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Windows 8 ppt by parveen vijaraniya

  1. 1. Windows 8
  2. 2. Outline Start up Screen of windows 8 History of windows 8  Developer Preview  Consumer Preview  Release Preview  Final Preview Features of windows 8 Windows 8 touch factor Windows Explorer Ribbon File Copy Confirmation Dialog Box Display a new conflict resolution dialog box image Windows 8 Advantages and Disadvantages
  3. 3. Start up screen of Windows 8
  4. 4. History of windows 8 Development of this operating system started before 2009. Its existence was first announced in January 2011 at Consumer Electronics Show. During its development and test phases, Microsoft released three pre-release versions: • Developer Preview (September 13, 2011) • Consumer Preview (February 29, 2012) • Release Preview (May 31, 2012). On August 1, 2012, Windows 8 graduated from the development stage and was released to manufacturing. Windows 8 is scheduled for general availability on October 26, 2012.
  5. 5. Developer PreviewA screenshot of Windows 8 Developer Preview running on a multi-monitor system, showcasing many features
  6. 6. Consumer Preview On 29 February 2012, Microsoft released Windows 8 Consumer Preview, the beta version of Windows 8, build 8250.
  7. 7. Release Preview On May 31, 2012, Windows 8 Release Preview was released to the public by Microsoft. Major items in the Release Preview included the addition of Sports, Travel, and News apps, along with an integrated version of Flash Player in Internet Explorer.
  8. 8. Final Preview Relatively few changes were made from the Release Preview to the final version: New backgrounds for desktop, lock screen and start screen, as well as a tutorial are added. Windows Explorer is now called File Explorer. Finally, the start screen and included apps are slightly tweaked The start screen of the final build 9200 release of Windows 8.
  9. 9.  a new Start screen to replace the Start menu used by previous versions of Windows, a new online store that can be used to obtain new applications a new platform for apps with an emphasis on touch screen input Additional security features were added to the operating system Really Fast Install Faster boot time Metro style platform and tool Cloud Integration Built-In PDF Reader Multi-Touch Interface Support Everything that runs on Windows 7 will run on Windows 8 Picture Password Not so many major changes in Windows 8, comparing to Windows 7, except for the touch screen option.
  10. 10. Windows 8 touch factor Allow users to use Windows with the touch interface as well as with mouse and keyboard. Allow users to do two things at one by clicking the tiles along the side. Work really fast and fluid to get between your running app
  11. 11. Windows Explorer Ribbon Allow users to optimize Explorer for file management tasks. Create logical and reliable locations in a streamline experience. Bring back the most relevant and requested features from the Windows XP era.
  12. 12. File Copy Confirmation Dialog Box It is designed to make life easier. Show individual progress bars when you have multiple copy operations occurring simultaneously. Allow to pause a copy operation, if you want to give preference to another operation
  13. 13. Display a new conflict resolution dialogbox Display a new conflict resolution dialog box if a conflict occurs while copying files. Allows users to handle the situation much easier
  14. 14. Windows 8 Advantages Windows 8 is able to work on the Tablet, Laptop and Desktop Everything was faster in Windows 8 There is a Windows App Store on Windows 8 Windows 8 is designed to support the touch screen Windows 8 has been designed for touch screens with ARM based processors in which current smartphones and tablets are run on
  15. 15. Windows 8 Disadvantages Metro is able to work well on the tablet but the UI is not very compatible when used on the desktop Metro multitasking is limited to 2 application only Very difficult to move between screens There is no option to turn tiles into icons Tiles caused crash
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