & configuration of new upgrades, Modules, security patches, Setting CVS client-automatic update of moodle, etc. Automated updating and cleaning records on Moodle (using Cron utility). Web Development/ Redesigning of Moodle themes, setting database LMS System Roll outs Site Backup and Restore functions. Everything to do with backend of LMS system.
  4. 4. Skills and Achievements Consultancy Work:- Provided Consultancy Services for over 300 Organisations on behalf of the company. Organised all IT Services, IT Suppliers and Web hosting service providers. Trained and supported using commercial and Open-source E- learning Systems:- Moodle, Upside lms, Blackboard, Karova. Provided best practises on running externally hosted systems within tight IT firewalls (Active Directory/LDAP/Group Policies) to multiple clients Pre-sales work on e-learning products.
  5. 5. Certifications and Qualifications ITIL V3 Foundation Level certified Moodle Course Developer certificate Trained Php programmer in LMS & CMS Platforms. MSc in Computer Science with Merit Degree. BSc in Information Technology Degree.
  6. 6. Project Demonstration Deployed ,Upgraded versions of Moodle System [System Engineering role] Customised Appearance/Theme [Web Developer role] Developed Customised modules [Developer role] Developed SCORM/ IMS Package using Articulate Studio, Exe, Reload Editor [Instructional Design role]Consulted clients on deploying lms systems in Corporate IT Networks.
  7. 7. Moodle version 1.8 (with old theme)
  8. 8. Upgraded to Moodle version 1.9with new theme & customised modules deployed (web conference, integrated Outlook emails system, etc.)
  9. 9. Moodle 1.9 Project (Moodle as an e-commerce solution)
  10. 10. Moodle 2.1 Project
  11. 11. Moodle 2.4 Project
  12. 12. Text-based course(running on Moodle 2.1)
  13. 13. Example 1 SCORM PackageArticulate Studio/Adobe Captivate/Lectora Publisher
  14. 14. Example 2 SCORM PackageArticulate Studio/Adobe Captivate/Lectora Publisher
  15. 15. Totara(Extended version of Moodle)
  16. 16. Commercial Lms System(Experienced in supporting Multi-tenancy sites)
  17. 17. Example Javascript effect on Moodle 2.4
  18. 18. Web CMS – Joomla 1.6 Project
  19. 19. Screen Capture toolfor interactive tutorials (Turbo Demo/ Camtasia/CamStudio)
  20. 20. Unique Skills Researcher Trustworthy Self Motivated Enthusiastic Friendly AdaptableAnalytical Problem Solver Team contributor
  21. 21. Reasons for this presentation Opportunity to administer, manage and deploy LMS & IT in a large environment. Dealing with process management Dealing with varied customer enquiries. Opportunity to use different systems. Enhancing my Career.
  22. 22. Thank you for viewing this presentation Any questions?Please message me on Linkedin. Linkedin: www.linkedin/in/vijaynair1